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6 Mar. 1988
Pilot: Part 1
Virgil Tibbs permanently joins the Sparta police department in time to investigate the murder of a young woman.
6 Mar. 1988
Pilot: Part 2
Continuation of Episode #1.1. "Pilot: Part 1" Nan Woodall, the murder victim in the previous episode, is buried and the community is devastated. While investigating Nan's and Willie Jones' murders, Virgil is badly beaten by redneck thugs. Surprisingly, Chief Gillespie is sympathetic and cooperative, and he dresses down every police officer who is reluctant to work with Virgil Tibbs. The case leads into the seamy side of life in Sparta, including orgies and pornographic videotapes. Working together, Tibbs begins to carve out a place in the department, and Gillespie ...
15 Mar. 1988
Road Kill
While the Sparta police hunt down a randomly shooting troublemaker, a philandering husband uses his mischief to cover his murder of his wife.
22 Mar. 1988
When an affluent married white woman have an affair with a black businessman from New York, racial tensions reach a breaking point in Sparta. Also, Detective Tibbs isn't too thrilled when Chief Gillespie gets his help in searching for Bubba's cousin who is a suspect in a moonshining operation.
29 Mar. 1988
Blind Spot: Part 1
As Det. Tibbs deals with an old rival coming back to Sparta to open a major factory, two locksmiths pay the price for discovering that tycoon's secret other business.
5 Apr. 1988
Blind Spot: Part 2
Chief Gillespie and Det. Tibbs face spiraling drug trade violence in Sparta as they hunt down the kingpins responsible.
12 Apr. 1988
A Necessary Evil
Gillespie and Tibb's reluctant investigation of a bigamy case becomes absurd with the accused's half dozen wives, and serious when he is found dead in his cell.
3 May 1988
...And Then You Die
During a manhunt for a wanton random murdering fugitive , the criminal takes Althea Tibbs and a young boy hostage.
4 Dec. 1988
Don't Look Back: Part 1
A young woman is murdered in the exact same manner to a notorious murder Chief Gillespie investigated 20 years ago and he is threatened as well.
4 Dec. 1988
Don't Look Back: Part 2
Continuation of "Don't Look Back Part 1" (#2.1). Chief Gillespie receives a human heart in a gift box. Voodoo queen Marie Babineaux is brought in for questioning, but released for lack of evidence. Newspaper editor Reed Nicholson is murdered. The chief and Virgil Tibbs work at detente in conducting the investigation.
6 Dec. 1988
The Family Secret
A magnificent statue of a Confederate officer is unveiled in the Sparta town square, the gift of the well respected Merrill family, Stuart and Bernice, who are in attendance with their granddaughter Mary Lynn. Bill Gillespie and his inamorata, Joanne St. John, are there along with Bubba Skinner. Embarrassingly, Claudia Merrill, Stuart and Bernice's daughter and Mary Lynn's mother, is not at the ceremony because she is "indisposed" (drunk) at home. That evening Stuart is murdered in his art glass studio, which is a shambles of broken art objects. Gillespie and Virgil ...
13 Dec. 1988
The Hammer and the Glove
Matthew Pogue, Virgil Tibbs' former partner in Philadelphia, arrives in Sparta. Now a private investigator, Matt tries to entice Virgil to work with him in their old mode of "hammer and glove." At the station, FBI agent McGraw asks Chief Gillespie for cooperation in protecting an important witness. At the Tibbs' dinner party, Althea tells Joanne that she had a history with Matt before Virgil came along. During the night, Matt slips out, steals a car and kills two FBI agents and their witness. When the crime is discovered, Matt offers to help Virgil with forensics, ...
20 Dec. 1988
Officer Wilson Sweet apprehends a holdup man, Eric Gray, running away from a store. Eric, a school friend of Sweet, confesses that he broke out of Butler County jail, where he had been beaten by the brutal Sheriff Ed Thompson, a close friend of Chief Bill Gillespie. Thompson and two deputies transfer Eric from the Sparta jail, with the prisoner frantically declaring that he will be killed in Butler County. The next day Bubba Skinner gets word that Eric died during the night. The coroner's x-rays show the cause of death as blunt force trauma. Bill and Sweet feel ...
27 Dec. 1988
Hot Nights
Writer Jacqueline Holt is ticketed by Bubba Skinner for running a red light and is immediately attracted to him. Jackie stays in Sparta to work on a book, renting a cabin outside town. The first evening, she calls Bubba to report a prowler, saying that her dangerous ex-husband, Frank Van Dorn, is after her with a gun. When Bubba responds to the call, the romance begins. Frank calls Jackie, threatening to harm her, so Bubba teaches her to fire a revolver. Bubba spends so much time with Jackie he gets behind in his duties. One night Bubba is awakened by gunshots, runs ...

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