The Lost Boys (1987) Poster


Plot Keywords

vampire california
death small town
moving divorcee
amusement park first part
evil dog devil dog
homoerotic teen movie
1980s fatal attraction
lifting person in air slow motion
lifting someone into the air greaser
chased by a dog mohawk
arrow in chest leather jacket
invitation chase
home invasion deer antlers
disappearance abandoned hotel
immortality new boy in town
car through wall corpse
scratching face gash in the face
falling down stairs bow and arrow
sunset child in peril
fireplace shot in the forehead
child driving a car burnt hand
hanging upside down flashlight
stake hiding under the covers
covered in blood skeleton
throat slitting neck breaking
person on fire bonfire
blowing smoke in someone's face dinner
healing burned to death
flying looking at self in mirror
bitten hand raised middle finger
burnt face train
drinking blood worm
punched in the face ear piercing
horror comic hiding under a bed
mullet shoplifting
hiding in a closet marijuana
pretending to be dead father daughter relationship
hiding behind a door hippie
kicked in the face bare chested male
roller coaster missing person poster
cigarette smoking bitten by a dog
security guard boardwalk
horror for children black comedy
homoeroticism concert
bathtub goth
gothic mother son relationship
guard dog spear through chest
windex brat pack
teen angst dysfunctional family
wine garlic
teenager vampire vs vampire
torso cut in half stabbed in the chest
stabbed in the back shot in the chest
severed hand severed arm
scalping gore
exploding head exploding body
blood spatter obscene finger gesture
widower water gun
video store single mother
ruins premarital sex
murder motorcycle
missing child levitation
initiation impalement
grandfather grandson relationship fog
fight falling from height
dog date
cult film counter culture
convertible cliff
child vampire cave
catholic church carousel
brother brother relationship falling off a bridge
beach animal attack
motorcycle gang comic book shop
comic book blood
maggot holy water
vampire slayer holy water gun
surprise ending

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