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Director Michael Gottlieb got the idea for this film when he was walking by a store window and was startled to "see" a mannequin move by itself. He realized it was just an optical illusion caused by a combination of lights and shadows, but began to wonder what would happen if a mannequin actually DID come to life.
Originally, the lead part was written to be an older, lonely storekeeper, with Dudley Moore in mind for the role, but when Andrew McCarthy came on board, the part was rewritten to be the part of a young artist.
The "Illustra" scenes were filmed at a real department store, Boscov's. It easy to distinguish by the square chandeliers and neon department signs on the walls.
The department store used for Prince & Company is an actual department store. It is John Wanamaker's, now Macy's in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Of filming this movie, G.W. Bailey stated, "We didn't think it would ever be released. It was beyond silliness. We'd do outrageous double takes over the lines and say that we hadn't done this kind of stuff since high school. And the director would say, 'More. More. You're going in the right direction with it.' Going in the right direction! We didn't believe this. But suddenly the movie is released, and here's this old-fashioned, silly love story very loosely based on One Touch of Venus (1948) and there's not one dirty word in it, not one naked butt." The critics trampled the picture. The public, much to Bailey's surprise, loved it.
The organ Jonathan Switcher sits at in the dance sequence is an actual organ in the John Wanamaker building in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is the largest operational pipe organ in the world.
David Isaacs & Ken Levine did an uncredited rewrite of the script. They later did a rewrite for Mannequin: On the Move (1991) for which they were credited.
Jonathan Switcher wore bowling shoes throughout the movie.
Journey to the Unknown: Eve (1968) featured a story about a young man called Albert (Dennis Waterman) who sees in the display window of a department store an attractive dummy. It comes to life and smiles at him, he falls in love and so gets a job at the store as a dresser.
The motorcycle owned by Jonathan (seen frequently in the movie and on the movie poster) is a 1986 Harley Davidson Sportster XLH 883.
James Spader and Andrew McCarthy also star together in Pretty in Pink (1986) and Less Than Zero (1987).
This movie is not the first time Kim Cattrall and G.W. Bailey worked together, as they were both cast in Police Academy (1984).
Scenes for the rival store Illustra were filmed in the Boscov's department store located in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania.
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When Roxie & Armand are coming up the escalator to take pictures of Emmy & Jonathan, it appears they have ridden the escalator up. There clearly is a sign by the escalator saying it is a down escalator but they would have just walked up it because the escalators would be turned off because the store is closed.
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The working title for the film was Perfect Timing.
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Kim Cattrall, who plays Emmy the mannequin, has a mole below the left side of her mouth. Anne Francis, who plays Marsha the Mannequin in The Twilight Zone: The After Hours (1960), has a mole below the right side of her mouth.

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