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16 Sep. 1989
Pest of a Guest/U.S. Acres: The Impractical Joker/Fat & Furry
Pest of a Guest: Jon takes in a starving cat who more than happily makes himself at home at Garfield's expense. The Impractical Joker: Roy gets on everybody's nerves with his humorless jokes and Orson fires him. Fat & Furry: Garfield buys a lottery ticket at the store which winds up winning them millions of dollars.
16 Sep. 1989
Rip Van Kitty/U.S. Acres: Grabbity/The Big Catnap
Rip Van Kitty: At a picnic, Garfield falls asleep and dreams he wakes up 20 years later. Grabbity: Roy plays a practical joke on Wade leaving him to worry that the law of gravity has been repealed. The Big Catnap: Jon tries to keep Garfield asleep so he can enjoy a box of cookies his mother sent.
23 Sep. 1989
The Great Getaway/U.S. Acres: Scrambled Eggs/Hansel and Garfield
The Great Getaway: After stowing away in Jon's suitcase to New York, Garfield finds out his owner has gotten involved with a pickpocket. Scrambled Eggs: Orson tells a story about how a mother turtle with a baby who didn't want to hatch, confused her runaway son with Sheldon. Hansel and Garfield: Garfield's stuck entertaining Nermal for the day so tells his own version of Hansel and Gretel.
23 Sep. 1989
The Sludge Monster/U.S. Acres: Fortune Kooky/Heatwave Holiday
The Sludge Monster: Jon tells Garfield and Odie the story of the sludge monster, which scares them into thinking the monster is outside. Fortune Kooky: For a practical joke, Roy makes the predictions of Wade's fortune cookies come to life. Heatwave Holiday: In an attempt to think cool on a hot day, Jon and Garfield decorate the house for Christmas; something that quickly spreads to all the other houses and soon the whole town.
30 Sep. 1989
One Good Fern Deserves Another/U.S. Acres: Goody-Go-Round/The Black Book
One Good Fern Deserves Another: Jon buys a fern that's guaranteed impossible for Garfield to eat, unaware it's a meat eating fern. Goody-Go-Round: In an attempt to get a record player for Bo, Orson winds up having to do favors for everybody else on the farm. The Black Book: Due to a misunderstanding, Jon tells Garfield to get rid of his little black book and then about goes crazy trying to get it back.
30 Sep. 1989
The Legend of the Lake/U.S. Acres: Double Oh Orson/Health Feud
The Legend of the Lake: Garfield recounts the history of a lake that a prehistoric cat crossed to reach an island of lasagna trees. Double Oh Orson: Orson gets caught up in a mystery novel. Health Feud: Jon decides to get in shape thanks to a fitness guru named Rick Deltoid, and tries to get Garfield to do the same.
7 Oct. 1989
Binky Gets Cancelled!/U.S. Acres: Show Stoppers/Cutie and the Beast
Binky Gets Cancelled! The network doesn't find Binky's show suitable for young viewers so replace him with the Buddy Bears. Show Stoppers: Orsons brothers Gort, Mort and Wort crash a variety show they're performing. Cutie and the Beast: Garfield convinces Nermal he's ugly, causing Nermal to run away and get mixed up with a dangerous cat.
7 Oct. 1989
The Lasagna Zone/U.S. Acres: Sleepytime Pig/Yojumbo
The Lasagna Zone: Jon brings home a new satellite dish with an unusual warning which Garfield doesn't notice and as a result, winds up in the TV. Sleepytime Pig: The Sandman missed the farm and Orson didn't sleep all night so his friends try to make him tired. Yojumbo: Jon and Liz are mugged on a date, so Jon goes for martial art lessons while Garfield becomes 'Yojumbo', a Samauri warrior cat to protect Jon.
14 Oct. 1989
Pros and Cons/U.S. Acres: Rooster Revenge/Lights! Camera! Garfield!
Pros and Cons: Odie falls victim to a conman cat on the way to the store and loses Jon's money in exchange for a dirty sock. Rooster Revenge: Roy drops 50 pounds of creamed spinach on Orson and despite Orson's insistence that he's not going to trick Roy back, Roy becomes paranoid waiting for the payback prank. Lights! Camera! Garfield!: A movie director calls Garfield the perfect thing for his big picture, but Garfield expects to be the glamorous star, not the stunt cat put in all the peril.
14 Oct. 1989
Polecat Flats/U.S. Acres: Hogcules/Brain Boy
Polecat Flats: While visiting Cactus Jake's dude ranch, Garfield helps Jon survive Jake's horse riding lessons, and falls for a black and white cat. Hogcules: Orson's brothers are coming to pay him a visit and he imagines himself as the eternally strong Hercules who could take on anything. Brain Boy: Jon, Garfield and Odie go out to visit some family, and while Jon's stuck looking at slides, Garfield's stuck in the garage with a bratty kid scientist.
21 Oct. 1989
Maine Course/U.S. Acres: No Laughing Matter/Attack of the Mutant Guppies
Maine Course: Jon receives a lobster as a gift but it refuses to be cooked, so he and Garfield try to make a pet out of it. No Laughing Matter: Aliens come to Earth to drain it of all its humor, so Orson and his friends use Roy's joke books to try and defeat them. Attack of the Mutant Guppies: Garfield tells Nermal a scary story about mutant guppies living in the sewer so he'll go to bed, but the story seems to take on a life of its own.
21 Oct. 1989
Robodie/U.S. Acres: First Aid Wade/Video Victim
Robodie: Odie is dog-napped by a nutty scientist who wants to make robotic duplicates of him. First Aid Wade: After hurting his leg, Wade overhears Roy and Orson talking about fixing broken legs with nails and hammer and glue, not knowing they're trying to fix a broken ping pong table. Video Victim: Garfield enters a bet with Jon that he can't watch TV for 24 hours, but the TV starts to feel neglected and comes after Garfield to watch it.
28 Oct. 1989
The Curse of the Klopman/U.S. Acres: Mud Sweet Mud/Rainy Day Dreams
The Curse of the Klopman: Jon's uncle dies and leaves his famous cursed Klopman diamond to Garfield, which brings him nothing but bad luck. Mud Sweet Mud: Orson arranges for everybody to help in cleaning up the farm, but they take it a step further and try to clean out his mud waller. Rainy Day Dreams: Stuck inside on a rainy day, Garfield imagines he and Odie in the castle of a mad scientist while a woman comes over to swindle Jon into buying insurance.
28 Oct. 1989
Basket Brawl/U.S. Acres: Origin of Power Pig!/Cactus Jake Rides Again
BASKET BRAWL: Jon, Odie and Nermal's attempt to go on a picnic is seen as a basketball game. CHANGE YOUR LIFE: Orson reads some advice to Wade. WINDOW SHADES: Jon buys venetian blinds. THE ORIGIN OF POWER PIG: Orson tells how he became Power Pig. Song: "Power Pig." CACTUS JAKE RIDES AGAIN: Cactus Jake moves in with Jon when the local rodeo comes to town.
4 Nov. 1989
Binky Goes Bad!/U.S. Acres: Barn of Fear/Mini-Mall Matters
Binky Goes Bad: Binky is put on trial for a list of robbery charges and Garfield uses the show's script to find out who's really behind it. Barn of Fear: The barn is overloaded with crops that there's no place to sleep, so Orson takes everybody up to the old barn, which Wade insists is haunted by the ghosts of their ancestors. Mini-Mall Matters: Garfield does a presentation on how mini-malls are grown from seeds and what all they contain.
4 Nov. 1989
Attention Getting Garfield/U.S. Acres: Swine Trek/It Must Be True!
Attention Getting Garfield: No matter what Garfield does, everybody ignores him and only pays attention to Odie. Swine Trek: Orson's sick and has a Star Trek-like dream sequence about he and the others hunting down the virus. It Must be True!: Garfield presents a bunch of wild ideas on a TV show about the world, falling back on the line 'if they show it on TV, it must be true!'
11 Nov. 1989
Arrivederci, Odie!/U.S. Acres: Gort Goes Good/Feeling Feline
Arrevederci, Odie!: Jon takes Odie to the vet and comes back without him, leaving Garfield to believe he has the house to himself now. Gort Goes Good: Orson's brother Gort seems to have turned over a new leaf and wants to help work on the farm. feeling Feline: Jon worries he and Garfield do too many things together and tries to do something Garfield won't.
11 Nov. 1989
The Bear Facts/U.S. Acres: Nothing to Be Afraid of/The Big Talker
The Bear Facts: Jon takes Garfield and Odie camping where they run across Binky's dancing bear. Nothing to Be Afraid Of: Everybody on the farm tries to come up with something that won't scare Wade. The Big Talker: Garfield goes after a talk show host that publicly hates cats.
25 Nov. 1989
Cactus Makes Perfect/U.S. Acres: Hogcules II/Crime and Nourishment
READY FOR SNOW: Jon dresses Garfield and Odie for snow. CACTUS MAKES PERFECT: Jon, Garfield and Odie visit Cactus Jake at his home. HOGCULES II: When Roy and Wade have a fight, Orson wonders what Hogcules would do. Song: "Hogcules." CRIME AND NOURISHMENT: Garfield discovers a secret world inside a tree. BINK: BUILDING: Binky crashes a new building dedication.
18 Nov. 1989
T.V. of Tomorrow/U.S. Acres: Little Red Riding Egg/Well-Fed Feline
T.V. of Tomorrow: Jon's 1-year-old TV breaks down and he and Garfield are subjected to the many different kinds of televisions of the future. Little Red Riding Egg: Orson finds a video camera and decides to make a movie of Little Red Riding Hood with Sheldon in the starring role, Wade as the grandmother and Roy as the wolf unaware that a real wolf is in the area. Well-Fed Feline: Garfield convinces a woman that he's starving and she tells Jon he'll go to jail unless Garfield is well-fed when she returns.
25 Nov. 1989
Invasion of the Big Robots/U.S. Acres: Shelf Esteem/Housebreak Hotel
Invasion of the Big Robots: Garfield wakes up and finds himself in the wrong cartoon - an action packed cartoon. Shelf Esteem: Roy bets Wade and Lanolin that Orson can't get his books put away because he reads them all first. Housebreak Hotel: Jon leaves Garfield and Odie at Howie's Housebreak Hotel which turns out to be a pet prison.
25 Nov. 1989
First Class Feline/U.S. Acres: Hamelot/How to Be Funny
In "First Class Feline," Garfield's latest attempt to mail Nermal to Abu Dhabi gets out of hand. Then, in "Hamelot," Orson imagines himself as King Arthur. Finally, in "How To Be Funny", Garfield gives a lecture on comedy.
2 Dec. 1989
Mystic Manor/U.S. Acres: Flop Goes the Weasel/The Legend of Long Jon
Mystic Manor: While on vacation, Odie disappears into a haunted house called Mystic Manor and Garfield has to bring him back. Flop Goes the Weasel: Wade accidentally catches the weasel and lets the ego of being a hero go to his head. The Legend of Long Jon: Jon, Garfield and Odie go to Washington to find out about his relatives, only to be chased by a mob and find out that his ancestor, Long Jon, stole maps from George Washington.
2 Dec. 1989
China Cat/U.S. Acres: Cock-A-Doodle Dandy/Beach Blanket Bonzo
BLAMED: Garfield feels persecuted. CHINA CAT: While at a Chinese restaurant, Jon and Garfield hear the story of the dragon and the cat. DUTCH DOOR: Roy plans to "pie" Orson. COCK-A-DOODLE DANDY: Roy's morning bugle keeps waking up an angry bear. Song: "Mr. Lips."
16 Dec. 1989
Lemon Aid/U.S. Acres: Hog Noon/Video Airlines
Lemon Aid: Jon gets conned into selling his car and buying a broken down piece of junk by Al G. Swindler. Hog Noon: Orson receives a letter from Hammerhead Hog, a bully who Orson helped get sentenced to detention for life - he's coming at noon to settle with Orson. Video Airlines: When the same movie plays on every TV channel, Jon takes Garfield and Odie to rent a movie from the video store.
16 Dec. 1989
The Mail Animal/U.S. Acres: Peanut-Brained Rooster/Mummy Dearest
The Mail Animal: Melvin the mailman gets fired because of his inability to deal with Garfield; so Garfield gives Melvin's boss a taste of what it's like trying to deliver mail to the Arbuckle house. Peanut-Brained Rooster: Orson tells a story of how Roy became fixated on peanuts just at the time that Mort, Gort and Wort stole their entire peanut crop. Mummy Dearest: On a mummy expedition at the museum, Garfield hits his head and dreams of being a Pharoh's cat in Ancient Egypt.

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