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Season 2

21 Sep. 1989
The Golden Serpent: Part 1
Jim Phelps and his team of agents get the mission to destroy a South East Asian drug smuggling organisation known as "The Golden Serpent", and to moreover locate their business dealing records. The identity of the organisation's leader has always remained a mystery. The thing that is known, however, is that another team of IMF-agents recently moving in on one of the organisation's key people, Prince Selimun of Benarli, have just had their mission blown and their leader murdered.
28 Sep. 1989
The Golden Serpent: Part 2
The IMF team's web of deception pits the Golden Serpent drug cartel against Selimun while the fate of an agent hangs in the balance.
5 Oct. 1989
The Princess
Following that Prince Arkadi, ruler of the small principality of Valance, met, fell in love with, and finally married, Elaine Murchison, the daughter of an American ambassador, the Prince began being increasingly exposed to western ways, values, and ideas. As a result of his new wife and her American lifestyle, he began modernising and democratising his country, none of which pleased Gregor Caron, an anti-American and leader of a group known as "The Valance Red Garde". It is believed that Caron now plans to have the Princess Elaine murdered in order to stop all her ...
12 Oct. 1989
Command Performance
Self-declared Defence Minister Ivan Savitch, operating in a Baltic country without the consent of its democratically elected Prime Minister, is responsible for the death or imprisonment of more than one hundred dissidents. Savitch has, however, recently learned that someone has kept records of his atrocities over the years and hidden them away in an ancient relic, the Cross of St. Bonaface, which, since then, has been stolen from his county's National Museum. Savitch is convinced that the man behind the theft is Father Thomas Vallis, a priest who has openly criticized...
26 Oct. 1989
In the Asian country of Kangji, the military leader Xang Kai plans to obliterate the entire government by detonating a nuclear bomb in the capital's city center. His strategy is to blame the attack on the United States and take control of his country, emerging as the undisputed leader. To set up the bomb, he has taken help from the beautiful female terrorist Sun Li, who has agreed to help on condition that her religious leader, "The Holy One", may return to Kangji under Xang Kai's rule. "The Holy One" has for a long time lived in exile outside the country borders. Jim...
2 Nov. 1989
War Games
Since General Eli Szabos took over the armed forces in the country of Sardavia, he has expanded the country's army immeasurable, and, in addition, much more than what is politically necessary. Intelligence believes that Szabos is really planning an invasion of the neighboring country of Bukarine, well-known for its rich oil fields. And that he also has secretly been buying missiles and other weapons to assist him in doing so. Jim Phelps and his team of agents get the mission to prevent General Szabos's invasion of Bukarine and to expose his evil plans to the world.
9 Nov. 1989
Target Earth
First pilot Daniel Bergerac was scheduled to command and operate the space vessel Frontier One, owned by the private Eurospace consortium, as it made its premiere voyage into space. Bergerac has now, however, mysteriously disappeared and intelligence believe that his vanishing has been a result of foul play. The space vessel Frontier One was designed to clear cosmic debris by laser and to assist in the building of an important space lab. In the wrong hands, it could become a deadly weapon for terrorists. Jim Phelps and his team of agents are assigned to the mission to...
16 Nov. 1989
The Fuehrer's Children
Jim Phelps and his team of agents are assigned to the mission of stopping Richard Kestner, a fanatical and violent neo-Nazi, from overthrowing the American government in favour of a new era of terror reign of the old Nazi movement.
30 Nov. 1989
In the Northern Irish town of BallyNaGragh, hotel owner Brian McCarron operates as a successful arms dealer. His success is mainly due to the fact that McCarron continually likes to provoke further violence in the ongoing Northern Irish conflict by secretly performing his own acts of atrocity, and then blaming them on both the respective sides, thus creating a better market for his weapon enterprise. Jim Phelps and his team of agents are assigned to the mission of putting Brian McCarron out of business, to bring him to justice, and to get the different fighting ...
14 Dec. 1989
For Art's Sake
Manhattan hotel owner Daniel Travers is believed by intelligence to run an extensive side-line operation collecting and dealing in stolen art. The latest acquisition to his alleged stolen art collection is assumed to be a valuable Montoya painting on loan to the Manhattan Art Museum from the country of San Marcos. The painting having recently been stolen from the art museum, this has been established as a catastrophe for the United States, and for which the US will be forever blamed and hated by the people of San Marcos. Jim Phelps and his team of agents get the ...
6 Jan. 1990
Deadly Harvest
Yousef K, Minister of Science and Development in the country of Orambaq, is hoping to make his country rich and powerful by using his scientist friend Jared's development of a dangerous genetic virus. The virus being set to destroy the entire countries' wheat harvest for more than 20 years to come, K intends to force governments around the world to abide to his rules and demands by threatening to unleash the virus onto the wheat fields of the United States. Jim Phelps and his team of agents are sent to Orambaq with the mission to destroy this genetic virus before it ...
13 Jan. 1990
Cargo Cult
Jim Phelps and his team of agents get the mission to discover who or what is behind the recent deaths of hundreds of people in the pacific island state of New Belgium. Appearing as the dead people in question have been poisoned with cyanide, it could very likely have something to do with the new findings of gold in New Belgium and the illegal gold mining operation run by Michael Otagi.
20 Jan. 1990
The Assassin
Several important people in very high positions around the world have during the latest year been assassinated by someone very close to them - such as for instance their personal advisor or private secretary. In every case, the assassin died soon after having performed the deed - not surviving long enough to be interrogated or to disclose any motive. The only apparent thing that the assassins had in common is that they all at one time or another had been patients at an exclusive stress clinic for the rich and famous, run by Dr Philip Westerly. Seeing as Dr Westerly ...
3 Feb. 1990
The Gunslinger
FBI-agent Abel Russell, investigating the alleged possibility of American support to foreign terrorists, disappeared as he followed a trail leading to the tourist resort of Pontiac. Pontiac, a recreated gold mining town from 19th century America, is run by former US congressman Ian McClintock, who, through retired from political life, remains an influential figure in US politics. American intelligence now believe that McClintock may be using Pontiac as a cover for selling weapons to foreign terrorists. However, his influence and political connections makes it ...
10 Feb. 1990
Church Bells in Bogota
In Colombia, influential drug lords have over recent years gained more and more power and more or less unleashed their own private war on the country's government. Drug baron Esteban Magdalena is responsible for the latest deed in a long campaign of terror - the murder of Judge Juan Silvero - hoping that the Colombian government will be so intimidated by his massive rule of terror that they will hand over power. Hiding away in his Colombian high security mansion, Magdalena has long been wanted in several different countries, among them the United States, for his ...
24 Feb. 1990
The Sands of Seth
During the last few months, several high officials in the Egyptian government have been found murdered by a brutal form of strangulation. It is believed that Horus Selim, director of the prestigious Museum of the Ancients in Egypt, is somehow involved with the killings. Selim firmly believes that Egypt should try its hardest to return to its glorious and powerful past when ruled by Pharaohs, and has long criticised any government policies trying to start negotiations and alliances with other countries. Jim Phelps and his team of agents are sent to Egypt on a mission ...

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