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3 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

The best movie ever!

Author: Phlub from Menomonie, Wisconsin
30 May 2002

Now how do I start out reviewing the best movie ever??? Predator is not just the best sci-fi movie ever, but the best movie ever. It is Arnolds best movie. I voted 10 on this because it really is a 10 movie. It is more sci-fi then it is action. With phenomonal special effects, it got screwed at the Oscars when Innerspace beat it for best special effects! It is a must have movie! It is the best Arnold movie ever by far.

Predator is a story of 7 Special Forces troops out of the Delta Force recruited by the CIA to rescue hostages from the clutches of Central American Guerillas. And once they rescue one hostage a woman named Anna played by Elpidia Carrillo, one by one Dutch's (Arnold Schwarzenegger) men are hunted by an alien hunter called a Predator. The proper name for the Predator's are Yautja.

Excellent movie. No flaws. Arnolds best. Better then Star Wars (all of them), The Matrix and both Terminators.


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3 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Dutch: "Did you find Hawkins?" Poncho: "I.......I can't tell"

Author: anonymous from Holland
12 April 1999

Absolutely my most favorite movie ever. Godzilla can learn from this movie. Some really good actors and a monster you wouldn't want to meet at night. Arnold Schwarzenegger did his greatest job ever.

A lot of unanswered questions are there in the film. Why would a alien go to earth and kill men for trophies in the jungle of South America? But those questions don't matter, it gives the movie a more mysterious touch. You won't care when you watch it. Some scenes are really unforgettable.

Everything in the film is good. The scenery, the atmosphere. From A to Z you will be stuck at your chair.

A masterpiece!

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4 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

Like Alien: Pure Intensity

Author: Archangel Michael from United States
10 July 2015

Spoilers Ahead:

McTiernan mimics Scott's use of seeing progressively more and more of the Predator. This is such an effective way to increase curiosity and suspense. We see, slowly, more and more until the unmasking when only Arnie is left. The pacing is the star of this movie along with the photography. The jungle is used so you never know when it is going to pop out on you. The movie starts and simply never stops. After the discovery of Hopper's team, it rushes into the hostage rescue which is done very well. If you notice, the director kills off the cast in order of acting ability, Arnie excepted, of course. We are left with Duke the best actor of the group by a mile. I always though the Predator cam was a mistake for it kills suspense. We know proximity by seeing through it. The scariest parts of the movie are at the end in the one on one battle where it does pop out on Arnie. Imagine Alien with a camera that shows proximity, it is a suspense killer. Yes, it is cool, but it would be scarier without it. The cast is great especially Ventura who has some really great lines in the movie.

Like The Terminator, it is at the top because of its believability. We do not have Commando with Arnie taking out one hundred men hiding behind rosebushes. The Predator slowly whittles the group down, smaller and smaller and there is this growing sense of futility and impending doom. When Landham turns and says,"We're all going to die," this is what makes it stand out. The first time you watch it in the dark it is one intense, unpredictable great movie. The Predator is not portrayed as invincible; it gets wounded a couple of times. This also adds verisimilitude to the movie. No movie is perfect; you have to endure Alan Silvestri's dreadful score. He always puts that Bahama xylophone in all his movies. He was big in the 80s and we have to endure it here. I hope someday McTiernan redoes the music for the film.

The acting is weak in the back end of the cast but, like I said, do not worry the Predator kills the worst actors first. Duke really is great in the movie; always an invisible actor, he turns in his usual great acting. Please, stop with Die Hard, this was McTiernan's masterpiece. It is like a roller-coaster; it never stops. One Great Movie

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4 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

Awesome Action, Aliens, Arnie (and it has aged amazingly well)!

Author: dogscaged from United States
22 February 2009

Awesome Action, Aliens, Arnie (and it has aged amazingly well)!!!

There's not a lot more to say here. Arnie and a crack team of commandos are dropped in the jungle to find out what's going on...and boy do they!

This film is old, but has aged amazingly well. Die Hard, which was always my favorite action flick, hasn't really - it has aged poorly and isn't nearly as exciting as it used to be. All the while Predator still captures my male instinctual need for mayhem and aliens, all in one. It's gritty and tough, suspenseful and intense.

Love it!

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4 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

Keeps you on the edge of your seat

Author: JonSnowsMother from England
31 May 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Before i saw this film i was expecting a typical good 80's action film enjoyable relaxing and my reply to it would be a shrug. But John Mctiernan gave an exciting and very enjoyable film. The film is about a group of Green Berets or Commandos (I'm not sure yet) who go on a rescue mission into a hostile guerrilla area but after they eliminate the guerrilla camp they soon figure out they are being hunted by something not human. My favourite part must be the way the Predator hunts down each man one by one the film begins to lack when the rest of the platoon was killed off in around ten minutes (except Arnie and Anna(The Girl)) Overall the film was just off perfect very well directed good screenplay and one of the best parts was the way the environment was used by not just the Predator but by the soldiers as well and of course the way you didn't know who was going to go next.

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5 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

Aaah the 80s. The decade of the stupid jock & the Awesome action movie!

Author: oneguyrambling from Australia
5 January 2011

Nowadays "Big Dumb Action" is not likely to be put on the movie poster, as nothing Big and Dumb could possibly be entertaining, but my counter argument might be what about reality TV? OK bad example, there is nothing entertaining about reality TV.

Predator harks back to a simpler time, when anything non-human needed a bullet, or better yet thousands, and the musclier you were the more likely it was you would win.

Arnold is Dutch, and he and his team of well muscled meat-heads with names like Poncho, Blaine, Billy and Mack are venturing into the deep jungle with Dylan (Carl Weathers) in tow to represent the brass. This well trained and professional unit are used to this though, this is their job, they actually move through the dense jungle like soldiers not cowboys, everyone moves in unison without instruction aside from a quick whistle and a point or signal where necessary.

Moving on, Dutch and co are on a search and rescue mission, only very early on they find there is precious little worth rescuing, and that most traces of those that needed rescuing will fit into a couple of jam jars. There are no tracks and little evidence that the deceased knew what was happening even as it happened... which is a concern to Dutch as the victims were all highly trained soldiers.

As they continue on their mission it becomes evident that they are all being watched, Billy their Indian (looking at least) point man seems to twig first, he is Indian after all!

After a pretty great gun battle where the good guys slaughter the bad with no casualties aside from a scratched arm (thank the Lord that Blaine "Didn't have time to bleed", that could have been serious!) the crew continue through to the extraction point with a young female hostage in tow. This is where the movie gets good-er-er.

The previously unseen onlooker progressively becomes more evident, either he is lazier or they just thought the "clickle-lickle-lickle" sound effect wasn't going to be enough on it's own. In saying that though I guarantee if you play that two second grab to any guy under 50 and 90% of those guys will instantly recognise the origins, the other 10% are re-watching Avatar for the 11thtime and spanking it to the 8ft Zoe Soldana creature. Prove me wrong sticky hands! The Predator tracks the soldiers using a heat registering device, initially he is content just to watch and learn. He apparently has a sense of fairness and only hunts those that might prove a worthy adversary, therefore the unarmed are left alone. The Predator "Ain't ferm around heyre", that much is obvious, it engages sophisticated cloaking devices to blend in with the surroundings, which means that only the audience can see it most of the time for some reason.

After the initial kill there is a brief sighting that leads to approximately three kajillion rounds being unleashed, leveling an area that I think now is used to graze the entire MacDonalds herd.

From this point the Predator turns serial killer, picking off the soldiers one by one and taking various trophies for himself (think spines and skulls rather than earrings and wallets), he is a seemingly invincible killing machine that appears destined to kill off the entire cast without so much as breaking a sweat.

We learn because the female hostage tells us that "only in the hottest years this happens", and that the Predator is essentially a game hunter here on a bit of a safari of sorts. The news that this is simply a lark for him is a sobering thought to the trained soldiers he is toying with, so Dutch decides that they have no choice but to kill it. Bold words, but a few minutes later and it is a 1 on 1 battle between two huge gargantuan looking behemoths, one an alien incapable of discernible speech who communicates in clicks and grunts, the other is the Predator.

The Predator itself looks like a rasta-crab complete with dreadlocks and four alternately movable fangs, I'm not sure how the creature effects were done but for 20 + year old work they are pretty masterful and seamless and hold up extremely well today, in fact the effects on the AVP movies are distractingly dodgy or in some cases CG, strange given that technology should make things more convincing.

The final fight involves Arnold taking it old-school and eschewing weapons to rely on his wits and primitive fighting methods, that should be a problem but after the biggest preparation montage in cinematic history the Big Dumb Action sequence that closes the movie is excellent and caps off proceedings nicely.

Arnold is at his super-buffest and most action-friendly. The Predator itself, a super-cool creation (like the Terminator) that is both scary, daunting and admirable, a worthy adversary and after the Terminator almost the ultimate bad guy. It most definitely helped that the creature design and effects made the character totally convincing and realistic.

Often imitated but never bettered, Predator is an awesome action sci-fi experience. Rather than watching the Danny Glover sequel (OK) or the new Predators reboot (also OK), or the excrement that was AVP and sequel, check out the best. First.

Final Rating - 8.5 / 10. Big Dumb Action is very rarely this Fun. There's a reason why the Clickle-lickle-lickle sound effect and the washed out heat vision the Predator employs are so memorable to so many guys. They are Awesome.

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2 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

The perfect action movie

Author: craig-hopton from United Kingdom
17 July 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was surprised my just how much I liked this movie. It's the apotheosis of American military firepower and 'gung-ho', cleverly pitted against a single, jungle-dwelling enemy. It works brilliantly well.

The movie divides into three parts, each with a distinct feel, and this keeps it interesting from beginning to end:

1. A US special forces unit attacking an enemy military force. 2. The unit being picked off one by one by a mysterious 'predator' and futilely trying to defeat it with firepower. 3. Hand to hand combat between the predator and the unit's leader, 'Dutch'.

Dutch is played by Arnold Schwarzenegger at the peak of his powers - he is iconic in this film. It's hard to imagine there ever being a better action hero.

The film delivers on gratuitous, easy-watching violence. The are lots and lots (and lots) of munitions, deployed with gusto by the characters to noisy and visually satisfying effect.

But it delivers on drama too. The soldiers are all testosterone-fuelled prats, of course, but they each have distinctive and memorable characters and are given their fair share of screen-time. There is brilliant tension worthy of a horror movie, as the true nature of the Predator is revealed bit by bit as it picks off the other characters.

And the Dutch versus Predator climax is just superb.

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2 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

Big Arn takes on a formidable opponent in this superior sci-fi/action pip

Author: Woodyanders ( from The Last New Jersey Drive-In on the Left
29 March 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

An elite commando squad led by the rugged Dutch (an excellent and engaging performance by Arnold Schwarzenegger) find themselves being hunted by a ruthless and relentless predatory alien (towering Kevin Peter Hill) in a Central American jungle.

Director John McTiernan relates the gripping story at a snappy pace, stages the action set pieces with rip-roaring gusto, builds plenty of tension, delivers a handy helping of gore, and makes the most out of the steamy tropical setting. The clever script by Jim and John Thomas provides a hyper-masculine aesthetic that's positively dripping with testosterone along with several choice one-liners ("Stick around") and a welcome and refreshing opportunity to see a bunch of tough stomp-ass alpha male types placed in a disadvantageous situation in which they are vulnerable and getting bumped off instead of invincible and happily butchering folks. The members of Dutch's mighty team are a likable and well-drawn bunch, with especially stand-out work from Carl Weathers as the duplicitous Dillon, Bill Duke as the unhinged Mac, Jesse Ventura as rough'n'tumble redneck Blain, and Sonny Landham as expert tracker Billy. Kudos are also in order for Donald McAlpine's sharp cinematography, Alan Silvestri's fist-pumping score, and Stan Winston's superbly grotesque creature make-up. Essential viewing.

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2 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

The best Sci Fi Action film ever made

Author: Takeshi-K from Thailand
5 February 2016

Well what can I say about this tense thrilling movie that hasn't already been said? If you haven't seen or heard of this film, know this. There is something wrong with you!

This is the best sci fi action film ever made.

Big Arnie, the best action hero the world has ever known, takes on a space alien in a kill or be killed, bloody battle to the death. In a jungle. With guns blazing. Muscles flexing. Sweat dripping at a faster rate than the empty shell casings hitting the leach laden jungle floor. Okay thats an exaggeration. But you get the idea.

Everybody in this movie is so flawlessly cast, you forget you are watching actors, so I'll just use the character names. Dutch, Dillon, Anna, Mac, Blain the God Damned Sexual Tyrannosaurus, Sonny, Billy, Poncho and Hawkins with his awfully sexist but funny jokes, are all brilliantly realized. I love this movie. You should too. Or else.

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2 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

They Don't Make Them Like This Anymore

Author: view_and_review from California
6 January 2016

This movie is an absolute classic. This is the machoist movie ever made. Schwarzenegger in his prime, Carl Weathers, Jesse "The Body" Ventura and Bill Duke--I don't think the line up could have been any better except if they added Sly Stallone.

"Predator" is one of the rare movies from the 80's that I can watch again and again and not feel as though it's dated. The action was great, the lines were memorable and the predator was a beast.

"Predator" was a fresh addition to the action movie genre. No fighting gangs, or terrorists, or enemy nations--this was the toughest of the extraterrestrials versus the toughest on Earth. Man they don't make 'em like this anymore.

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