Prick Up Your Ears (1987) Poster

Plot Keywords

playwright writer
sex death
love gay interest
kissing gay kiss
gay sex gay couple
critically acclaimed zipper
writing wine
reference to william shakespeare wig
widow whistling
watching tv wasp
wasp sting voyeur
vanity valium
vagina urination
urinal underwear
undertaker typist
typewriter toilet sex
titanic threesome
thief theft
theatre award theatre audience
theater director testicles
telephone call teenage boy
teasing tearoom
tape recorder talent
swimsuit swimming
sussex england suitcase
suicide suicide by pills
suicide attempt subway
student stealing
stealing a book stairway
speech teacher sketching
shorthand reference to shakespeare's richard iii
semen secretary
scissors scholarship
sambo roommate
rivalry remington england
rehearsal reference to the beatles
reference to t.s. eliot reference to richard attenborough
reference to queen elizabeth ii reference to paul mccartney
reference to oedipus reference to dorothy sayers
reference to dorothy lamour reference to brian epstein
reference to bob hope redding england
recipe rationing
raising the titanic rain
raincoat radio
radio play rada
psychiatry psychiatrist
prison pregnancy
police policeman
pick up photograph
photographer phallus
personal assistant penis
peep hole park
park bench pantomime
pajamas painter
orphan only child
nudity novel
novelist nonlinear timeline
night school national assistance
mythology mutual masturbation
mutilating a library book murder suicide
mother son relationship mother daughter relationship
morocco money
model mirror
microphone men's toilet
memory masturbation
marriage manuscript
male nudity makeup
magnifying glass london england
liverpudlian literary agent
limousine library
library book librarian
letter landlady
knickers kiss
killed with a hammer judge
jeans jealousy
islington england investigator
investigation inspiration
innocence illness
husband wife relationship hotel
holiday heartbreak
head stuck in an oven handkerchief
hammer guilt
graveyard gay
funeral friend
friendship following
flowers flashback
flash forward fireworks
fight festival
festival of frederick father son relationship
family relationships false teeth
face slap evening drama award
erection epsom england
elocution elevator
dunkirk spirit drug use
doctor dictionary
diary derelict vehicle
dead body dancing
dancer cruising
cremation cremated remains
court courtroom
country home cottage
coronation of queen elizabeth ii competition
collage coffin
co author civil servant
cigarette smoking chauffeur
cemetery cat
camera bus
bum brother sister relationship
brixton british sailor
british flag brighton
brick breaking down a door
brandy book
bludgeoning hit with a hammer
bludgeoned to death blood
bisexual beret
bench beach
baldness awards banquet
australia audition
artist art gallery
anal sex air freshener
agent actress
actor acting
acting class 1960s
1950s gay lead character
murder homosexual
theater death of mother
death of father independent film
based on book

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