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24 Sep. 1994
Change of Mind/Temp Trouble/The Perfect Match
In this animated show, Jim Davis' feisty feline is on his own after slipping out of the car on a trip to the vet. Forced to scrounge for food, Garfield has a run-in with the mean Ali Cat and his gang, and is later reunited with his long lost mother. Music performed by Lou Rawls and Desiree Goyette.
1 Oct. 1994
Puss in High Tops/Egg Over Easy: Part 1/The Beast from Beyond
Puss In High Tops: In this fairy tale, Garfield wins the hand of a Princess for Jon. Egg Over Easy 1: Wade decides to shell himself up because of all that is scary about the world. Beast From Beyond: Sidney the dinosaur comes out of a cave and decided the best way to take over the world is to paint himself pink and start a children's show but, Garfield won't have that.
8 Oct. 1994
The Guy of Her Dreams/U.S. Acres: The Discount of Monte Cristo/The Fairy Dogmother
Guy Of Her Dreams: Penelope is back singing why she loves Garfield. Song: "the Guy of My Dreams." Discount Of Monty Cristo: Aloysius Pig is back trying to cut the budget of the show. Fairy Dogmother: Esmeralda is sent from doggy wish Central to fulfill Odie's wish to go to the Doggie Ball.
15 Oct. 1994
Sit on It/Kiddy Korner/Brainwave Broadcast
In Sit on It, Garfield learns from the Cat Channel that he should sit on things humans want to read, so he takes over Jon's Spanish book. In Kiddie Korner, a pig from the network tells the US Acres crew to do nursery rhymes instead of Dr. Zhivago, but every rhyme they try is unsuitable for children. In Brainwave Broadcast, Garfield demonstrates the "telepathovisionator," which allows the audience to hear his thoughts.
5 Nov. 1994
The Jelly Roger/The Farmyard Feline Philosopher/Dogmother II
The Jelly Roger: The ancestor of one of the most hungry pirates sets sail with Jon's new boat as one of his targets. Farmyard Feline Philosopher: Philo is back to help give motivational speeches to the weasel and Wade. Dogmother 2: Esmeralda is back and grants everyone in the house as many wishes as they want.
3 Dec. 1994
Horror Hostess/Newsworthy Wade
Garfield and Odie help John meet his dream girl, the television horror host Vivacia. Unfortunately, Vivacia has more sinister plans for John; with Garfield and Odie now having to rescue their owner.

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