Withnail & I (1987) Poster


Plot Keywords

cottage actor
rain friendship
food drug dealer
drink countryside
three word title thinness
starving irony
black comedy grunge
degradation vomiting
telegram hippie
rural setting out of work actor
unwashed dishes kitchen
pot smoking oven
boots jaguar the car
year 1969 low budget film
reference to william shakespeare buddy
flatulence writer
wrecking ball wolf
wine windshield wiper
whiskey wellington boots
voice over narration valium
urine urination
unemployment underwear
uncle nephew relationship twenty something
tv show tv commercial
thirty something thermostat
theatre production telephone
tea tearoom
strangulation steroid
soup sleeplessness
sleeping on a sofa shooting
shooting a fish sherry
shaving sharing a bed
sense of smell rubber gloves
rifle restaurant
refugee reference to r. c. sherriff
reference to michael redgrave reference to journey's end the play
reference to donald wolfit reckless driving
rat rabbit
poverty politics
police policeman
pliers plastic bag
plastic bag over one's leg plastic bags on feet
pill photograph
pheasant perfume
penrhys wales park bench
paranoia newspaper
neighbor multi millionaire
mother son relationship money
millionaire men's bathroom
medicine marijuana
love london england
lantern key
jew illness
hunting homosexual
heart condition burnt hand
gunfire goat
globe gin
gay friend
forgiveness fish
fishing with a gun fight
fear father son relationship
farm farmer
faithfulness eyeglasses
eel eccentric
drug use drinking
dreams of stardom drama school
doll dog
creek cow
cooking conservative
coffee clock
cigarette smoking cigar smoking
cider chicken
cat card playing
candle camden town london
cake cafe
bum bull
briefs bed
bath bathtub
baldness autobiographical
audition athlete
aspirin apron
anxiety alcoholic
theatrical agent punctuation in title
ampersand in title farmhouse
reference to shakespeare's hamlet squalor
darkness lighter fluid
drunkenness roommate
wilderness shotgun
pub poacher
homosexuality hairdresser
haircut english countryside
drunk driving dark comedy
cult film construction site
1960s independent film
character name in title

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