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S1, Ep4561
28 Jan. 2008
Episode #1.4561
Sally wonders who wrote 'Milco' on the beach, Rachel tries to convince Reverend Hall to release her and an encounter with Morag causes Miles to stay in town.
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S1, Ep4562
29 Jan. 2008
Episode #1.4562
Geoff is back, stunned the church is trashed because f the reverend and cleans up, mocked a hypocrite by Aden, who taunts him to a fist-fight. Parish notable Mr. Standish tells Hall won't be reinstated, regardless of his medical state. In hospital Dom promises Belle the blackmail is over. Lucas guesses the truth after Drew makes him inquiry about the legal side from Morag 'for a novel'.
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S1, Ep4563
30 Jan. 2008
Episode #1.4563
Noble Geoff is determined to see and comfort reverend Hall, who abuses the boy's goodness to have his ties undone for prayer and loosened afterward. Supporting the boy made Roman a friend, but gets him verbally abused again by Irene, who claims a 'parenting' monopoly, yet finally accepts him as business partner. Henk is surprisingly happy to become a daddy earlier then planned and even throws in a wedding proposal.
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S1, Ep4564
31 Jan. 2008
Episode #1.4564
Jack is back from honeymooning and learns that Michael has left. Having spontaneously proposed romantically, Henk leaves a letter explaining that he 'had to leave urgently', in fact to see Dr Young, who has a big surprise. Miles 'Milco' eagerly accepts Sal's generous hospitality. A clean-up wins him Coleen's esteem, but his drowning nightmares continue. Mattie cruelly tells Rick she still loves him but dumps him for good anyway.
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S1, Ep4565
1 Feb. 2008
Episode #1.4565
Reverend Hall escapes and steals the guard's uniform. Jack organizes precautions. Henk tells only Martha he has HIV. Roman celebrates his partnership, tells Rachel to go slow and helps guard the kids now Hall is on the loose. Annie sneaks out, behind Geoff's back, 'to help Hall'.
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S1, Ep4566
4 Feb. 2008
Episode #1.4566
Roman, Geoff, Jack and Annie heroically manage to get escaped Hall back to hospital. Irene, however, is most ungrateful. Geoff decides to put school and family above his promising Aussie football career and gets Tony to help him with the club. Now Roman starts responding to Rachel's flirting, Jack encourages Tony to court her. Lucas makes a fine creative writing class. Colleen convinces Rach she's seeing a second Kim in Roman.
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S1, Ep4567
5 Feb. 2008
Episode #1.4567
Lucas is about to leave for his creative writing course. Tony gets Morag's assurance that Geoff can leave the team and enjoys a dinner with Rachel. Aden promises Geoff he'll regret returning. Henk is agonizing over his HIV infection possibly having infected the baby. Morag announces she's moving back. Miles inadvertently puts Sally on someone's trace.
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S1, Ep4568
6 Feb. 2008
Episode #1.4568
Dom is released from hospital and determined to remove the only obstacle from his romantic path: Drew. Henk's nightmare comes true and Cassie is diagnosed as HIV-positive, only the baby isn't. Completely irrational she blames only him and storms out, straight into the path of a car. She's not seriously hurt, but breaks up with Henk. Overheard by her young friends, she still demands that they keep the news secret from everyone else, even Sal.
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S1, Ep4569
7 Feb. 2008
Episode #1.4569
Miles admits to Sally he feels drawn to her too, but holds back on his secret. He reveals that he was a teacher too, after Roman remembers having met him three years ago in a rescue operation. He confides in her that he lost his family in the tsunami at Puhket, Thailand. The friends still ponder whether to tell anyone about the HIV, which makes themselves seem relatively lucky. Dom checks out.
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S1, Ep4570
8 Feb. 2008
Episode #1.4570
Miles Copeland tells Sally in detail he's Milco, a contraction of his name, and they are twins separated very young after their remarried ma's death in a tsunami. After their dad drank himself to death, Miles started drifting till he met Sal by chance. She eagerly starts telling everyone. Then Jack calls, with terrifying news.
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S1, Ep4571
11 Feb. 2008
Episode #1.4571
Now Johnny Cooper has escaped, shortly before the anniversary of his brother Rocco's death - Jack tries to organize security for Sal. Hothead Rick refuses to leave. Others are introduced to Miles. The truth also gets known at school, where Sal opens the new school year and welcomes year-repeaters back and the promotion of her new deputy. Annie shows no respect for Geoff turning the other cheek to Aden. Rocco is already entering town.
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S1, Ep4572
12 Feb. 2008
Episode #1.4572
Jack realizes the discovery of an ex-con's abandoned stolen car probably means that Johnny has arrived. Tony convinces Lucas to attend a farewell party and is handed ten chapters of his manuscript. He finds that it shows talent and judgment of character. Dom gets a part-time diner job from Roman on Belle's recommendation, to Drew's anger.
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S1, Ep4573
13 Feb. 2008
Episode #1.4573
Tony tenderly sets junior son Lucas on the way to college, and is left alone at home. Reverend Hall is operated and cured, but dying from a secondary tumor. Geoff is shocked by Annie's claim that proves faith and Bible are fake, even big brother. Irene's trick drives Belle away from Dom. Aden is his usual hateful self once too often.
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S1, Ep4574
14 Feb. 2008
Episode #1.4574
After finally decking Aden, Geoff expects punishment but gets comforting advice. Aden expects revenge but gets a glowing lecture. Geoff offers friendship but is ridiculed for 'sissy' apologies. Milco convinces Roman to tell Sal he's ex-SAS. Roman and Miles mount guard, but Johnny finds a coward's way in to do damage before Jack arrives.
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S1, Ep4575
15 Feb. 2008
Episode #1.4575
Roman comforts Miles, who feels as guilty as bad luck magnet. In surgery, stabbed Sally dreams about seeing foster father Tom again. He tells her Miles was the sibling supposed to meet his fate and shows her the 'alternative', Summer Bay without her to be with Flynn and other deceased loved-ones.
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S1, Ep4576
18 Feb. 2008
Episode #1.4576
As Sally fights for her life, she encounters her late father Tom, who gives her a choice between returning to her old life or passing on.
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S1, Ep4577
19 Feb. 2008
Episode #1.4577
Geoff is worried sick looking for Annie. Aden is overjoyed finding her on the beach, drunk as a skunk from stolen whiskey. Everybody except Morag just assumed he got her alcohol - probably poisoned or worse. Jack and Sam are back, but his ex still negatively affects the atmosphere, so they move in with Tony. Johnny gets painkillers from his unlikely, blackmailed female accomplice.
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S1, Ep4578
20 Feb. 2008
Episode #1.4578
Aden is treated as a leper and summoned for an official statement. Morag's help is finally accepted when he hears it's free. Cooper's accomplice is none other then Sam, who convinces him to come and hide in Jack's guest-house. Sal gets confirmation of her suspicion that Cassie is pregnant and has an even worse problem. Drew takes Belle and Mattie on a 'study weekend' at the beach. Leah let him go, but gets shocking news.
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S1, Ep4579
21 Feb. 2008
Episode #1.4579
Leah collapses and seems to retreat from the world, being informed husband Dan has made a fatal fall. Tony and Rachel enjoy an romantic 'non-date', ignoring Johnny is watching from Sam's place.
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S1, Ep4580
22 Feb. 2008
Episode #1.4580
To Sam's horror, Johnny isn't content that she sends Jack the wrong way: he demands she get him access to Sal in hospital before she returns home. Meanwhile Sal's attempt to console Leah and her feeling guilty by telling about her 'choice for life' helps in a surprising way.
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S1, Ep4581
25 Feb. 2008
Episode #1.4581
Roman volunteers as an outsider voice to get through to Annie now that she won't even listen to Geoff anymore. He suspects, rightly, that she's lying all of a sudden to 'remember' Aden got her drunk and molested her. Except for Morag everyone bans and abuses the bully, Irene even knocks him down so his half-healed leg fractures again. Being approached on the beach by Carl and Dana, Rick and Cassie realize dating won't be the same for her. Jack has to redraw the guard from hospital.
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S1, Ep4582
26 Feb. 2008
Episode #1.4582
Ryan, his ma and even Jazz -against Drew's liking- are back for Dan's memorial service, but fight at widow Leah's. Rick is informed and returns too. The HIV secret is finally told. Jazz turns up at ex Tony's, getting only the spare bed.
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S1, Ep4583
27 Feb. 2008
Episode #1.4583
Cooper forces Sam to smuggle him into hospital, where twin Miles keeps guard, but she pretends Sal has already left for Pippa's. However the fiend overhears Rory. Jazz is kept at distance by Tony, who stays loyal to Rachel, but sees Sam with the stranger and blackmails her.
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S1, Ep4584
28 Feb. 2008
Episode #1.4584
Almost all Summer Bay gathers fir Dan's memorial service. Only Aden treats it as time off school and calls Geoff a hypocrite for not believing in his innocence and Annie's lying. Irene causes a row with him at the service.
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S1, Ep4585
29 Feb. 2008
Episode #1.4585
Aden is thrown out but leads the kids for who no seats were provided to an alternative memorial at the beach. Belle's newspaper boss, Gavin Johnson, chooses to cover that instead, and is impressed by 'charismatic' Aden, who stands up against the deputy principal, who rudely orders the 'wayward' kids back to school. Rick and Mattie make up.
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S1, Ep4586
3 Mar. 2008
Episode #1.4586
Rick and Mat are back on kissing terms. Acting principal Martin Bartlett makes a stand on hard discipline, against 'sissy' Sal. Johnny urges Sam to help him quickly and overhears Jack warn the kids there's less police around. Sam finds him attacking someone, and knocks him out. Henk returns.
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S1, Ep4587
4 Mar. 2008
Episode #1.4587
Henk is in fine health and offers support, but gets an evasive reply. Tony is gently supportive of Jazz, who got a good scare tied-down while Cooper attacked Rick. Sam feels guilty when Jack calls to commend her bravery.
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S1, Ep4588
5 Mar. 2008
Episode #1.4588
Annie finally confesses her accusation was a blatant lie, but the police decides to let her off with a warning. Geoff happily welcomes her back to pray together. Morgan scolds her but refuses to help Aden seek revenge. Acting principal Bartlett puts the whole school on Saturday detention for the 'indecent' alternative memorial. But Aden ignores him, knowing Belle's editor Gavin Johnston will print his story sympathetically. Roman gets through to Irene that her only hope to avoid a law-suit that they can't afford is to beg for mercy. Aden's day is still spoiled because...
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S1, Ep4589
6 Mar. 2008
Episode #1.4589
Bartlett doubles the unfair collective detentions, hoping to drain Aden's pupil support, which seems to work. Sal considers leaving Summer bay, but finds and cheers up twin Miles. Just when that determines her to stay, professional bad news changes the rules. After a big brotherly talk with Roman, Aden maturely makes Bartlett a win-win offer.
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S1, Ep4590
7 Mar. 2008
Episode #1.4590
Jack takes Sam on a picnic to forget about Johnny Cooper, who is supposed to remain a vegetable, but actually wakes up, trying to talk. Tony allows Jazz to stay for a while. Leah assures Roman she doesn't want the diner back and considers moving away. Martin Bartlet is appointed Sally's successor as principal, Drew can't handle Belle reporting on such scumbags. Sam doctors Johnny's syringe, fatally.
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S1, Ep4591
10 Mar. 2008
Episode #1.4591
Roman suggests that Geoff should play Aussie football again. He also makes the innocent boy aware of the girls 'lying around' on the beach, as he does shirtless push-ups. Roman is the perfect gentleman on his first real date and chaperon, Morag, who goes on and on about wine and travel. Drew considers dumping Belle for the paper's part in Bratlett, ousting Sal. Her solution fails.
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S1, Ep4592
11 Mar. 2008
Episode #1.4592
Gavin Johnston's pro-Bartlett-article stirs people, including Drew who is stopped by 'accomplice' Belle, who would rather dump him than put her job on the line. Drew even quits school (again), planning to leave town for a while. However, Jazz makes him wait a while, until a vicious row with Belle completes their break-up.
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S1, Ep4593
12 Mar. 2008
Episode #1.4593
Now Sally has resigned, her triumphant successor Bartlett asks her to pass on his offer of a teaching position (English and history) to her twin Miles. Jack worries the late Cooper haunts Sam's nightmares, and gets Rachel to prescribe sedatives. Tony consoles Jazz now Drew has left town, and lets her move into Lucas' room 'for a while'. The autopsy indicates Cooper died from a potassium overdose.
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S1, Ep4594
13 Mar. 2008
Episode #1.4594
Miles fears he'll regret becoming a teacher again after verbal 'hobo-daunting' by Aden, but Roman makes sure the big-mouth rascal 'discovers' his tsunami tragedy and rough life antecedents. Geoff starts noticing for his female admirers, but isn't pleased with Annie's 'sensible match-making', least of all consulting busybody Colleen. Sam manages to maintain her 'male intruder' theory during hypnosis in Jack's presence.
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S1, Ep4595
14 Mar. 2008
Episode #1.4595
Noel contacts notorious hothead Rick, not for the baby but illegal bare-fist boxing, offering $5,000. Rachel realizes Sam invented the man, not why. Jack also forgives her, rewarded with dinner. Johnny Cooper keeps haunting her. Tony and Rachel finally share the bed. Cassie's pregnancy is made public, Alf even told she has HIV.
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S1, Ep4596
17 Mar. 2008
Episode #1.4596
For reasons unknown, the building the diner is in starts falling apart, literally. Roman takes charge of the evacuation. Wile a contractor looks into it, he puts up his homeless lover and her aunt Morag, who sees his SAS picture and one of a mystery girl. Cassie receives a small wound, but because she's bleeding has to reveal that she's HIV positive. Noel pays the garage through mechanic Sean Evans to lay off Rick and make sure nobody else will hire the apprentice mechanic.
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S1, Ep4597
18 Mar. 2008
Episode #1.4597
Alf is less confident than Geoff that new teacher Miles can handle Aden. Roman realizes that another lecture about making his (late and hated) grandpa proud is the worst approach. Roman fears he has lost his life savings in the diner disaster, while his love-life progresses. Leah learns from a US visitor that Dan died saving his son Linc, rekindling proud memories, and receives generous gratitude.
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S1, Ep4598
19 Mar. 2008
Episode #1.4598
Ann's match-making and whining embarrasses Geoff, who was turned down by foxy birdbrain Britney, and Bible Class girl Melody. Thanks to Alf's arrogant admonition Aden is hell-bent on breaking Miles on his first day, but the neophyte even gets his mate Axel interested in a send-off party for Sal. Leah is to spend the $100,000 for a monument to Dan by buying a youth center, and offers Roman and Irene the other half of the building for a new diner. Jack is turned away rudely by his fickle ex, who learns that Roman's teenage daughter Nicole was raised by the mother.
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S1, Ep4599
20 Mar. 2008
Episode #1.4599
Drew is found in the city, but refuses to return home or even discuss going back to school with either Rick or Jazz, who seeks consolation with Tony. Jack calms Rory down after Sam took her anguish out on him by taking the boy to the movies. She actually wanted them out for a meeting with a felon, whom she pays $1,000 for a bloody nasty job.
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S1, Ep4600
21 Mar. 2008
Episode #1.4600
Sam's ploy to have herself beaten up works: Jack and Rory comfort the 'innocent victim', the police seeks a male Copper-killer. Drew returns only to say goodbye properly. Pious Geoff and heathen Belle agree to broaden their horizons by checking out lay elements in religious history viz. attending Easter service.
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S1, Ep4601
24 Mar. 2008
Episode #1.4601
Geoff is pleased to discover that Melody is no heathen but Catholic. More school-buzz pushes Miles to tell all about his hobo phase. Jazz forces Sam to help her slip a laxative into Rachel's drink so she can take her place at Tony's class reunion. Noel makes sure that unemployed Ric's uninsured van is stolen and torched, confident he'll agree to bare-knuckle fighting.
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S1, Ep4602
25 Mar. 2008
Episode #1.4602
Roman treats his girl to a romantic dinner in the new Pier diner. Jack is desperate to read Cooper's letter Sam was the brains behind Shane's drug dealing. He still gives her a 12 hours head start to run, without Rory. At Tony's reunion, Jazz's lies make him the braggers' envy. He tolerates no jokes at Rachel's expense, until he's drunk enough to be put in bed by Jazz, but still remains faithful. Back home after a tearful night, Jack finds Sam still there, with a last crushing announcement.
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S1, Ep4603
26 Mar. 2008
Episode #1.4603
Jack's generous heart is ripped apart by Sam's systematic treason and claim -can he still believe anything from her?- to be expecting his first baby. She wants him to burn the proof to start a life with Rory, whom she drag along to her sister. Even Tony, who wisely tells Rachel nothing about his reunion, isn't let in. Aden back-talks his pa after sleeping in. Miles arranges a guest speaker on HIV at school. Then Aden remembers he had blood contact during the car accident.
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S1, Ep4604
27 Mar. 2008
Episode #1.4604
Geoff's devout belief HIV forebodes AIDS and hell is challenged and turned. In mortal anguish, Aden waits for his secret blood test. Morag tricks him to a snooker game to force him to tell her why he resents the military, or his relatives in it. After a complaint from Melody's mother, Bartlett reprimands Miles for correcting the junior classes medical ignorance about HIV. The tremor has cracked the war monument, revealing a time capsule which Colleen's historical society opens.
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S1, Ep4605
28 Mar. 2008
Episode #1.4605
To Alf and Morag's unamused surprise but Colleen's delight, last-named is their illegitimate half-sister. After Roman smooths the shock, Alf accepts to get close before making his tour of Australia. Rick starts the misunderstanding Alf would be getting engaged to the dragon. Aden agonizes until he gets his HIV test result, his drunk dad doesn't even hear him.
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S1, Ep4606
31 Mar. 2008
Episode #1.4606
Jack has made up his mind: Sam must turn herself in with a reduced story and hand him custody of their baby or he'll hand Johnny's the letter to the police. She blames his 'infidelity' on Martha. Despite his negative HIV result, Aden looses self-control, refuses help and explodes at home about abuse by his 'hero' granddad. Roman is just in time to stop pa Larry Jefferies strangling the thrown-out knave, offers him the couch and a diner job. Alas, a uniformed picture drives Aden away, into more, physical danger.
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S1, Ep4607
1 Apr. 2008
Episode #1.4607
After running off scared by Roman's army past, Aden wakes up in agony, trapped in a condemned, further collapsed earthquake-damaged building. Roman isn't impressed by a visit from his abusive father Jefferies, who clearly cares only cares for himself. Geoff's class finishes off the preparations for Sal's send-off party. Miles grudgingly obeys Bartlett's warning to answer no more 'controversial' questions, this time from Meolody about inter-confessional marriages. Alf is already so tired of Colleen's meddling that he longs to tour Australia.
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S1, Ep4608
2 Apr. 2008
Episode #1.4608
Aden is finally found and brought to hospital. The kids aren't told yet, so Sal's send-off goes on, special guests include foster brother Steven. Geoff is just to nice to make clear to Melody he isn't interested. Sam tries to find and steal the letter, but Jack catches her. In the struggle she falls, and looses his baby. Heartbroken he finally makes an appointment with McGrath to hand it over as murder evidence.
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S1, Ep4609
3 Apr. 2008
Episode #1.4609
Sam has fled from hospital, and sent the police a letter about Jack's evidence crime for Martha. Tony worries about his secrecy. Sergeant McGrath warns him she might even get a deal threatening his career. Rick learns Noel is the one behind all his 'bad luck' and reconsiders the bare-knuckle 'one fight' way out. Miles is made co-owner of the house now Sally leaves.
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S1, Ep4610
4 Apr. 2008
Episode #1.4610
A corps is found, believed to be Sam's, but she contacts several people before actually washing up on the beach. Morag smells a rat and calls McGrath. Aden wakes up, but has amnesia. His father, Larry, makes sure he sees nobody without his permission, this even includes Tony.
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S1, Ep4611
7 Apr. 2008
Episode #1.4611
Sam's body is found washed-up on the beach. Belle's emotive paparazzo bumbling disgusts Geoff as it's excessive and gets her fired by Gavin as a hopeless amateur. Geoff is too nice to tell bothersome Melody he's not attracted to her and decides to go and comfort lonely Rory. Rachel and Tony tell the police about their call viz. meetings with Sam and heart-broken Jack. Morag senses Martha is holding back the truth, and gets her to reveal that Sam blackmailed her.
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S1, Ep4612
8 Apr. 2008
Episode #1.4612
To Roman and Morag's surprise, Sam's murder is to be her ex senior sergeant detective Ross Buckton's last investigation, and he's a bulldog while evidence points at Martha. Tony, worried sick that Jack is still missing, learns that Jazz also met Sam but failed to tell the police. He makes her now confess that she brought money but refused to condemn Rory to a refugee life. Tony is questioned ruthlessly and understands that Jack is the prime suspect.
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S1, Ep4613
9 Apr. 2008
Episode #1.4613
Tony and Rachel worry about Jack, who finally returned, drunk, dehydrated and whining that Sam's death was 'all his fault'. The autopsy proves murder by drug OD, administered by two culprits. Detective Ross Buckton feels that Jack had both means and motive, and frowns on his record despite McGrath's plea. Colleen spills all the beans, even about Cam's nightclub episode. Aden is getting better, but is still amnesic. However, both he and his dad, whom he hopes to get closer with again, worry.
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S1, Ep4614
10 Apr. 2008
Episode #1.4614
Melody finally pushes Geoff over the edge and Ric is forced to consider boxing for Noel.
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S1, Ep4615
11 Apr. 2008
Episode #1.4615
Roman agrees to help Geoff through his unjust girls 'doghouse', but the poor puppy announces he'll just give up girls rather than 'hurt people'. Reluctant Rick is picked up by Noel for his first bare-knuckle fight- against an experienced fighter twice his size. Aden's dad Larry tells Rachel how his father, the silent war hero, was a tyrant impossible to please, and abused Aden and his brother. Rachel convince him they must talk it through.
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S1, Ep4616
14 Apr. 2008
Episode #1.4616
Jack checks out of hospital and refuses to wait with his disposition. Tony goes with him, but is turned outside after an innocent commentary. Inspector Buxton ruthlessly follows a theory Jack conspired with Martha. Morag gives Geoff a ride to Rory (at Sam's sister place in the city), and learns from them that Sam sneaked in but Rory refused to come with her. Rick has secretly enjoyed his bare-knuckle-win, lies about it at home and considers doing it again, although he told Noel he wouldn't.
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S1, Ep4617
15 Apr. 2008
Episode #1.4617
Morag presents a brilliant theory explaining all that the evidence was an elaborate suicide Kelly/Sam staged to frame 'rival' Martha, after Rory refused to flee thus rendering her life pointless. Buxton rejects it, for lack of proof, but grants her 24 hours. Roman helps to find proof, although even Irene doubts the story. Tony gets desperate Jack to stay with him and Jazz. An accomplice explains to Jack how they believe Sam got the bruises and drugs.
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S1, Ep4618
16 Apr. 2008
Episode #1.4618
Roman and some army mates dive to Sam's sunk dingy, but the visibility is hopeless. Martha absurdly assumes Jack is sleeping with Jazz, who actually helps Tony look for Sam's accomplice - only to both be arrested. Jack thus must interrupt his chase, but finally finds the fiend, who explains how Sam got her bruises. The dingy is accidentally found. Buxton drops the charges and retires, but suggests Jack does some soul-searching.
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S1, Ep4619
17 Apr. 2008
Episode #1.4619
At Leah's youth center opening, Annie meanly joins Melody's immature girls gang bagging on Geoff, so badly that Melody finally realizes the injustice and makes up with him. Roman believes Martha will always love Jack and breaks up. He refuses Rachel's request to take in Aden, who is recovered physically but can't face home again, yet goes see the rascal. Rick's sudden wealth is found out.
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S1, Ep4620
18 Apr. 2008
Episode #1.4620
Roman generously offers Aden terms to move in with no rent and Larry agrees. Now Mattie knows, Rick openly admits he wants to accept Noel's offer to fight again, even better paid. Roman is surprised by his teenage daughter Nicole, who left boarding school to move in, unannounced, just recently. Jazz finally has a job: school secretary.
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S1, Ep4621
21 Apr. 2008
Episode #1.4621
Aden and Nicole clearly look forward to living together. Aden's smile convinces his father, Larry, that the change should help Aden clear his mind. Roman and Morag's house rules may not suffice to prevent excessive fraternizing. Jack agrees to stay away from Sam's funeral because Rory couldn't handle his presence. He asks Martha over to discuss their uneasy relationship.
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S1, Ep4622
22 Apr. 2008
Episode #1.4622
Flippant Nicole makes a cool but haughty impression on the locals, looking down on the diner. She declares that blushing Geoff is the only cutie, happy he's in her class. She sees straight through Aden's jealous lies, unlike Geoff. Jazz walks in on Jack and Martha kissing, but promises to keep the secret they're already a couple again. Alf is back and consents. Jack also decides to quit the police, but telling Tony goes badly. New at school, Jazz's sexy outfit makes heads turn and boys whistle.
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S1, Ep4623
23 Apr. 2008
Episode #1.4623
Bartlett wants the school to commit to a chemistry contest. Nicole however makes Geoff her pet project, not too obviously interested Aden. Her haughty attitude pushes people away, except fellow peacock Mattie and clueless 'cool groupie' Annie. Martha lets Colleen spread the word that Jack is resigning as a police officer and is getting back with her. Morag drops her. Jack takes her on a road-trip. Geoff offers a diner date to- Melody.
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S1, Ep4624
24 Apr. 2008
Episode #1.4624
Geoff arranges a romantic evening with Melody at the diner's restaurant opening night, which goes great. Jack left a note for dad not to 'make him choose'. Tony proposes to Rachel, who accepts although surprised. Mattie's inconsistent wining about the fight angers Rick, who returns the car he bought from his first winnings but loses some confidence.
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S1, Ep4625
25 Mar. 2008
Episode #1.4625
Suggesting Aden might attend ANZAC (veterans) day puts dad Larry back in Aden's bad book. Rachel convinces him to discuss the true meaning with host-vet Roman, who succeeds. Despite a touch of flu, Rick refuses to do a bar shift to go box. Jazz is pleased she sees clearly embarrassed Bartlett there. His adversary's tattoo makes Rick realize he's in real danger.
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S1, Ep4626
28 Apr. 2008
Episode #1.4626
Now Rick knows Logan Roth's tattoo is Cooper's gang mark, Jazz tries to make Noel let him off, in vain. Due to flue, he's decked and booed by the crowd. Noel and Logan are hell-bent on a rematch. Rick is brought to hospital, where Rachel is convinced to keep quiet to the police. Tony scolds but forgives Jazz. Viv comes wine to Rick about Noel's temper and her pregnancy.
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S1, Ep4627
29 Apr. 2008
Episode #1.4627
Rick makes no objection when Viv announces she wouldn't keep their baby boy, given its expected grave disability, but has doubts again. After she faints, he tells Rachel the baby is his. Miles and Jazz enjoy a picnic but are seen by schoolgirls, kissing. Rick refuses to grant Noel a re-match. Noel promises him revenge, Viv he'll now abide by her choice, which gets her back home.
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S1, Ep4628
30 Apr. 2008
Episode #1.4628
Nicole bets $200 with Aden she can seduce Geoff into bed in a fortnight. She starts 'losing' her bikini top, seen by prudish blabbermouth Colleen. Geoff declines clothes for melody, but Annie happily accepts. Tony questions Jazz's confidence Miles is the right mate for her. Jack returns.
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S1, Ep4629
1 May 2008
Episode #1.4629
Geoff is amused how Nicole's clothes turn Annie into a fashionable social girl. His own first kiss however is for Melody, mutually clumsy but enjoyed. Even Jack is given the cold shoulder by Morag given Martha's endless fake love record. Tony however gives his blessing. Aden starts as dishwasher, flirting with Belle. Colleen's meddling at Morag's first date with retired Ross Buckton earns her a verbal bug-squashing.
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S1, Ep4630
2 May 2008
Episode #1.4630
Geoff cheerfully looks forward to his Aussie football reappearance and Melody rooting for him. Aden is jealous and fears loosing his bet with Nicole, who even attends mass and offers Geoff kissing lessons. Noel suggests the baby(s life may depend on Rick fighting again. Alf learns Morag fears having put Ross off, and convinces her to reconsider giving Jack another chance.
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S1, Ep4631
5 May 2008
Episode #1.4631
Hvaing left the police force, Jack misses the ability to help people. Rick tells Noel he won't fall for bis bluff, but doesn't really dare risk his baby's safety. He tells the family, and takes their advice to consult Jack. He warns their may be a corrupt cop involved, but sets up a trap for Noel -also dangerous- with his former partner Fitzgerald, who suggests he can still rejoin the cops.
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S1, Ep4632
6 May 2008
Episode #1.4632
Geoff is talked into 'kissing lessons' from Nicole after all but can't even practice on his own arm. Beth's death anniversary stresses Tony and his present loved-ones, but he proves ready to fix a wedding date. Jazz tests her blackmail hold over Bartlett by making him cave in about Nicole's altered school uniform. Ross gives Morag another chance. Hypocrisy suggestions trick Miles into allowing Axel's class a book reserved for the senior class.
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S1, Ep4633
7 May 2008
Episode #1.4633
Melody wrongly assumes Geoff was 'fooling around' an gives him the cold shoulder, everybody else is guessing what happened. Nicole intrudes the bathroom while Geoff showers and convinces the puppy he needs advanced kissing lessons, volunteering as 'test subject'. Bartlett is furious about Miles's unauthorized non-censorship. Melody's prude ma calls a hostile parents meeting. Roman is worried sick his restaurant still has almost no bookings.
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S1, Ep4634
8 May 2008
Episode #1.4634
Geoff manages to explain to Melody nothing happened and realizes Nicole's dirty game. Alas their make-up kiss is seen by her wickedly prude ma Christine, still on the warpath to fire 'corruptor' Miles. She instantly declares the Den a pool of turpitude, also blamed on Miles, whom Bartlett refuses to defend. Seeing Nicole abuse his mate Trev, Geoff thinks up an apt revenge.
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S1, Ep4635
9 May 2008
Episode #1.4635
Now Geoff's revenge has humiliated Nicole and Roman scolds without allowing days off school, she wants back to the city with her ma- who refuses. Smirking Aden gets his $200 but is told her secret will turn Roman over. Viv tells Ric she intends to run away with the baby. Jack convinces Ric only an arrest can bring them safety. At the ring to face Logan, Noel shows he has already caught Viv.
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S1, Ep4636
12 May 2008
Episode #1.4636
Just when Rick has to start his bare-knuckle fight, a siren stops the fight and everyone runs. It's actually an ambulance for Viv. Noel insists they still fight, for the betting, but then Jack and his ex-partner arrive. Despite his perfect arrest, Jack remains reluctant to consider rejoining the force. Then Martha assures him it wouldn't compromise their second marriage.
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S1, Ep4637
13 May 2008
Episode #1.4637
Jack returns to the police now Martha has proposed to him and accepts his ring back, but she makes him hide it 'not to steal Tony's big day'. Nicole tells Roman she moved from the city because her ma's fiancé 'came on to her' once and is believed. Aden and Geoff's mates are less forgiving. Melody's ma records Jack helping her by 'offering' two boys a ride to school. Nicole arrogantly promises Geoff 'revenge'. Martha burns her bridges with Morag, who promises Miles she can handle Christine Jones.
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S1, Ep4638
14 May 2008
Episode #1.4638
While Geoff anxiously waits for Melody, she' dragged by her wicked ma to the PTA. There Morag points out the pictures she wants to present are taken illegally, therefore declared inadmissible by secretly relieved principal Bartlett. She now resorts to a tirade of lies and prejudice, and orders Melody to explain how she was 'completely corrupted'. The spectacle disgusts even the strictest parents, so a vote is called: Miles is unanimously cleared. Meanwhile a few young actors mount a reading of the play in the soon utterly bored Den.
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S1, Ep4639
15 May 2008
Episode #1.4639
Geoff is worried hearing that Melody hates her mother for never listening and belittling her, but when Christine turns up she still returns home. Bartlett decides to stop the blackmail and fires Jazz. Miles still breaks up with her. Belle's accusation that Gavin's article misrepresenting the play reading is personal revenge on her and brings his wrath upon the Den. Morag shows that the Thai boy Miles saved from the tsunami is alive but has gone astray. Alf invites Miles to bring the kid home.
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S1, Ep4640
16 May 2008
Episode #1.4640
Nicole is ignored by everyone; only Aden tells her Melody's mother transfers Geoff's girl to Catholic school and takes her to the diner. Now Jazz is fired, she's desperate for any job. Tony comforts her but she considers leaving the Bay. Noel intrudes looking for Viv while tough guys are after revenge on him, and fails to show up for bail. Rick informs Jack. The Den invites a TV reporter, hoping that will set Gavin's criticism right. Snr. Constable Harper investigates their part in a newspaper office vandalism 'for the Den'.
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S1, Ep4641
19 May 2008
Episode #1.4641
Miles leaves on his Thai rescuee quest, so he misses Morag's family meeting announcement, which everyone else stressed about. Actually she makes up with everybody and proposes a fresh start. Leah worries about the vandalized window. Belle accuses Tor Watson without any proof, and when he confesses extorts a retraction from Gavin, who clearly wants revenge. Jai receives Miles bitterly, but finally accepts to move in.
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S1, Ep4642
20 May 2008
Episode #1.4642
Spotting Geoff trying to speak to Melody, Christine threatens to call the police. Melody slip out to Geoff, who takes her to the surf club, for Jack's well-attended re-engagement party. Nicole jumps shirtless Aden's bones, but he wrestles loose and leaves. Jazz gets so drunk Tony must get her home after she slapped Christine, who came drag Melody back, announcing an official complaint- against Geoff as well. Tony learns Jazz still wants him and drugged Rachel to accompany him to his reunion.
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S1, Ep4643
21 May 2008
Episode #1.4643
Geoff is now careful not to provoke Melody's mean mother as Annie keeps urging, but she still gets a court 100 meter restraining order, which Jack is obliged to tell him. After fairly friendly lectures from Rachel and Tony about her irresponsible mischief, Jazz decides to leave Summer Bay, hoping to patch up with Drew. Irene finally recognizes a mystery caller and goes find a toddler, Oliver Philips. She pretends not to know anything but his given name and volunteers to foster him when Jack stop by, but Rachel hospitalizes him for a serious leg infection.
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S1, Ep4644
22 May 2008
Episode #1.4644
Nicole tries to help Geoff by giving Annie her cellphone to bring to Melody, but both Christine and Roman find out, most unamused. Aden admits to Rachel his past causes intimacy problems. Irene secretly calls toddler Oliver's parent: refugee Kirsty.
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S1, Ep4645
23 May 2008
Episode #1.4645
Rick takes Mattie for a picnic, but they bump into Morag and Ross, who is trying to have Noel and Viv tracked down. Roman worries that Gavin may give his restaurant a bad review, and Colleen is her bumbling, sticky self. However Gavin comes to make up with the Den, Morag is the -forgiving- reviewer. Alf tries to reassure Miles, who gets confirmation Jai is coming to stay with them.
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S1, Ep4646
26 May 2008
Episode #1.4646
Geoff and Melody bump into each-other at Tony's gym but barely talk. Nicole finds Roman can stick to groundings, even at his and the Den's grand opening. She decides to 'borrow' his sports-car for a ride and prepare a party with Axel Hay. She invites Melody and Geoff, but he refuses to break to restraining order. Jack's bride discovers he's not eager to have another kid, which clashes with her secret. Oliver's future and identity remain a subject of speculation.
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S1, Ep4647
27 May 2008
Episode #1.4647
Annie drags Geoff to Nicole's party, but he tells Melody he won't put them in a risky position. As she won't see sense, he breaks up with her. Aden takes pity on Nicole and stays to prevent havoc and clean up. Martha decides against a test to determine if Roman or Jack is the father, she'll tell neither.
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S1, Ep4648
28 May 2008
Episode #1.4648
After Axel's appearance from the bedroom revealed that the secret party got out of hand, Roman makes Nicole his dishwasher, indefinitely. For Geoff it's far worse: Christine has him formally charged for breaking the absurd restraining order. Melody won't talk to him anymore, even tells her wicked mother she loves her. Jai arrives but clearly doesn't believe Miles will be reliable this time.
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S1, Ep4649
29 May 2008
Episode #1.4649
While Irene fails to contact Oliver's mother, his dad (the fugitive Kane Phillips), slips in and out after a short, tender visit in his hospital room. Alf tries to help Jai come closer to Miles, thus revealing out his water-fear. The boy pretends to drown so Miles must jump in after him - more revenge for the broken pro-moses or aqua-phobia therapy?
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S1, Ep4650
30 May 2008
Episode #1.4650
Kane has a monumental request for Irene: to raise his son Ollie to spare the boy a life of being on the run. She's reluctant and warns the fostering system is beyond their control. Alf gets Jack and Rick to train a class of 'lifeguard nippers' each. Jack helps little Jamie Cooper, nurse Julie's shy son, over his fear of jellyfish, then tries to contact Rory again. Ross finally tells Morag he has a living wife.
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S1, Ep4651
2 Jun. 2008
Episode #1.4651
Jack tells Martha he really wants to be a father, but is still unaware that she's already pregnant. When she blames her morning sickness on food poisoning, Roman works out the truth. Kane takes Kirsty to ask Irene to foster Oliver, but she refuses and insists it's time to stop running. Ross tells Morag he's stuck with his terminal wife for three years. She must decide whether to forgive his secrets.
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S1, Ep4652
3 Jun. 2008
Episode #1.4652
Jai is generally avoided by others as they consider him a freak, even after he spontaneously helps girls out with PC problems at the Den. When the till bag is stolen, Leah panics and vaguely accuses Jai as a likely suspect, without proof. Miles defends him but shows some doubt. Roman tells Martha to let Jack believe the baby is his, either way, since he wants no part in its upbringing. Kane and Kirsty rent a caravan.
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S1, Ep4653
4 Jun. 2008
Episode #1.4653
Geoff feels Annie has little left to loose, so he makes her take a note to Melody to suggest they stand up. She coldly refuses to see him anymore, but is actually burdened by her secret. Jai overhears Miles sharing Alf's doubts about the theft. Jai proves his innocence and brushes Miles off as untrustworthy. Rick starts work as Larry's colleague in hospital security. He handles Jimmy Crawford's psychotic crisis like a natural.
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S1, Ep4654
5 Jun. 2008
Episode #1.4654
Melody tells Annie 'in confidence' about the drunken meeting with Axel, as if she was abused. Aden is surprised when Nicole remarks that Belle is jealous of their frolicking. Roman assures Aden he can stay if he's not ready to move back with his dad Larry, although that relationship is recovering. Annie tells Geoff anyway, he attacks Axel but Aden blocks him off. Rick tells Mattie that Viv lost his baby.
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S1, Ep4655
6 Jun. 2008
Episode #1.4655
Alex is brought into hospital, beaten up after Geoff and Aden's fury about Melody. Geoff is disgusted that Annie betrayed his and Melody's confidence and dares asks him what happened to Axel. Aden admits he did it when Belle guesses. Geoff tells Tony, who goes tell incredulous Christina, but Melody just keeps pretending nothing happened. Geoff sneaks over and fails to make her talk, until Christine catches them. Both are disgusted she wants to pretend nothing happen. Morag nearly hits a cop's car- Ross's daughter Charlie Buckton.
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S1, Ep4656
9 Jun. 2008
Episode #1.4656
VJ is bored and wanders off. He ends up at the caravan where Kirstie refuses to see reason about staying now that Ollie is about to be assigned to Irene. Rick discovers Larry is drinking too much alcohol. They accidentally come across a shop robbery - by a desperate Kane.
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S1, Ep4657
10 Jun. 2008
Episode #1.4657
Surprised during his hold-up, Kane knocked down Larry and stole his gun. Rick was too late to do anything. In hospital, Aden finds out his dad is still a hopeless alcoholic liar. Kane grabs Kirsten and Oliver, who is in danger if his medication is no longer administered. Jack has to give chase. Kirsten returns with Oliver.
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S1, Ep4658
11 Jun. 2008
Episode #1.4658
When Jack catches up with Kane, he resists the temptation to use Larry's gun and is arrested. To Jack's surprise and Kirstie's horror, he actually has a long rap sheet for theft in three states to finance their and Ollie's livelihood during three years on the run. Geoff hears about Irene's complicity. Aden is desperate now his dad seems a hopeless lying drunk. He refuses comfort from Nicole, gets drunk but accepts support from Belle and ends up crashing in her bedroom.
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S1, Ep4659
12 Jun. 2008
Episode #1.4659
Geoff finds Aden is equally surprised Belle's bed. Jack delights Tony with his impeding fatherhood. Jack has a bad start with his new police partner- Ross's daughter Charlie Buckton. Tony is surprised Rachel wants his vasectomy reversed and Dr. Fagan predicts a poor result.
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S1, Ep4660
13 Jun. 2008
Episode #1.4660
Geoff finally has access to Melody, and supports her complaint against Axel, who denies everything. The police found no proof but she keeps nagging about it until he actually changes his statement. Tony tells Rachel their child-wish is medically dubious and asks if that's an objection for their wedding plans. Jai starts showing his helpful side at home too, but still refuses to bond at school or consider tutoring- except from Mathilda at his own request. Charlie ignores Roman's plea to give Morag a chance.
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S1, Ep4661
16 Jun. 2008
Episode #1.4661
Tony's pressuring Rachel to think before contracting a probably infertile marriage is painful, but leads to commitment to continue together. Morag plans for Kane to plead guilty, get a continuance and appeal against his robbery conviction. However he's instantly tempted when prosecutor Ian Muir offers to drop the charges against Kirstie and Irene if he pleads guilty. The Den's financial problems make Leah mean to Miles and even VJ.
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S1, Ep4662
17 Jun. 2008
Episode #1.4662
Against Morag's advice, Kane pleads guilty on first ad second violent hold-ups. Despite moving character witnesses, the judge condemns him to 9 years, mostly effective. Jai enjoys his tutoring sessions, but Miles discovers it's a matter of romantic interest in Mattie and convinces him to cut back to spare Rick, who is exhausted and aggressively moody.
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S1, Ep4663
18 Jun. 2008
Episode #1.4663
Geoff can't keep his eyes from Melany long enough to make a pool shot. When he treats her to a home dinner, she not only walks out but dumps the poor kid 'to be alone'. Aden's sassy seduction works, even reaps a mutual kiss. Aden finally realizes and scorns jealous Nicole's crush. Condemned to years in jail, Kane refuses any further contact with his 'dishonered' family. Roman's diner will save Leag by moving into The Dan's premises.
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S1, Ep4664
19 Jun. 2008
Episode #1.4664
Jack's new partner Charlie Buckton proves a terribly rude rule-stickler, even when that makes social life nearly impossible and harms people by the book. Aden is furious that his dad's drunk record means he may be forced to nurse him home himself, again upsetting his whole young life. Jai gives up tutoring once he realizes both Mattie and Miles now his real motives, then gets caught snooping trough her things, but has an innocent reason.
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S1, Ep4665
20 Jun. 2008
Episode #1.4665
Geoff is amused now Nicole, who acted uninterested when Aden moves out, is called not good enough for him by Ross's kid daughter: Ruby, who enjoys flaunting her platonic boyfriend, janitor Pat. Jack brings Martha to hospital with a -harmless- bleeding. When Roman hears about it, he rushes there and confirms he will let Jack believe it's his, but needs to find if he's her baby's biological father. Aden moves back home to care for lush dad Larry, who hits a secret stash at Aden's first break.
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S1, Ep4666
23 Jun. 2008
Episode #1.4666
Ruby (15) sneakily enrolls herself in Summerbay high. She tells the family she was informally expelled and Pat (17) fired from boarding school just for being seen kissing repeatedly. Roscoe blames Charlie for her 'wayward' kid sister, but at Morag's instigation makes up with Ruby and Pat. Jai surprises Miles by helping at home, and has made his first school friend- Axel. For once Nicole is nice, bringing a hamper to Aden, she gets arrested by stickler Charlie for driving without a license,
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S1, Ep4667
24 Jun. 2008
Episode #1.4667
Jai's new friend Axel convinces him to post a caricature of principal Bartlett on the school network, which alas crashed. Jai takes the blame alone, despite Miles's pleas. Aden starts to crack mentally under the burden of caring for Larry. Nicole turns and lashes out, but nobody still cares for her except Roman she yet scolds for 'preferring one night stand Charlie to her'. Unintentional traces of DNA test and punction are likely to make Jack realize Martha's baby's father may not be him.
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S1, Ep4668
25 Jun. 2008
Episode #1.4668
Realizing Martha's baby may be Roman's, Jack first scolds him, then decides to put the kid first, however small the test risk. Overstressed by loosing his assignment and waiting on useless dad Larry, Aden first mistrusts Belle's make up-present, then has perfect make up non-sex. On Rick's first day back on security duty after the Kane incident, bumping into Tony scare him so much his new colleague sends him home, yet he still gets nightmares.
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S1, Ep4669
26 Jun. 2008
Episode #1.4669
Aden can't get Larry to exercise. Belle catches him drinking. Rick's anxiety attack is diagnosed as build-up stress. Grandpa Alf offers him a bait-shop partnership. Belle isn't amused Irene takes in Kirsty and Ollie 'for the moment'. After a vicious tongue-lashing by Mattie, Miles offers them a temporarily free caravan.
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S1, Ep4670
27 Jun. 2008
Episode #1.4670
Ruby happily settles in at Summerbay High, until Pat announces he's returning home. Mattie is offered a law school place, and expect Rick to follow to Perth. But he's not eager to drop everything for her and let Alf down in their bait-shop project. To everyone's surprise, Bartlet offers Kirsty the position of school secretary, for which she lacks all qualifications.
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S1, Ep4671
30 Jun. 2008
Episode #1.4671
Learning Belle and dad hid their meeting, Aden suspects she dumped him or he spilled the abuse beans, so she tells the truth. Tony accepts to have the surgery and asks Rachel to move in. Despite Mattie's Perth ultimatum, Rick considers coming along, but chooses to be loyal to Alf and himself.
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S1, Ep4672
1 Jul. 2008
Episode #1.4672
Aden is devastated Larry is lying and wining as before. He packs his bags swearing he won't have anything to do with the ever-neglecting dad. Rachel now fears the surgery risks, but Tony wants his vasectomy reversed. Belle keeps probing for Aden's secret grandpa-trauma. Mattie's selfish wining wears out Rick's patience, he now refuses a long distance-charade. They conclude a clean break is the inevitable outcome.
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S1, Ep4673
2 Jul. 2008
Episode #1.4673
Aden keeps to himself that he left dad now he knows he's drinking again. His terrible temper and Belle prepare everyone, Larry himself turns up at Roman's. Jack is happy now the hospital finds dad Tony's operation and Martha's pregnancy are going well, until Rachel reports unexpected health worries. Rick impresses Kirty with computer skills and playing with Oliver, Mattie leaves bitterly jealous.
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S1, Ep4674
3 Jul. 2008
Episode #1.4674
Now it's knows Geoff is single again, girls hunt the class hunk, especially Ellie, whom he tries to spare, and ever-blatant Nicole. Computer illiterate Kirstie is stuffing up a crucial file at her first day as school secretary, but Miles gets genius Jai to save her bacon. Bartlett is impressed and invites her as class trip supervisor. Maryha makes Jack's life hell wining about her breast cancer test.
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S1, Ep4675
4 Jul. 2008
Episode #1.4675
Nicole is even ruder then usual to dad for flirting with Charlie and in school. Bartlet tells Kirstie he knows she needed Jai's help but approves of both of them. During the class science camp, Geoff notices Nioole slipping away with the hunky waiter. Tired of being on best behavior, Axel convinces Jai to pull a prank. Roman helps Charlie prepare a romantic welcome in the family-dinner for Morag with Ross, who proposes.
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S1, Ep4676
7 Jul. 2008
Episode #1.4676
Now Nicole has been caught 'playing' with the science camp kitchen hand, Roman is angry and Bartlett promises an exemplary punishment. Ross and Morag tell their families they're getting married. Jack and Marta pass time, waiting for her result, with a picnic and a swim.
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S1, Ep4677
8 Jul. 2008
Episode #1.4677
Now Nicole is facing punishment at home and school, she takes her anger out on Roman's 'afair' with Charlie. Roman gets a visit from Elliot, the now grown up brother of Mark who was killed in action while in the SAS. Friendly, but somewhat flippant constable Angelo Rosetti cheerfully flirts with Charlie, while at the same time finding a replacement for Jack, who called in sick to support Martha during final cancer examinations. The prognosis is grim for her, but also problematic for their baby.
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S1, Ep4678
9 Jul. 2008
Episode #1.4678
Now Martha's cancer is diagnosed too advanced to be treated during pregnancy, Jack accepts that they must terminate her pregnancy. She refuses to talk and dumps him with telling everyone 'too soon'. Nicole's insensitive reaction and shameless probing about Elliot makes Riman realize how selfish she is, and he tells her to spend the holidays with her mother. Ric suffers another cruel succession of comfort and dumping. Tony tries hard to comfort where possible.
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S1, Ep4679
10 Jul. 2008
Episode #1.4679
Aden and Belle are finally comfortable being seen kissing. Selfish Mattie dumps Rick coldly for good. Yet she wants him to attend her farewell party, which is thrown by Ruby, but he gets locked-in. Axel convinces Jai to help him steal her motorbike for a spin as another prank. Aden finally goes see dad Larry again, but tells him he'll never forget or live with him again.
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S1, Ep4680
11 Jul. 2008
Episode #1.4680
Larry's car has crashed the prank-lend scooter. Axel is wounded, unlike Jai, who can barely describe the car. Lightly wounded Larry decides to run and leaves a message he'll be out of Aden's life. Aden guesses right he committed the hit and run, drunk again and finds a bloody shirt.
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S1, Ep4681
14 Jul. 2008
Episode #1.4681
The news that Axel didn't survive the crash is devastating for Jai, who loses his only friend and scorns condolences as hypocrisy. Larry passes up the invite to hospital to have his head-wound fixed, hears the news and still runs. But his car breaks down and Aden catches up, with Belle. They promise him a 'last drink' before delivering him to the police. When they return, he has torched the car and fled.
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S1, Ep4682
15 Jul. 2008
Episode #1.4682
Geoff erroneously thinks Jai is rude to Annie, in fact she's sticking her nose in his problems. Since Kirstie gets on well with Ollie and Rick, Miles asks her to move in. In Perth, Mattie has an eye on charming residential adviser Nathan Cunningham, who has a shy crush for her.
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S1, Ep4683
16 Jul. 2008
Episode #1.4683
Tony tries to reassure Jack about Martha's maternal instinct. The men suffer the girls obsessing about every detail of Russ's impending wedding with Morag, who also complains about having to pose wearing a broach absent Colleen proudly sent. After Rick got a bit too frisky with Kirstie, Miles asks Leah if she would like to move in instead. By the time she decides to accept, Kirstie has made up with Rick.
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S1, Ep4684
17 Jul. 2008
Episode #1.4684
Roman guesses missing Nicole may be with Elliott. He finds them with Charlie. Elliott has been a perfect host and gentleman, and tells her to listen to Roman and even to return home with him. Then he announces he's moving to Summer Bay. Nathan is with Mattie when she receives Ross and Morag's wedding photos, and tells her Rick phoned when she was out. Jack mistrusts Martha's apparent calm. Indeed next day she decides, alone, to have her breast amputated.
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S1, Ep4685
18 Jul. 2008
Episode #1.4685
Now Elliott has moved to Summer bay, Roman grudgingly decides that a moody Nicole is better than no daughter at all and accepts Elliot's hand. He sticks to his promise to take it slow, to Nicole's surprise. Geoff wishes them well. Belle worries Aden may no longer love her since he never does anything but sleep in bed. When she says so, he claims he just waited for her sake. However, as soon as they actually get physical the memories of abuse, as well as Nicole, make him withdraw and leave. Jack can't handle Martha's decision, now the operation was a success but its ...
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S1, Ep4686
21 Jul. 2008
Episode #1.4686
Aden keeps pretending he just doesn't love Belle, even now she guesses he's still a virgin, only not to the reasons why. Roman deeply mistrusts Elliot, so searches his backpack and finds a knife and asks Charlie for a police check. Jack hopes the paternity test may put him back in the decision picture, but worries. Nicole meanwhile pushes Elliot to get physical.
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S1, Ep4687
22 Jul. 2008
Episode #1.4687
Charlie's police check on Elliott shows he has no record, yet his 'sinister' sneer about her following him sends shivers down their spines. He takes Nicole hiking, the perfect gentleman as always, but tests her stress levels when she's apparently abandoned for a while. Jim becomes violent in Tony's bar, mainly because he's drunk, but because he's jealous that Rachel is engaged to such an 'old' man. Jack patiently comforts Martha while they wait for the paternity test result.
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S1, Ep4688
23 Jul. 2008
Episode #1.4688
Jack tells Roman he's the baby's father, and gets him to help convince Martha to agree to treatment before the birth, in vain. After Mattie pushes tipsy gentleman-suitor Nathan away again, her roommate convinces her to call Rick about a proper break-up. Alf and Miles wonder if absent-minded Rick can settle down in the bait shop already anyhow. Alf buys him a ticket to Perth. Nathan gets his date.
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S1, Ep4689
24 Jul. 2008
Episode #1.4689
After finding Nathan in her bed (albeit drunk and dressed) Rick obviously assumes infidelity. She haughtily fails to explain or apologize when he returns, so he barges off for the airport. Nathan is again rudely pushed away. Jai told Annie that he stopped celebrating his birthday ever since his parents died in the tsunami. He's still fairly happy with a surprise party. Roommate Daisy tells Mattie that Rick came to stay in Perth, not just visit, which makes her reconsider. He also turns up again. Jai still believes he's invulnerable, and has a near-electrocution as ...
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S1, Ep4690
25 Jul. 2008
Episode #1.4690
Geoff worries Jai might be too interested in Annie and finds out that she lied to him. Belle wonders about a possible admirer, Angelo Rosetta, who gets a dinner date. Aden gets a call from refugee Larry, who wants him to sell grandpa's medals for cash. Bartlett overhears Kirstie's cash problem and fixes it suspiciously fast. Miles discovers it's from his personal account. Having seen Belle with Angelo, Aden tells her everything.
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S1, Ep4691
28 Jul. 2008
Episode #1.4691
Bully Matthew Lyons's abuse drives Jai to turn another mean prank into a dangerous stunt, which scares school staff. Geoff has a hard time trying to keep Annie away from Jai. Aden is ready to commit to Belle, makes up but finds physical intimacy still frustrating for both. Kirstie follows Miles's cue accepting Bartlett's de facto personal loan is inappropriate and his offer to delay rent instead.
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S1, Ep4692
29 Jul. 2008
Episode #1.4692
Jai saves Annie during a crazy attempt to prove he's taking absurd risks. They end up kissing but refuse to explain at home, so they are banned from seeing each other. Martha refuses Jack's hand during treatment. He worries she trusts Roman more, as the baby's biological dad, and becomes jealous because she never explains.
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S1, Ep4693
30 Jul. 2008
Episode #1.4693
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S1, Ep4694
31 Jul. 2008
Episode #1.4694
Elliot Gillen eagerly creates a job as diving instructor in Alf's firm. Geoff tells Roman he mistrusts Elliot and decides against declining the free lessons Elliot offers when Nicole invites him and Ruby to come along. Elliot seems to find an excuse to send them away after giving his lover a hard time underwater. Jimmy Crawford's obsession for Rachel worsens obviously.
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S1, Ep4695
1 Aug. 2008
Episode #1.4695
Elliott invites Roman to join him and Nicole diving, but he wants to take over her lessons. Aden's therapy finally pays off in bed with Belle. Angelo brings Jimmy to hospital, bruised as after a fight. Jai and Annie circumvent their ban by chatting. As a diversion, Geoff gets Nicole to help her with the medical charity home-made fashion parade. After Geoff and Nicole win the pageant, he tells her to be romantically interested. Elliott tells her Roman probably hides something about Mark's death.
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S1, Ep4696
4 Aug. 2008
Episode #1.4696
Elliot is suspected of stealing from Alf's bait-shop, which a search confirms, so he's fired, however not prosecuted. His temper ended up scaring Nicole enough to dump him, perhaps conveniently now she knows Geoff is interested, although in fact less than she would like. Aden is touched when Belle insists he shouldn't let the bank foreclose on his house because dad Larry failed loan payments. Alas the $4,000 private loan she offers, her savings in cash, is stolen while they make love in Roman's house. Falsely accused of that too, Elliot leaves town.
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S1, Ep4697
5 Aug. 2008
Episode #1.4697
Aden finds proof dad Larry probably was in the house, and possibly stole Belle's savings. Matthew Lyons keeps bullying 'nerdy woos' Jai. It's probably even worse now Ruby and staff try to protect him, so Jai refuses to 'dob' to Miles or Bartlett. Miles discovers Jai has been chatting with Annie, and asks Irene to reconsider the kids' ban- in vain. Aden finds Larry, who treats him to more lies, a rotten proposal and a grim secret.
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S1, Ep4698
6 Aug. 2008
Episode #1.4698
Jai has been pushed and rescued by Miles. In hospital, Dr. Derek Young diagnoses he'll recover completely. He tells Miles about his theory and that the incident made him realize he has been blocking the tsunami trauma. They agree to face the future together, and Annie is back with him. Aden feels his dad having been abused by grandpa himself means the coward knew all along. He still takes him alcohol and pills, but ponders a more permanent approach. Tony's stag - and Rachel's hen - night are sadly boring.
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S1, Ep4699
7 Aug. 2008
Episode #1.4699
Although still wanted as theft suspect, Elliott returns to demand that Roman tells him how his brother Mark was killed on the front. He can't believe Mark was totally demoralized in Afghanistan. Rachel is missing on her wedding day. The groom, Tony, is only told after Rachel's PC is found to contain e-mails from her ex, Dr. Hugh Sullivan, who just returned from South Africa. Last to see her was patient Jimmy, but the police finds no trace of violent. Miles and Kirsten agree to wait and see how their bond develops.
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S1, Ep4700
7 Aug. 2008
Episode #1.4700
Elliot suddenly returns, kidnaps Nicole and leaves Roman a threatening video: drink from the canister or she dies. After Martha is diagnosed with a condition which does not threaten the baby, Jack convinces her to have an improvised wedding in the hospital garden, but it ends in a graver health crisis. Geoff, who had a coffee date with Nicole, sees Elliott with her and jumps in the boat she's taken diving in. At sea, the pair dives, only Elliot reemerges and Geoff aims a harpoon at him. Elliot snatches it back and shoots Geoff while he dives. With a wounded leg, ...
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S1, Ep4701
25 Aug. 2008
Episode #1.4701
Elliot has suspended Roman, now drugged, from a cliff and dares him to climb up and try to reach Nicole before she dies- then launches arrows and other hazards. Geoff finds her, also washed-up on the same island, comforting and protecting her although wounded worse himself. The town realizes all three are missing after collapsed bride Martha has been operated on. She pulls through, but Jack looses the baby.
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S1, Ep4702
26 Aug. 2008
Episode #1.4702
Washed-up on the island, Geoff with his leg-wound and cares tireless for everything while Nicole lies around uselessly, except for noticing edible oysters. Near the Bay, Roman uses one of Elliot's arrows to neutralize the tripwire, captures Elliot, who admits Nicole might still be alive, and delivers him to the police. Roman takes over the interrogation, which made no progress under Charlie, and masterly plays his trump-card, the tragic truth about brother Mark's death in Afghanistan.
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S1, Ep4703
27 Aug. 2008
Episode #1.4703
Geoff tirelessly cares for his new lover Nicole. Despite unfavorable weather reports, Charlie lies to get a helicopter for Roman's search, which finally finds them. Aden has two bound prisoners: father from hell Larry and Rachel, who stumbled upon them after her meeting with Jimmy and diagnosed he's not dying. Jack tells Roman the baby is dead.
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S1, Ep4704
28 Aug. 2008
Episode #1.4704
Belle stumbles on Aden holding 'dad from hell' and Rachel prisoner. They can barely stop him administering Larry a lethal injection. Jai wisely tells Annie to get off Geoff's case. They and Miles help Kirsten prepare for a Social services inspection of Ollie's caretakers, but Jai can't handle the kid calling him Jai-Jai as his late kid brother did. Ollie is forgotten and get hurt, but Bartlett lies taking the blame. Aden is arrested by Angelo and told his word won't get Larry convicted for Axel's death. Angelo comforts Belle.
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S1, Ep4705
29 Aug. 2008
Episode #1.4705
Tony is still missing, to his bride Rachel's rising unease. Aden is in psychiatry, but unlikely to make a break-trough as long as Belle can't face him. Kirstie considers moving out, fearing her relationship with Miles is detrimental to the children's education.
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S1, Ep4706
1 Sep. 2008
Episode #1.4706
Now Geoff and Nicole have made love, he feels guilty for giving in to temptation. Belle assures him it's all natural but he must match his feelings with hers. Aden is forced by bail terms to stay in therapy. He finds Melody in that psychiatric ward. Her dad Edward Jones first wants all contact prevented, but changes his mind after hearing about Axel.
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S1, Ep4707
2 Sep. 2008
Episode #1.4707
Nicole feels insulted by Geoff's marriage proposal to 'fix' their premarital sin and dumps the puppy, but he returns to makes clear his true feelings. However she clearly doesn't mean her acceptance of non-physical courtship. Aden tries to convince intern fellow patient Melody she's not intrinsically evil just because she prayed for Axel's death. Her dad first bugs him and Roman to prevent all contact, then changes his tune. Tony gets a surprise visit from his recent past. Belle finally visits Aden, but refuses to remain his 'girl' friend.
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S1, Ep4708
3 Sep. 2008
Episode #1.4708
When vagrant Earl takes an indecently exposed bath in the sea, Angelo dutifully strips to his boxers to make the baggy dirt-bag put back on his dirty shorts. Jack, Roman and Martha, who finally accepts chemotherapy, plant a tree as closure for baby Lindsay's stillbirth. Nicole's warning Roman is losing Charlies in their 'open relationship' comes to late for her to accept a 'dream date' promised by cop colleague Angelo, whose wet pectorals clearly pleased her. Tony tried to pass off Broken Hill one-night-stand Bridget, who followed him unasked, as an old friend. Alas ...
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S1, Ep4709
4 Sep. 2008
Episode #1.4709
Angelo surprises Charlie with a romantic moonlit beach picnic. Sensing her mind isn't focused, he presses her to make Roman make up his mind. Miles and Kirstie hesitate as to whether to make their relationship public, but Jai already regrets having created a monster. Bartlett obviously wants her to move out, and insists on giving her a neck massage in the office, stays late for a pointless redraft and a drink. Roman gathers his courage and wins Charlie back, with Angelo's generous blessing.
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S1, Ep4710
5 Sep. 2008
Episode #1.4710
Now Charlie has returned to Roman, Angelo turns his tireless charm on Belle, even though she plans a book-club only he actually turns up for. Bartlett's cancer research fund-raiser with beach-games is a hit. Even Jai wins a game. Kirsty takes out her frustration on student Matthew Lyons, then gathers the courage to tell him she's uneasy with his 'over-'friendly gestures, which he seems to accept. Vagrant Earl snatches Kirsty's purse but runs when Miles arrives. Angelo puts tipsy Belle to bed.
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S1, Ep4711
8 Sep. 2008
Episode #1.4711
Melody has escaped and expects shelter with Geoff, lying that she's being haunted by her mother. He was already harassed by Nicole, who insists he should inform the police. Bartlett arrives by motorbike, but makes a bad fall. Kirstie brings the lonely bachelor home but explodes at his offer to move in with Olie. Jai worries about Ruby's crush on his guardian Miles, even volunteers for detention by false prank confession.
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S1, Ep4712
9 Sep. 2008
Episode #1.4712
Geoff fails to find runaway Annie. When Alf sites her, Geoff offers to help the police as her only confident. But she bumps into Annie, who sneakily calls the police while exchanging fake mother-frustration. The loon now also hates 'traitor' Geoff. Aden's therapist makes him realize Larry was paralyzed by his own abuse trauma, enough progress to allow him a day outside. He plans to surprise Belle sneaking in, only to hear her arrive and kiss with Angelo.
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S1, Ep4713
10 Sep. 2008
Episode #1.4713
Having seen Angelo kiss Belle, Aden sneaks out and refuses to see her, pretending even to Roman they never matched but heart-broken. Tony finally convinces Rachel to discuss their problem properly. Learning Alf employed Bridget as waitress makes her pull back. Tony now tells Alf. After Annie's false assumption Miles kissed Ruby exposed his relationship with Kirstie, their joy with Jai's acceptance is cut by Bartlett going tough on both at school.
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S1, Ep4714
11 Sep. 2008
Episode #1.4714
Hearing co-owner Tony's story, Alf refuses to hire Bridget as surf-club waitress after all. Martha meets her on the beach, ignorant of the Tony episode, and persuades Alf to give her another chance - at the bait shop. In hospital, hearing Bridget is in remission too helps Rachel agree to Jack's plea for her to make up with Tony. Russ and Morag are back from their honeymoon, but surprisingly silent about it.
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S1, Ep4715
12 Sep. 2008
Episode #1.4715
Rachel makes Jack's day by announcing Tony is moving back in with her. Even after a hot date with Angelo, Belle broods on her break-up with Aden. She seeks distraction in photography again, and is approached by environmental officer Murray Buchanan, who seeks her help to expose presumed municipal machinations in a luxury flats project near the caravan park on probably poisoned ground. Russ is found wondering mindlessly. Morag fears he has a serious health problem.
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S1, Ep4716
15 Sep. 2008
Episode #1.4716
Morag tells Alf she fears Ross is loosing his mind and gets him to agree to a medical check-up. Instead he convinces Jack to start an urgent search for a case which turns out to have been solved years ago. Murray keeps pushing Belle to oppose the development project. Alf denies there is anything suspect, and the municipal council waves independent soil tests.
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S1, Ep4717
16 Sep. 2008
Episode #1.4717
Aden tells Roman that Melody claims his crash-killed friend Axel is in the rehab ward, in fact just in her nightmares. She repeats that delusion when Geoff visits, Annie tells her parents. Rachel diagnoses Ross with probable Alzheimer. Morag promises to stick with him. Aden apologizes to Rachel and Belle, telling her dating Angelo is OK. Nicole wins a stripping pool bet from him.
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S1, Ep4718
17 Sep. 2008
Episode #1.4718
Already worried about Melody after Aden's story and release to her parents, Geoff speaks out against Bartlett re-admitting her to the school. Precisely Miles and Kirstie taking his side decides the vindictive principal to go along with ma Christine, while dad Edward left. Meanwhile Aden, worried about his upcoming trial, spends his first day back at school ditching with Nicole, the last day she has her mother's car, lost with her driver's license. Roman is disappointed by both. The facts prove Geoff right.
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S1, Ep4719
18 Sep. 2008
Episode #1.4719
Jack and Alf let Martha return to kiosk shifts. When Jai is late to pay for a school excursion Miles promised, Kirstie advances him the $20, from petty cash, without telling Bartlet, who finds out and gives her the the second of 'three strikes you're out', ignoring she also took $210 for her car. Colleen plans to match Alf and Bridget- trough a 'family' dinner for two. Bartlett finds out again and fires Kirsty. Miles threatens him with his own inappropriate conduct.
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S1, Ep4720
19 Sep. 2008
Episode #1.4720
Belle lies to Angelo to attend a demonstration against the building project, but he and Jack loose their day off to warn it's illegal on private land. Two men just can't prevent a violent fight with construction workers. Angelo has to arrest Belle. Rachel examine friends Dane and Leighs's little boy Joe with bruises, apparently from abuse, but the diagnosis is even scarier. Tony hopes Bridget will hook up with apparently still unaware Alf.
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S1, Ep4721
22 Sep. 2008
Episode #1.4721
Although Belle stupidly waved Angelo's advice to avoid arrest, he gets her off with a warning and even discretely passes her the address of Murray, who makes a full turn after a suspicious $20,000 payment. Irene makes her realize Angelo is a sweet gem. Rachel decides to take care of pre-teen Joe despite his pa Dane, who is desperate to get Leigh back, and without consulting Tony, who feels they need time for themselves first. Alf remains a match-making target.
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S1, Ep4722
23 Sep. 2008
Episode #1.4722
Having discovered Murray has left home, Belle assumes he was corrupt and asks Angelo to help catch him. Alas rules-stickler Charlie finds out. Aden proves helpful with Alzheimer-patient Ross. Tony manages to accept Rachel took in sick Joey, while Dane tries to get Leigh back, without consulting him and comforts her when a superior calls her action unprofessional.
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S1, Ep4723
24 Sep. 2008
Episode #1.4723
To Geoff's worrisome surprise, Melody's ma has convinced Bartlett to let her return to school. Miles also keeps an eye on her. Ross enjoys quiet fishing with Alf, while his daughters become intolerably overprotective, which more understanding Roman and Morag need to curb.
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S1, Ep4724
25 Sep. 2008
Episode #1.4724
Geoff is increasingly worried when Mel admits she has no medication or therapy anymore, just 'ma, schoolwork and prayer'. Finding her anxious when he pops in for a visit, he discovers she has been starving herself for a week, but ma refuses to believe that confession. Kirstie refuses her school job back and is is surprised Bartlett gives her a glowing reference for the Sands hotel. Now she even asks him for a $5,000 loan, without explanation- for Kane. Ruby is enthusiastic about a chat friend, ignoring 'her' identity. The agree to meet at the beach, but she sends him ...
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S1, Ep4725
26 Sep. 2008
Episode #1.4725
Geoff can't understand why Nicole acts jealous about him visiting Melany, until he finds her pregnancy kit, which luckily tests negative. Jack's approval decides Alf to date Bridget, who to his relieve proposes to keep it informal. Aden wisely refuses to help Belle snoop illegally on the construction site. He even quits the diner and takes a construction job. Kirstie shows Irene Kane's letters asking for financial support to appeal, obviously unable to stand jail. She gets a lawyer and freaks when Miles tells Oliver called him his dad.
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S1, Ep4726
29 Sep. 2008
Episode #1.4726
Aden's trial look increasingly bad for him, yet he instructs his lawyer to avoid any reference to dad his and dad Larry's abuse by grandpa. When Belle brings it up herself, her rages at her and Angelo, whose car it found vandalized shortly after. After Aden fires his lawyer, worried-sick Roman begs Morag to take his case. She sort of welcomes the break from home, where every sensible decision she takes concerning Ross is stupidly challenged by Charlie, even explicit doctor's orders.
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S1, Ep4727
30 Sep. 2008
Episode #1.4727
Belle keeps silent about the brick in Angelo's car to protect Aden, but he denies any part and Angelo guessed anyway, yet remains the perfect gentleman. Aden accepts a defense by Morag, provided she doesn't aboard the abuse, which he ultimately does himself at the trial. Jack is pleased to find dad Tony already takes paternally to brave little Joe. The judge finds Aden guilty of kidnapping only, and lets him off with probation and 100 hours community service.
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S1, Ep4728
1 Oct. 2008
Episode #1.4728
A retired municipal officer in hospital offers Belle to testify about the toxic waste, but before Angelo arrives to take his statement has a probably fatal health crisis. At least Angelo finally gets her full and physical attention. Morag is indignant Ross accepted to move a few days with Charlie at Leah's 'to give her breathing space', without marital consultation. Charlie bumbles on, grumpy when Morag visits him. Ruby hates first him telling her she can't join Jai at a beach party, then even worse when he completely forgets about their conversation. He overhears she...
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S1, Ep4729
2 Oct. 2008
Episode #1.4729
Christina's 'therapy' for Melany's anorexia is even stricter maternal supervision and ordering Miles to give her extra schoolwork. Jai passes Geoff a message to pass in ma's absence. Ruby's arrogant rudeness when Matthew Lyons brings her home after getting drunk at the beach party finally puts him off angrily. Kirsty gets a trial day at the hotel bar, where she has a 'short' change incident. Geoff arranges a visit from the Jones's parish priest, but ma shocks him, makes him leave till further notice and announces an- exorcism!
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S1, Ep4730
3 Oct. 2008
Episode #1.4730
Geoff is terrified when Christine locks him out to perform an exorcism against Melody's will, so he races to Miles. Together they break the door open and taken the frightened girl to the house. There she laments having dumped still dependable Geoff. Tony worries Rachel is already too attached to Dane's kid Joe, and Dane decides to take him north to mother Leigh. Miles and Kirstie are tickled pink now a menial Sands hotel job seems to solve her financial peril.
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S1, Ep4731
6 Oct. 2008
Episode #1.4731
Melody tells Geoff she overheard Kirstie talking Miles out of taking her in as long-term guardians. Geoff fails to make Irene volunteer. Aden stands his hazing test well, but the boss warns any trouble with Belle can cost him his job. She's caught snooping in the municipal archives' confidential section. Rachel agrees with Melody's idea to seek emancipation by 'divorcing' her parents, as Tony fears extending the 'right on best care' logic to Joe. After bringing dad Edward back, Christine physically drags Melody in her cars before Geoff can help her.
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S1, Ep4732
7 Oct. 2008
Episode #1.4732
Geoff can only stop Melany being abducted by Christine by running in front of her car, and is lightly run over. Miles and Kirstie decide to take Melany in. Aden refuses to take a call from jailed dad Larry, but although Belle potentially endangers his job by addressing him on the wharf she gets him to visit Larry in hospital. After hearing him beg forgiveness as part of an AA program, Aden leaves near tears and tells Belle he now wants to make up, but can't. he rewards her by helping to approach the site, but has to cover by kissing and leaving.
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S1, Ep4733
8 Oct. 2008
Episode #1.4733
After their cover-kiss, Aden is convinced Belle still love shim, not Angelo, who still sweetly spoils her rotten, while she practically avoids both. Ross's latest demented stunt is baking pancakes unaware it's midnight. Charlie's thoughtlessly bossy 'solutions' annoy everybody, especially Ross, who next forgets he no longer lives with Roman.Belle admits to Aden she still loves him, but turns him off by saying she was intimate with Angelo. Ruby keeps chatting 'in confidence', still ignoring her fiend is Matthew Lyons, who also finds her diary and prevents a fire Ross ...
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S1, Ep4734
9 Oct. 2008
Episode #1.4734
Jack finds helping chemo patient Martha extremely hard, Rachel can't help. After Ross nearly caused a fire at Leah's, Charlie is determined to move out. Instead Ross insists Morag must help him stick to his resolve to move into residential care, but she wants to join him there. Charlie runs to Roman, feeling a failure. Matthew's sensitivity surprises Ruby. They sign up for surfing lessons together. Jai and Annie accidentally discover Matthew is Ruby's chat friend.
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S1, Ep4735
10 Oct. 2008
Episode #1.4735
Jai and Annie threaten Matthew to tell Ruby he's her chat-mate Skye, so he tells her himself. She not only changes her attitude from friendly to 'victim' but kisses him as deceptive part of a cruel revenge plan. Jack is appalled nobody told him Martha fainted while attending the beach barbecue as suggested by Bridget, who still hides her past and multiple identities. Ross tells Morag he wants to leave Summer Bay to be remember as he is, not as Alzheimer mess.
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S1, Ep4736
13 Oct. 2008
Episode #1.4736
Despite moral doubts, Jai helps Ruby play a cruel revenge on Matthew Lyons: he's tricked to skinny dip and candid camera-exposed on Internet. Ruby regrets it after finding a letter about his Alzheimer grandma, but too late and he promises the bitter revenge she deserves. Charlie takes her frustrations over dad Ross's decision to leave out on Roman, who took care of chemo-sick Martha but actually just bought Charlie a bracelet.
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S1, Ep4737
13 Oct. 2008
Episode #1.4737
Reporting an error in his pay, Aden stumbles onto suspicious plans in the construction site office. Towel-only, Angelo refuses to wake Belle for him at night. Aden refuses to go back for copies but does so. Alas his boss Tim works it out and fires him. Matthew exacts just revenge on Ruby by posting photocopies of her diary. Ross and Morag say goodbye to Summerbay for his last time.
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S1, Ep4738
14 Oct. 2008
Episode #1.4738
The plans Aden copied for Belle are stolen from her room after a fake call. A mystery man follows her and calls anonymously, warning she must back off. Aden is furious she refuses to get Angelo in more trouble by involving him. Miles is disappointed Kirstie sacrifices a rare night without the kids to help out in the hotel. She's surprised that the assignment, actually as escort at a fancy benefit for the hospital, is Martin Bartlett. Tony planned to cheer up Rachel by taking her there. Alas Dane brings devastating news: he failed to rejoin Leigh and a sudden infection...
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S1, Ep4739
16 Oct. 2008
Episode #1.4739
Nicole feels left out as A-students Geoff and Melany confer study notes and encourage each-other to stand for representatives of their respective classes. Martin and Kirstie discover they are each-other's escort. She explains she needs the money for Kane's appeal, he helps her cover when Miles arrives with Leah, as Tony and Rachel had to cancel.
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S1, Ep4740
17 Oct. 2008
Episode #1.4740
Jealously realizing Melody wants Geoff back and school office would mean spending time together, Nicole enters the elections last minute. No adult is impressed and Geoff scolds her motives. All three are however elected. Jai uses a school botany exploration to kiss Annie, but their arsenic findings in ferns rekindle Belle's suspicion about poisonous waste on the nearby construction site. While sleeping with Angel, she dreams of Aden again. Miles accidentally notices Bartlett's payment to Kirstie's account.
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S1, Ep4741
20 Oct. 2008
Episode #1.4741
Angelo is the victim of nasty street kid mischief. Meanwhile Belle is back on the pollution site track with Aden, whose interest is mainly romantic. Miles ends up realizing Kirstie's series of lies to him has culminated in hiding her hotel escort 'moonlighting'.
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S1, Ep4742
21 Oct. 2008
Episode #1.4742
Belle has ended up in bed with Aden, admitting they're in love with each-other, despite Angelo. Miles is sent home after aggression Bartlett, who waves official reporting. Liar Kirstie gets her matching orders. Jai is worried sick for her and Ollie, hearing she doesn't stay with Irene, who sermoned her ignoring Miles expelled her. In fact she now depends on escort work, and accepts charming client Carlo's invitation to his room. Belle can barely hide Aden when Angelo stumbles in, with a nasty bleeding head-wound. Jack finds the culprits, not site-related rowdy ...
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S1, Ep4743
22 Oct. 2008
Episode #1.4743
Ruby makes Geoff consider neither Melody nor Nicole stood for school office solely for the right reasons, they desire him. After an confusing call from Nicol' ma Nat, ever helpful Geoff insists to drive her there. She now claims to believe boy-friend Roy intimately approached Nicole and broke with him. But she also organized a pool party for Nicole's old, she says ex-friends. Miles rescues Kirstie from escort client Tyler, who already demanded his money back as she failed to deliver intimately. Miles lets her and Ollie have a caravan free of a charge.
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S1, Ep4744
23 Oct. 2008
Episode #1.4744
Geoff is worried and puzzled why Nicole suddenly wanted to leave ma after the party. She tells only Roman ma Nat only wanted her back to avoid being evicted. Ever-caring Geoff and Nicole get back on kissing terms. Melody finds out and acts jealous as if cheated on. She tries but fails to seduce Nicoel's ex Trev, who came scout Summerbay. Jack tells Tony the police has heard Bridget left her last residence with debts, but gives her the benefit of the doubt. She goes ahead with her advertising scheme, collecting cash.
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S1, Ep4745
24 Oct. 2008
Episode #1.4745
Ma Nat turns up to get Nicole back, but she runs out while Roman lets Nat stay fro the night. Aden agrees not to tell Angelo while he's in hospital and inspires lover Belle to contact paid-off Murray about the fatal poison victims as well as surviving loved-ones, who refuse access to medical records, including Joe's dad Dane. Murray persuades Belle he didn't sell out but contacts his construction corrupter.
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S1, Ep4746
27 Oct. 2008
Episode #1.4746
After escorting the ambulance, Angelo hears and checks Belle's claim her crash was no accident, but forensics finds no proof. The medical file relief papers are taken from the wreck. Murray came looking fro them there, but claims they were already gone. Aden hopes Belle will dump Angelo soon, but she 'needs his help', as Angelo starts suspecting. Nat proves an ingrate guest at Roman's. Even when a dance evening seems to help bond with daughter Nicole, she shamelessly flirts and gets drunk.
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S1, Ep4747
28 Oct. 2008
Episode #1.4747
Roman is furious at Nicole for being arrested Angelo for driving without a license because ma Nat was too drunk to drive. Geoff tries to divert her by concentrating on their school representation work. Melody tells everyone, especially Bartlett, who squashes Nicole's captainship. Strong opinions on Kirstie divide the Bay. Leah tries to move on Miles.
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S1, Ep4748
29 Oct. 2008
Episode #1.4748
Jack worries that Martha can't face Bridget or her last chemo, despite a good progress diagnose. Miles reassures Jai his home is safe. Kirstie resigns at the hotel and accepts to be rehired by Martin. She decides to stop financing Kane's appeal lawyers.
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S1, Ep4749
30 Oct. 2008
Episode #1.4749
After Aden, Ben visits Belle in hospital. He suggests foreman Tim must have stolen the medical consent papers and ran her off the road and heard they're about to cover their waste tracks. Angelo is not amused to find Aden left his iPod for her, worried to find she staked out the site with Ben. Jack convinces Martha finishing her chemo is worthwhile, even without guarantees. Brian Lawler comes looking for Bridget to demand her debt. Tony mistrusts his 'rival'. Alf gives her a loan to pay off Brian.
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S1, Ep4750
31 Oct. 2008
Episode #1.4750
At the surf club's Halloween party, Melany copies Nicole's costume to steal a kiss from Geoff. Nicole blurts out Geoff had sex with her. Jai reassures disappointed Annie he isn't looking or even ready for sex. Murray and Belle sneak onto the site and take pictures of waste drums being dug up. When Angelo calls her reporting payments on his account are dodgy, she locks him out. They get cut off when the workers detect an chase them. She reaches Angelo, who later sees her secretly crying on Aden's shoulder.
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S1, Ep4751
3 Nov. 2008
Episode #1.4751
Angelo suspects Belle's infidelity, questions her only to be lied to against Aden's advice, then finds proof in her phone records. Colleen overhears Charlie tell Roman about the possibly cancerogenous site pollution and spreads the rumor, which mainly unsettles Jack, more then Martha herself. The police starts on official investigation. Foreman Tim brings in Belle's camera, 'accidentally' ran over. Only when Aden rudely attacks the police during a town meeting, by now grim gentleman Angelo exposes her systematic delusion.
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S1, Ep4752
4 Nov. 2008
Episode #1.4752
After a lecture from Charlie, Belle realizes she treated Angelo horribly. Aden tries to console her unconditionally supportive. Heartbroken Angelo needs to loose himself in drinking. Charlie is disgusted Nicole and even Roman knew but didn't tell Angelo. Alf's loan to and investment with Bridget disables him from financing the spa retreat Jack offers Martha after the chemo and now the press is on the waste panic. Roman insists to step in, anonymously. Jack uneasily consent but decides to tell Martha. Charlie's hostility makes Roman throw her out and dump the stickler.
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S1, Ep4753
5 Nov. 2008
Episode #1.4753
Realizing Geoff is in carnal love with Nicole transforms Melany. Miles fears she retreats in schoolwork, but she goes shopping for provocative outfits and seduces Matthew at the Surfclub in front of their friends. Nicole stop Geoff from intervening, Matthew eagerly accepts. Charlie can't handle being dumped by Roman, and accuses Nat of stealing him, while in fact she's leaving town on Roman's orders.
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S1, Ep4754
6 Nov. 2008
Episode #1.4754
Miles finds out about Melody seducing Matthew, but like Jai assumes the other way around and throws the boy out. Playing with Ollie cools him down and brings him closer to Kirstie. Jai is disappointed she still moves to a flat. Ruby taunts Matthew to bragging. Geoff roughly intervenes, believing she needs protection, and tells Melody to remain herself rather then bend to players. Alf treats Bridget to a yacht picnic lunch. The insurance finally pays $100,000 for the diner, which Leah is now paid back.
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S1, Ep4755
7 Nov. 2008
Episode #1.4755
Afer Tony told Jack how hard Rachel's obsessive fertility-reaping is on him, they eagerly accept and enjoy Roman's invitation for a fishing cruise with Miles. Even an ill-considered bet with Alf doesn't ruin their fun. Miles overheard Kirstie really wants him back, discovers she gave up on Kane's appeal and forgives her. Leah feels guilty for 'breaking them up', Bridget 'borrows' her ID. Rachel is finally pregnant.
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S1, Ep4756
10 Nov. 2008
Episode #1.4756
Jack is determined top continue the dump-cancer theory. Thanks to Belle's secret shenanigans, Aden left deferring his community service. Angelo decides it's payback-time and denies it, so Aden misses an exam. Tony and Rachel are tickled-pink now they're expecting a baby. Colleen guesses and tells Jack. Belle and Jack discover Murray or construction site supervisor Tim replaced the memory card in her 'lost' camera. Murray sneaks in to plant a memory card in Belle's home. An official 'stalker harassment' complaint from Belle drives Angelo too far.
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S1, Ep4757
11 Nov. 2008
Episode #1.4757
Shirtly after Angelo's heavy row with Belle, Aden finds her badly beaten and brings her to hospital, assuming it's Angelo's doing. Jack has no choice but investigate by the book, and finds an old assault charge in his mate's record. Charlie is remarkably supportive. Belle wakes up traumatized, wanting Aden to watch over her and assuming the attacker from behind was Angelo. Murray phones Angelo to ask if the incriminating pictures were found. He promises to meet on the beach, but supervisor Tim turns up instead.
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S1, Ep4758
12 Nov. 2008
Episode #1.4758
Now innocent Angelo is officially charged for Belle's assault, Aden concentrates on his last exam. Melanie gets drunk on the beach 'studying' with Matthew. Jai guesses seeing she didn't even finish her homework. Sassing Bartlett in class, she gets her first-ever detention, but gets off pretending Belle's plight upset her. Nicole saves her from young hoodlums at another party. Bridget's crooked lies culminate after she sneakily returns the stolen ID, but Alf gets wind of her scam. Belle must admit she didn't actually recognize Angelo.
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S1, Ep4759
12 Nov. 2008
Episode #1.4759
Nicole drags unwilling Mel home from the sleazy beach party, despite Matthew, and covers for her with Miles. Ruby and Nicole tell Mel she's only a bet for Matthew, who swears it only started that way. Mel chooses Matthew over her 'nerdy' friends. Miles and Kirstie go steady again and public. Bridget convinces Alf the scam is for her cancer treatment. He chooses to forgive her, so she stays.
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S1, Ep4760
14 Nov. 2008
Episode #1.4760
Jack wants to spend his free day on the site investigation, so Tony recruits Geoff to supervise lifeguard 'nipper' day. VJ makes a pest of himself, desperate for a male to look up to since Leah broke up with Miles. He follows Jai on a picnic and gets lost in a water drain. Jai gets him out, but Annie gets stuck so deep Miles can't find her either.
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S1, Ep4761
17 Nov. 2008
Episode #1.4761
Learning Annie and Charlie, who went after her carelessly, remain in the drain, Roman convinces Geoff to stay put and improvises a lifeline, just in time to rescue Annie before the flood. After Charlie is washed out to sea, Roman dives and retrieves her. Angelo also came to help, but is shunned like a leper by every adult. After Charlie is released from medical check-up and wines to Roman heroism is easy being dumped out of the will to live, she can't stand Ruby's selfish wining, gets drunk with Angelo and they end up in bed.
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S1, Ep4762
18 Nov. 2008
Episode #1.4762
After their wild, drunk night, Charlie moans from her hangover. Angelo, innocently treated like a leper and haunted by rival Aden, has no other choice then accept building site supervisor Tim's offer to fix clear soil sample tests, which forces Jack to cancel the toxic waste investigation. In exchange Belle's real mugger confesses, she must admit his story fits all facts. Geoff delivers a fine speech on integrity as school captain. Miles naively convinces Bartlet to award the 'citizenship' to Mel, only to discover at home she ghost-wrote Matthew's super-late essay.
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S1, Ep4763
19 Nov. 2008
Episode #1.4763
Jack brings Martha home from the retreat, re-spirited. Charlie ruins her trick-dinner attempt to re-match her with Roman. Melody adds to her ghostwriting crime by lying to Miles she was forced by Matthew and to him Miles threatened to throw her out. Luckily Jai overhears and tells the truth. After Mel is nasty to all her friends, Geoff offers his help. She tricks him into being her senior prom date, to Nicole's fury. Luckily Miules grounds her.
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S1, Ep4764
20 Nov. 2008
Episode #1.4764
Xavier Austin and two older mates play a sassy trick as he fakes drowning to scam a kiss of life. Tony is amused when he finds out that Rachel only worried that her 'old' intervention wasn't to the rascals' taste and introduces her to Xavier, his cousin. Jack also meets him, alas again drunk at a nightly beach party. Roman helps Martha buy the perfect thank you-present for jack: an old boat he can repair by hand. Getting nervous now, Alf tells Rachel about the cancer secret, Bridget calls an accomplice.
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S1, Ep4765
21 Nov. 2008
Episode #1.4765
Ruby has an instant crush for sly, sassy Xavier. So she gets Annie to double-date him and his new local beach party mate, Damo Nicholls, who secretly helps him sell weed. Aden wins Irene's heart by consistently standing by Belle, who feels desperate now the toxic waste case seems dead-locked.
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S1, Ep4766
24 Nov. 2008
Episode #1.4766
Angelo questions Eric 'Nobby' Nobbs, who confessed the break-in at Belle's, and gets him to collaborate to trick the building site supervisor, Tim. Alas, Belle wines at his door just when the crucial confession starts, and his recorder tape runs out. The fiend has caught on, and buried not only the recording device. Unlike Angelo, Tony eagerly accepts to help Jack repair his new boat. Miles and Kirstie ignore Ollie, who innocently betrays his favorite visitor: daddy Kane, who tells Irene he has been released, after time served, by a judge who felt his latest crimes ...
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S1, Ep4767
24 Nov. 2008
Episode #1.4767
Angelo arranges for his cousin, John Wyatt, to sign for Nobby's bail, but Jack partially guesses and later works out the truth. Charlie is promoted during Fitzie's maternity leave but refuses to use her new authority yet. Matthew buys Xavier's last drugs. Ruby flirts on with Xavier. Building Tim Coleman believes it's time to eliminate Angelo, just when wining Belle imposes herself again. Luckily Tim's prison past allows Jack to come to their rescue at the last moment.
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S1, Ep4768
26 Nov. 2008
Episode #1.4768
Still jealous of Geoff's innocent prom date with Melany, Nicole announces her own, older dream catch. The police finds out about Xavier's drug sale, but Jack is allowed to handle him privately. Tony will drive him back home, where sick brother Brandon is an unbearable burden. Bridget and her accomplice try to use her fake Leah ID to steal the $100,000. VJ caught her snooping, accepted a lie about a birthday surprise but accidentally still tells Rachel.
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S1, Ep4769
27 Nov. 2008
Episode #1.4769
Geoff is forced to attend the prom alone as Mel didn't tell about her grounding, which Miles wisely refuses to wave after a bit of best behavior. Luckily Nicole admits dream-date Lachlan dumped her for a concert- with his gay parter. Matthew offers Mel an alternative private 'party': the drugs he bough from Xavier. Aden gets wining 'still not ready' Belle to attend for his sake. After failing to clean out Leah's account because of the alert clerk's who even tries to phone her home later, Bridget and her accomplice want to try again now they now the security question "...
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S1, Ep4770
28 Nov. 2008
Episode #1.4770
While the kids enjoy their prom, Miles and Kirstie are baffled when Kane shows up, as Irene never gave them his letter about early appeal and release. Kane refuses to wait any longer, and pushes her to admit she now loves Miles. Jai finds Mel and Matthew stoned, but assumes she's 'only' drunk. He can't stop her breaking curfew to claim a dance with Geoiff. Jack keeps looking frantically for any trace of building supervisor Tim Coleman, discovers he phoned Angelo and follows him to their secret meeting, with a terrible outcome. Alf won't even listen to Rachel '...

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