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not the best movie ever made, but personally, I LOVE IT
Richard W Willis9 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
the other two reviews weren't that helpful to me. The only thing I agree with is that not having CMS on the cover of the video kept me from renting it SEVERAL times in 1989.

Basically, the only part that bored me to tears was the shooting of the video for PLAY TO WIN. Other than that, it's a huge win for anyone into music . .


Timothy B Schmidt from the Eagles as the bass player = WIN

Cameron Dye as a wannabe rock star = WIN


It's the story of a talented songwriter (Stewart) who falls for a talented singer/performer (Dye) that is not a very good songwriter, but is great at arranging her compositions . . he convinces her to share credit on the songs in LENNON/MCCARTNEY fashion and she agrees. The record company execs basically think that he's the brainchild of the band and he wants to be a star so badly that he doesn't tell them any differently. Instead of sharing credit on the tunes, he steals her songs in order to stay in the spotlight and tries to smooth it over by blaming the record company, while getting hooked on cocaine in the process . . .

the story ends with Dye's character (Niles) screwing up his whole life by destroying any relationship he could have ever had with Stewart's character (Debi)

(Can you say IDIOT; I knew that you could, boys and girls)

In the end, it appears that his talent saves him and he's headed off for a lonely life of girls, drugs and partying - while Stewart's talent as a writer gives her a fresh start with her material, playing the songs she'd written the way she'd written them . . . She's not a five-star vocalist but I love the passion and honesty in her vocal ability.

one of the other reviews wonders why Stewart didn't take that path in the first place, but failed to realize that the guy playing with her in the final scene of the movie was Kenny (played by mega talented musician John Ford Coley) - - Kenny was the drummer for the band and Debi wouldn't have known him if she'd not hooked up with Niles . .

overall . . . decent movie for some, better than average for some, but one that I (as a singer/songwriter) fell in love with for the music and the crush I still have to this very day on Debi DiAngelo.......
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Not a very good flick...despite Jewel Shepard's presence
fandangonoir4 May 2000
I only rented this because one of my fave b-movie actresses, Jewel Shepard, has a part in it. Its yer basic story of a girl trying to make it in the 1980's New Wave rock and roll scene in L.A. The script is dull, the movie is under lit, and they have a whole subplot with the main character's roommate that serves absolutely no purpose. There are a couple of not half bad 80's rock numbers that I liked, other than that, skip this film. For die hard Jewel Shepard fans only.
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Scenes from the Goldmine
Warning: Spoilers
*** This review may contain spoilers ***

*Plot analyzed*

The movie captures a certain time and scene (mid 1980's club music scene), but it gets bogged down with bad writing. Still, it's worth a look for the corny music and rock-type outfits they all wear. Some of the songs are actually better than some of the dumb teen songs done today.

I didn't think they did a bad job at all. So if you go into this expecting that, you won't be disappointed. It's mostly clichéd and such, but again, I like the club scenes of the era.

The premise is a struggling band whose lead singer wants to make it at all costs, including throwing the band's new member keyboardist (Catherine Mary Stewart she really sings her songs here) under the wheels. He steals a lot of her music. Lee Ving (Los Angeles punk rock band Fear) is in it, so is Joe Pantoliano, Steve Railsback and 1960's and 1970's character actor Alex Rocco, whose Adopted son Marc Rocco, directed.

It's a fun and dumb film.
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CMS tries her best in low-budget potboiler.
jehaccess65 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I had to look around the internet to find a VHS tape of this movie. I don't believe this film has ever been issued on DVD. Mostly, I wanted to see more of CMS in this obscure film. Well, she has the looks and sings fairly well here, but the rest of this movie is just a mess.

CMS is fairly successful portraying a rock singer/keyboardist on stage. She sang her own material and seemed to actually play a keyboard as far as my limited musical knowledge could determine. CMS has never been noted for her musical talents, but she didn't fall on her face either.

A minor point that bugged me was who is the woman on the cover of the film? She doesn't look at all like CMS to my eye.

The Dana D'Angelo character (CMS) has to be really dense not to notice what a sleaze bag her lover 'Miles Dresden' really is. She relies on his help to gain recognition as a singer/songwriter until she is forced to accept the fact that she will never succeed as long as she remains in his ensemble.

Once the break is made, it turns out that Dana has other contacts in the music business that will work with her to advance her career. Why she did not take this route from the beginning of their film is never made clear.

The rest of the film is occupied with two subplots; one involving Dana's brother and the other her roommate that never really integrate with the main plot.

In summary, this film is obscure for good reason. Really only die-hard fans of CMS will find much value here.
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