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9 Oct. 1993
The Pie-Eyed Piper/Sweet Tweet Treat/Fine Feathered Funnyman
The Pie-eyed Piper: Garfield tells the "real" story of the Pied Piper (Jon) of Hamlin, who happened to have a cat. Mask: Garfield scares Jon awake. Fine Feathered Funnyman: When the network gets one letter of complaint, Roy is forced to stop doing practical jokes. Sweet Tweet Treat: Garfield finally catches a bird, Ludlow a young crow.
9 Oct. 1993
The Floyd Story/How Now, Stolen Cow?/The Second Penelope Episode
The Floyd Story: Floyd tries to get on the show more often as Jon's overbearing Aunt Prunella comes to visit. How Now, Stolen Cow?: When Orson's too absorbed in a crime book to milk the cow, Roy sets up a mystery for Orson to solve in order to find the cow. The Second Penelope Episode: Garfield and Penelope are out on a date that turns into a nightmare when a French cat named Lorelei and animal control interfering.
30 Oct. 1993
The Garfield Musical/Mind Over Melvin/The Third Penelope Episode
The Garfield Musical: Penelope falls for a hipper cat until Garfield learns to rock and roll. Nose Switch: Garfield and Odie switch noses. Mind Over Melvin: No one can win at Roy's crooked quiz show until Orson receives a mind reading device from an alien. Madman Meets His Match: The crazy salesman gets competition from Demented Dave's for Jon's money.

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