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War Movie
imikhaylov24 September 2002
"Moonzund" is based on a novel by Valentine Pikul. It is a great war film about an incident that happened during World War I on a small island Moonzund, several miles of shore from Saint Petersburgh, Russia. Russian sailors defended this island and the city of Saint Petersburgh from the advancing German Fleet. This movie also explores the events leading to the Communist Revolution in 1917 and shows different mind sets of sailors and officers of the Russian Navy, and their loyalty to each other, and Russia.
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Historical myth
skorpion-20086 November 2009
The first that I wish to tell — the film was not pleasant to me. Valentine Pikul, the author of numerous fairy tales on historical themes, being covered with "love for the country", tries to show that officer Artenev one struggles against rebellious moods on fleet, it would seem supporting it. But it is necessary to look at first ten minutes of a film. The battery is shown, on tools cords on which the sailor's clothes dry are attached. The officer who has arrived on the battery, having called to the man on duty, has received an abrupt reply in the party. Moreover, it has been subjected to an attack from outside the sailor who at first has tried to strike it from a fist, and then when the officer has gone to the commander of the battery to the engineer, has shot at a trace to it from a rifle. Personally to me it is difficultly trusted in such behaviour of the sailor in 1915. Let's present the same situation in Red Army in 1943. That the officer in reply to the insult and disobedience, and also on a shot in the party has made? The sailor would be betrayed at once to tribunal and most likely in a consequence is shot for infringement of military discipline in a wartime.

The engineer tells to the officer, what the battery is constructed in too short terms, adding "… If me, the professional engineer put to order the major strategic strengthenings about what there can be a speech?" Here lack of "talent, backwardness" which imperial government is shown, looking at the facts and brilliant victories of Russian Army in the First World War, simply was not observed. Specially to show all "truth" to the spectator, founders film in dark tones, I show that war was unfair for us and begun imperial «worthless, ruthless, silly and stupid» the government. For example, in a film «Neulovimye mstiteli» which is let out much earlier "Moonzunda", in 1966, there are bright colours, quality of shooting is traced. Why then the film of 1987 is worse on quality, than a film of 1966? Most likely because through bad quality of the image founders intended to impart to the spectators who have looked this film, wrong perception of realities of history.

By heroes separate people, the officers are represented, trying to stop rebellious moods. The person badly knowing history, can think that only they struggled with revolts, and the tsar and the power were unable cope with "the people demanded freedom» and the revolution arranged on money of the American bankers.

The film has looked after viewing of "Admiral". I can not tell that has received even the slightest pleasure from viewing because "Admiral" is removed in correct, patriotic light, instead of in cold, gloomy twilight.
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