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Season: 1
Year: 1987 | 1988

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 0: The Highwayman

20 September 1987
Highwayman goes after a biker gang only to discover that they are pawns for a corrupt businessman who has the local sheriff on the take.

Season 1, Episode 1: Road Lord

4 March 1988

Season 1, Episode 2: The Hitchhiker

11 March 1988

Sam J. Jones ... The Highwayman

Jane Badler ... Ms. Tania Winthrop

Wendie Malick

Cristina Raines ... Pepper McKenzie (as Cristina Raines-Crowe)
Flynn Welles ... Various roles (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 3: Till Death Duel Us Part

18 March 1988

Season 1, Episode 4: Summer of '45

1 April 1988
Winthrop goes into a government facility and doesn't come out. Highway and Jetto follow her. They drive in and find themselves in World War 2. When Highway and Jetto come across some men who have Winthrop's car, they make them take them to her. When they do, she tells them, that they're in the facility where the A bomb was developed and a man she knows who is the son of the man who created it came into the past to stop him.

Sam J. Jones ... The Highwayman

Jane Badler ... Ms. Tania Winthrop
Les Brown Jr.
Gary Clarke ... Sheriff

Elizabeth Keifer ... Leslie (as Liz Keifer)

Greg Mullavey ... Edward Travers
Jon Bonnell ... Soldier (uncredited)
Deborah Ludwig Davis ... Singer (voice) (uncredited)
Lee Hollingsworth ... Sgt Major (uncredited)
Gail Lopata Lennon ... Singer (voice) (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 5: Send in the Clones

8 April 1988
Highwayman and Jetto befriend a subhuman clone called Mac, only to discover he's been programmed to assassinate the mayor of a major city.

Season 1, Episode 6: The Billionaire Body Club

15 April 1988
A doctor provides a black market organ donor service to the rich and powerful. Highwayman assists a police officer determined to save her sister from being the next 'donor'.

Season 1, Episode 7: Frightmare

22 April 1988
A mobster who is looking for the man who will testify against him who is in protective custody. He abducts anyone who might know where he is and subjects them to a new procedure wherein they can see the person's thoughts that can kill the person. Eventually they grab Winthrop and use it on her. When Highway and Jetto learn of her abduction they try to find her.

Season 1, Episode 8: Warzone

29 April 1988

Sam J. Jones ... The Highwayman

Jane Badler ... Ms. Tania Winthrop

Roger Davis ... Chief Jim Tounsend
Heather McNair ... Virginia
Mark Thomas Miller ... Lieutenant

Wayne Newton ... Bertane

Lara Parker ... Dr. Terwishe

JB Warren ... Private

Season 1, Episode 9: The Haunted Highway

6 May 1988

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