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I might be beaten for this...
BHorrorWriter1 October 2001
...But I like this movie....

Critics hate it...Fans hate it....I think even the cast of this movie probably hate themselves for being in it...But i can't help it...I find it to be silly, good humor that always makes me laugh...Madonna is showing us a different side of her, true this was 14 years ago..but still..she was very amusing to watch...

7 out of 10
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kcfl23 February 2002
The critics pile on most post-"Desperately" Madonna comedies, but this was not at all bad. It's a latter-day "Bringing Up Baby," and it's no insult to the memory of Hawks, Grant and Hepburn to say this was almost as good. Not ringing praise, but I think fans of screwball owe it to themselves to see it. Madonna's Golden Globe for "Evita" and stunning film debut in "Susan" were no fluke; she is quite funny here. Griffin Dunne is a worthy foil, as she brings out his best performance. I defy non-Grinches not to laugh when she pulls a "Knock Knock" joke at a staid coop board meeting. See it.
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Better than most of the recent "comedies" that focus on "gross-out" humor.
actiontalent29 January 2002
Admittedly I was only 13 years old when I first saw this movie (in the theater), but it has always been one of my favorites.

The story line was held together with some of the best lines. (I still quote them today). Madonna gets slammed for so many reasons, this movie should not be one of them. She and Griffin Dunne made a fun, quirky couple. It did not pretend to be anything than what it was, and who can find fault with that?

This movie was part farce, part mystery (okay, not up to Agatha Christie standards) and part romantic comedy. It was no worse than most films that fall into the romantic comedy genre, if anything it is one of the better ones.

For those of you out there who hate Madonna, by all means avoid this film, why torture yourself? But for anyone who likes her, or just wants to see a light, fluffy story with some great music (let's hear it for Scritti Politti)then "Who's That Girl" is a fun, nostalgic trip that will have you laughing in no time.

Laugh at Buck, the delivery driver, or Griffin Dunne in that top hat and tails, and who could forget the bridesmaids, having been kidnapped and tied together, hitting on the cops? I'm laughing just thinking about it.
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Madonna's best film.
ajpublic26 November 2004
As most positive reviews have already stated – If your not a Madonna fan, you probably won't like this movie. However, as a Madonna fan, I saw this movie when it played on cable the first time, around 1988, I enjoyed this movie then and I still enjoy it now.

It's not deep or even based in reality but it is just very fun to watch. Madonna gives a great performance as Nikki Finn; she's funny, sexy and assertive. It's clear she carries the film; I've read other user's comparisons to Judy Holiday and Marilyn Monroe, and to me, that's not bad company to be associated with.

Her character is simply mesmerizing on screen, in late 80's fashion of course...I don't know about the rest of you, but I just enjoy seeing the Madonna we grew to love, before her exploitive stage, before she 'gave the farm away' so to speak, she was sexier then.

How about the soundtrack? Great especially the theme song… And Griffin Dunne is hilarious by the way. B+
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Madonna as herself
caspian197820 June 2004
The singer / icon known as Madonna in the 1980's was Nikki Finn. The outrageous and very funny little girl with a sketchy past could only be played Madonna. Who's that Girl is a romantic comedy about two completely different who end up falling in love under the most unusual circumstances. Although its not a great comedy, the story is genuine and the acting holds up. Surprisingly, Madonna does not use her sexuality as much as she has in the past and in future films. Her funniness and charm wins over the audience. Although she is very sexy, she does not use her eye candy to draw the audience. A coming of age drama in the sense that Madonna is growing up and trying to break away from her past. In the end, the movie showcases Madonna as an actress and not the singer. Not since Desperately Seeking Susan two years before, that a film took a chance to promote Madonna off the stage (music) and onto the big screen as a comedic actress.
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All right, look. I know nobody likes it...
sarcastababe18 January 2001
...but I am sorry. I dig this movie. I cannot help it. I admire Madonna greatly for her staying power; by some people's standards, Madonna has been around forever, and EVERYONE knows who she is. My take is this: kooky Nikki Finn dragging pathetically straightlaced Louden Trott all around the city on her own agenda, right after she's gotten out of the joint, is FUNNY. Is this movie immature? Yeah, sometimes. Is it predictable? Yeah, sometimes. Is it a fluffy little film that's regarded by some as a cheesy classic of the eighties? Yep. As Madonna said later, "Why don't you just deal with it?" :)
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Not as bad as its reputation
Boyo-210 June 2002
I saw this movie the day it opened in NYC, at the Ziegfield. At the time Madonna was not quite the cultural icon she is now. She had a couple of hits, was very good in "Desparately Seeking Susan" and I had tickets to see her in concert at Giants Stadium.

"Who's That Girl?" gives Madonna an actual role to play, which is not just a variation of her own personality. She does the madcap/heroine routine better than you might think. Griffin Dunne is very well cast as the man around to witness all the shenanigans.

The story involves a huge cat named Murray, a bride-to-be who has slept with every cabbie in NYC, a mean father-in-law, and a key. There are a lot of car chases and cops trailing their path. All the elements of a screwball comedy intact.

Sir John Mills is seen briefly. He shares a glass of champagne with the leads and has the greatest apartment on the Upper West Side, complete with a rain forest and everything.

Compared to most Madonna movies (the ones I've been able to tolerate anyway), this is fantastic. On its own, its not that bad. 6/10.

PS The concert was lousy.
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Who's That Girl: The Early Marxism of Madonna
MeHead11 August 2000
Before she appeared in a series of Freudian dramas (Body of Evidence, Dangerous Game, Evita), Madonna experimented with juxtaposing the Nabokovian ideal of naive nymphette (see Desperately Seeking Susan) with that of unabashed working-class sexuality. What results is a masterpiece of subtle Neo-Marxist Feminism, culminated in the character of Nikki Fin. At the onset we're forced to inquire about Nikki's identity: Really, who is that girl? Is she dressing that way intentionally? Does her sartorial behavior undermine or fuel her existential yearnings? Disguised as a comedy, Who's That Girl toys with the notion that under certain social imperatives (read capitalism reeling from Reaganomics) women must find purpose by not simply exercising hostility on their male peers, but expect social gain and subordination from their attempts. Can I recommend Who's That Girl? Wholeheartedly, I can.
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"Good 80's Comedy!"
gwnightscream24 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Madonna, Griffin Dunne, Haviland Morris, John McMartin and John Mills star in this 1987 comedy. This begins in a New York prison where we meet convict, Nikki Finn (Madonna) who is being released after serving 4 years for murder. Soon, an up-town lawyer, Louden Trott (Dunne) is sent by his boss & soon to be father-in-law, Simon Worthington (McMartin) to pick her up and take her to the bus station where she will go home to Philadelphia. He soon finds himself falling for Nikki while trying to help her prove her innocence and learns that Simon is behind her set up. Mills plays wealthy animal collector, Montgomery Bell whom Louden delivers a cat, Murray to. I've always liked this film, Madonna and Griffin have good chemistry and I like the soundtrack. I recommend this good 80's comedy.
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Madonna: Comedic Actress
misslv8017 April 2004
I kid you not. Yes, "Who's That Girl" has the distinction for being one in a string of Madonna's films that bombed, but I actually liked this movie more than "Desperately Seeking Susan". In "Susan", Madonna's character is relegated to being second-fiddle to Rosanna Arquette and is not given much to work with. No disrespect to Rosanna, but in WTG Madonna plays this zany, outrageous character, only done in an 80s style. While it may seem "cheesy" today, this is actually one of Madonna's best and one of her most underrated films.

Madonna plays Nikki Finn, an ex-con who is sent to the slammer for a crime she didn't commit. She's being released from jail after four years of good behavior. Griffin Dunne, who is also a very underrated actor, plays Louden Trott, a lawyer who has the unpleasant task of picking her up from jail to take her to the bus station. Of course, when these two get together, that's when the madness happens. Sir John Mills has a small role as the rich businessman who has a huge mansion in the middle of Manhattan with a rainforest(???) on his roof.

This movie parodies everything. Rich people, the sleazy characters who live in Harlem and totally destroy Louden's Rolls-Royce, the gay cops who follow Madonna and Dunne around town, and Dunne's stuck-up fiance Wendy Worthington who has purportedly slept with every cab driver in New York City (played by Haviland Morris, who was Jake's girlfriend Caroline in Sixteen Candles). Hilarious! Plus, Dunne is also in charge of a rare breed of leopard reminiscent of "Bringing Up Baby". Plus, Madonna had a great platinum blonde 80s look back in those days and the movie has a great soundtrack. Throw this all into the mix and you have the zaniness of WTG.

Madonna is the queen of deadpan acting. There are times in the movie where she says a line totally straight and surprisingly, it turns out to be funny! That's how some of the best comedy should be played - straight. Madonna should have done more comedy and it was a shame that she did not choose to do so. Later on she became much more controversial and got into more of the dark, sexually-charged roles in the notorious movies "Body of Evidence" and "Dangerous Game".

Some people say Madonna cannot act, and that is fine, people are entitled to their opinion, but I believe the real problem is that people cannot see the difference between Madonna playing a character on film, instead they still see only Madonna and that is main reason why she is given more respect for her music than for her movies. It's still a fun, screwball comedy of the 80s. Not for everyone, I'm sure some of you will dislike it, so I would recommend it mainly for Madonna fans, but you never know, you might be surprised and like it!

Interesting note: One of Madonna's friends from her early-80s New York club days, Coati Mundi, who plays Raoul, was a member in the bands Kid Creole and The Coconuts and Savannah Band.
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A great Madonna flick with good music, acting and directing
pault732 November 2004
If you like Madonna or not, this movie is hilarious!! I am a Madonna fan and did see this in the theater at the time of its release. However, over time it has not lost its silliness and pure fun. Sure there are some bad lines & cheesy acting but the whole film is just a screwball comedy with Madonna actually carrying the whole film with great bombast. She is cute,funny, and is the only comedic role of her movie career. Madonna usually just plays 'herself' in roles but watching her as Nikki Finn in this film, she really seems like somebody else for once. Of course the film is directed by James Foley (who filmed the dramatic and haunting 'At Close Range' with Sean Penn & Christopher Walken) and co-stars Griffin dunn ('After Hours') who is also brilliantly cast and has fun with the material. The story is nothing genius and don't expect some climatic ending but if you are ever in the mood to watch a fun, clean, 80's romp or if you are a Madonna fan than this is a MUST SEE. The Soundtrack is also very notable and contains 4 Madonna songs: the #1 hit "Who's That Girl", the #2 hit "Causing A Commotion" and the beautiful and one of her best ever ballads "The Look of Love''(Top 10 Hit in the UK) and "Can't Stop" a left over pop ditty from the 'True BLue' sessions the year before. It is only on VHS but will soon be available on DVD.
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Great Funny Movie!
tjay17771 February 2002
Why does everyone say this movie is horrible and stupid and everything else bad that you can think of outta the book! Come on! Its so funny! Madonna is hilarious! In most of the movie, I'am cracking up. Espicially the part where she is driving. Now that was funny. Anyone who hasn't seen this movie should! Trust me! You'll be laughing alot! :)
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An enjoyable lightweight comedy
Tweekums24 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Things should be going well for lawyer Loudon Trott as he is due to get married to the daughter of one of New York's wealthiest men the next day; he just has to do a couple of things first… pick up a cat and then drive a woman to the bus station. Neither go according to plan; the cat is some sort of endangered cougar and the woman, Nikki Finn, has just been released from prison and wants to do a few things before catching her bus such as getting a gun in Harlem and acquiring the evidence to prove that she didn't murder her boyfriend. This means getting a safety deposit box number from the actual murderer before she can learn who he was working for.

This is a fairly lightweight film but that doesn't stop it being rather fun. There are plenty of laughs and some decent comedy action. Madonna is a lot of fun as the slightly punky Nikki; as Laudon states in the film she is a real force of nature. Griffin Dunne is also good as the uptight Laudon; his character is far less 'in your face' but still provides some good laughs. While it is these two who carry the film the rest of the cast are pretty good too. The ending is entirely predictable but that isn't really a problem as all about how we get to that ending. Overall I wouldn't say this is a must see film but if you want a decent, inoffensive '80s comedy you could do a lot worse.
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A good comedy and Madonna such a fun to watch!
Movie Enthusiast22 May 2016
I do not understand at all, why this comedy got so much criticism. I love this little comedy, it is so full of fun and I also love Madonnas character. So whole-hearthedly I give it 7. I think everything in this movie comes together very well: the funny idea, directing and acting. Madonna is brilliant as revenge-seeking Nikki Finn, a girl who is a funny mixture of childishness, craziness, other-worldliness and sex-appeal. The funniest bit is when she climbs over the fence in a leather jacket and a tutu, to save her one true love. Madonna is not afraid to be totally silly in this role and really becomes the character she is playing.

I saw it first time on a day when I was very very sad and down, on the edge of breakdown, and this little comedy made my day. When finished watching, instead of tears of sadness I had tears from laughter on my face. I whole heartedly recommend this. And yes, Madonna can act - not just in this movie, in other ones too!
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a waste of time and brain power
hans_schlaikier22 April 2006
This is the epitome of bad 80's film-making, unless you are a pre-pubescent girl. Riding on a big name like madonna, a story line that physically assaults one's intelligence and humour that is most suited for a nursery school. If there was ever any doubt i think this turd of a movie clearly displays Madonna's absolute lack of acting talent and made me feel highly embarrassed on her behalf. The only thing i can't believe is that they ever let the director near another movie again. Madonna spends most of the movie prancing around like an infantile rag doll, and talking like a baby. It is painfully obvious that the only reason this movie was ever made was due to the fact that Madonna was a big name in pop music at the time. DO NOT BE DUPED INTO SEEING THIS AWFUL ATTEMPT TO CASH IN ON POP STARDOM. Stay away at all costs!
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Madonna at her finest
rjhey19 June 2003
Fantastic, Madonna at her finest, the film is funny and her acting is brilliant. It may have been made in the 80's but it has all the qualities of a modern Hollywood Block-buster. I love this film and i think its totally unique and will cheer up any droopy person within a matter of minutes. Fantastic.
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Sweet and Funny!
Lena-n-Joey11 July 2002
One of the funniest, most romantic, and most musical movies ever; definitely worth renting/buying especially if you have a taste for older style of cinematography.

The animals and the songs alone will make you smile while watching the movie. A definite must for Madonna fans. :o)
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MADONNA'S That Girl!
AncientLegends11 October 1999
I love this movie!! Sure I love it because of Madonna but who cares - it's damn funny!!! *ALANiS Rocks*. When I first saw this film in the theatres back in 1987, I thought it was all out hilarious! Madonna is so funny and I love her dubbed accent and wacky/funky look. The all-time funniest part is when Madonna(Nikki) screams at a man who is about to get into a taxi. And also when Griffin Dunne(Louden)trips and falls at the apartment interview scene. **ALANiS Rocks**. Madonna's character Nikki steals/shop lifts and fools people throughout the whole movie - her hilarious antics are enough to keep you on the floor the whole time. "Didn't rob nothin', when you rob a store you stick up the cashier. We busted a few tapes, there's a bit of a difference" I love that!!! It's classic. ***ALANiS Rocks***. I don't know why this movie got slammed the way it did. I see nothing wrong with it - course maybe if you're a huge Madonna fan then whatever she does is just awesome. Anyone out there who wants to see some funny, classic entertainment then watch "Who's That Girl?" And another very important fact that of which should be known to all man kind or at least to all that exist, ALANiS will always "rock ya" completely to the end! So does Madonna in this film, and just entirely! Her acting is superb!
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Marry me, Nikki Finn!
muviman25 June 2006
Nikki Finn is the kind of girl I would marry. Never boring, always thinking positively, good with animals. Okay, as one reviewer wrote, a bit too much peroxide, lipstick, and eyebrows (Only Madonna could get away with that). But that's why I love Nikki Finn, she's not your ordinary girl. She makes things happen, always exciting to be around, and always honest. Sure, she steals, but she doesn't rob or murder (unless you're out to do her in). She knows which rules can be broken and which ones should be obeyed. She knows what to take and what can't be stolen. If you need a favor from her, she's in 100%. Bottom line: She knows how to enjoy life. Nikki is always loving (which is why she has a way with wild animals), and completely dedicated to those she loves, and who love her.

Who's That Girl? She's the girl for me.
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Nice for a rainy Sunday afternoon
xander_MA18 April 2005
As I do like the music of Madonna, I couldn't miss this movie. The movie is quite simple and predictable however, it is very light watching for some rainy Sunday afternoon. If you have high expectations from a movie, or you are not too much of a Madonna music fan, then i think you better of skipping this one. It's a real 80s movie and if you grew up during that era then this is nice to watch it to remind us of the old times. The one thing I admire in Madonna, that she has survived decades of ages and fans, and this movie reminds me of the earlier Madonna days. It looks like a low budget movie to me, but it's still fun to watch if you have really nothing else to do.
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Madonna tries hard and fails
SnoopyStyle2 December 2017
Petty criminal Nikki Finn (Madonna) is paroled after 4 years in prison. She intends to find who had framed her. Loudon Trott (Griffin Dunne) needs to deliver an exotic animal for real estate mogul Montgomery Bell. He also has to prepare for his wedding to boss's daughter Wendy Worthington. His boss is the one responsible for Nikki's frame up and directs him to drive her to the bus station on her way home out of town. Nikki has no intention of getting on the bus. The cops haven't abandoned the case either.

Madonna is trying very hard to be wacky. She's not accomplished enough as a comedian to pull it off especially as a lead. I can see this shtick working as a supporting character. It's too awkward and she overwhelms the screen. It doesn't really make sense that Worthington would direct Loudon to drive Nikki. He should be hiring someone to follow her and call her parole officer when she fails to get on the bus. Logic is not that important anyways. It's all an excuse for flustered Griffin Dunne to be paired with wacky Madonna. It's a wacky and not funny screwball adventure.
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Madonna steered film
videorama-759-8593912 October 2017
I can't understand why Madonna cops so much flack as a bad actress. I really don't. She's really good here, and her zesty and enthusiastic performance makes the film worth watching, where only few other actresses, could of pulled off the role, but not as good as Madonna, so again, lets scratch that Razzie s..t out. Here, she's not your typical young girl, or typical anything. She's just been released from prison, after a four year stint, where she was set up. Assigned to drive her to a bus station, workaholic lawyer (Dunne, really good) encounters a kind of detour, or more correctly, derailment, where in the following hours, poor Dunne, is subject to one hell of a adventure, involving thieving, shootouts, chases, feigning heart attacks, and a very big cat (ha ha). The movie has a couple of amusing moments, involving marriage ceremonies, car stripping, prudish socialites, and Southern in hospitality, plus one butt ugly female warden, who's an arch enemy of Madonna's. We also have the fastest reaction to a tiger, you'll ever see. Even a Dirty Harry favorite and Jerry Seinfeld's mother, show up in this cute little film, or some would say time passer, where Madonna's talents are most of the reason to see it. She is so cute, and sexy loose here, in how she carries herself, bringing yet another interesting and vivacious character to the screen, better than the Norris's, Stallone's Arnie's, Seagal's, etc. Dunne held his own good too. The moral of the story here, regarding the right girl, has been used many times, so you know how this will pan out. Watch this film purely for Madonna, and see why she makes this film, a really good performance in a film that's not. Disappointing, if you regard the director here, who usually makes better films. A director I admire.
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A great comedy . . .
frankfob24 January 2003
for people who have absolutely no idea of what a comedy is. That not only includes the people who liked this movie, but the people who made it. What could they possibly have been thinking? Madonna playing Judy Holliday? Please, she can't even play MADONNA (if there actually IS a Madonna). I hope Griffin Dunne was paid well. He deserved every penny he got, because if this didn't kill his career, nothing will. I'm sure that the few people who actually paid to see this movie left it feeling like their pockets had been picked. Madonna is apparently past the point of feeling embarrassed by her virtually complete lack of talent as an actress, but you can't help feeling embarrassed for her anyway. She has no connection with the rest of the cast; it appears like she showed up on the set and said, "OK, I'm here, I'm gonna embarrass myself by doing the absolute worst Judy Holliday impression anyone's ever seen, now stay the hell out of my way" and then proceeded to do exactly that. I know the phrase "rotten Madonna movie" is redundant, but it certainly fits this. It's painful to watch a totally inept and talentless "actress" make a complete fool of herself, but it apparently doesn't bother her, as she does it again and again.

The only remotely funny thing about this "comedy" is that she actually managed to find people who gave her the money to make it. Now THAT'S funny.
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If she screamed "Louden!!" one more time...
moonspinner5531 July 2001
An ear-splitting movie, a quasi-old-fashioned screwball romp designed to showcase singing star Madonna's comedic attributes. She does indeed go far out on the proverbial limb here playing a beyond-vivacious parolee attempting to prove she was framed for murder (a body was found in the trunk of her car after she ran a red light...big laughs). After an energetic animated credits sequence--which is much more fun than the rest of the picture--we have nothing to look at but Madonna's black mascara and red lips set off by her platinum hair and pale complexion. What else is there? Griffin Dunne seems defeated playing Maddy's keeper, while the poor-choice supporting cast struggles to get laughs with lousy dialogue. It's an unfortunate set-back to the talents of director James Foley, who unwisely allows his star to run rampant in the spirit of the nutty slapstick films from the 1930s (but even Katharine Hepburn in "Bringing Up Baby" had a human side). Wretched. * from ****
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Are you people out of your minds?
GreekSexSymbol23 July 2007
This has to be one of the, if not the worst movies I have ever seen. After watching this piece of sh*t I felt as though I should write to Madonna and demand compensation for my time, but now I feel that I should write Madonna and demand a great 80s album (considering she can't record a good album to save her life anymore) in return for this disaster.

On to the movie itself, which can be summed up like this:

It consists Madonna jumping around acting like a spoiled teenager who lost her way. She is trying to impress this absolute douche of an actor who plays "the lawyer' in the movie. But, the best was the ending. I was staring with my jaw on the ground into the television as the credits rolled by thinking to my self, "That's it? That's the ending? What a piece of sh*t!". If Madonna wasn't a pop icon at the time of this film, this movie would have single handedly destroyed her career. And the funniest thing of the whole situation was that I just watched the damn movie to see where they placed the song "Who's That Girl". Well, guess where they placed it?...................................at the end!
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