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Alternate Versions

The American TV-version censored most of the sexual innuendo in the movie, including the infamous, "How many assholes we got on this ship, anyhow?" joke. Also gone was Dark Helmet's killer line, "I'll bet she gives great helmet!"
The British version also excluded a brief scene where President Scroob is taking a pee. Spaceball Commanderett Zircon contacts the President during the act on what is referred to as an 'unlisted wall'. Also shown is a roll of Spaceballs the Toilet Paper. The 'unlisted wall' scene, cut from the original British release, is included in the version shown on the BBC. The F-word is still ommitted from this version.
The letterbox on the DVD version zooms in during the "Alien" scene so the puppet stick and track lines are no longer visible.
The UK DVD reinstated the f-word. It is rated "12".
UK version was edited to remove the f-word, uttered when the ships self-destruct cancellation button wouldn't work. In 2000 the film was resubmitted to the BBFC and rated 12 in its uncut form.
In a CBS airing (and likely all US airings), every instance of the word "asshole" in the famous "how many assholes have we got on this ship?" scene is replaced by "moron".
Both the U.S MGM laserdisc and DVD are misframed, cropping the right side of the screen slightly (in both the widescreen, and full-frame versions).

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