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how do you say....

Author: spooky_trix from nowhere
3 October 2001

I never thought I would be able to find anything about this movie, luckily a link on heather graham's page took me here.

anyways, this movie was one of the great 80's makeover movie (see also "Can't Buy Me Love"). Basically the only plot twist is besides getting contacts, taking their hair down, getting new clothes, and somehow altering their school records, they also have to affect european accents. I don't remember quite how the guy pulled this off, but the girl did it by saying "umm how do you say..." before everything she said, as if she couldn't think of any english words to express herself besides umm how do you say. Well anyways, this is an ultra cheesey made for tv movie I only saw once, and barely remember. If this ever gets rereleased, see it if you loved the 80's as much as I did (ps. that means alot)

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Love this movie

Author: beckacornine from United States
18 August 2007

When I was about 7 years old and this movie came on television my mother taped it and I would watch it over and over again, I loved it. I have over the years lost the tape and would love to get a copy of if anyone knows where I can find one let me know or if anyone knows if it ever comes out on video let me know. I thought that this movie was very entertaining and it helped me learn that people are not always nice and sometimes you have to do things to get where you want. I think that television was a lot better than it is today. I loved it when Disney put this movies on Sunday nights, our family gathered around to watch a nice clean movie.

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Just One of the Guys / Can't Buy Me Love

Author: caspian1978 from Boston, MA
5 September 2015

An 80's time capsule, Student Exchange is evidence that teenagers looked like they were in their late 20's. The plot is very similar to a lot of late 80's high school dramas about not fitting in or changing your identity to fit in. Disney produced this diamond as part of their magical world of Disney selection that aired on Saturday nights during the summer. The Leads both show a striking resemblance to a George McFly quality from Back to the Future. Even without the glasses, it's obvious that these two represent the Geek population at this California based high school. The concept of being lost among your peers is present. The reality of this fear is showcased as the motivation to take on a new identity is hatched. A fun story that ends with a heartfelt moral. Although the setting is the 80's, the theme is universal. Holy large computers Batman. Student Exchange has withstood the test of time and has become a classic for what it is.

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An excellent clean movie for the family

Author: kat76667 from United States
22 March 2005

I loved this movie and would like to purchase it on DVD. If anyone knows where I can get one let me know. I have been searching for awhile.We watched this back in 1987 and even my kids loved it. Viveta Davis is great in this movie. It is about two nerdy kids that want to be noticed in high school and to be liked. They go to great lengths to prepare themselves to lie about being foreign exchange students and they end up being in a big mess.They made each other out to be very popular until everyone and including the principal finds out that they lied. Toward the end they really find out that they didn't need to lie to find out that they were made for each other and ended with a kiss. Kat

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Surprisingly charming

Author: jangu from Stockholm, Sweden
19 March 2002

Caught this on afternoon television years ago, taped it by accident, and have kept on to that recording simply because I find this to be slight but very charming movie. Much can be attributed to the leads, Viveca Davis and Todd Fields (who has moved on to Academy Award Nominations for directing "In the bedroom"!!!). They are not high-power actors here, but give relaxed and captivating performances, especially the bright-eyed and energetic Davis. You DO care for these characters!

Fairy-tale story, of course, but done with conviction, charm and quite a few funny lines are sprinkled along the way. Looking back, it's also rather fun watching the clothes and hairstyles. The 80s really had some bizarre charm about it! :D Nice cameos by Wagner and Zappa also. My only complaint is the musical number at the end. It is just a little bit too much (like pouring sugar on top of icing on a cake).

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A Time Capsule Of A Movie

Author: statuskuo from United States
17 September 2014

I was in high school when this movie was released on the Wonderful World of Disney. I recall being really nerdy and in love with a hot girl. This is the basis of most of these types of movies. What does one do if you're trapped? I knew that life was beyond high school, but for the time had to make it bearable. Which is why this movie is a perfect capture of that time of your life. Yes, it's really goofy 90's humor. But the leads play it so genuine, you forget the silly set-up. As a teen movie, it is actually pretty sophisticated, in that, it sets you up of their scheme, then takes a serious turn, only to allow it to finish...well, not your typical happy ending, but a satisfying genuine ending.

I truly liked this movie. But it isn't for everyone. We're very cynical nowadays. The kids of this generation will "get" the goofiness. And how awesome it was to watch this on a Sunday night (I believe it was originally hosted by Michael Eisner). A nice turn on the lesson of being-who-you- are.

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Good 80's Movie

Author: Inlandemperess ( from United States
5 April 2009

This was my favorite when I was little. If you like watching makeovers then you'll like seeing these two nerds transform into two of the most popular kids in school. This movie was a two part on the Disney channel. Luckily when my mom recorded everything that came on TV. So I still have it. Among other cheesy hard to find movies. I would compare this movie to Teen Witch. Just cause you get to watch the characters transform into popular students. I love the end of this movie because people have this idea of what an Italian or French person is gonna look like, but in the end they look totally different. I am going to be selling my library copy on amazon or maybe ebay. I'm just trying to get the word out to anyone who is interested in purchasing it. Soon I might even upload parts to utube for anyone to preview. So check it out if you're interested.

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Typical 80s!

Author: bctomlin ( from Tulsa, OK
4 March 2003

My cousins came to visit one evening and brought this movie over they had taped off of television. My brother and I loved it SO much we asked to borrow it. They didn't think as much of it as we did, but though we are both grown with families of our own, we mention it occasionally. It's a great movie (although I haven't seen it since I was a kid!), and is every non-popular student's dream come true. Does anyone know where I can get a copy of this TV flick?

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Great movie from the 80's

Author: Sasha Swan from Austin, Texas
16 July 1999

Have you ever wondered what would you do if you could start high school over. What would happen if you were no longer the nerd , the fat girl, the jerk, or even the silent one. Well this story tells of two people who takes on someone elses identity so to gain popularity. The movie truly shows how one person could change so drastically. It is truly a movie from the 80's. Loved it.

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Where can I find this Flick!!

Author: Getflame from United States
7 November 2005

I've been looking for this since it's aired in the late 80's .... My VCR and TV at the time, had an "Operator Malfunction and I missed the Movie and Have since missed it to this day! But I know the Story because I was in the film ...which is really a pity, I still don't have a copy of it, to add it to my collection! It was fun filming it and the story is great no matter what era it seems to be in it still applies...I play the Roller skating waitress and this was my First speaking part and sadly my last too. If anyone out there could help me find it I would be super grateful. Thanks . By the way it's really kinda cheesy but in a good way! Sincerely, Flame Metter "Rollerskating Waitress"

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