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In the first show of the 1992-3 season, Garfield says at the end of the opening theme, "And don't bother checking what's on NBC. They're not running cartoons anymore." In 1992, NBC really stopped broadcasting Saturday morning cartoons.
The last broadcast was on 7 October 1995.
The show had four completely different opening sequences and three theme songs over the course of its run.
In the episode "Best Of Breed", the paper Garfield holds up reveals that Jon, Garfield and Odie live in Muncie, Indiana. And in the episode "The Pizza Patrol", Jon's street address is revealed to be 357 Shady Grove Lane. Thus, Jon's full address is: 357 Shady Grove Lane Muncie, In 47305 (47305 is Muncie's actual Zip Code). "Garfield" creator Jim Davis is a native of Muncie, Indiana, which is also the headquarters of PAWS, Inc., the company that produces all "Garfield"-related animation and merchandise.
Creator Jim Davis originally wanted to make a series based on his comic strip "U.S. Acres". But CBS insisted that "Garfield" be made the star of the series with the "U.S. Acres" characters becoming the "Friends" of the title.
At the end of opening theme song, Garfield always says something different.
Lanolin (the name of the female sheep from the "US Acres" cartoons) is also the name of an oily secretion found in the wool of sheep.
Even though ratings were still respectable, the seventh season (1994-1995) was the last one because CBS wanted to cut the budget. The production company nixed this proposal, so they mutually agreed to cease production.
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The US Acres cartoons (known as Orson's Farm in other countries) were based on another comic also drawn by Garfield cartoonist Jim Davis in 1986. It was picked up by a then-unprecedented 505 newspapers by United Features Syndicate (the same comic newspaper publisher that runs the Garfield comics). The comic strip itself didn't do as well as its more-successful counterpart Garfield and only ran from 1986 until its final strip on 15 April 1989. Ironically with the series cancellation in 1995, this means that the US Acres cartoons lasted for 7 years (over twice as long as the original comic strips they were based from). There has however been a recent demand for re-releasing the US Acres comic strip, and in October 2010, the comic strips were re-released as web comics and can be found on the Garfield.com website.
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