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The Greatest Monster Truck Story Ever Told

Author: Schabe from Mpls, MN
6 September 1999

I *loved* this film. It's a classic, universal story -- the story of a young man named Joey whose entire family is killed by Ned Beatty's mentally retarded offspring. Unable to cope with his feelings of loss and helplessness, Joey makes a decision we can all sympathize with. He builds a gigantic, flame-spouting tank with 7' tires and proceeds to take revenge on those who have wronged him, as well as their vehicles and buildings.

The vehicle itself is impressive -- it's not just a pickup truck on huge tires, it's a wholly scrap-built "Mad Max" battlewagon. It carries a gigantic retractable drill/metal cutter on its front bumper, apparently scavenged from some gratuitously suggestive metal-rendering machinery. There's a great scene involving the drill, a drainage pipe, and the protaganist's girlfriend that conjures echoes of Tetsuo, the Iron Man.

The thing that surprised me most was the acting. Let me make this clear -- the script is awful, a tissue-thin vehicle intended to carry the film from one scene of gasoline-fueled mayhem to the next. Yet, this cast of mostly unknown actors all rise far above the occasion, adding unexpected dimension to a movie that's really all about the sound of crunching metal and breaking glass. Ned Beatty, the sole recognizable name in the lineup, delivers a stellar performance as an aging greaser and single parent, trying to protect his quasi-legal business interests and his fetal-alcohol-syndrome afflicted bastard children as they are crushed one by one under the wheels of a vengeance-crazed truck driver. Even the weepy girlfriend and the one-day-before-retirement county sherrif are played as low-key, believable characters.

So, there you have it. Rolling Vengeance -- a timeless story of tragedy, family, and monster trucks. See it with someone you love, and a case of cheap beer.

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Super 80's Cheese will Rock your BRAIN!

Author: faceyourmelt from United States
1 May 2011

TV movies were never a big deal to me. I always assumed since it's on TV it can't be that badass. There are no boobies and no gore so why bother, right? Well Rolling Vengeance has taught me a thing or two about TV movies. Apparently they can be brutal! Joey and Big Joe Rosso are an all American father son trucking team who happen to be unfortunate enough to deliver booze to the local strip club. The club is run by Tiny Doyle and his four sons who harass the public and cause a general disturbance to everyone in a half mile radius. One day while drunk driving they decided to play chicken with Big Joe Rosso's wife and two daughters. When chicken goes wrong the wife and kids are killed and the rednecks get off scot-free. Enraged, Little Joey decides to get his revenge one way or another.

The sheer brutality of the mother and two daughters dying in the first half of the film is only the beginning. As we move on we see the father put in a coma and the girlfriend raped. For a made for TV movie this sure has some balls! The only thing that really holds back the film is how ridiculously mean Tiny Doyle and the Doyle brothers are. In the court case, after getting off free of killing a mans wife and two children, they stand outside the courthouse to make fun of him! Then they drop cinderblocks on his truck! Maybe I'm not from the country and don't realize what people are like out there but is anyone that mean? Ned Beatty doesn't really pull off the badass father figure either. The first time we see him he's wearing a 50's leather jacket and he looks like that old guy at the club no one talks to.

As far as revenge films go Rolling Vengeance goes on the top of my list. The first half of the film would put it their alone. When you find out Little Joey Rosso has been building the biggest, meanest monster truck this side of Kentucky this movie will move right up to your favorites. Watching Joey roll over half the town in his 80's montage themed monster invention is to 80's what chicken is to waffles! You gotta love it.

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Bigfoot on steroids.

Author: Backlash007 from Kentucky
20 October 2002

Rolling Vengeance (along with The Pit) is one the most unintentionally hilarious flicks I've ever witnessed. Don Michael Paul plays Joey Russo, a young trucker whose entire family is killed by Ned Beatty's idiot offspring. This is what I think happened: After Beatty was raped in Deliverance, these are the b*****d children he went on to have. Beatty is the highlight of the film, next to the monster truck, but I'll get to that in a moment. He absolutely cracks me up and he's way over the top with his all black outfit, leather jacket, slicked back hair, and one tooth missing. He's ridiculous. Back to the story, Joey decides to take revenge on the ultimate hillbillies in one of the most extreme ways ever. He constructs a monster truck of epic proportions, it's Bigfoot on steroids and it wreaks major havoc on the rednecks from hell. Check this one out if you like your cheese thick and your corn corny.

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We need more potatoes......

Author: FlashCallahan from Leicester, United Kingdom
12 November 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The six drunken sons of influential local business owner Tiny Doyle have been terrorising the streets of their small town in their pick-up truck.

Local trucker Big Joe Rosso has a wife named Kathy, a son named Joey, and two young daughters named Allison and Kristin.

Big Joe and Joey do business with Tiny, delivering liquor to his bar, but that doesn't stop Tiny's son Vic from driving drunk and running Kathy off the road, killing Kathy, Allison, and Kristin.

Thanks to Tiny's influence, the local judge sets Vic free after ordering Vic to pay a $300 fine.

Lieutenant Sly, one of the local cops, is sympathetic toward the Rosso family, but Sly is about to retire, and Tiny has a lot of clout in this town.

Enraged and bereaved, Big Joe goes after Vic, but the Doyles kill Big Joe. After that, they rape Joey's girlfriend Misty.

Enraged and frustrated, Joey builds a monster truck out of junked car and truck parts, with seven-foot tall tires, a flame thrower, and a giant retractable combination drill and metal cutter mounted on it.

Joey is out to do what the local authorities cannot or will not do...put an end to the Doyles once and for all.

From the eighties, comes the best Monster Truck revenge film ever made, with Ned Beatty.

It's basically your average revenge flick, with the star looking like a cross between Kiefer Sutherland and James Van Der Beek, putting in an okay performance of one of the most unluckiest kids alive.

He lives in the worlds smallest town, there is only one bar, and you know his family are going to die, because when they are on screen during the first act, there is a hazy sheen to the lighting, whenever they are on screen.

He builds his monster truck, his girlfriend gets violated, so he carries on, can you blame him? It's quite a brutal film to watch, and the violence is pretty full on, but it's great to see Beatty and his band of Chainsaw Massacre alike family and him mocking them.

Forgettable, but watchable.

Just change the picture IMDb please, I feel like a redneck.

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The Citizen Kane of Monster Truck Revenge Flicks

Author: DevastationBob-3 from geosynchronous orbit over Madagascar
7 March 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

If there's a better monster truck revenge movie out there, please direct me to it. I caught this chopped up on cable, so some language and violence might have been cut out, but what I was left with was an entertaining movie about a young trucker who A-Teams a giant killer truck in his barn and goes after the drunken yokels what killed his family. I'm kind of surprised I'd never heard of this movie before I saw the listing and the world monster truck and revenge. Nobody immediately recognizable in it except for Ned Beatty Ben Gazarra-ing (it's a verb, look it up) as a sleazy bar owner with Wolverine hair and a pro-drunk driving policy. He's such a creep the local law enforcement don't seem to mind some phantom vehicle offing his kin, which was almost refreshing in a way for this type of genre film. The finale does fall a little flat in places though, but all in all this was an entertaining little flick that gives the visceral satisfaction of seeing bad guys ground under the wheels of a beWheemoth monster truck. Well done.

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Hands down, the best Monster Truck film ever made

Author: Noel from United States
7 July 2007

The Monster truck movie of all monster truck movies. After rednecks terrorize a young man and his family, he seeks revenge and boy does he get it! Using only the top equipment. This contains everything one would expect and ask for in a monster truck film: cars crushed, violence (not gory), humor (if you can't find humor in this, well, I don't know what to tell you, although there are some very sad parts), the building of Rolling Vengeance, bar fights, AND an interesting story line... Who would have thought! The truck Rolling Vengeance was built by one of the top monster truck drivers Mike Welch in 1986. You can't go wrong with this one. I would most definitely recommend this movie to anyone and everyone!

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This movie is good for a laugh.

Author: Ryan Newell from Saskatoon Sask. Can.
21 July 1999

This movie must be enjoyed in the same manner as The Phantom Menace. It is badly written and badly acted but offers tons of deliciously implausible violence.

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Monster Truck Revenge Show

Author: ElijahCSkuggs from Happy Land, who lives in a Gumdrop House on Lolly Pop Lane
8 December 2007

Well since the plot line on the Title page actually ruins the movie for you, I don't have to tell you what the movie's about. But what you have here is a below average revenge flick. As you know, the family dies, the girlfriend gets raped and youngun decides the best idea is to build a monster truck and run over all the baddies. Well, unfortunately there's really nothing cool about this flick. There are a couple neat stunt scenes with dudes in the back of a pick up truck, and those actually outshine the monster truck stunts. I've never seen monster truck rally live before, but I've seen a few on TV....not the whole thing. So pretty much I'm "if you've seen one monster truck run over a car, you've seen them all" type a guy. And that's a problem with this movie, you'd expect at least some unique monster truck action. Maybe even some stunts where they take off like in the rallys....nope, just slowly running over some cars, or showing the truck in slow-mo crashing through stuff. Besides the monster truck scenes being unimpressive, you also have a bunch of characters that just don't do it for ya either. Ned Beatty is probably the best in the group, just because he's playing a bad guy. And he still kinda sucked. His "sons" all stunk, not even any cheesy laughs or anything. That was the worst problem with this flick, the cheese factor never rose above a certain level to make it "cheesy-funny". It was just cheesy-bland. A damn shame too, since Rolling Vengeance had so much potential. But hey, it's not a bad movie at all, it rolls along at a decent pace and you even get to see some stripper boobies. But if you're expecting something special, neh, sorry. Rolling Vengeance ain't a flat tire, but it certainly ain't a Suped-Up beamer neither. It's more like a 1992 Honda Accord.

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Have a happy retirement.

Author: lastliberal from United States
14 August 2010

There is nothing that does my heart better than seeing rednecks get what they deserve. If it was up to me, they would be deported to Afghanistan. Unfortunately, it is only in movies like this that we get the vicarious thrill we hope for.

I can't imagine this movie getting funnier than seeing Ned Beatty trying to look like the Fonz with a bad haircut. It was definitely a treat.

When Misty (Lisa Howard) gets raped, then we know the action is going to be ramped up to the level that will really thrill us. A monster truck smashing stars and bars. Opp! There's a redneck wearing them on his t shirt.

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Rolling down the highway but going nowhere

Author: movieman_kev from United States
21 February 2005

After his family is murdered, a young man deals out vengeance the only way he knows how, with a home-made monster truck. A lot of good stuff start with Rolling. "Rolling Thunder" was a good film, Rolling Rock beer, the Rolling Stones... um have I mentioned Rolling Rock yet? Probably, I'm an alcoholic like any good Irish Boy. The point is this, sometimes Rolling thing arn't so good. Such is the case for "Rolling Vengeance". It wants to be a good revenge flick, really it does. But it just all seems silly and lame. Not even good when one's drunk off of say, a few 6 packs of Rolling Rock.

My Grade: D

Where I saw it: FLIX

Eye Candy: a few strippers

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