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Season 4

21 Sep. 1991
50 Million Men and a Baby
Laverne's cousin needs someone to watch her baby and the task is given to Barbara and Carol. Much to Harry's chagrin, the girls start talking about having a baby through a sperm bank.
28 Sep. 1991
Almost Like Being in Love
Harry is very enamored with his new beau, which gets him thinking about popping the question.
5 Oct. 1991
Her Cheatin' Heart
Lavarne goes on a date while Nick is out of town. Carol confesses to Babara that she stole her first boyfriend from her at camp years ago.
12 Oct. 1991
Food for Thought
Carol is tired of her job at the library so she decides to open a catering business. Meanwhile, Laverne is having problems with her mechanic getting her car repaired in a timely manner.
19 Oct. 1991
Harry's Got a Gun
Carol buys a gun after the Westons' house is robbed.
26 Oct. 1991
The Dreyfus Affair
Dreyfuss needs surgery so Harry hires only the best to preform it. Meanwhile Charley contemplates a career change.
2 Nov. 1991
Country Weston
Garth Brooks offers a job to Barbara as security chief on his tour. Charley's house is being fumigated so he moves in with the Westons.
9 Nov. 1991
A hurricane hits just as the Westons prepare to move out of the house.
16 Nov. 1991
Talk, Talk, Talk
Harry gets invited to be a call-in radio show about medicine. Meanwhile Barbara and Charley enter a chili cook-off.
23 Nov. 1991
Lonely Are the Brave
Barbara is being honored by the police, which sets off Carol's jealousy bug. Laverne upsets Harry when she questions a diagnosis of a patient.
7 Dec. 1991
If You Knew Andy Like I Know...
Carol starts a new relationship with a man who is a little self obsessed. Harry's new hire does not meet the standards that he has set.
14 Dec. 1991
My Nurse Is Back and There's Gonna Be Trouble...
While Laverne is away, Harry brings in his old nurse to cover for her vacation. But when Laverne gets back she tells Laverne that she isn't leaving and is going to take her job.
4 Jan. 1992
The Son of a Preacherman
Harry takes in a young boy to observe while he works, Harry finds out that he is only doing it because his father wants him to do it so he can become a doctor one day.
11 Jan. 1992
Carol starts to date one of Barbara's old boyfriends, which turns out bad for Carol as he seems to have feelings for Barbara still.
18 Jan. 1992
The Great Escape
Barbara and Carol are taken hostage by a escaped convict, with Harry and Laverne on there way to a medical seminar, they are short on people to rescue them.
1 Feb. 1992
The Mismatchmaker
Harry is doing his best to reconcile an old friend and his wife but is finding it difficult. Meanwhile Barbara hires Carol and her catering company to a Police function.
8 Feb. 1992
The Return of Aunt Susan
Aunt Susan makes an overdue visit, giving Carol the chance to get to know her better.
15 Feb. 1992
The Unimportance of Being Charley
Charley attempts to fool his parents when he tells them that he is Captain of the ship he works on. Meanwhile Carol believes that Harry favors Barbara over her.
22 Feb. 1992
Nick leaves Laverne for a woman in Japan. Barbara goes under cover at a college sorority to catch an alleged computer hacker.
29 Feb. 1992
Dr. Weston and Mr. Hyde
The full moon on Leap Day causes Harry to act most unusual when he throws out his back.
14 Mar. 1992
Charley for President
In need of a new home owner association President Carol pushes Charley into running for the position. Barbara tries all sorts of disguises to fool Dr. Weston while she is on an undercover job at the hospital.
28 Mar. 1992
Good Neighbor Harry
Carol's new boyfriend in amazing, but has a very annoying laugh. Meanwhile Harry does a good deed for a neighbor, which ends up backfiring on him as she soon won't leave his side.
25 Apr. 1992
Final Analysis
Carol starts to feel good and is nearing a breakthrough in therapy when her therapist dies she feels lost. Harry's new patient likes to make smart ass remarks towards him.
2 May 1992
Charley and the Westons travel to England where they head to their ancestral home of Weston Castle. Harry is going to be awarded the Sword of Weston. As Harry explores the castle he ends up getting lost, follows a secret passage and ends up in the dungeon.

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