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The Lawrenceville Stories
johnmceuen8 November 2005
I love this movie! I still have the original from the Disney Channel years ago. It's neat to see some of these actors, before they were stars! Steven Baldwin in his early years, along with Edward Herrmann and Dave (from News Radio & Anne of Green Gables). Their fresh faces are such a delight. Canadian comedy at it's finest

As one who has lived at a boarding school, just let me say how accurate this story is. It is funny, entertaining, sweet and full of memories. The camaraderie is so real and so fun! The interaction between these boys is fantastic.I have suggested this movie to many of my friends and will do so for years to come. It's clean, it's entertaining, and full of laughter and surprises! Edward Herrmann is a great head-master.
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Outstanding piece of drama from a young cast
tcc-69 April 2005
It blew me away. It reminded me so much of Stalky and Co. I've been hunting down the book for years.

There is a lovely depth to the characters, that their often shallow exteriors conceal from first glance. Hickey's organisation is superb and when it fails, like Doc's experiments, it fails spectacularly. The masters are cunning, but unable to read between the lines, even when handed the evidence. Perhaps, it lacks some of the poignancy of Stalky, but it retains the levity of an Enid Blyton tale while making sure you know that these lads will be a force to be reckoned with in later life.

All round good laugh.

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A funny movie
Melissa Alice24 July 2003
My family and I enjoyed this movie. There were quite a few laughs as the school boys pulled off prank after prank, trying to outdo each other. Some of the pranks were bad (mean), in my opinion, but I still like this movie overall. There are a couple of people in this movie who played in Anne of Green Gables, The Sequel, so that makes it interesting, too (since my favorite movie is AOGG).
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