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This is the classic action film that introduces one of the best action duos ever to come to the big screen.
Michael DeZubiria12 November 2000
Lethal Weapon is a nearly perfectly structured action movie. The acting, the story, the script, the directing, even the IDEA of the movie all combine to make up a fascinating and thrill-packed police film. The cross-cutting at the beginning of the film was particularly effective, in my opinion, as Martin Riggs (Mel Gibson) and Roger Murtaugh (Danny Glover) are introduced. The startling difference between their separate lives provides for tons of fun to be had later in the movie. Roger starts his day off as the family man reluctantly celebrating his 50th birthday party with his numerous children and his loving wife in the big family house, while Riggs is shown waking up naked in his trashy trailer and beginning his day with a healthy breakfast of a cigarette and a beer.

The fact that both Roger and Riggs hated that they had to work together was especially effective in creating a touching atmosphere as they grew to be closer and closer friends. They worked so well together in this movie; it was a symbiotic relationship. It was almost like they fed off of each other, and kept each other in line and out of trouble. I also liked the way that they showed that Riggs was deeply angered when he learned that the bad guys had taken Murtaugh's daughter. Things like this, when done right, can really get you to sit up and really get into the movie, and it was definitely done right here. Riggs was also very amusing in his anxiousness about being a cop (`Why don't you let me go to sleep?' `No, come on, we gotta get up and catch bad guys!'), and Gary Busey delivers an excellent performance as the lead bad guy. This is the type of role that he plays best (see "Under Siege").

Although the violence was painfully present in some parts (the torture scenes were short but extremely difficult to watch), the film never relied on violence to pull it along or keep the audience's attention. The story was sufficient enough so that there was no overindulgence necessary in anything like that. In this film you see the first of the now traditional Lethal Weapon scenes in which Riggs and Murtaugh stagger away from a smoking crime scene, seeming to hold each other up. The final fight scene between Riggs and Mr. Joshua (Busey) was a little excessive, and there were a few scenes which were a bit faulty (how did the guy on the building ledge expect to kill himself when there was such a huge air bag inflated on the ground directly below him?), but overall this was a spectacular crime thriller. The movie rushes along at a feverish pace, and particularly Gibson's and Glover's success working together on screen make this a timeless action film that is not to be missed.
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Fairly enjoyable cop buddy film mainly thanks to great chemistry between the two leads
jimbo-53-18651117 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Lethal Weapon has a pretty abrupt start to proceedings as the opening scene shows a young woman jumping off a balcony from towards the top of a tower block and landing on a car. However, this proves to have some relevance to the plot of Lethal Weapon.

Basically veteran cop Murtagh (Glover)is assigned to investigate this incident which is initially deemed to be a 'suicide'. However, an autopsy confirms that the young woman was poisoned before she jumped, therefore she was murdered before she jumped. Murtagh must try to find out who poisoned the young woman and why, but he's not alone in investigating this case and is assigned a partner Riggs (Gibson). Riggs is a suicidal, unhinged police officer who has a very different method of policing to the more 'by the book' Murtagh.

The majority of the humour stems from scenes with Murtagh and Riggs as both of them have a completely different style of policing. Murtagh is more straight laced and has more of a general regard for following police procedure. Whereas Riggs is unorthodox and wild and will go to more extreme methods (as you'll see in the scene where he's on the roof with a potential suicide victim). The character development is also good. Riggs in particular is afforded some depth - we learn that his wife of 11 years was killed in a car accident which explains his suicidal tendencies - it perhaps also helps to explain his rather 'gung ho' approach to policing (as he already feels suicidal, he probably doesn't fear death as much as your average police officer). We also see Murtagh's home life and see that he is a real family man. Both men show their human side, but also show that they can kick a lot of ass when necessary.

There were a couple of problems with Lethal Weapon; Firstly, the final scene where Riggs is left to fight Joshua (Busey) outside Murtagh's house and no police officers bother to intercept until Riggs finally manages to get the better of him. Whilst it was dramatic and a reasonably good finale, it wasn't entirely believable. Secondly; I also felt that at times the film was a bit drawn out and it was disappointing that the baddies were given a lot less screen time than I would have hoped for.

That being said, Lethal Weapon is still a good film but this is mainly due to the great on screen chemistry between Gibson and Glover. Worth watching!
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An exciting cop drama cleverly constructed...
Nazi_Fighter_David27 September 2003
The film opens with a panoramic aerial shot of Los Angeles, where a beautiful blonde girl in a penthouse apartment is lying, in a sexy white satin nightgown, on a luxurious red sofa... Drugs comes into focus on a table next to her...

She rouses herself to sniff some white powder, steps out (completely unbalanced) onto the balcony and stands on the railing, ready to plunge peacefully down...

Mel Gibson is remarkable as Martin Riggs... He is talented as both a cop and a clown... His character carries a great level of tension... He is both charismatic and enigmatic... Riggs is a homicide detective suffering harmful levels of stress, after losing his wife in an automobile accident... He seems unstable... He slaps and pummels a drug dealer in the manner of the "Three Stooges," and dares his hostage taker to shoot him...

He is on the brink of despair... He takes out a bullet, loads it in his .9 millimeter Beretta, puts the gun into his mouth, and appears ready to pull the trigger...

He is suicidal... He snaps a handcuff on a jumper's wrist, and snaps the other end onto his own wrist... Then he holds up the key to the cuffs, and flings it out into space...

He is a sharpshooter... He raises his gun and fires without blinking, and claims that killing is "the only thing he could ever do well."

He is partnered with a black middle-aged police detective to investigate the death of the girl that leaped off the balcony... Both quickly build up a strong friendship that lead them to uncover a very dangerous heroin ring...

Danny Glover is at his best against an actor who can easily steal scenes... He plays an old-fashioned detective who is obsessed about his age, and goes by the book... We simply see him scanning, reading the odds...

Murtaugh - on his 50th birthday - wears his past like a scar... He is a conservative family man who has to follow Riggs' hurtful plan to get his daughter back...

Gary Busey plays Mr. Joshua, a trained expert killer, cool as ice, deadly calm... It's essential for him to find out how much the police know... He tries his best to get Riggs out of the picture... His boss the General (Mitch Ryan) is a rugged man with eyes like chips of stone... The ruthless general thinks that it's now the precise time to turn up the heat... He wants Murtaugh to be tortured... He kidnaps Murtaugh's little girl, the gorgeous Rianne (Traci Wolfe) to make him speak...

Richard Donner's 'Lethal Weapon' is one of the finest films to offer its audience the combination of strong acting, and scenes out of hell... It is an exciting cop drama cleverly constructed... The final battle, where the two cops team up against the general and his henchmen, is especially thrilling... Donner's film also skates around the sexual implications of male bonding, but the scene in which Gibson and Glover are captured by the crooks and tortured dramatizes male vulnerability in a manner that became familiar in the action film...
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The best action/buddy film
george.schmidt11 April 2003
LETHAL WEAPON (1987) ***1/2 Mel Gibson, Danny Glover, Gary Busey, Mitchell Ryan, Tom Atkins, Darlene Love, Traci Wolfe. One of the best action/comedy/buddy films of all time with Gibson as suicidal loose cannon maverick cop Martin Riggs mismatched with partner Roger Murtaugh (Glover in one great comic role), who is constantly reminded of his age and the danger he's constantly in: solving a drug-linked homicide of Murtaugh's friend's daughter. Busey is memorable as an albino mercenary, Mr. Joshua, unsusceptible to pain. Some great stunts and lots of thrills thanks to helmsman Richard Donner (who also directed the sequels).
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One of the greatest cop movies of all time!
filmnut8115 November 1999
I've seen Lethal Weapon over 100 times and it just keeps getting better! Mel Gibson plays a crazed cop who teams up with a family cop (Danny Glover). At first, they can't stand each other, but as the movie rolls along, they end up with this type of bond. I'm sure that most people or everyone has seen this wonderful movie. It has plenty of action and violence. I love the chemistry between Mel Gibson and Danny Glover. And who could forget, Gary Busey, Mr. Joshua, a VERY fitting role for the wonderful actor. He couldn't have been replaced for that role. No one could have done a better job than Busey. Go Gary! I love the end! One of the best fitting scenes in film history. I also admire Gibson and Busey doing their own stunts, and studying martial arts, just to make 4 nights of filming a cult fighting scene for this excellent movie. This one is definitely a winner! If you haven't seen this superb film, then I STRONGLY recommend that you do! Great film!
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The Best Cop Film Of The 1980's
Big Movie Fan23 May 2002
I have watched Lethal Weapon dozens of times and it still entertains me like it originally did in 1987.

A good cop movie has to have the following ingredients; chemistry between it's stars, plenty of action, plenty of humour, action, car chases and a damn good villain.

American cops seemed to be stereotyped in movies. They always seem to be crazy and without any respect for their superiors. I hope they're not like that in real life but it's perfect for a movie.

It's great seeing Riggs and Murtaugh become good buddies by the end of the movie. I like cop films like that.

The really great thing about Lethal Weapon is the action. Riggs is crazy in this film-I wouldn't want to meet a cop like him. Riggs and Murtaugh are opposites but they say opposites attract. Riggs is mad and Murtaugh is sane. Together they spell bad news for the bad guys.

I would also like to give credit to Gary Busey who never disappoints when it comes to playing a villain (or indeed any other part).

Great movie!
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Will never be matched!
MinorityReporter26 May 2005
This is not only one of the best cop-buddy movies but it is also by far one of Mel Gibson's best movies. In my opinion it almost matches Braveheart which is by all standards a great movie.

First of all the overall acting in this movie is nothing short of excellent. Especially Mel Gibson portrays the deeply disturbed Martin Riggs with great finesse and his ability to create nuanced characters shines through in this movie. You genuinely feel with him and feel the incredible weight of his wife's death on him. Furthermore one of the things that makes Mel Gibson one of the really great actors in Hollywood is his ability to portray rage. Pure, uncontrolled rage and he certainly lifts the movie a few nudges acting wise. The other lead actor, Danny Glover, is also great in his role as the aging family father and he literally embodies the part of Roger Murtaugh and his line: "I'm too old for this s*h*i*t" has become a legend in the film world. Gary Busey is one of my top 10 screen bad guys. Not because he is an especially talented or great actor but he brings an edge to his character that makes one believe that he is the perfect nemesis for Riggs. Last but not least we have the underused Mitch Ryan (whom we have come to know best in the part of Edward Montgomery in Dharma and Greg) and he also does a great job with the relatively few lines he is given.

In terms of story and interaction between the characters I can only say that it is close to perfection. The meeting between the two main characters is a classic moment and their slowly growing to like each other is also brilliantly done. The on-screen chemistry between the two actors is excellent and I'm tempted to say that they have the best chemistry EVER in film history (perhaps bested only by Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster in Silence of the Lambs). In terms of the story the relationship between Riggs and Murtaugh has been weighed more heavily than in the following movies which means that the villains will naturally be less refined than in the following movies and this weighing is very acceptable because the relationship between Riggs and Murtaugh is the carrying element of the movie.

The action in the movie is excellent for an 80s movie. I'll even say that I think that the action in this movie is better than much of the action in movies today because somehow it just seems much more believable in this movie than it does in movies like Die Another Day for example where the action has been amplified so much that it just becomes ridiculous and, lets face it, silly. Most of the action involves Mel Gibson and this works great because he really is one of the greats when it comes to action. He gives the action credibility unlike "actors" like Sylvester Stallone or Steven Segal. You genuinely believe that he could be able to shoot someone with a sniper rifle at a distance of 1 - 2 kilometers.

All in all a movie where basically everything works and is perhaps underrated by the voters of IMDb.

9/10 - watch this movie right now!
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Lethal Magic!
mellan_love28 June 2005
Do things like magic really exist? Well, if you've seen Lethal Weapon - not only the greatest action comedy, but perhaps also the greatest movie of all time! - you should know that the answer to that question is YES. If you don't, it's very obvious that you need to see a doctor. And in case you for some incomprehensible reason haven't seen Lethal yet, I have only one thing to say: stop reading this comment and go rent it immediately!!! There's simply no logical excuse for anyone old enough NOT to see this brilliant movie.

The Lethal Weapon series started out with this film back in 1987, starring the phenomenal Mel Gibson as psychotic loose cannon Martin Riggs and Danny Glover (truly wonderful as well) as his total opposite for a partner - family man and by-the-book police officer Roger Murtaugh.

Murtaugh lives a happy life with his loving family in a friendly neighborhood and is planning to retire from the force. But on his 50th birthday his life takes off in a different direction when the daughter of an old friend from Vietnam jumps out from a window and dies. This incident tosses Murtaugh into a dangerous and twisted investigation. And as if that's not enough: he is also teamed up with a new partner - a burned-out lunatic named Martin Riggs, who's been leaning on the edge of suicide ever since his wife was killed in a car crash. Roger is shocked when he meets this "lethal weapon". These two cops only have two things in common: they're both Vietnam vets and they both hate working with partners.

This is my all time favorite movie, because it gives you everything you could ever ask from a great flick: action, drama, suspense, and even love (without getting all sentimental). And if you love Mel Gibson (God, he used to be so beautiful!!)- like me - this is were he makes one of his strongest and most remarkable performances. Actually, I can hardly call it acting - he IS Riggs. The emotions he's going through is so evident in his eyes and so real and cuts right through your soul: you can actually feel his pain and his anger. And Mel also contributes a great deal to the humorous element of the film with his attitude, witty comments and eagerness of doing his job: "Man, I love this job! Can we put the sirens on?" Danny Glover is outstanding as Murtaugh and serves the audience a normal, middle-aged man who is fighting with his age, a daughter who's turning into a young woman and a partner who doesn't care whether he lives or dies. Danny's hilarious making those faces and throwing back at Mel! He plays his part with great sensitivity and I think he, just like Mel, gives so much life to his character that no other actor could have done it better. And together, he and Mel undoubtedly makes the best film team there was, is or ever will be! (The concept has been copied too many times, though..."

With the fantastic action, humor, performances and screenplay, Lethal Weapon and its sequels definitely top the list of all time action movies. Danny and Mel (naturally) won an award for "best duo on screen" on MTV Movie Awards once, and considering their work with these series, I believe director Richard Donner and producer Joel Silver makes the best duo OFF screen.

I'm convinced this is a movie that not only action fans would enjoy watching, so I recommend it to everyone. This is a movie you can't afford to miss!
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Action and comedy at their best
DunnDeeDaGreat16 June 2003
Lethal Weapon is the first in a series of films that were all good. Richard Donner made an action packed buddy picture that everyone can enjoy. Mel Gibson and Danny Glover were both good in the lead roles and the action sequences are top notch. Kudos to Gary Busey for making a great bad guy.
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One of the best action films of all
MisterWhiplash23 September 2000
Richard Donner's Lethal Weapon is a film bombarded by action, plot and clever characters. In a sense, this is a little like Raiders of the Lost Ark with a load of action, with a plot and characters to match. Here, we meet 2 actors who, while are celebrities now, we're sort of celebrities back in the day. These 2 guys are Mel Gibson and Danny Glover as a loose cannon (Martin Riggs) and a aging family man (Roger Murtaugh) who team up to stop a gang of drug dealers. Plot might not be the best, because we focus on Riggs and Murtaugh so much, we dont care about much else. Lots and lots of fun here. A+
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Misfired weapon
Cheese Hoven13 June 2011
It seems utterly incredible that this poor movie inspired a successful series. Badly directed, badly written and badly acted, it is more like a series of action movie clichés than a story. It borrows heavily from various previous superior films especially Dirty Harry. The 'suicidal jumper' scene in both films makes the comparison; in Dirty Harry, the scene was honest, but the inferior copy version, the scene ends with an unearned and deceptive pay-off, a cheat in other words.

It is not possible to speak of the plot being contrived, but rather a series of implausible contrivances one after another. The basic idea, an unstable cop being allowed to continue working (and even being transferred to homicide!), is utterly absurd in itself but it gets worse. Basic procedures, such as handcuffing subdued criminals, are not adhered to, leading to two characters drawing weapons and having to be killed. People start shooting for no apparent reason, such as at the swimming pool. A hackneyed and unconvincing plot about a secret conspiracy emerges. An over the top shoot out in the desert, complete with helicopter. A gruesome (but laughable) torture scene. Gibson hurls a dead body across a room like a deadly weapon. A sub-machine gun fight takes place on a crowded free-way. And a final punch-up while the cops just look on.

Everything about this film is clunky. It takes a long time for the story to get going and it is held together by certain convenient details. The dialogue is wooden, as is the acting (apart from the kids, who at least emerge with credit). The music is of the late 80s variety, and sounds very dated now.

Nor are the action scenes very memorable, just a series of deeply contrived set pieces which neither look good nor convince. Situations are set-up just so a car can drive through a wall or hit a bus or explode. There is no artistry in any of this, and none of it lingers in the memory.

A cartoon, and not a particularly good one.
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Good action, usual lousy scenario
Angeneer5 September 1999
This is the classic deranged-but-good-cop-with-dead-wife and conservative-aged-but-also-good-cop who pair and face the bad guys who as usual are ex-CIA and stuff. Usual. Boring. But it has some good action scenes and some lines cleverer than average. And awwww this title fight scene in the end, so ridiculously ridiculous. Just fancy the situation.
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Pow! Gibson and Glover and Donner and Blitzen!
Benjamin Wolfe11 March 2007
Viva Le Mel and Danny too!! An instant Christmas time classic! An action genre film to be enjoyed for years to come. What a team of unlikely hero's in this 'Lethal' of movies filmed in 87' or maybe 86'. This was the best of the Lethal's franchise. The idea was fresh with these two, and Mel was as big in this character as king Kong!! I know because of the recent situations with Gibson, on that they will disagree. I do love his stand on The Passion of the Christ, I live for HIM too. But I'm talking about his character portrayal the quintessential 'Gibson' man, in this box-office giant that if it had been someone else, it may have not done the type of business that it did. The feeling was for Martin Riggs. He wore it well. Losing the love of his life, you could feel the agony in his soul. The exchange between the two, Riggs and Murtaugh was an incredible balancing act. It would have to be or one end or the other would up end them both. A cop who's on the ragged edge almost explosive and a family man, who has a tight-nit group that would end up caring for a man in need of care. In return, he (riggs) with his quick -acting sharp-shooter trained conditioning, that actually came natural to his character and his ' wits' , would end-up, saving Roger from losing his life and that family .

This was (I think) an original story that, like some others, for instance, " Indiana Jones ", " Predator " etc leaves you feeling a different emotion altogether. Sometimes these features should be left alone not made again and again until the real essence of the original story and characters has been recycled so many times that its water thin in the end. This has an alternate ending on the DVD which was perfect in my eyes, they should have used it. But money is 'king' even over art, right?

The first is best. Shane Black made this right . Richard Donner directed it well. I recommend Lethal Weapon (****)
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I'm Too Old For This S***
Asxetos28 June 2011
Plot: One police officer with suicidal tendencies and his close-to-retirement colleague have to uncover a huge drug-smuggling operation and at the same time cope with each other.

You'll love Lethal Gun if: You like these macho, cop-duo over the top action films of the 80's and don't really care about getting you intelligence insulted. Honestly… I rented this movie just to help myself remember why I liked it when I was very young and I can't say I figured out why. However if you can handle the movie's cheesiness, unrealistic situations and characters and the stereotypes of US cop films, you're in for one of the best of its kind… at least that's what the majority says. The saving grace of the film: the great chemistry between Danny Glover and Mel Gibson and while when I was younger I loved the psycho bad-ass Mel Gibson, I can see now that Glover not only plays a much, much better character but also a more realistic one… thus easier to relate to, (unless you are 8 years old).

You'll hate Lethal Gun if: You hate these unrealistic cop films and if you want a movie with an actually interesting plot. Honestly what's the big deal with this movie and its -far worse- sequels? They are one of the worst movies I've ever seen. The plot is pretty typical… nothing will leave you with your mouth open or surprise you. The characters are of cardboard quality at best, with Gibson playing a cartoon who is more irritating than cool. Glover plays the conservative family man, (with a moustache of course!), and Gibson is the rebel cop who cries at night while trying to kill his self because his wife died in a traffic accident… boooohoooooo! Riiiiiight… The action sequences are boring and the way the main characters and especially Gibson behave is unrealistic and far from heroic… more like suicidal just for the fun of it. You want a good cop movie look elsewhere. Yes, I've seen worse but the point here is that this movie is one of the most successful ones!!!

FINAL VERDICT: A Series Of Action Movie Clichés (4.4/10)

[+] Great main character chemistry.

[-] Boring action sequences and plot. Extremely stereotypical characters.

Also Check: Bad Boys (1993) - Die Hard (1988) – Lethal Weapon (1989) – Rush Hour (1998)

P.S.: My purpose in all my IMDb Reviews is not to say "I like\don't like this movie" but to help you decide whether YOU will like it or not since everything is all about taste and expectations IMO...
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Oh, smart and funny and filmed with pizazz, but mostly Gibson and Glover!
secondtake28 September 2011
Lethal Weapon (1987)

In some ways this is a great movie. It's fast, it's filmed with dramatic fluidity and terrific light, it has more lively acting than most movies, and it's filled with heroes and bad guys you can relate to.

Director Richard Donner broke out of years of successful television directing with the headline hit, "The Omen," in 1976, followed the next year with "Superman." But oddly enough (or not, following his t.v. years which included not only several "Twilight Zone" episodes but also "Gilligan"s Island" and "Perry Mason"), it was the unlikely buddy movie with Mad Max star Mel Gibson that has made him very rich, and almost famous.

Gibson makes it easy to forget all the nastiness that has happened lately in his life (from his own doing) because he's such a natural screen presence. I had almost forgotten how alive and a little edgy he could be in his goofy, handsome way. And Danny Glover, equally, comes alive on the screen, a little goofy as well, of course, but comfortable as the dad in a functioning middle class family. The two men are cops, thrown together and by some stroke of bad luck, pitched into high stakes dramas one after another.

And if you really bother paying attention, the plot is a strain, made more for effect than anything that matters or even quite makes sense. There are ex-CIA heroin dealers and absurd (and dangerous) helicopter chases, fantastic skills with guns and an even more fantasy-like muddy hand-to-hand fist fight under the spray of a broken fire hydrant at night. Yeah, it's crazy and over the top and you just have to dive in and say, cool, go for it, great filming, funny one-liners.

It's a moment for moment movie with a handful of clunker moments but hundreds of crazy fast and exciting ones. For all they are worth. In some ways, at least, as entertainment straight up, a kind a television on steroids, this is a great movie.
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The best of the buddy-cop films of the '80s; still works 20 yrs later.
Sebastian196629 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
LETHAL WEAPON was the first (of four) pairings of Mel Gibson and Danny Glover as LAPD detectives Riggs and Murtaugh. In this first film, they reluctantly team up to bring down a drug cartel run by high-level mercenaries. The plot is rather average, but what pushes this film into A-list category is the pitch-perfect chemistry between Gibson and Glover, and the dark humor throughout. Roger Murtaugh (Glover) has just turned 50, and is a few years from retirement when the death of the daughter of an old army buddy teams him up with Martin Riggs (Gibson), a burned-out, seemingly suicidal cop grieving over the recent loss of his wife. In a stand-out scene, we see Riggs, alone, ready to kill himself while looking over his wedding photo. Excellent acting, and from a buddy-cop picture! As the two cops begin to slowly earn each other's trust (after Riggs saves Murtaugh's life), the chemistry really kicks in. It's as though these guys have known each other 100 years! Gary Busey (once brilliant in THE BUDDY HOLLY STORY) is reduced to an albino thug, here. But, if it's any consolation, he's very menacing. Watching this film again after about eight years or so, it struck me how brooding and sober it was compared to the more cartoonish sequels (which are also fun in their own right). But LW 1 has a darker energy and while the humor is still there, it's just a little more sporadic. The stunt-work is amazing, but not gargantuan! Compared to how ridiculously over-the-top big-budget cop films have become lately (LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD, for example), LW 1 is the FRENCH CONNECTION! Lots of character-driven scenes (the Murtaugh family dinner scene feels improvised, as though the cameras just happened to catch it), and also some great location work (spanning a lot of Southern California; from the desert to the beach). Some not-so-PC dialogue (a nearly subliminal gay slur, and some racist bits, such as "Who's the chin?") aside, the movie is a product of its time, and the writing reflects that. Warts and all. And despite a recycled, Miami Vice-rehash of a plot (right down to a neon-lit nightclub as a front), LW 1 is the most enjoyable of the '80s buddy-cop films. It's spawned three sequels (so far). And among the countless imitators, few have really captured the magic and chemistry of the lead actors (one possible exception being the first RUSH HOUR). Watching them work on DVD was almost like revisiting old friends! Not many cop films of that (or any) period give one that feeling. Lethal Weapon still shoots on the mark after 20 (!) years!
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Best action film ever!
whatalad18 January 2006
This film is truly the greatest action film of all time, with only Die Hard and the other 'Lethal' sequels coming close. In these days of XXX and Bad Boys II, and The Island, thank god that action fans still can watch the real action movies, the kind that Hollywood simply doesn't make any more. Mel Gibson and Danny Glover make the perfect on-screen partnership, in my opinion it is the best ever seen. Throughour the 4 movies, their chemistry never fails. The direction is superb from Richard Donner and the screenplay by Shane Black is remarkable as it was his first movie script. Why this film has such a low rating is beyond me, it deserves and 8.5 at the very least. Any one who likes action films but hasn't seen this should do so because every action flick that you've enjoyed is thanks to the standard set by this 1987 CLASSIC.
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A Definite Top 250 Movie
moremidnight10 January 2006
This "absolute classic" film is "without doubt" "one of" the "best films" "ever"!!! It really is a "fantastic film" with moments of "pure joy" and "awesome action" that will "keep you at the edge of your seat/s". I remember the first time I ever "thoroughly enjoyed" this film. I was a "wee nipper" back in "the day". I was "sat" on my "own" in the cinema (we used to call it "the pictures") and I watched it from the "start" to the "very" end. (including all of the credits, which were "excellent" too). Then I watched it when it came "out" on VHS (although we used to call it "video" - tsssh! How silly were we??) and I remember "thoroughly enjoying" it "all over again". Afterwards, I turned to my Monkey, "Dave" and said: "You know what, Dave?" (He doesn't say much back, ever, so I went on...) "I "thoroughly enjoyed" watching that "film" (or was it "movie" I said??) "all over" "again!"
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The safety catch is permanently off... !
Howlin Wolf10 July 2007
Cop who is a 'loose cannon'... Ho hum, right? Not in this case. Mel Gibson plays the role with frightening believability (as anyone who is familiar with his recent behaviour might not be surprised to hear... ) but also with an always self-deprecating sense of humour. He's very aware of his own faults and his relation to the world around him, a personal facet of the character as written that I find consistently amusing. Shane Black is unafraid to explore the scuzzier side of police work with his writing - in fact he positively wallows in it - so we're happy to accept with these two things combined that "Lethal Weapon" isn't just a catchy title, it might actually be the truth.

Although the pairing of two such types is predictable, Danny Glover is equally as good in a different way taking on the role of Riggs' straight-laced partner. The banter between the two is very sharp but always stops just short of being terminally cutting. It's a teaming that each successive sequel builds upon to advantageous effect.

This instalment is definitely the grittiest of the four, as thereafter the studios and Black's replacement scribes experimented with leavening the balance between action and humour. Over time Riggs' rough edges became sanded down, but for a full demonstration of his madcap antics when he was at his crazy peak, be sure not to miss this one. Nowhere else has instability been used as the basis for such an adrenaline-fuelled ride.
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A "Lethal" Beginning
jhclues23 November 2000
This is the one that started all the `lethal' action and introduced one of the most memorable cop teams in cinematic history. `Lethal Weapon,' directed by Richard Donner, is a hard-hitting, fast-paced action/drama starring Mel Gibson as Detective Sergeant Martin Riggs, who once served in the Special Forces in Vietnam, and who now serves the city of Los Angeles. Riggs has some inner demons with which he must cope (the loss of his wife), and starts every day thinking of reasons why he shouldn't swallow a bullet. In the end, it's the job that keeps him going; it's what he does best in the world. Meanwhile, Detective Sergeant Roger Murtaugh (Danny Glover) is dealing with some issues in his own life: He just turned fifty, has a teenaged daughter who is suddenly grown-up and dating, and he's just been assigned a new partner, Riggs, whom he quickly learns has a propensity for dangerous situations and apparently has a death wish. His assessment of his situation is summed up with his now classic line, `I'm too old for this ----.' And the adventure begins. The plot involves an investigation into the death of a young woman, Amanda Hunsaker (Jackie Swanson), the daughter of an old war buddy of Murtaugh's, Michael Hunsaker (Tom Atkins), who is now a successful banker. Ultimately, it leads Riggs and Murtaugh into some murky waters where they encounter a former General, Peter McAllister (Mitchell Ryan), and some ex-special forces mercenaries, including the especially psychotic Mr. Joshua (Gary Busey). There's some twists and turns along the way, but most importantly Donner keeps the action going and the tension building all the way to the climax. The dialogue is sharp, the story and characters are developed extremely well, and Donner wisely injects some humorous moments (courtesy of Gibson, with shades of The Three Stooges) that provide a respite to the intensity of the overall proceedings. But what really makes this movie is the pairing of Gibson and Glover. Perfectly cast as Riggs, Gibson is at his charismatic best here. He brings a depth to his character usually reserved for more dramatic fare, and layers him with a complexity that makes Riggs so much more than just another action hero. If you look deeply enough, you'll find a bit of McQueen's `Bullitt' in him. To his credit, Gibson took what could have been just another `star' outing and created a truly memorable character. Glover, as well, breathes real life into Murtaugh; he lets you in on what really makes his character tick, what his loyalties are and his perceptions of the world in which he lives. Like Gibson, he gets beneath the surface and gives you a lot more; much more than meets the eye. And there's a chemistry between the two that really clicks and makes it all work so well. Watching these guys operate is real kick; they give the audience something to relate to, and it's that connection they make with the viewer that is one of the reasons the `Lethal' films have been so successful. Also memorable in supporting roles are Darlene Love, as Roger's wife, Trish; and Traci Wolfe as their daughter, Rianne. In the end, `Lethal Weapon' is an exhilarating, entertaining movie that introduces some great characters that happily, for the audience, return in the sequels. It's like meeting good people who become your friends for life. But be prepared; once you've seen this one, you're going to HAVE to see the rest. And I guarantee, you're going to want to see them all more than once, so be ready to add to your DVD/video collection. These are keepers. I rate this one 9/10.
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Lethal Weapon
Coxer9929 June 1999
Sharp buddy cop thriller that started the great pairing of Gibson and Glover with director Richard Donner. In their first film together, Riggs and Murtaugh take on each other and a Special Forces Group from the Vietnam war that deals in drugs and murder. Explosive action; sharp dialogue and a great sense of humor start off this series with a sure fire bang.
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Mel Gibson is electrifying
AbhiMathews28 December 2014
This movie is an onslaught of action; beginning with the opening scene death to the captivating end, it's a bombardment of epic scenes and high emotions. The plot is okay but what definitively stands out is Mel Gibson's performance.

From start to finish, Martin Riggs (Mel Gibson) makes you feel excited just watching him. Whether it's with his psychotic bouts, unique demeanour or deep moments, his presence adds an energy to this movie that makes it both fun and insane (in a good way). His quality acting in Lethal Weapon is surely some of the best in cinema.

Besides the amazing casting, the overall story is mediocre. In this film, though, it's the acting that makes it special. There are so many aspects to entertainment, and Lethal Weapon hit the mark with Mel as the lead.
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A great movie that I can watch time and time again!
Jamie Spraggon19 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I don't know if IMDb will take these as spoilers so I will list it just in-case

Martin Riggs is no ordinary cop. He's a Mad Max gone maniacal, a man whose killing expertise and suicidal recklessness make him a Lethal Weapon to anyone he works against. Or with.

Roger Murtaugh is an easygoing homicide detective with a loving family, a big house and a pension he doesn't want to lose. Imagine Murtaugh's shock when he learns his new partner is a guy with nothing left to lose: wild eyed, burnt out Martin Riggs.

This film tells a story of two ex-Vietnam vets turned cops who have only one thing in common: both hate working in pairs. But their partnership becomes key to survival when a routine murder investigation leads to an all-out take-no-prisoners, martial arts and machine gun war with an international heroin ring.

This film starred: Mel Gibson, Danny Glover & Gary Busey

Lethal Weapon is a highly entertaining movie, I can still watch it today although I have seen it so many times I have lost count it in't a absolutely fantastic film which will change your life forever when you have seen it, but you will enjoy it, no doubt about it. You always get laughs at Mel Gibson's character Martin Riggs as he always gets the job done sometimes in suicidal ways. Anyway if you own this film on DVD or Blu-Ray and are yet to watch it, grab yourself some popcorn and drinks and watch this explosive action-packed film which is LETHAL WEAPON.

****/***** Very good.
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Great team chemistry
SnoopyStyle1 January 2014
This is the quintessential buddy cop duo. Martin Riggs (Mel Gibson) is a suicidal disturbed cop suffering with his wife's death. Roger Murtaugh (Danny Glover) is the veteran unlucky enough to be assigned to partner up with Riggs. Murtaugh's Vietnam war buddy had a daughter who was killed. They investigate and find a conspiracy of drug smugglers.

Mel Gibson does great crazy. Only years later do we see him do it real life. Mel has interior intensity that serves him well over the years. This one is no exception. Danny Glover plays the opposite. Murtaugh's catch phrase "I'm too old for this sht!" says it all. Together they form a great Hollywood cop team. Certainly they have enough chemistry for countless sequels.
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