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6 Jan. 1994
Good Cop, Bad Cop
Sgt. Parker Williams sees his ex-fiancée, Beverly Ross, and her new love, Ned Phelps, buying cocaine from a suspected drug dealer. Parker stakes out Beverly's home and reports her for holding. Before police back-up arrives, Parker bursts in and fights with Phelps, who goes down seriously wounded. In the hospital, Phelps accuses Parker of attempted murder, which Beverly corroborates. District Attorney Darnelle has to file charges against Parker before the grand jury, which indicts on Beverly's perjured testimony. Parker asks Virgil Tibbs to defend him.
12 Jan. 1994
Maybelle Returns
Ex-madam Maybelle Cheseboro returns to Sparta to set up a phone-sex operation under the guise of a communications business. The City Council objects and Lonnie goes to check on the enterprise. One of the most vocal opponents, city planner Drew Ward, takes one of Maybelle's women, Jessica Lund, to a motel where she dies of an epileptic seizure. Lindy, who sat next to Jessica at the phone shop, tries to extort money from Ward. Chief Forbes investigates while Sheriff Gillespie renews an old acquaintance with Maybelle.
19 Jan. 1994
The Last Round
Angela Dolphy, Chief Forbes's fiancée, is in Sparta from Memphis for a week to entice Forbes to change professions before they get married. The chief arranges a dinner with Bill Gillespie and Harriet DeLong to coax Angela to relocate to Sparta. An example of Forbes's work is the new boxing program for at risk young men. Unfortunately, the finest boxer, African-American Kevin "Cat" Brooks, is involved with a professional burglar, Caucasian Dennis Cantrell, in a series of home invasions and robberies. Forbes and Angela must come to terms with their personal goals and ...
26 Jan. 1994
Ches and the Grand Lady
Follow-up to Episode #5.8 "Sweet, Sweet Blues." Blues man Ches Collins has a history with the grande dame of Sparta, Cordelia Woodlin. When Cordelia is at his nightclub, Ches sings autobiographical ballads that have special meaning for the great lady. Because the relationship is an open secret, Ches has received death threats from "The Goblin." Cordelia has two directly opposite nephews. One, Lonnie Jamison, is a straight arrow police officer. The second, Raoul Woodlin, is a scoundrel who would be glad to see his aunt dead. Raoul sets up the theft of Ches's car, and ...
2 Feb. 1994
Conspiracy of One
Council member Holly Colmer heatedly insists that Chief Forbes separate Virgil Tibbs from the Sparta Police Department. Virgil is now an attorney in the law firm of Ben Taylor. At a party given by Taylor, Abby Booker fights with her husband Chuck. On their way home Chuck purposely unbuckles Abby's seat belt and drives into a tree, killing his wife. A moonshiner, Goody Tate, witnesses the incident. Virgil is suspicious and, much to Taylor's chagrin, assists the police in their investigation. Virgil refuses to represent Booker and resigns from the firm. He must decide ...
9 Feb. 1994
The Rabbi
Rabbi Hillel Feldman returns to Sparta to open a new temple in the old Methodist church, a gift to the Jewish community. The temple is vandalized by two teenagers, Kevin Powell and Pete Retson. Chief Hampton Forbes and Harriet DeLong, a high school friend of the rabbi, offer help, which Feldman accepts. However, he eschews calling in Sheriff Bill Gillespie because of old anti-Semitic feelings. The Sparta City Council are generally opposed to the temple's existence. The temple custodian, Jack Bicks, vandalizes the temple and steals a valuable Torah, which he tries to ...
9 Mar. 1994
Hard Choices
Juvenile criminal Zack Hayes and his sidekick Lambert return to Sparta for revenge. They lure Justin Coates into driving his car to a convenience store holdup that turns into a murder. Eugene Glendon, Harriet DeLong's son, arrives to persuade Justin to leave the scene as shots are fired. Racist store owner Carl Buford accuses Eugene of being involved in the incident. Eugene's friend, Daphne Gordon, provides a false alibi, which the police quickly disprove.
16 Mar. 1994
Time's Long Shadow
Womanizer Frank Davenport is the general contractor on a large residential project in Sparta that threatens an area of Native American artifacts. He is also having a torrid affair with his new secretary, Cindy Jenk, whose father Gus is a protective hot head. There are hard feelings, even fights, among the townspeople who either support or oppose stopping the construction project to save the antiquities. It is a toss-up who will get to Davenport first.
30 Mar. 1994
Poor Relations
Follow-up to Episode #6.14, "A Step Removed". Daddy Roy Eversole, Sgt. Parker Williams' shiftless step-father, returns to Sparta with his current love, Roda, and breaks into Parker's house. As the police arrive to investigate, Roy unloads a painting under the watchful eye of Oscar Vollen, master art thief. Oscar summons his henchman, Bitsy Mergere, to help retrieve the painting. Sheriff Bill Gillespie reminds Roy that he was not welcome in Sparta, and recognizes the painting as a valuable art object. Victor Dufoxe, a tough insurance investigator, follows the painting ...
4 May 1994
Dangerous Engagement
The Sparta Herald reports that Bill Gillespie and Harriet DeLong will be married in New Orleans, provoking an egg attack on Harriet's car along with well-wishers from the community. A sniper fires a rifle at the two, apparently in response to their impending marriage. But in reality the sniper, Lucas DeFete from Amarillo, Texas, has seen Bill Gillespie's picture in a newspaper which misidentifies him as Sheriff Will McComb, who sent his father Earle DeFete to death row. Lucas kills Harlan, who owns the property where the sniper has been holed up, and kills Roger Owen,...
11 May 1994
Give Me Your Life: Part 1
Chief Hampton Forbes is concerned when a county child services worker visits the Church of the Celestial Influence and is unsettled by the appearance of a girl she sees there. When the Chief sends Capt. Bubba Skinner and Sgt. Parker Williams out to the church to investigate further, they come across the same girl in which they notice she has bruises on herself. After the girl has been taken to the hospital, Chief Hampton learns that the girl, Clarice Finch, has been sexually abused while at the church. Clarice later informs the doctor at the hospital that she is not ...
21 Oct. 1994
A Matter of Justice
An local retired judge's depraved grandson goes on a serial killing spree in Sparta.
9 Dec. 1994
Who Was Geli Bendl?
Movie star Geli Bendl, born Gilda Burrows, returns to Sparta to rescue her sister Laura from the Bottoms and cocaine pusher Donnie Muir. Donnie is involved with members of a drug ring from Jackson who are suspected in a murder case in Sparta. Geli calls on her friend, Sparta police Sgt. Dee Shepard, for help.

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