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[Taryn finds herself in a back alley face-to-face with Freddy]

Freddy Krueger: Welcome home, Taryn. Look familiar?

Taryn White: Okay, asshole. Let's dance!

Kristen Parker: Five, six, grab a crucifix. Seven, eight, better stay up late. Nine, ten, never... never...

Nancy Thompson: Never sleep again. Where did you learn that rhyme?

Nancy Thompson: I used to live in this house.

Kristen Parker: That's just a house I dream about.

Kristen Parker: The man in my dreams... he's real, isn't he?

Nancy Thompson: He's real.

William 'Will' Stanton: I'm in.

Taryn White: Me, too.

Roland Kincaid: Let's go kick the motherfucker's ass all over dreamland.

Little Girl: Freddy's home.

Freddy Krueger: What a rush!

Thompson: Fred Kreuger is dead. You've always had such a hard time understanding that.

Nancy Thompson: You know what he did. He's doing it again.

Dr. Neil Gordon: She's telling the truth, sir.

Thompson: I don't think we've ever met, friend. This doesn't concern you.

Nancy Thompson: I think we can stop him. Stop him for good this time, but we need to know where his bones were hidden.

Thompson: It was good seeing you again, princess. Next time, don't stay away so long.

Freddy Krueger: I said, "Where's the fucking bourbon?"

[decapitates mom]

Freddy Krueger: You should listen to your mother.

Elaine Parker: God damn it, Kristen, you ruin everything! Every time I bring a man home you spoil it! You know what your shrink says? You're just trying to get a little attention!

[in Jennifer's dream]

Dick Cavett: Can I ask you a question?

Zsa Zsa Gabor: Why certainly.

[Dick Cavett turns into Freddy Krueger]

Freddy Krueger: Who gives a fuck what you think?

Freddy Krueger: You're mine now, piggy.

Freddy Krueger: This is it, Jennifer: your big break in TV.

Jennifer Caulfield: [screams]

Freddy Krueger: Welcome to prime time, bitch.

[first title card]

Title Card: "Sleep. Those little slices of Death. How I loathe them." - Edgar Allen Poe

Taryn: In my dreams I'm beautiful.

[flicks open two switchblades]

Taryn: And bad!

Freddy Krueger: Will, you look tired. Have a seat.

Will Stanton: No thanks. I'm fine just the way I am.

Freddy Krueger: For now, maybe... but when you wake up... It's back... in the saddle... again.

Nancy Thompson: It's now or never. I'm not gonna kid you, this is as dangerous as it gets. If you die in this dream it's for real. Nobody has to go in that doesn't want to.

Nancy Thompson: Daddy?

Thompson: I've crossed over, princess.

Nancy Thompson: Crossed over?

Thompson: I couldn't go without telling you how sorry I am for all the things I've done. I love you so much. I'll always love you.

Nancy Thompson: [hugs him] I'll always love you.

[Thompson turns into Freddy and stabs Nancy in her stomach]

Freddy Krueger: DIE.

[while fighting with Dr. Simms]

Kristen Parker: You stupid bitch, you're killing us... YOU'RE KILLING US.

Dr. Elizabeth Simms: I'm not going to take any more of this. How much longer are you going to go on blaming your dreams for your own weaknesses?

Roland Kincaid: Lady, how much longer you gonna keep blowin' smoke up our ass?

Dr. Neil Gordon: That's enough, Kincaid!

Simms: There will be no repeat occurrences of last night's events. From now on your doors will be locked during sleeping hours. We'll start a policy of evening sedation for everybody.

Kincaid: [Jumping out of his seat] The fuck you will! Anybody tries drugs on me gets his ass kicked!

Simms: Well, you just bought yourself a night in the quite room, Mister. Now sit down!

Kincaid: Fuck you! You sit down!

Freddy Krueger: It's the chair for you, kid.

William 'Will' Stanton: I am the Wizard Master. I AM the Wizard Master.

William 'Will' Stanton: In my dreams I can walk. My legs are strong. In my dreams I am the Wizard Master.

Roland Kincaid: Let's snuff the sucka.

Roland Kincaid: Ain't gonna dream no more, no more. Ain't gonna dream no more. All night long I sing this song. Ain't gonna dream no more.

William 'Will' Stanton: In the name of Lowrek, Prince of Elves... demon, begone.

[zaps at Krueger with magical beams while running toward him]

Freddy Krueger: Ahh.

[grabs Stanton and halts zapping]

Freddy Krueger: Sorry, kid. I don't believe in fairy tales.

Roland Kincaid: Phillip, wake up... Have a nice stroll, asshole.

Freddy Krueger: Taryn. Taryn.

Taryn White: What?

Freddy Krueger: Why, uh, why should we fight? We're old friends, you and I. Remember?

[heroin needles form on fingertips]

Freddy Krueger: Let's get high.

Thompson: It's really you. I've killed you once before, you son of a bitch.

[Freddy lifts Kincaid by the throat]

Nancy Thompson: He's strong. He's never been this strong.

Freddy Krueger: Yes. The souls of the children...

[rips open his sweater revealing faces of children on his chest]

Freddy Krueger: ...give me strength.

Nancy Thompson: Oh, God.

Freddy Krueger: Always room for more.

Freddy Krueger: Joey... look. All the little PIGGIES come home.

Nancy Thompson: Let him go, Krueger.

Freddy Krueger: Your wish... is my command.

Taryn White: Who is he?

Nancy Thompson: His name is Freddy Krueger. He was a child murderer before he died, and after he died... well, he became something worse.

Phillip Anderson: Hi. Welcome to the snake pit.

Max: This lump over here... This is Kincaid. Now I want you to take a good look. See, he gets himself thrown in the quite room so often that you probably won't see a whole lot of him. Ain't that right, "Cool Breeze"?

Kincaid: Right. I do it so I don't have to look at your ugly face all the time.

Max: Yeah, I love you too.

Roland Kincaid: [about Phillip] He wasn't strong enough, so he got wasted. That's all.

Taryn: That's all? Is that what you think?

Roland Kincaid: He couldn't hack it, so he got nailed. Period.

Taryn: Oh, yeah. Big, tough bad-ass. How much long are you gonna last?

Roland Kincaid: I'm gonna last longer than any of you.

[in Nancy's old house]

Little Girl: This is where he takes us.

[to Dr. Neil Gordon]

Sister Mary Helena/Amanda Krueger: If your only faith is science, doctor, it may be you that's laid to rest.

Title Card: Sleep, those little slices of death, how I loathe them.

Max: [walks in the TV room] Girl, what are you doing?

Jennifer Caulfield: Watching TV.

Max: I can see that. Why don't you read a book? You watch too much damn TV.

Jennifer Caulfield: Research.

Max: [sarcastically] Oh, right. You're gonna be a TV star.

Jennifer Caulfield: Wait and see.

Max: [about to turn off the TV] Well, if Simms catches you up here after lights out she is gonna chew my ass...

Jennifer Caulfield: [interrupting Max] I gotta stay up, Max!

Max: Jennifer.

Jennifer Caulfield: Just tonight, please? I can't handle the nightmare. Not after Phillip. Not tonight.

Max: Okay. But I never saw you.

Jennifer Caulfield: Thanks, Max.

Sister Mary Helena/Amanda Krueger: [talking to Neil] Only one thing can save the children now. The unquiet spirit must be laid to rest...

Nancy Thompson: [walking up to Neil] Neil? What are you doing up here?

Dr. Neil Gordon: Oh, I was just talking to...

[turns around and Mary Helena is gone]

Nancy Thompson: To who?

Freddy Krueger: What's wrong, Joey? Feeling tongue-tied?

Marcie: [after exposing her breasts to Joey] Do you like my body, Joey?

Will Stanton: [after Nancy explains Freddy Krueger's history] That's crazy. Mom and Dad never mentioned any...

Taryn: [Taryn interrupts] Oh right, that's the sort of thing parents tell their kids... "Goodnight darling. Say your prayers. Oh and by the way, your father and I torched some maniac last night".

Kristen Parker: Well just go ahead and fight. 'Cause that what he wants.

Will Stanton: Who?

Jennifer Caulfield: Who do you think? What does he want?

Kristen Parker: To turn us against each other other so we'll be be weak. Easy pray.

Roland Kincaid: Horseshit.

Nancy Thompson: No, she's right.

Phillip Anderson: Can I interject something just to save us all some time?

Dr. Neil Gordon: Sure, Phillip. Go ahead.

Phillip Anderson: Well, according to our kind hosts, our dreams are a group psychosis. Sort of a mellow mass hysteria. The fact that we all dreamt about this guy before we ever met doesn't impress anybody. So we go in circles making minimal progress with maximum effort.

Dr. Elizabeth Simms: You won't make any progress until you recognize your dreams for what they are.

Nancy Thompson: And what are they?

Dr. Elizabeth Simms: The by-products of guilt. Psychological scars stemming from moral conflicts and overt sexuality.

Roland Kincaid: Oh, great. Now it's my dick that's killing me.

Dr. Neil Gordon: [after coming across a gravestone reading "Amanda Krueger Her Name in Christ, Sister Mary Helena"] My God. You were his mother.

Max: Say, listen Doc, I got a new theory about all these suicides. Right?

Dr. Neil Gordon: Don't hold back on us, Max. We need all the help we can get.

Max: It's fucked up chromosomes, man. Think about it. All their parents dropped acid during the sixties.

Dr. Neil Gordon: Well, it beats Simm's theory. She thinks it's nothing but sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll.

Max: Shit. That's what keeps people alive.

Dr. Neil Gordon: What was that nursery rhyme all about?

Nancy Thompson: It was just something that that the kids say to keep the... Boogieman away.

Jennifer Caulfield: I'm Jennifer Caulfield, and as soon as I get out of here, I'm going to Los Angeles to be an actress. I'm going to be on TV.

Roland Kincaid: Yeah. Lifestyle of the Rich and Psychotic.

Jennifer Caulfield: Screw you.

Will Stanton: Good. You conquered the demon, but you're horse is sinking in the bog. What do you do?

Taryn: I got to bed, and I buy a new horse in the morning.

Will Stanton: [to Joey] How do I score that, enchanted slumber or death?

[Joey motions of slicing throat]

Lorenzo: Hi, sweet stuff. Good news.

Taryn White: [disinterested, trying to get past him] Can't be good news, coming from you.

Lorenzo: Pulled night duty.

Taryn White: So?

Lorenzo: [twirling keys] So, got the keys to heaven, baby.

Taryn White: What?

Lorenzo: The dispensary. I'm talking clean pharmaceutical high, a night at Club Meth.

Taryn White: I don't do that shit.

Lorenzo: [grabs Taryn's wrist exposing needle tracks on her arm] Yeah? What are those, beauty marks?

Taryn White: Those are ancient history.

Lorenzo: Oh, yeah? Well, if you're ever in the mood for a history lesson, I'm your teacher. Understand?

Taryn White: Stay out of my face, or I'll go straight to Max.

Lorenzo: Oh, yeah? Now who's going to take the word of a crazy junkie chick like you?

Taryn White: Fuck off!

[as Joey screams destroying Freddy's Hall of Mirrors to save the others]

Joey: Wow. Did I say that?

Roland Kincaid: You found your dream power man.

Kristen Parker: You saved us, Joey.

Roland Kincaid: [picks up Joey] You blew him away!

Roland Kincaid: Yo, Freddy! Where you hiding at, you burnt-faced pussy?

Nancy Thompson: Hey! We should, find the others first.

Roland Kincaid: You think you're hot shit with the little mute kid, don't ya? Well let me see you come get a piece of me! Krueger! Pussy! Yeah, I knew he was a little chicken.

[Door appears behind them]

Roland Kincaid: Shit.

Nancy Thompson: It's a door.

Roland Kincaid: But, it doesn't go anywhere.

Kristen Parker: Yes, it does.

Nancy Thompson: This is it. Are you ready?

Roland Kincaid: Let's snuff, the sucka!

Nurse: [to Doctor Gordon and Doctor Simms] Suicide attempt. They just brought her down from County General.

Dr. Neil Gordon: What's her name.

Nurse: Kristen Parker. She was fine until we tried to sedate her!

Dr. Neil Gordon: [to Don Thompson] Hi, I'm Dr. Neil Gordon. There, now we've met!

[Grabs Don against a wall unexpectedly]

Dr. Neil Gordon: Now you listen to me! I don't know if you care whether or not Nancy dies, but I do!

[a silent pause passes between the men]

Dr. Neil Gordon: Now, we're going to go on a little scavenger hunt.

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