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Season 1

20 Dec. 1988
10 Jan. 1989
The Execution of John Saringo
A man who's on Death Row, asks Jack to do his show just before he's about to be executed.
17 Jan. 1989
But Not for Me
Jack is approached by a newspaper publisher to write for his paper. Later the man's son is brought in by the police as person of interest in the death of a girl he was seen with. The man uses all of his influence to get his son released. Later Jack goes on the air saying that is it fair that his son is not even questioned. The publisher goes out and prints stories that makes it seem like the girl was at fault for her death because of her lifestyle and he tries to get Jack off the air. Later when he gives Jack a witness that proves his son innocence, whom Jack puts on ...
31 Jan. 1989
Trash Radio
When Jack insults another radio man, he retaliates by insinuating that Jack's shooting of his partner was not an accident. He gets someone is the police department to provide him with ammo he can use against Jack. Jack tries to take care of him. At the same time a known mobster is paying attention to what he says.
14 Feb. 1989
Fathers and Sins
A man claiming to be Jack's father shows up and Jack is not exactly warming up to him. And Devon finally has it out with her father which doesn't end well.
21 Feb. 1989
Blame It on Midnight
Jack meets a girl and dates her. He eventually discovers she has an estranged husband who is not willing to let her go and even threatens Jack. Later the man is killed and Jack is the prime suspect.
7 Mar. 1989
Promise to a Dead Man
Jack gets involved with a retired cop's search for the man who killed his partner years ago. And it seems that Devon's father was a person of interest.
9 May 1989
Blues for Mr. Charlie
When the owner of a convenience store who's a friend of Jack's is constantly the victim of robbery decides to do something. So he gets a gun. When a black man comes into his store and is holding a tire iron, he reacts and kills him. Later he learns that the man had a flat tire was trying to get someone to the hospital and was just looking for a phone. After the D.A. declines to charge him, a lawyer decides to file a wrongful death suit against him.

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