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Best 80s western, would still hold it's own today....
voyager45913 January 2005
To my knowledge they have never released this series on tape/DVD or I would have jumped on it in a heartbeat. Would love for my kids to see this series, Named my son after the lead character.. :) Would love to trade with anyone that has this series..

My wife and I watched this series from the time it first aired to the time it was canceled. What a shame, this series was good and family oriented. All about a wrongly accused Gunslinger that tried to leave his past behind when he went to care for/raise his dying sisters 4 kids. It may have been a formulaic series, slightly predictable but it was worth your time, unlike many of the shows on the "tube" these days... Wish it was still in syndication.. :(

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Paradise/Guns Of Paradise/Fantastic Series!!
MCETXCEM29 December 2003
Recently I have been going through the series I taped in the end of the 80's and I found I have 26 episodes of the Series Paradise/Guns Of Paradise which I just transferred to DVD, this is a series that I would like to see released on DVD as each episode deals with the human condition

The lead character is Ethan Allen Cord a gunfighter who tries to escape his past by taking care of his sister's four children, who come into his care when his sister finds out she is dying, there is Claire, Joseph, Ben and Young George, each episode has the human element such as the episode "The Plague" where the town of Paradise comes down with Small Pox

I found every episode was excellent and I highly recommend this one as family viewing, the only characters I didn't like were Henderson(**The Banker**), Deputy Charlie(What A Wimp), Johnny Ryan was a hoot!!

To those of you out there who would like to trade episodes, please email me.
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A good Western
jfg110 August 2001
"Paradise" was a good western, if a bit predictable. Lee Horsley seems to fit the cowboy/gunfighter-with-a-good-heart role nicely. Probably the one thing that lead to the demise of this show was that Westerns were not what the viewing public wanted at that time. Too bad.
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If only,
EPar80111 December 2004
This was a good western Lee Horsely really knows how to ride a horse, the supporting cast was good and the stories were usually interesting. It was good to watch Dehl Berti play a believable one of The People (or "Indian," I suppose) and I really enjoyed the late John F. Bloom III playing Tiny. Sadly we only saw two seasons before it was superseded by "The Young Politically Correct Riders" and of course "Dr.Quinn...WOMAN Woman." Reckon today it'd be "Survivor-Paradise" or "C. S. I. Paradise." I can't wait until it's available on DVD. My parent's generation had Wagon Train and Gunsmoke and here's hoping the next generation will discover Paradise (with or without Guns.)
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Paradise Television Series
ritschmitt23 September 2006
Paradise was my all-time favorite television series. I can't exactly explain why. It was all the characters. They were all so real to me. I was only able to tape 10 of the episodes. It was a particularly turbulent time in my life. Now, I have begun a search to find copies of all of the 56 episodes. Or, wouldn't it be wonderful to see the series return to television? I don't know what the process is to make these things happen. However, I am the eternal optimist. Are there others out there who share my feelings that this show is very important. Perhaps we could pool our ideas together and take the necessary steps toward that goal. Does anyone have copies of the episodes of the show that they would be willing to share? I am open to all suggestions. Please let me know. Thanks, Warm Regards, Rita Schmitt
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I miss this show!
thanson-1018 July 2007
Paradise was a great show that never gained the popularity it deserved. It was my and my husband's favorite, and we were so disappointed when it was canceled. It was a warm family show that I would love to share with my kids if it was ever on in reruns. Lee Horsley was perfect in the starring role, as were the kids. We also liked Dehl Berti as John Taylor and Sigrid Thornton as Amelia. It had family values mixed with action and humor.

I've just about given up on it being offered on DVD. So, if anyone knows where I can get copies of any episodes, let me know. I'd love to see them again.
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Awesome series!!
Simon P. Beyer19 October 2006
"Paradise"/"Guns Of Paradise" aired on Danish television around 1990. I remember it clearly. I was about 10 years old back then and I loved to watch the series. I think the main reasons why it is so memorable are the characters (especially Ethan Cord), the atmosphere, the music and the fact that the series deals with basic human spirit - general topics like love, hate, responsibility, challenge, adventure, etc. All those things that every person can relate to.

There was just something very special about the whole thing. I was never much into westerns, but this one just touched me deeply. I regret to say that all I have on tape are four episodes from the final season and part of one episode from season two. I used to have more episodes on tape, but I must have erased them when I was younger. I remember the episode "The Plague" - I remember something about a violent fight between Tiny and Ethan in that episode. Am I right? I also slightly remember the character of Johnny Ryan...

I would love for the series to be released on DVD someday. I dunno if it'll ever happen, but it would be great. It was for sure the best series I ever caught. I watch the four episodes I have on tape occasionally. It's a tremendous joy. :-)
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dcmajacinto8 March 2002
This show is a favorite of mine and my husbands. Too bad Westerns weren't popular at that time. It might of lasted longer. We like it so much that we're trying to find copies of the episodes from the show but have been having extreme difficulty locating. We even went so far as to contact Ingrid Thornton on her web site but have still had no luck in finding any episodes. Anyone have copies they'd like to sell or know specifically where we could find? Please contact us.
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Terrific chemistry
claire49712 June 2007
Paradise was a lovely show. I have never been so hooked on any TV show before or since. The main reason and vital ingredient was the terrific chemistry between the two leads.

The children's acting was also of a high standard. I never realised that they had decided to make 13 more episodes entitled "Guns of Paradise" though. Seems to me the producers/directors made a big mistake in moving away from the relationship of Ethan and Amelia as although it was in the background most episodes, I think it was probably the main thing that kept people watching especially my mum and me!

They should have made "Dust on the Wind" the final episode (we assumed Ethan and Amelia would get married as her divorce had come through)as after that there really wasn't anything else to write about without the show becoming repetitive and a bit silly!
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Still great viewing!
AubreeJolley6 May 2006
Of all the obsessions I had as a child, this is definitely one of my favorites. I went so far as to tape almost every episode - much to the dismay of my poor parents. I spent hours comparing my life with and becoming Claire Carroll, as I had two younger brothers the ages of Ben and George, and another, older brother (forget the other five siblings). Now, years later, the tapes are in wretched condition, but I still pop them in occasionally and watch and laugh. I even learned to sew so I could make clothes like the ones Sigrid Thornton wore. What fun memories. A few years ago I saw 'Paradise' played in repeats on a cable station and wondered if it might happen again. And what will it take to get it out on DVD?
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Melissa Kupfer5 January 2007
I love this show. I miss it very much. I am so sentimental about it. It was so authentic to the era it portrayed and had good stories. The feeling that it gave me was so close and personal with the characters and the mix of relationships I think was unique. For example the one between Ethan and John Taylor. That was special, and then the romance with Amelia any lady would want to see with such a good looking cowboy (Ethan). And the children had good lessons, so really this show was for the whole family and I was so sad and disappointed to see it go off the air. I managed to get a recording of my own of a few of the episodes but they are not very good quality. Boy I could just kick myself for not getting them all. Let's all hope that in the near future they release all of the episodes for us to purchase. That would make my day.
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Is there any way to get copies of this show?
kkcragin2 April 2017
I remember watching this show when it first aired and I recently have been watching as many episodes as I can find on youtube. I would LOVE to be able to purchase a decent copy of all three seasons. Lee Horsley as Ethan Cord shows such great characteristics that I want my boys to see and emulate. Honor, responsibility, and charm. I hope some day this will be put on DVD.
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Paradise Road
hellraiser711 November 2015
I personally not into the western genre but it does still fascinate me. It's hard to say why, yeah the gunfights are fun but the other reason to me it was always the time period which was one of both simplicity and change going together and the mixed culture it contained, it felt like a place where anything is possible and modern civilization was still young and growing.

This show is one that ridden under the radar gem and also another childhood gem of mine. As I said before personally I'm not into westerns it's just not my genre, I honestly don't have many that I watch or love. Only other western TV shows I can think of are "The Young Riders" and "The Adventures of Brisco County Jr" both also under the radar gems. This is another show that is on that list and as a non fan of westerns I was pleasantly surprised; and it was also one of the only family western shows.

The music is good, it had two theme songs, the first one was I personally thought decent, that's just me it's sort of a layed back western style which really isn't my music venue. But the second one I like the best (which was on the second season when they changed the title to "Guns of Paradise) I think it's very good it memorable it exciting has that adventurous western tune. The action is solid, the shootouts are well choreographed and exciting. Production value is on par, really like the use of location and set pieces, they capture a time period long passed successfully.

The show strangely predates "Dr. Quinn Medicane Woman" (my mom loved the show, not a fan for the record) as it's plot line is uncannily similar since it's about a loner whom is or was a famous gunfighter but then his brother passes away and leaves him to care for his niece and nephews making him a surrogate father.

This kind of storyline for it's time was a bit revolutionary because it's something that was rather unheard of, a cowboy having to care for a family while at the same time kicking some butt, this idea could of been a severe misfire but it turned out to hit the target.

Sure it was a family show but it wasn't watered down, the show still behaved like a gritty western. And it was a western but it wasn't boring as the pacing was up and it avoided a certain amount of clichés that most Westerns suffered from which to me made this a breath of fresh air.

The characters are great, I really like Ethan Cord (played by underrated actor Lee Horsley whom was in "The Sword and the Sorcerer" which was cool since I like that film). He's tough, has some grit, but deep down really has warmth as he does his best to care for his family and help make the west livable as he seems to play a peace keeper role for the town.

Like the kid characters, their not annoying and stereotypical, they act like real kids and teens. I even like that their a bit useful sometimes as they have a hand in helping out Ethan sometimes. I like the chemistry Ethan has with his family, they really feel like a real family. It's sort of like any single parent and sibling relationship as the single parent is struggling to keep their family supported but also at the same time able to do what they do best. Along with the kids learning to be independent while helping each other out at the same time.

Like the chemistry between both Amelia and Ethan, I really bought that sparks or should I saw bullets were ricocheting off each other despite both being different people as she was a person of the city and him the country. But it's a great correlation because both in a way represent the best values of two worlds and shows how it can be a strange yet beautiful combination.

I like the reoccurring themes on family, difficulty in adaptation and acception of times changing, as well as being a person between two different worlds and the constant conflict of whether both can exist side by side or separate.

"Guns of Paradise" like a well maintained and loaded Colt is worth a shot.

Rating: 4 stars
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A lot better than Dr. Quinn
marzy dotes19 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I remember this show and watched it for most of its run. Thought it was a well done western that was about the importance of family without being a family show as there was too much violence and threatened violence for that billing.

Loved the supporting characters even though they pretty much took Ethan for granted most of the time until they needed his gun slinging powers. His relationship with Amelia which began as a friendship born of circumstances into a romance was probably the best part of the show as the actors clearly had great chemistry and the characters meshed well together.

Season three just seemed like an ill-fated attempt to jettison what really worked about the show which was its emphasis on families and decisions about raising a family plus the romance (in favor of violence in an ill-fated attempt to lure in younger male viewers) and when Amelia left town abruptly, it had lost most of what was compelling to watch at that point.

But I like how it was rough around the edges and not all neat and tidy like Dr. Quinn or the Young Riders.
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Paradise is the best show! !!!!!!!!!!!!!
gemsky7530 December 2005
Hi! I do have to agree this was the best western series and the best part was that it was family friendly. I have seen every single episode when it was aired on CBS as well Family Channel. I use to have all 50 some episodes on VHS, but sadly, down the years, my mom tossed them. I've been looking for it on DVD and to this day, it still hasn't been released. I love that movie that they made when Lee Horsely was at the Prison. I guess we will have to wait patiently for the DVD release. There was another TV show on back 98 which I am not sure if you caught it or not, but the "Magnificent Seven" is a really good show too. It reminded me a lot of "paradise" show. The first season just got released on DVD. I bought it like three days ago and couldn't stop watching it till the end. I started watching it second time started today. But sadly, the show got canceled after season 2. You might want to check that out if you haven't.
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