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7 Jan. 1992
The Landlord
When a slumlord is mysteriously murdered, it is implied that he had dealings with dope pushers. Until informant Jimmy Dawes provides some vital information.
14 Jan. 1992
Fool for Love
When a doctor's disabled wife discovers his affair with one of his patients, he takes matters into his own hands to correct the situation.
4 Feb. 1992
Love, Honor and Obey
Parker's friend takes matters into her own hands when she is fed up with her husband's physical abuse.
11 Feb. 1992
Sparta Police is on guard to control racial tension when a ceremony is held to honor the first black woman who registered to vote in Sparta.
18 Feb. 1992
A Time to Trust
The stepfather of one of Althea's students is implicated in a drug trafficking investigation.
25 Feb. 1992
By Means Most Foul
When a woman plots to kill her husband in order to continue her torrid love affair, things don't go exactly as planned.
3 Mar. 1992
Trundel's Will Be Done
The wife of Harriet's sister's lover seeks custody of Harriet's nephew, the product of her late husband's affair.
31 Mar. 1992
Moseley's Lot
The son of a local electrical contractor resents the fact that his father is always bailing his younger brother out of financial messes.
20 Apr. 1992
Family Reunion
A paroled robber returns to Sparta in search of a $750,000 stash.
12 May 1992
Gillespie & Tibbs, along with the abbot of a local monastery, stand accused of harboring a fugitive who escaped from a chain gang.
19 May 1992
The Law on Trial
The trio receive an outpouring of support from the town and the police department in the days leading up to their trial. Romance is in the air for Bill Gillespie and Harriet Delong.
28 Oct. 1992
A Small War: Part 1
While Sparta's police chief William O. 'Bill' Gillespie celebrates a mis-trial with Harriet DeLong, they worry about her son Eugene Glendon, who is out on probation. He was tricked into waiting in his friend Byron's car while Byron bought cocaine from dealer Clay Wilson. The crack pusher gang 'the Crew' from Jackson kills both by shooting through the wall. Sparta's police investigates and tries to keep the drug pests from spreading from the city. The Crew returns to spread free drug samples, soon causing an OD wave.
4 Nov. 1992
A Small War: Part 2
Despite his disdain for Bill Gillespie, Harriet's son Eugene helps the Sparta Police bring down the crack house after he is an eyewitness to his best friend's drug-related murder.
11 Nov. 1992
Brother's Keeper
Luann is furious when her slacker brother returns and is immediately accused of robbing a shady sports bar. Her mother is in denial and insists her son has changed.
18 Nov. 1992
A Frenzied Affair
A troubled high school student murders his ex-girlfriend's lover, then fixes it so her stepfather is blamed for the crime. Althea suffers a nervous breakdown after witnessing the student's suicide.
18 Nov. 1992
Virgil enlists the help of Dr. Levi Atwill to help bring Althea out of her funk and return to her teaching job. The murder investigation is complicated when the dead student's ex-girlfriend acquires yet another boyfriend who murders her stepfather and seriously injured one of Gillespie's good friends.
25 Nov. 1992
Random's Child
Bill Gillespie makes peace with his estranged daughter after she comes to Sparta to settle her deceased mother's affairs.
2 Dec. 1992
An Occupational Hazard
Computer thieves provide a man with a window of opportunity to cover up for his wife's violent retaliation against her abusive boss.
9 Dec. 1992
Last Rights
The doctor treating Virgil's dying aunt is the chief suspect in a series of mercy killings.
16 Dec. 1992
When the Music Stopped
A washed up country singer, whose biggest fan is Bubba Skinner, is accused of the murder of his former road manager.

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