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9 Oct. 1988
No More Mr. Nice Guy
On this evening's program, the repulsive Freddy Kruger (Robert Englund) explains how he became the bon vivant and fashion plate who we know and hate so well. Freddy's ramblings lead to the evening's drama, all about a fellow who decides that the best way to get ahead is to stomp on everyone in his path.
16 Oct. 1988
It's a Miserable Life
Freddy goes after a spring wood teenager whose stuck working at a burger joint owned by his father.
23 Oct. 1988
Killer Instinct
A high school track star, haunted by the recent death of her Olympic-medalist mother, is given her mother's magic crystal amulet, which brings to life her secret ambitions and extracts vengeance upon those who cause her pain.
30 Oct. 1988
Freddy's Tricks and Treats
Freddy harasses a young medical student on Halloween night, driving her to the brink of madness and beyond.
6 Nov. 1988
Judy Miller, Come on Down
A married woman is into watching game shows. She gets onto one, which becomes a nightmare wherein if she answers correctly, her husband dies. She wins $1,000,000 then travels back in time warning herself to get rid of the money or else her husband will die.
13 Nov. 1988
Saturday Night Special
Greg will lie about anything to get a date with a hot girl, but when she ends up being everything he has already lied about, he must die. Then her roommate wants to get ahead at work, so is introduced her to a beauty czar who makes her exquisitely lovely, which spells her downfall.
20 Nov. 1988
Sister's Keeper
In this follow-up to "No More Mr. Nice Guy," the twin daughters of the cop who killed Freddy find that whenever one is attacked by the man of their dreams, the other is wounded. So the sisters team up to try to get Freddy out of their dreams for good.
27 Nov. 1988
Mother's Day
When Billy's mother and new stepfather go on their honeymoon, he meets neighbor Barbara who convinces him to throw a party that proves to be fatal. Meanwhile a radio psychologist finds herself in hot water when she gives her callers bad advice.
11 Dec. 1988
Rebel Without a Car
He just wants to get out of town and skip college in his new Camaro, but she will do anything at all to join a local sorority which proves to be her ultimate downfall.
18 Oct. 1988
The Bride Wore Red
A groom to be gets a lesson in monogamy from the stripper from hell at his bachelor party and then his bride is overwhelmed with suspicion and mistrust and busts married men who cheat due to having caught her father step-out on mom when she was a child.
Do Dreams Bleed?
A young football star begins to have nightmares about a serial called "The Springwood Chopper, "after finding his last victim. Each dream reveals more of the killer until he is blamed for the killings. Now his girlfriend begins to experience the same dreams....who is the killer?
The End of the World
After a young woman realizes that she can use her dreams to alter her life by changing events that took place in childhood, she winds up in the clutches of the CIA, who use her to prevent nuclear disaster.
Cabin Fever
A jittery airline heir (Brett Cullen) finds himself on a flight to hell. Meanwhile a stewardess (Lezlie Deane) goes home with a charming passenger (Ted Demers) who may be too good to be true.
26 Feb. 1989
Love Stinks
After teenager Adam is coerced into having a one-night-stand with Loni, a girl he meets at a party, he finds that she's looking for a more permanent relationship. Meanwhile Adam's friend Max is forced to abandon his planned summer trip and take a job in a pizza place working under his creepy, tyrannical uncle.
12 Mar. 1989
The Art of Death
A tormented young artist freaks when his latest cartoon, The Phantom, leaps from the page to do his bidding. Meanwhile, after undergoing a traumatic experience, a claustrophobic is driven to the brink of madness.
7 May 1989
Missing Persons
A formerly fat college student returns to her childhood home to babysit two monstrous children who have a penchant for junk food. Meanwhile, a man wishes that he could spend a day in the life of someone else, but he soon regrets making that wish.
28 May 1989
Safe Sex
Two virginal teenagers lust after a goth girl who's obsessed with Freddy Krueger.

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