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Season 3

28 Sep. 1990
The Class of 1980
Devon makes Jack take part in a bachelor auction. And the woman who buys him is a wealthy woman and he takes a liking to her. But later he learns that she's a person of interest in some murders. And Jack notices things that could prove her to be a killer.
5 Oct. 1990
The Language Barrier
A part of the city which has a lot of Asians moving in makes some of the residents unhappy. Jack goes on the air to talk about it. And one of the residents who says he is being forced to leave because someone, a Chinese bought the property where his business is and is raising the rent. Later a Chinese boy is attacked by some kids, who are irate of what's happening, and the boy is killed. The man Jack spoke to, knows them and Jack asks him to convince them to come forward.
26 Oct. 1990
Sale Away: Part 2
Devon's leaving San Francisco with her new husband and baby, so she sells the station. And she gets an offer but the buyer states that the one thing he wants is Jack whom he considers to be the station's primary asset. And Jack gets an offer from someone who wants to syndicate him and he doesn't exactly turn him down.
2 Nov. 1990
Life Without Possibility: Part 1
At a prison, the convicts revolt and take some of the guards hostage. It seems that one of the convicts who is extremely outspoken about the harsh conditions in the prison, has taken ill and the prison officials are refusing to authorize treatment. They ask for Jack and they want him to broadcast from the prison so they can air their grievances.
9 Nov. 1990
Life Without Possibility: Part 2
Jack continues to broadcast from the prison and spends some time in various cells. The warden wanting things to end, tries to get the Governor to authorize sending men in to retake the prison. Zymack learns that a man Jack crossed paths with when he was a cop is in the prison and the man wants to see Jack.
5 Dec. 1990
Home to Roost
Killian's friend, a cop about to retire, is accused by an immigrant of atrocities during the Vietnam War.

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