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Season 1

8 Oct. 1988
Harry is proposed to eighteen months after the death of his wife.
22 Oct. 1988
The Check Isn't in the Mail
Carol gets all dolled up for a date with her contemptible ex-husband. Harry thinks Dreyfuss may be sick.
29 Oct. 1988
Barbara Gets Shot
After Barbara is Shot, Harry is determined to get her to quit the force.
5 Nov. 1988
Fatal Attraction
When neighbor Blanche Devereaux visits the Westons, she causes a problem when she has an attraction for Harry.
12 Nov. 1988
Father of the Bride
Barbara accepts her surgeon boyfriends proposal, which makes Harry thrilled, but could wet feat be the downfall to the happy event?
19 Nov. 1988
Harry's Vacation
Despite his objections Barbara and Carol send Harry on Vacation, which leads to him thinking that he is a burden.
26 Nov. 1988
Tinker to Evers to Tucson
Laverne informs Harry that she's leaving because her husband, a baseball player is being traded. Not wanting to lose her, Harry goes to the owner to make a wager so that Laverne will stay but he loses.
3 Dec. 1988
What's a Father to Do?
Harry is forced to decided between going to Carol's art show or Barbara's Medal Ceremony which both happen at the same time.
10 Dec. 1988
Harry's Friend
When Carol starts dating a new man, Harry is put into an uncomfortable situation when it turns out to be an old friend of his.
17 Dec. 1988
Libby's Gift
Harold receives an organ that Libby ordered before her passing and is determined to play it for their anniversary.
7 Jan. 1989
The First Time - Again
Harry's going away with a female doctor he's been seeing. When he learns they're going to be staying at a hotel, he fears that means he will have to get intimate with her. And he hasn't been with anyone since his wife. So he talks to both of his daughters who have different views on the matter. Even Charley gives his points in.
14 Jan. 1989
Full Nest
When financial troubles force Barbara to move back into Harry's home, she finds its not all the it is cracked up to be, especially when a lonely Barbara also decides to make the move back home.
28 Jan. 1989
Here's a Howdy-Do
Harry is concerned that no one likes his new girlfriend, that is until they breakup and he sees her for her true self. Meanwhile Carol begins to rethink things as well after realizing she had no problem with Harry's ex.
4 Feb. 1989
Strange Bedfellows
Carol's been seeing a guy who is an activist. And when he says that he plans to go out of the country Carol offers to go with him and Harry tells her that she's being hasty. One of Harry's patients develops a crush on Laverne. And she decides to deal with it by going out with him.
6 Feb. 1989
Tears of a Clown
Carol gets a new job as Public Relations director of the hospital, this all goes well until she inadvertently reveals that Poko the clown (local celebrity) has some nasty mental problems at a press conference. Meanwhile Charlie tries to get a promotion at work and needs Barbara's help to get it.
11 Feb. 1989
Blame It on the Moon
There is a full moon and romance is in the air for all the Westons - even Dreyfuss.
18 Feb. 1989
Barbara gets lessons from Carol about life as a "dumpee" after Dorothy Zbornak's nephew breaks up with her.
25 Feb. 1989
The More Things Change...
When Harry learns that he has to move out of the office where he has been for many years. He goes to the woman in charge of his reassignment. And she offers to let him stay where he is for something in return. Harry has to decide if he's willing to give it.
4 Mar. 1989
Man of the Year
When Harry is honored by his alma mater, his father whom he doesn't have a good relationship with comes to take part in the festivities. When the girls wonder why Harry who doesn't have a good relationship with his father is letting him take part in the festivities. Harry tells them that it's because he helped him get into medical school but when Harry learns the truth things change.
18 Mar. 1989
Cyrano de Weston
Harry writes a love letter for a lady that Charlie wants to date but complications soon arise. Meanwhile, the girl's great aunt passed away and the gifts she left for each girl cause some problems.
25 Mar. 1989
My Sister, My Friend
Harry in hoping he can get the girls to get along, promises to take them to Paris if their are no more fights between them. Meanwhile Charley gets more then he bargained for in a poker game.
1 Apr. 1989
A Life in the Day
We watch Dr Westin visit different patients in a the matter of a short episode. Only to find out that we are following the life of little Billy from newborn to 18 years old and how much a family doctor can have an impact on a young man's life. In additon, a young patient can incredibly have a great impact on a good doctor's life as well.

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