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A truly important show
mastoforoff25 July 2004
With garbage like so-called reality shows, Survivor, etc. which have absolutely no basis in reality, this is one show that truly deserves the title of a reality show, John Walsh has probably helped to solve more heinous crimes than any police detective in history. I don't watch AMW that often, mostly cuz where I live very little serious crime happens (I live in the boondocks), but I admire what Mr. Walsh is trying to accomplish, I think John Walsh deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for his show, but I get the feeling that if he were to ever win such an honour he would donate the money to a charity that specializes in helping victims families cope with crimes that were thrust upon them by sick criminals.
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Long Live America's Most Wanted!!!
Bash8 February 2005
"America's Most Wanted" (AMW) has been the fastest-growing reality crime television show that has ever been aired. Its workers have been so clever and practical on catching fugitives, finding missing persons, and solving many problems. AMW has done such an excellent and superior job that no other organization could otherwise do.

I study Criminal Justice and this show helps me to learn more about "Justice" and how it actually works. "America's Most Wanted" MUST NOT end its airing. Let this show keep on airing, forever! And remember, you can make not just one difference, but you can make many differences.
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If there were ever someone who hasn't been rewarded enough.
Neil Sorensen16 June 2004
John Walsh is one of those rare individuals who has turned a horrifying personal tragedy into an unmatched strength. I cannot thank him enough for championing the rights of the victims of crimes in a society that seems to care more for the rights of the criminals. This is a man whose mission in life is to speak on the victim's behalf and put the scumbag criminals where they should be. IN JAIL WHERE THEY BELONG! Thank you so very much Mr. Walsh for fighting for those people who have been victimized by crime, and for giving a voice to those who have been silenced. With more people like John Walsh we can take back our streets and live together in peace. I would like to think that this man has given a very large sense of closure to the great many people who have been the victims of crime.
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Way to fight back John!
Brian-2728 June 2001
In the summer of 1981 in Hollywood, Florida when Adam Walsh was abducted and murdered it sent off a panic and fear all over the United States. The father of Adam that being John Walsh lobbied Congress to pass the Missing Children's Bill to facilitate the police in such cases all around the country and a national center for missing children was even created. Then in 1988 John Walsh with his special interest had a nationwide show "America's Most Wanted" which was seen as a criminal search. By 1995 350 profiled criminals had been captured with the help of viewer tips. This series is so popular that it still currently shows on FOX and has made host John Walsh so well known that he is considered a celebrity to many people. The most terrible crimes such as murder and rape and serial killings are profiled so this is serious stuff. John Walsh may have lost a son to crime but he fights for not only Adam but many other victims to show the rights of a victim must be noticed and most important of all the goal is to catch a criminal.
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Good news magazine show which has helped capture many dangerous criminals
Catherine_Grace_Zeh1 August 2007
"AMERICA'S MOST WANTED," in my opinion, is a good news magazine show which has helped capture many dangerous criminals. I enjoy seeing John Walsh as the host. There are many reasons why I said that. Also, I had no idea that John Walsh lost his own son to violence until maybe a few years ago. If you ask me, it seems that many criminals seem to get set free on technicalities due to a lack of evidence or some other hole in a case. Still, I enjoy hearing about dangerous fugitives getting what they deserve. The only thing I don't like hearing about are when someone has been murdered or gone missing. Now, in conclusion, I hope this show never ends.
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The Show
vandermeydenise20 November 2014
i love this show, because, i know its helpful to the American people to know that there is someone like John Walsh, and your company wanting to find those wicked people who harm our children, commit murder, and rape whatever else happens, knowing someone is out there helping people for justice sake.

Could you please help me and my husband ? Our retirement $286,000.00 was stolen from us in a Ponzi scheme from Dan Register and Doug Mears who worked for Leland National Gold in Beverly Hills, Ca. My husband Dr. H. Ronald Vandermey worked as a history teacher at Toll Middle School in Glendale, for 25 years. i've also worked as a Janitor and Home health Care Provider for 6 years. We invested with Wprld Bank around the year 2000, and then the guy working with us then ( a personal friend from church,Del Mar Lee) retired and then handed everything over to Dan Register. Then, World Bank went Belly up. Dan still handled our money while working for Leland National Gold in Beverly Hills. Our money was just GONE the day Osama Bin Laden was caught. Dan has "teased us" about our money. I want to see our money returned and him and Doug Mears both behind bars. Please help us. My husband has had to go back to work after retiring , and is now can only be a substitute teacher. Thank you for taking this. Please call us at my home phone: 1-818-500- 8248, or my husband's cell phone: Ron Vandermey 1-818-257-0327. He and Iwould love to talk to you. Love, Denise Vandermey
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Turning This TV Hour into a Roll Call Training Session for the Nationwide Eyes & Ears of Our Police, people like YOU!
John T. Ryan20 February 2008
Sometimes a truly brilliant idea emerges which was seemingly under all of our noses all along! Perhaps it was just a little too obvious, and no one ever began the often unconscious process of "connecting the dots!" Such a concept was "AMERICA'S MOST WANTED!" (1988-Present).

With the creation of this top rated Saturday Evening Fox Network stalwart, the dissemination of valuable information on the most serious of crimes is transmitted "from Maine to California", Florida to Alaska and Washington, D.C. to Hawaii. The use of the finest of Television Arts & Sciences goes into the preparation of the program segments which detail the background to some of the most heinous crimes of recent times. Many crimes are re-staged in docudrama fashion, making the incidents vivid and memorable to all who view.

There is an old principle in Police Work, one which is as old as sin itself, that the Quality of Police Work is only as good as the input received from the Citizenry. In other words we need the help and information from those people out there in the Community.

The people at the Fox Network took the idea step further; by building this weekly series around this concept. So, instead of having the problem of Budgetary Constraints. Every Federal, State, County and Municipality has their trouble with the "Suits" and "Bean Counters". Following the Fox Television method, we not only don't need to use any Tax Generated Public Funding, but rather the opposite occurs. A popular show like "AMERICA'S MOST WANTED" actually generates monies via the application of Free Enterprise make it profitable for the Network.

And that is a most desirable situation; and one that has now been responsible for???? Captures of these Wanted Fugitives! AS for the Host, John Walsh; how can we say enough? For those who haven't heard the story, Mr. Walsh's Son was Kidnapped and being held for a Ransom; but the scum went ahead and killed the Walsh Boy in the most despicable way. We cannot imagine the unbelievable grief, horror and shock that must run through him; even to this day.

But John Walsh channeled his energy in an effort to bring as many of the most vicious and deadly killers, stick-up scum, burglars, junkies and other sub-human dirt* to justice. Mr. Walsh has done a great, selfless and magnanimous gesture in his quest that others will be spared the indescribable grief that he and his Whole Family endured.

For "AMERICA'S MOST WANTED" and indeed for all of America, Canada and the rest of the World; we say, "God Bless You, John Walsh and may you go directly to the Lord when the Time comes!" NOTE: * There is a tendency on the part of many of us to refer to these disgusting creeps, "Animals". Well, folks we respectfully beg to differ; for we never have seen such behaviour from 'dumb' animals!.
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Lots of Criminals Caught Over This Show!
ShelbyTMItchell12 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Show that has put away more criminals away due to this groundbreaking show. As really not a fan of John Walsh despite him losing his son in such a heinous way.

But still really a great show that despite the sometimes bad acting and writing. Still it has put away a lot of criminals and still doing so. Even though the show is now on Lifetime and not on Fox.

Where it was for the nearly past twenty years. Still trying to put away criminals that need to get off the streets and into a jail cell! And how they do their best to have families that were victimized finally find some closure or won't rest until the last criminal is brought to justice.
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Please don't take off the air
dfer5287639 January 2012
I loved watching America's Most Wanted, it was very educational to see how things are done in finding criminals. Anytime we can get the criminals off the street is a good thing and anything that will help should not be stopped or hindered.

It also shows people all the different things to look for when meeting new people, weather it be a new neighbor, friend or co-worker. You just can't be too careful now a days with anyone, even family members or neighbors you thought you could trust.

Please make sure this show is never taken off the air for any reason because you will be doing this Country a disservice.
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Wants to make sure root for justice.
OllieSuave-0071 August 2017
This is a rather exciting reality TV series featuring John Walsh hosting stories targeting America's most wanted criminals. As he narrates, actors reenact events of those crimes.

It's a very daring, suspenseful and intriguing TV show as it shows the intensity, endurance and courage in describing these criminals and narrating the events surrounding their crimes. It gives you the sense to root for justice and to have these crooks nabbed.

Walsh does a great job narrating, providing eloquence, professionalism and authority. It is also heartfelt seeing him as I'm sure viewers resonate with him in his own personal story involving his son Adam.

This is one of the better reality crime shows out there.

Grade A
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Americas most wanted
pfriverfalls31 March 2008
I have found it more difficult to maintain respect for this show and what it seems to stand for. Since when is it necessary to post credit card information to participate in a meassage board. But after watching John Walsh and his show it seems to be more about him and his ego, than the over all good of the people they are supposed to be serving. As cruel as it sounds it is hard to respect a man who has made millions on his child's pain and suffering. What I once saw as a noble cause with people who seemed to be above reproach is just a bunch of phony baloney dribble. So buy a tee shirt or two and make a shallow schmuck rich. Good Day....
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A great idea is brought forward to create one of the most important shows on television
mOVIemAN5619 September 2005
Warning: Spoilers
John Walsh hosts, in my opinion, one of the most important shows on TV. America's Most Wanted profiles some of the most important and unsolved criminal cases to viewers all across the United States. Dramitizations are also presented to help the viewer to get a sense of what actually happened and evidence (in some cases never seen before) is presented to help with the investigation.

The show has helped to capture something like 700 criminals since 1988 and is still showing new cases and helping the FBI and police agencies around the country capture wanted criminals. John Walsh has helped to bring down criminals all in a personal side with the murder of his son and the show is a tribute to him in catching the scum of society. Due society a favor in helping catch criminals by watching this and if not for that reason then just watch it for the entertainment. Who knows? You may help catch a felon.

America's Most Wanted. Hosted by John Walsh

4 out of 5 Stars
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Durable show
4-Kane7 February 2009
America's Most Wanted began as a mid-season replacement in early 1988, and now, twenty-one years later, it shows no sign of slowing down. To date, more than one thousand fugitives profiled on the show have been caught (or, in some cases, found deceased).

It is interesting to note that John Walsh wasn't the only person who was approached about hosting AMW. A number of actors were also considered, including: Treat Williams and Theresa Saldana. True crime author/former detective Joseph Wambaugh was another candidate for the job. However, the studio wanted John Walsh, apparently because he had the credibility they were looking for; the 1981 abduction and murder of his son Adam turned him into an activist, which resulted in the passage of laws that required law enforcement agencies to become more involved in the search for missing persons.

Walsh was reluctant at first, but the case of a fugitive named David James Roberts finalized his decision to host the show. A few days after the AMW pilot aired in February 1988, Roberts, who murdered four people (including two small children) became the show's first capture. Walsh was admittedly nervous during the taping of the pilot, and it was evident.

I still remember the day in 1996 when Fox announced its decision to cancel America's Most Wanted. This surprise announcement prompted viewers (including myself), law enforcement agencies, politicians, and government officials to protest the decision. The public outcry resulted in the show returning to the air in November 1996, after being off the air for six weeks. The day AMW was reinstated was a great day.

The show airs on Saturday nights. Although we have reached the era where Saturday is generally one of the least watched nights for prime-time television, America's Most Wanted continues to be a durable and consistently watched television program.
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Jack Thompson is like john Walsh, only, people like John Walsh.
The_Light_Triton8 March 2008
if there was any TV actor who was serious about his work, it's certainly John Walsh. I seem to be comparing multiple things to Jack Thompson lately, and john Walsh is seemingly a perfect comparison.

For one, How the idea of America's most wanted got started, is because Walsh's 6 year old son went missing from a sears department store in 1981, while his mother went shopping for a lamp, Adam, John Walsh's son, was playing with a video game setup with 3 other boys, when a 17 year old security guard asked them to leave. when Mrs. Walsh returned for her son, he was gone.

16 days later, Adam Walsh's Severed head was found in a drainage ditch, while police recovered his head, his body was never found. sadly, the man who was accused of murdering Adam Walsh, was never convicted, but despite it, lost his freedom to other various crimes, and died 15 years later. police also believe the very sick and demented Jeffery Dahmer might have been involved, which could explain why Adam's body was never found, but thats another story.

This story inspired Adam Walsh's father, john Walsh, to bring other criminals to justice, via people who might have seen the criminal at certain places, which could come to a very quick arrest. this brings us to America's most wanted, which as of this date, March 8th, 2008, has seen 983 criminals brought to justice. thats only 17 below 1000.

Since then, john Walsh has been hosting a show that brings a country together, and criminals to justice.

Despite the fact that john Walsh might seem like a bully to people that are wanted for petty crimes, he deserves every second he can get to bully those criminals. if you had your only son brutally murdered and dismembered, you'd feel very angry inside and you'd want your own personal revenge.

In comparison to jack Thompson, john Walsh is serious about making this world safe, but at least people like him for it. jack Thompson, the infamous lawyer who hates video games, he's just in it for himself. and how many people do you know actually like jack? As for the TV show, which doesn't need much explanation, deserves an 8 out of 10 rating. it's a little over-dramatized, but it has brought down a lot of criminals. 983 to be exact, at the moment.
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Who Needs Lousy Fictional Crime Motion Pics When You Got This Persuading Reality Show?!
The_Angel_Hunter2 February 2008
I got to say, John Walsh has made so many efforts to solve many criminal cases and bring many criminals to justice. In addition, he has made so many efforts also to help recover missing persons. He is full of sympathy, generosity, service, and intelligence, especially since the senseless abduction and murder of his only son, Adam. So why did Adam become such a victim? I still don't understand that.

I began watching this show when I finally decided to discontinue my interest in fiction, which is absolutely misleading. Actuality, on the other hand, is more entertaining, realistic, and educating. Don't forget, "documentary." If it wasn't for John Walsh, then my interest in fiction may never end. Thank you so much John, and a great amount of thanks to all the AMW cast and crew for making the show effective and important and for showing us the good sides and the glimpses of the real world. Great work!!! And remember, we CAN make a difference!
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AMW is great!
LezJB24 November 2007
I agree with anyone that enjoys the show. I worked there for a while and I enjoyed everyday that I was there. You would not believe the amount of time and energy that is spent on each case from the selection process, to the re-enactments to the follow up's from the tips received at the hotline. considering the amount of tips received on a Saturday night it is no wonder this show has been on the air for so long. I will most likely be returning to the show but I just wanted to give my comments and really encourage continued viewership and support. It truly is a unique show. It should be around for many more years to come. The people behind the scenes are truly dedicated and deserve a standing ovation for the work they put into each episode.
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