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Season 3

15 Sep. 1990
Skyway Robbery/U.S. Acres: The Bunny Rabbits Is Coming!/Close Encounters of the Garfield Kind
Skyway Robbery: Jon, Garfield and Odie are passengers on a rickety broken-down plane flown by Al G. Swindler, who bails out and leaves them to fly the plane. The Bunny Rabbits is Coming!: Orson and the others receive a telegram that says only 'The bunny rabbits is coming'. Close Encounters of the Garfield Kind: John, Garfield and Odie encounter a cute little alien whose reasons for coming to earth are more sinister than he leads them to believe.
15 Sep. 1990
Astro Cat/U.S. Acres: Cock-A-Doodle Duel/Cinderella Cat
Astro Cat: Garfield tells Odie about a relative of his who was the first cat in outer space. Cock-A-Doodle Duel: A new rooster comes to the farm who swoons the chickens with poetry and music, and Roy feuds with him for the chickens' affection. Cinderella Cat: Garfield finds a lost book of Cinderella and wishes he had a fairy godmother, but instead winds up with a fairy godfather who grants wishes, but with a catch.
22 Sep. 1990
Ship Shape/U.S. Acres: Barn of Fear II/Break-a-Leg
Ship Shape: Jon and Garfield are booked on a 2 week cruise, but the ship doesn't allow pets. Barn of Fear II: Orson and the others decide to dress up in their ancestors' clothes and hold a harvest celebration up at the old barn; while unbeknownst to them, the ghosts of their ancestors ward off Orson's brothers who have come to steal the harvest. Break-a-Leg: Jon takes Garfield and Odie up to a ski resort to meet ladies, while Garfield continuously predicts, "You're going to break your leg."
22 Sep. 1990
Twice Told Tale/U.S. Acres: Orson Goes on Vacation/Wedding Bell Blues
Twice Told Tale: Jon and Garfield both tell very different versions of how the house got filled with yogurt. Orson Goes on Vacation: Orson goes away on a vacation and leaves Wade in charge. Wedding Bell Blues: Jon's cousin Marian asks him to be best man at her wedding and Garfield and Odie overhear, mistakenly believing Jon's getting married.
29 Sep. 1990
Clean Sweep/U.S. Acres: Secrets of the Animated Cartoon/How the West was Lost
Clean Sweep: Jon buys a Shlocko Pet Washer that's designed to clean pets as soon as they get dirty, and Garfield takes it for a test drive on Odie. Secrets of the Animated Cartoon: Orson explains to Wade (and the viewers) how certain elements of cartoons work, including: takes, double takes, spit takes, running off of cliffs, and delayed reactions. How the West Was Lost: Cactus Jake gets fired from the ranch and tries to find a job in the city living with Jon and Garfield.
13 Oct. 1990
Hound of the Arbuckles/U.S. Acres: Read Alert/Urban Arbuckle
Garfield falls asleep watching a Sherlock Holmes movie and dreams he's assisting the famous detective. Orson's imagination brings things he is reading about to life.
13 Oct. 1990
Odielocks and the 3 Cats/U.S. Acres: Quack to the Future/Beddy Buy
Odielocks and the 3 Cats: While waiting for his lasagna to cool down, Garfield tells Odie the story of Odielocks and the 3 Cats. Quack to the Future: Orson yells at Wade for making a mistake and then wonders how it might effect their future. Beddy Buy: Garfield breaks his bed and Jon takes him shopping to get a new one.
20 Oct. 1990
Count Lasagna/U.S. Acres: Mystery Guest/Rodent Ramage
Count Lasagna: Jon tries to sell his boss on the idea of a new cartoon, a vampire cat called Count Lasagna. Mystery Guest: Roy hold a contest to give away the farmer's tractor to anybody who can guess the identity of their mystery guest (Garfield). Rodent Rampage: Floyd and his cousin make themselves at home and Jon demands Garfield get rid of them.
27 Oct. 1990
D.J. Jon/U.S. Acres: Cornfinger/Five Minute Warning
D.J. Jon: Jon's cousin, George, gets him a job at the radio station as *cringe*, a disc jockey! Cornfinger: Orson imagines himself as Double-O Orson, battling against P. Cornfinger, who has been stealing corn from all over the world. Five Minute Warning: Jon bets Garfield he can't go five whole minutes without eating.
27 Oct. 1990
Wonderful World/U.S. Acres: The Orson Awards/The Garfield Workout
Wonderful World: Jon takes Garfield and Odie to a vacation at the theme park, Wonderful World, which is anything but wonderful as Al G. Swindler has taken it over and let it fall by the wayside. The Orson Awards: All the barnyard animals turn out to see who will take home the trophy for the Orson Awards. The Garfield Workout: Garfield presents his own ideas on working out, dieting, and how to tell if you're overweight.
3 Nov. 1990
All Things Fat and Small/U.S. Acres: Robin Hog/Hare Replacement
All Things Fat and Small: Jon competes with a wilderness guide for the affection of the women who have joined them on their wilderness trip; while Garfield and Odie meet up with some of the wild animals, who Garfield teaches how to get food from humans. Robin Hog: After Roy confiscates their crop of acorns, Orson gets hit in the head and imagines himself as Robin Hog going up against the evil Sheriff, which is Roy. Hare Replacement: Jon gets a rabbit for a magic trick he's going to perform, but the rabbit, who is tired of being pulled out of hats, runs off, leaving ...
10 Nov. 1990
Stick to It/U.S. Acres: Orson in Wonderland/For Cats Only
Odie gets lost when Garfield throws a stick too far. Orson dreams he is in Wonderland. Garfield hosts a special explaining the "true" origin of cats.
17 Nov. 1990
Mistakes Will Happen/U.S. Acres: The Well Dweller/The Wise Man
Garfield shows an episode filled with errors. During a drought, Orson meets a friendly alien. A chance meeting with a guru, convinces Jon to change his lifestyle.

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