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Season: 1 | 2 | 3
Year: 1988 | 1989 | 1990 | 1991

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: The Feverman

22 October 1988
A man brings his ailing daughter to the "Feverman;" a man known for his ability to heal the sick by physically 'fighting' the disease or fever. But the local doctor protests. The price required by the Feverman from the man is much less than the price the Feverman, himself, has to pay and when the doctor interferes, he finds out exactly what the cost of a life is.

John C. Vennema ... Timothy Mason

David McCallum ... Boyle
Abby Lewis ... Crone
Patrick Garner ... James Burke
Michele Gornick ... Girl
Katy Dierlam ... The Fever (as Katie Dierlam)

Season 1, Episode 2: Holly's House

29 October 1988
Holly, the lead in a children's TV series, isn't the nice puppet she pretends to be.
Marilyn Jones ... Kathy

Perry Lang ... Lenny
Pamela Dean Kelly ... Bird
Neil Smith ... The Director

Michael J. Anderson ... Holly (as Michael Anderson)

Season 1, Episode 3: New York Honey

5 November 1988
A greedy man convinces his eccentric beekeeper neighbor to market the neighbor's fantastic tasting honey.
Lewis J. Stadlen ... Jay Blake
MacIntyre Dixon ... Dr. Homer Jimmerman

Andrea Thompson ... Desiree

Elaine Bromka ... Emerald Blake

Season 1, Episode 4: The Vampire Hunter

12 November 1988
Can the famous vampire hunter save his friend before his old enemy can kill the young man, or worse, turn him into another bloodsucker?
John Bolger ... Charles Poole
Page Hannah ... Maura Warren

Robert Lansing ... Ernest Chariot

Jack Koenig ... Jack Avery
Sylvia Short ... Mrs. Haggerty

Season 1, Episode 5: My Zombie Lover

19 November 1988
One night each year the dead come back to life, and a zombie hunter finds to his horror his daughter had fallen in love with one.

Tempestt Bledsoe ... Dottie

Steve Harper ... Paul Nichols

Ed Wheeler ... Dad
Marcella Lowery ... Mom

Eugene Byrd ... Brad

Season 1, Episode 6: Where's the Rest of Me?

26 November 1988
A mad scientist keeps a cadaver alive to harvest its organs.

Meat Loaf ... Dr. Willard Wingite (as Meatloaf)
Franco Harris ... Joe
Black-Eyed Susan ... Regina Wells
Drew Eliot ... J.J. Marshall
Frank Tarsia ... Adam

Season 1, Episode 7: The Legacy

3 December 1988
Dale finds the private sanctuary of Fulton Pierce, a famous, dead, horror actor. Dale can see Fulton's image in the old make-up case that was owned by the actor, and his life soon goes down a dark road.

David Brisbin ... Dale

Lara Harris ... Debbie
Mary Ann Gibson ... Stella
Kevin Jeffries ... Apparitions
Kevin Cutts ... Apparition

Season 1, Episode 8: Sleeping Dragon

10 December 1988
A mysterious prehistoric capsule is found outside Reno, Nevada. Four scientists study it in their lab, but a lizard-looking monster hatches from it. With a heavy snowstorm raging outside, they must fight for their survival.
Kin Shriner ... Merrick

Russell Johnson ... Jeffrey

Beth Toussaint ... Lisa
Wayne Toth ... Monster

Season 1, Episode 9: Pool Sharks

17 December 1988
A hustler plays a high-stakes game of pool with a lovely creature of the night.
Tom Mason ... Gabe
Irving Metzman ... Lester
Rebecca Kyler Downs ... Natasha (as Rebecca Downs)
Page Johnson ... Cappy

Season 1, Episode 10: Pillow Talk

24 December 1988
A man goes to great lengths to keep his bed full.
Ruth de Sosa ... Barbara

John Diehl ... Miles Magnus

Mary Woronov ... Viki

Season 1, Episode 11: Rouse Him Not

31 December 1988
A woman living in an old country house is visited by a stranger researching a warlock who used to live there.

Alex Cord ... John Thunston

Terrence Evans ... Mr. Ritzen

Laraine Newman ... Linda McGuire

Season 1, Episode 12: Fools' Gold

21 January 1989
Three construction workers find a hidden cave with treasure guarded by a troll.

Jeff Conaway ... Phil
Mary Cadorette ... Sherrie
T.J. Castronovo ... Joe

Debbie Lee Carrington ... Troll (as Debbie Carrington)

Greg Safel ... Gerry (as Gregg Saffell)

Season 1, Episode 13: Glim-Glim

4 February 1989
The last three survivors on earth find an alien who can help them.

Season 1, Episode 14: Parents from Space

11 February 1989
An abused child's foster parents have their bodies taken over by aliens.

Frank Gorshin ... Ward Ellers
Peggy Cass ... June Ellers
Mary Griffin ... Cindy
Ann Hillary ... Mrs. Rogers

Season 1, Episode 15: The Mother Instinct

18 February 1989
An elderly woman develops a miracle formula from plants, and her abusive son-in-laws wants to steal it.

Elizabeth Franz ... Mother

Finn Carter ... Sheila

Tom Gilroy ... Nelson

Season 1, Episode 16: Their Divided Self

25 February 1989
Dr. Blackman tries to counsel two heads on the same body that constantly fight with each other.

David L. Lander ... James Self

Keith MacKechnie ... Robert Self
Karen Haber ... Elegy Kaiser
Eyde Byrde ... Velma (as Edye Byrde)

Rich Hall ... Dr. Blackman

Season 1, Episode 17: Taps

4 March 1989
A woman kills her boyfriend then dismembers him, but his leg gets revenge.
Mary Jo Keenen ... Suzy St. Claire

Neal Jones ... Gary Gregory
Dan Frazer ... Sam

Season 1, Episode 18: The Match Game

15 April 1989
Four teenagers go into a haunted Victorian mansion and play a game where each tell part of a ghost story while a match burns, but the story comes true.

Byron Thames ... Paul
Sasha Jenson ... Matthew

Tori Spelling ... Beverly

Ashley Laurence ... Jodie

Tom Woodruff Jr. ... Herbert

Season 1, Episode 19: Rain Dance

22 April 1989
A couple who exploit native Americans get more than they bargain for when they buy a rain-making idol.

Kent McCord ... Tom Solo

Teri Copley ... Vanessa Solo
Antonio Hoyos ... Death God
Betty Carvalho ... Old Woman

Season 1, Episode 20: Cocoon

29 April 1989
A woman feeds on the life energies of her lovers in order to maintain eternal youth.
Silvana Gallardo ... Sarah McPherson

Kim Johnston Ulrich ... Madeline Wescott (as Kim Ulrich)

Billy Drago ... Richard
Erik Holland ... Doctor

Season 1, Episode 21: All in a Day's Work

6 May 1989
A man who is haunted by his doppleganger asks a witch to help him raise a demon to defeat it.

Adrienne Barbeau ... Fiona Flynn

James Morrison ... Steven Rose, Ph.D.
Brandon Bluhm ... Ian

Eddie Velez ... Belphamelech

Season 1, Episode 22: Satan in the Suburbs

13 May 1989
A woman's demon deal results in her writing the devil's memoirs.

Chris Noth ... The Devil
Deborah Strang ... Xantipe Finch
Danny Gerard ... Marty

Season 1, Episode 23: Mannequins of Horror

20 May 1989
A nurse helps a patient obsessed with perfecting the clay mannequins he creates.
Glynis Barber ... Dr. Jarris

William Prince ... Dr. Collin
Brian Brophy ... Dr. Starr

Season 1, Episode 24: La Strega

27 May 1989
A young man tries to destroy a beautiful witch, whom he thinks has placed his mother under a deadly curse.

Linda Blair ... Lia

Rob Morrow ... Vito

Maria Tucci ... Mamma
Anita Durst ... The Customer

Season 2

Season 2, Episode 1: The Face

1 October 1989
TWo brothers decide to rob an old lady who is rumored to be hiding a lot of money in her house. So they break in and wake her up and demand the money but she won't tell them anything. One of the brothers gets too rough with her and she dies but not before biting him on the hand. They had no idea that she was also a witch! A few days later the brother's hand is killing him so he takes off the bandage and sees the old lady's face on his hand and it even speaks to him and tells him he can never get rid of her. He tells his brother who does not believe him and things get worse.

Imogene Coca ... The Old Woman
Gregory Grove ... Ray
Gary Roberts ... Clifford

Season 2, Episode 2: Portrait of the Artist

8 October 1989
A father gets a shock when searching for his missing daughter in an artist's studio.

Darren McGavin ... Hubert
Beeson Carroll ... Roger Darcy
Laurie Kennedy ... Lucille Clay
Cheryl Russell ... Penny Darcy (voice)

Season 2, Episode 3: A Bond of Silk

15 October 1989
A newlywed couple book themselves into the basement suite of a fancy hotel which soon turns out to be the lair of a monstrously sized arachnid.

Lydia Cornell ... Portia

Marc McClure ... Nash
Dale Brady ... Spider Man (as Dale R. Brady)

Season 2, Episode 4: Rerun

22 October 1989
A girl mistakenly summons her dead movie star crush only to find he has more than love on his mind.
Mark Nassar ... Tony Sterling

Kaye Ballard ... Faye Ingram

Mitchell Whitfield ... Matt
Rachel Jones ... Allison
Robert Weil ... The Boss (voice)

Season 2, Episode 5: Love Hurts

29 October 1989
A woman uses voodoo to get her lover to leave his wife.
Olivia Brown ... Jewel

Henry Brown ... Vance

Valentina Quinn ... Angie
Fred Pinkard ... Mr. Brownell

Renn Woods ... Cora

Season 2, Episode 6: The Farmer's Daughter

5 November 1989

Soupy Sales ... Howard Filby
Stephanie Phillips ... Lucy
Bobo Lewis ... Ma
George Hall ... Pa

Season 2, Episode 7: Jar

12 November 1989
While managing a remote inn near a wilderness swamp, an innkeeper makes ends meet by selling jars of items from the swamp. One particular item helps others to "meet ends". A curious private eye checks into the inn in search of a missing person, and meets Ann, who has brought her husband there to get him "away from it all."

Fritz Weaver ... Mr. Hallet

Richard Edson ... Jack Bateman

Gina Gershon ... Ann
Ed Kovens ... George Spiros

Season 2, Episode 8: The Demons

19 November 1989
A greedy alien named Arcturus tries to enslaved a demon to grant his wishes, but instead gets a poor insurance agent from Chicago named Arthur Gammet. Poor Arthur must grant the alien's wishes even if it means getting a demon of his own.

Richard Moll ... Arturus
Jeff Silverman ... Arthur
Karen Hensel ... June

Louis Mustillo ... Guy from the Morgue (as Lou Mustillo)

Eddie Deezen ... Demon #2

Season 2, Episode 9: Reaper

26 November 1989
An elderly man in a nursing home makes a deal with Death.

Barbara Billingsley ... Sheila
George Wallace ... Robert Ross (as George D. Wallace)
Curt Lowens ... Dr. Morton / The Reaper
Catherine Blue ... Gina
Mary Dean ... Miss Endicott

Season 2, Episode 10: The Mandrake Root

10 December 1989
A woman finds her deceased mother kept an exotic plant in the basement.

Melba Moore ... Angela Lyle

Frankie Faison ... Jack Lyle

Byron Minns ... The Mandrake Root
Claudia Silver ... Maude Villdorf

Season 2, Episode 11: Half as Old as Time

17 December 1989
An old man asks for his estranged daughter's help in finding a secret Native American fountain of youth.

Leif Garrett ... Dr. Miner

Valerie Wildman ... Jacqueline
Nick Ramus ... Saspondo

Season 2, Episode 12: Museum Hearts

7 January 1990
A man and two women are trapped in a museum basement with the ancient bog body of a druid priestess.

Patrick Breen ... Danny
Louise Roberts ... Cheryl

Sarah Trigger ... Edwina
Pamela Dean Kelly ... Cerridwen

Season 2, Episode 13: Habitat

14 January 1990
A woman agrees to be an alien test subject, only to lose her mind with loneliness.

Lili Taylor ... Jamie Neal
Frederick Wessler ... Alien's Voice

Season 2, Episode 14: Bed and Boar

21 January 1990
A salesman comes between a husband and wife having a spat in the hotel room next door.

Steve Buscemi ... John Dennis

Jodie Markell ... Sue Weatherby
Charles Kay-Hune ... Ted Weatherby

Sara Driver ... Mom (voice)

Season 2, Episode 15: Mr. Swlabr

28 January 1990
A boy discovers a toy in a cereal box that miraculously comes to life as a mischievous reptile.

Kate McGregor-Stewart ... Mrs. Barton
Robert Oliveri ... Roy Barton
Danielle Ferland ... Barbie Barton
Rockets Redglare ... Swlabr (voice)

Season 2, Episode 16: Perchance to Dream

4 February 1990
Following a blow to the head, Alex's dreams appear to be becoming reality.

Raphael Sbarge ... Alex

Sarah Buxton ... Megan
Kenneth Danziger ... Kyle

Season 2, Episode 17: One Wolf's Family

11 February 1990
Anya, a girl who comes from a family of wolves, plans to marry Stanley, but her father objects because Stanley is a were-hyena.

Anne Meara ... Greta

Jerry Stiller ... Victor

Robert Clohessy ... Stanley
Amy Stiller ... Anya
Karen Shallo ... Agnes Peabody

Season 2, Episode 18: The Offering

18 February 1990
A man who is in a hospital following a car accident begins to see terrifying apparitions of giant insect-like creatures.

Orson Bean ... Dr. Hubbard
Robert Krantz ... Lewis
Bob Larkin ... Jack Withers
Karen Hittelman ... Radiologist

Season 2, Episode 19: Far Below

25 February 1990
A man sent to investigate why a subway maintenance crew is paid so highly gets more than he bargained for.

Barry Nelson ... Dr. Vernon Rathmore
John Scott Clough ... Alex Kritz
Calvin Levels ... Luchinski
Rick Goldman ... Watson

Jan Munroe ... Janson
Brian Wade ... Albino Creature #1 and #2 (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 20: Micro Minds

4 March 1990
An astronomy student believes she has contacted an alien lifeform that is frighteningly close to earth.

Troy Donahue ... Dr. Thomas Becker

Belle Avery ... Paula
David Parmenter ... Gok

Season 2, Episode 21: Refugee

13 May 1990
A former spy is enlisted to retrieve a defecting physicist, but an unexpected visitor to the safehouse where they're hiding complicates things.

Peter White ... Paul

Judy Geeson ... Anna

S.A. Griffin ... Satan's Minion

Philip Abbott ... Oliver

Season 2, Episode 22: The Gift

20 May 1990
A rich kid who's been kidnapped for ransom encounters a mysterious beast that offers him a supernatural way out.

Abe Vigoda ... Dolan
John Bolger ... William

Brad Greenquist ... Kirby
Zach Overton ... Jeffrey

Carlos Lauchu ... The Beast

Season 2, Episode 23: The Bargain

27 May 1990
A lonely bookstore owner goes to extreme lengths to transform her appearance in order to woo a handsome customer.

Kim Greist ... Sarah / Mandy
Kevin Geer ... Joe

Sharon Sharth ... Carmen (as Sharon Schlarth)

Season 2, Episode 24: The Family Man

3 June 1990
A kid who doesn't like his mother's new boyfriend discovers the man's true reptilian nature when he wears his old glasses.

Season 3

Season 3, Episode 1: Stressed Environment

30 September 1990
A scientist spends 12yrs raising rats in a stressed environment in the hopes of evolving intelligence in the subjects.

Carol Lynley ... Dr. Elizabeth Porter
Victor Raider-Wexler ... Robert
Scott Weir (as Scott J. Weir)
Kathleen McCall ... Gina

Season 3, Episode 2: Murray's Monster

7 October 1990
A psychiatrist attempts to use a man who can monstrously manifests his repressed anger while hypnotized.

Joe Flaherty ... Sherwin

Miriam Flynn ... Luann

Teresa Ganzel ... Debbie

Marvin Kaplan ... Murray Van Pelt

Colin Penman ... Murray's Monster

Season 3, Episode 3: Bug House

14 October 1990

Season 3, Episode 4: Cellmates

21 October 1990
A spoiled rich boy goes to jail in Mexico after running down and killing a child with his car. He feels confident he will get out with his daddy's money but a weird old man tells him he is in "the bad cell" and no one leaves ever.

Season 3, Episode 5: Outpost

28 October 1990

Juliet Mills ... Cara Raymond
Tony Fields ... Sebastian

Season 3, Episode 6: The Hole

4 November 1990

Season 3, Episode 7: Small Blessings

11 November 1990

Julie Brown ... Wendy

Kevin Nealon ... Louis
Peggy Rea ... Babs

David Spade ... Teddy

Season 3, Episode 8: Shave and a Haircut, Two Bites

18 November 1990
Young conspiracy theorist Kevin tries to convince his cool skeptical friend Tommy that an old-timey local barbershop is run by vampires in disguise.

Season 3, Episode 9: The Young and the Headless

25 November 1990
Jealous wheelchair-bound Edward removes his wife Victoria's lover Hunk out of the picture for good. However, since they're a couple of scientists who works with microchips that mimic the human mind, she "fixes" Hunk.

Season 3, Episode 10: The Waiting Game

9 December 1990
After a nuclear blowout, only two factions remain. Humans inside of a small locked shelter, and nuclear holocaust vampires. With the two sides only separated by a small digital code on the outside of the shelter.

Doug McKeon ... Lt. Eric Tyler

Stephen Burleigh ... Cap. Stanley Levitt
Carrington Garland ... Lt. Maureen Knox

Leo Garcia ... Cap. Andrew Garza

Season 3, Episode 11: Sin-Sop

9 December 1990

Season 3, Episode 12: A New Woman

16 December 1990

Linda Thorson ... Jessica
Tom McDermott ... Thomas

Dan Butler ... David

Mason Adams ... Doctor
Michael Stoltz ... Zombie

John Rosado ... Zombie

John Mingione ... Zombie

Season 3, Episode 13: Malcolm

23 December 1990

Ed Lauter ... Malcolm

Carole Shelley ... Lorna

Farley Granger ... Doctor
Byll Potts ... Surgical orderly
Donald Smyth ... Surgical orderly

Season 3, Episode 14: Household Gods

30 December 1990

Deborah Van Valkenburgh ... Deborah Levitt
Priscilla Shanks ... Laura D' Angelo
Jeff Ware ... Brad Levitt

Michael J. Anderson ... Household God (as Little Mike Anderson)
Lynn Frazen-Cohen ... Edna
Lindsey Schwartz

Season 3, Episode 15: The Space Eaters

6 January 1991

Richard Clarke
Mart Hulswit

Richard Hughes ... Maine Fisherman (as Richard M. Hughes)

Season 3, Episode 16: The Waiting Room

13 January 1991

Season 3, Episode 17: Leavings

20 January 1991

Clifton James ... Inspector
John Christopher Jones ... Officer Parkhurst

Tony Shalhoub ... Officer Mancini

Ken Costigan ... Homeless Man with no Arms
John Robert Bloom

Season 3, Episode 18: Desirable Alien

27 January 1991

Tony Spiridakis ... Hercules Valvalotus

Wendy Makkena ... Maggie Price

Luis Guzmán ... Luis

Rick Aviles ... Mr. Vega

Debbie Harry ... Dr. Moss (as Deborah Harry)

Season 3, Episode 19: A Face for Radio

3 February 1991

Morton Downey Jr. ... Ray Bright
Laura Branigan ... Amanda Smith-Jones

Lori Krebs ... Debbie
Philip Stewart ... Big Ben Grady
Julie Wilson ... Cassandra
Rick Wessler ... Creature (voice)

Season 3, Episode 20: Werewolf of Hollywood

10 February 1991

Richard Belzer ... Buzz Hunkle

David Leary ... Billy Mariner

Geraldine Leer ... Vicki

Shelley Berman ... Leo Tandoski

Season 3, Episode 21: Talk Nice to Me

17 February 1991

Ed Marinaro ... Matrin

Teri Ann Linn ... Linda

David Spielberg ... Tom Reardon

Tina Louise ... Mysterious Woman (voice)

Season 3, Episode 22: Hostile Takeover

24 February 1991

Dennis Christopher ... Laurence Bauer

Tracey Walter ... Ed, the Janitor
William Lanteau ... Tom Hart

Pam Grier ... Matilde

Season 3, Episode 23: The Maker

18 April 1991

Eddie Bracken ... J.J. 'Freddy' Fredericks

Philip Anglim ... Mack
Carla Herd ... Dolores / Creature

Season 3, Episode 24: The Moving Finger

26 April 1991

Tom Noonan ... Howard Mitla
Alice Playten ... Violet Mitla
Sharon Cornell ... Police Officer
Richard B. Shull ... Radio announcer (voice)
Anne Byrne ... Game contestant (voice)
Robert Weil ... Neighbor (voice)

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