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6 Jan. 1993
Flowers from a Lady
Serena Grimes is attacked and her car stolen by a man and a woman. When Bubba Skinner consoles her after the incident, she mistakes his good intentions for something more personal. She sends him flowers at the police station as her affection becomes an obsession.
12 Jan. 1993
Private Sessions
Rebecca Lewis and Mark Meyers have a lover's quarrel in a secluded place along the river bank. Suddenly Rebecca dashes away and throws herself off the river bridge, plunging to her death. Foolishly, Mark does not consult his friend and law school colleague, Virgil Tibbs, but instead tries to hide all traces of his being there. Unbeknown to Mark, however, a witness is found who places him at the scene, and Virgil has no choice but to arrest his friend.
20 Jan. 1993
Judgement Day
Judge Lawton Gray is running for Congress, but his wife Muriel is an alcoholic. Muriel's personal assistant, Eleanor Brooks, spies the judge kissing Sparta Town Councilwoman Roslyn Douglas and tells Muriel about it. When Muriel confronts her husband with this information, he sets up a scheme that thickens the plot into a witches' brew.
3 Feb. 1993
Falsely Accused
Bill Gillespie's and Harriet DeLong's quiet evening at a local nightclub is disturbed by Bob Pinkney and Al Merck, who insult the couple with racist remarks. When the men are asked to leave, they cause a drunken disturbance outside, and Sweet arrests them. Pinkney tries unsuccessfully to bribe Sweet, then accuses Sweet of soliciting a bribe. The investigation leads down several trails to an unexpected conclusion.
10 Feb. 1993
A Step Removed
Sgt. Parker Williams' drunken step-father, Daddy Roy Eversole, is arrested in a bar fight, and Parker appears in court to pay the fine. Roy asks Norbert Clemens for his old job back but is thrown off the property. Roy threatens to kill Clemens. When Clemens is killed, Roy is arrested.
17 Feb. 1993
A Deadly Affection
Rickie Wilson, a young circular delivery boy, witnesses a fatal beating by a local slumlord, Sonny Roper. Det/Lt Lonnie Jamison and Sgt Luanne Corbin investigate, but the incident is in county territory under Sheriff Will McComb's jurisdiction. Ricky eludes Lonnie and Luanne and flees the scene, and McComb is incensed, escalating the bad blood between the sheriff's office and the Sparta police. When Roper serves an eviction notice on a young widow, Sarah Hallisey, Harriet DeLong gets involved, against the strong advice of Chief Bill Gillespie.
3 Mar. 1993
The Leftover Man: Part 1
Senatorial candidate George Deschamps, a racist bigot leftover from a former era, sets up a fake assassination attempt on himself to garner sympathy and votes. Meanwhile, Chris Pastore, a campaign worker, is having an affair with Deschamps' wife. The assassination plan is risky, and Pastore is critically injured. Is it an accident or on purpose?
3 Mar. 1993
The Leftover Man: Part 2
The assassination plot goes sour when the shooters are not paid as much as promised. Chris Pastore dies, and the Sparta police must discover who is really to blame.
17 Mar. 1993
A Dish Best Served Cold
Etta Kibbey, Virgil Tibb's aunt, recognizes Jimmy Ray, who was in partnership with Etta's husband Marcus twenty years before and embezzled and fled with the company funds, indirectly causing Marcus' untimely death. Jimmy has come to reconcile with his estranged wife Carla, who wants no part of him. Jimmy also embezzled all of Lester Meacham's money, which left Lester a broken man. Now Lester lives with his daughter Connie and son Perry, who has sworn vengeance against Jimmy Ray. Carla variously entertains Lance Carter romantically and connives with Perry Meacham. Etta...
24 Mar. 1993
Candace Sloan, a young African-American woman lawyer, makes a claim against the estate of Horace Sloan Sr. At probate three decades earlier, the executor, Horace Jr., cheated Candace's family out of their promised heritage. The white heirs balk at reopening the will, although Horace Jr. is in favor of awarding the full amount. In a struggle with his son Lamar, Horace Jr. dies unintentionally. Lamar stages a break-in to cover his father's death and the theft of the will. In the investigation the heirs blame Candace for the break-in.
28 Apr. 1993
Even Nice People
Big land developers from New Orleans, with reputed connections to the mob, want to buy a large tract of land near Sparta for a reservoir and housing development. By chance, Lana Farren's (Bill Gillespie's daughter) property is a major part of the plan, but she does not want to sell. To make the deal work, Sparta real estate agent Betty Simms and lawyer Alvin P. Epp conspire with arsonist Ron Griff to torch Lana's house.
5 May 1993
Lake Winahatchie
Follow-up to "Even Nice People" (#6.20). In the previous episode Ron Griff was killed in the act of setting fire to Lana Farren's house. Now Carl DeLissa turns himself in to the Sparta police to secure a plea bargain. He offers to give up all claim to Sparta assets in exchange for a suspended sentence, which the doddering old Judge Cully grants. Newly freed, DeLissa tries to extort money from the mob-related land developers for his silence, which proves to be a most dangerous game.
12 May 1993
A Correct Settling
African-American Bishop William Prinn is forced off the road and injured on his way to Sparta. He plans to meet with Harriet DeLong's son, Eugene Glendon, to devise a strategy that will get Eugene's father, Vic Glendon, off of death row. In the hospital the bishop is somewhat uncooperative in finding the perpetrator, wishing to keep a low profile in the undertaking. Harriet is persuaded to join the campaign, although she is reluctant.
16 Sep. 1993
Child's Play
The episode concerns two separate but intertwined sub-plots. In the first, the Sparta City Council refuses to renew Chief Bill Gillespie's contract because of his open relationship with councilwoman Harriet DeLong. They have invited Inspector Hampton Forbes of Memphis to interview for the position. Gillespie faces the facts stoically. In the second, Gillespie solves his final crime. Two nine-year-old boys who have been harassed by a vicious farmer seek drastic revenge.
18 Sep. 1993
Hatton's Turn: Part 1
Wade Hatton, a prominent attorney, returns to Sparta to gather material for a book. A Sparta City Council meeting is interrupted by loud rap music, which is blamed on ex-Chief Bill Gillespie's lack of discipline. Racist council member Holly Colmer has his way, and Hampton Forbes is appointed new Chief of Police. Bill is almost immediately appointed Acting Sheriff to replace the ailing Sheriff McComb. Coley Hiffern and Nat Bream plan to rob a family that is rumored to keep $1,000,000 in their home. Nat persuades slow-witted Henry Ulmer to drive his foster father's car ...
18 Sep. 1993
Hatton's Turn: Part 2
Continuation of Episode #7.2. Chief Hampton Forbes investigates his first case in Sparta. Coley Hiffern and Nat Bream take Henry Ulmer to a remote location to kill him, but Nat cannot go through with it. After Henry escapes Coley kills Nat and steals Henry's car. When Henry is arrested, Wade Hatton refuses to act as his attorney, preferring to let Sarah Hallisey defend the young man. Coley hijacks a car and kills the driver. Henry confesses to being on the scene of the robbery/murder and blames it on Indian Tilly for spreading the rumors about the great sums of money ...
23 Sep. 1993
A Depraved Heart
As Lori Foster breaks into David Monroe's house and steals a bottle of AZT, prescription medication for AIDS, she is seen by a next-door neighbor who reports it to the police. At the same time, Monroe romances Tamara Naylor while showing her a home for sale. They are spied by Tamara's husband Carl. When questioned, Lori accuses Monroe of murder for willfully infecting her with HIV. After reflection, District Attorney Darnelle agrees to try the case as evidence of a "depraved heart." Before charges can be filed, Monroe is killed by two gunshots through the window by an...
30 Sep. 1993
Incident at Brewer's Pond
Harley Eaton's watermelon patch is raided and vandalized by Cowboy Habersham, Donnie Cole and their rowdy friends. At Brewer's Pond the men engage in a swimming contest with a greased watermelon. After the game is over, the couples pair up and leave the pond. The next day Donnie is missing. Rumor says that Donnie has been romancing Cowboy's wife, Marlene, and that Cowboy is indifferent to the situation. Marlene is a waitress at a cafe owned by Cal Sims, who has offered a generous amount to buy Cowboy's sporting goods store. Sheriff Bill Gillespie and Chief Hampton ...
14 Oct. 1993
A Love Lost
Sheriff Bill Gillespie's daughter Lana's boyfriend from Gulfport, Lee Thompson, shows up in Sparta. He is part of a gunrunning plot with sporting goods store-owner Raymond Mercer. Lana is conflicted whether or not she wants Lee around, and Bill can't help her make a decision.
28 Oct. 1993
Singin' the Blues
Troy Davis asks Luann Corbin to sing at the new nightclub he manages. Drug dealer Brent Shaw coerces Troy into hiring a new bartender and offers Troy free drugs to hook him again. Troy hires the bartender but declines the drugs. Luann is a huge success at the club. She notices that the bartender is dealing and overhears plans for a big delivery. Luann reports everything to the Sparta police but is conflicted about Troy. Is he really clean?
4 Nov. 1993
Virgil Tibbs: Attorney at Law
Ex-Chief of Detectives Virgil Tibbs returns to Sparta as a full-fledged lawyer. He and his wife Althea have separated, and she has taken their twins back to live in Philadelphia. At Virgil's first appearance in court, Judge Sims appoints him to represent pro bono an accused murderer, Delbert Pike. Pike wants to plead self-defense, but a dying declaration from the victim, Eli Chambers, blames Pike directly. Notorious womanizer Pike was sleeping with Chambers' wife Amanda, who offers to testify against her lover as a witness for the prosecution.
10 Nov. 1993
Every Man's Family
Matt Skinner, Bubba's nephew, is in critical condition in an Atlanta hospital, overdosed on heroin. Bubba flies to Atlanta. Heroin is found in Matt's apartment, and his pusher, Derrick, tries to collect for past sales. Bubba follows Derrick and almost blows undercover Atlanta police officer Walker Harris' cover. Bubba puts Matt in rehab and takes a leave of absence from the Sparta police to help his nephew and find Derrick's supplier. Bubba and Walker team up.
25 Oct. 1993
A Baby Called Rocket
There is a drive-by shooting in the Bottoms that almost hits Ned, an African-American youth. Parker Williams and Luann Corbin investigate and find an abandoned biracial infant boy in the house. Luann is attracted to the infant, and child welfare worker Lilly Baker asks her to take the boy for a few days until permanent foster care can be arranged. Chief Hampton Forbes questions slumlord Barton Stone about the wretched condition of the house and threatens to begin proceedings to take the property from him. Stone is killed. The investigation turns up the infant's ...
9 Dec. 1993
Little Girl Lost
A drunk driver, eighteen-year-old Holly Maynard, runs down a skateboarder, ten-year-old Deenia Larson, and flees the scene. Eddie the ice cream man reports the incident to the police. Holly confesses the hit-and-run to her mother Cynthia, pleading for help. Driving recklessly to leave town, Holly is arrested for DUI and speeding. When her car is identified and Deenia dies in the hospital, a charge of vehicular manslaughter is added. Irate citizens demonstrate against Holly outside City Hall. A judge orders Holly undergo a psychological examination, but the Sparta City...
16 Dec. 1993
Your Own Kind
Harriet Delong helps open a new art gallery on the Sparta square to benefit pregnant teenagers, as the Sparta High School track team prepares for an upcoming meet with Capt. Bubba Skinner and Lt. Lonnie Jamison as volunteer coaches. The team is racially mixed, evidencing the peaceful "new South" of the time. During a practice, Marissa Rask, a Caucasian girl, and David Collins, an African-American boy, embrace and kiss. The moment is cut short by a sniper's bullet into Marissa's back. The sniper turns out to be ultra-racist Brent Lunay (episode #5.15, "Odessa"), who is...

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