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Film News Roundup: Crispin Glover, Ronen Rubinstein to Star in Horror Movie ‘Smiley Face Killers’

Film News Roundup: Crispin Glover, Ronen Rubinstein to Star in Horror Movie ‘Smiley Face Killers’
In today’s film news roundup, Crispin Glover is starring in “Smiley Face Killers,” “Mary and the Witch’s Flower” will open the Hawaii Film Festival, and a virtual reality advertisement is launched for “Jigsaw.”

Production Start

Ronen Rubinstein and Crispin Glover are starring in the independent horror movie “Smiley Face Killers,” scripted by Bret Easton Ellis, Variety has learned exclusively.

Production has commenced across multiple states with Tim Hunter directing. Braxton Pope is producing with David Wulf and Ellis. Jason Miller of Silver State Productions is executive producing.

The film’s plot has been kept largely under wraps, but is based on actual events and the conspiracy theories that have arisen on the internet as a result of serial deaths of young men that shared common characteristics.

Rubinstein will play the lead. The film reteams Glover with Hunter, who directed him in “River’s Edge.” Pope and Ellis teamed on “The Canyons,” the
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See Keegan-Michael Key Revive Luther, Obama's Anger Translator on 'Colbert'

See Keegan-Michael Key Revive Luther, Obama's Anger Translator on 'Colbert'
Keegan-Michael Key revived his beloved Key & Peele character Luther, Obama's Anger Translator to criticize the Trump administration during the actor's Tuesday night visit to The Late Show.

"There is very few things we've heard from President Obama since he left office. Literally, just a couple sentences out there talking about policy," Stephen Colbert told Key. "I was wondering if I could read what Obama has said and Luther could translate that."

Key played along and – after bugging his eyes out and upping his intensity – transformed into Luther as Colbert
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Amazon Picks Up Romantic Drama ‘White Fur,’ Sets Drake Doremus to Direct First Television Series

Amazon Picks Up Romantic Drama ‘White Fur,’ Sets Drake Doremus to Direct First Television Series
Drake Doremus is heading to the small screen. The indie director behind such hot-and-heavy romances as “Like Crazy” and “Equals” is taking his talents to a newly announced series that sounds very much in line with his taste.

FilmNation Entertainment has announced today that it has sold one-hour romantic television drama “White Fur” to Amazon, with Doremus on board to direct the so-called “transgressive and epic love story.” Author Jardine Libaire will adapt her own novel of the same name for the series, marking her first entree into the entertainment space. FilmNation Entertainment’s Ben Browning, Brenda Vogel and Glen Basner will executive produce with Doremus. Libaire is co-executive producer.

Read More3 Key Questions for Indie Filmmakers Building a Career in the Age of Netflix and Amazon

The series will follow “a young couple who battles the class divide and social conformity in 1980s New York.”

“Amazon is building an
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Bret Easton Ellis Recounts His '90s-Era, Celeb-Filled Cocaine Parties

Bret Easton Ellis Recounts His '90s-Era, Celeb-Filled Cocaine Parties
From cocaine-fueled parties in New York to Lindsay Lohan's troubles on The Canyons, writer Bret Easton Ellis is opening up on a lot of salacious topics.

As interviewed by friend and 429 Magazine editor Maer Roshan, the two reminisce about their shared history in New York City (a friendship that began 20 years ago), including the wild times partying at Ellis' apartment. Roshan recalls many long nights at that address to which Ellis, the best-selling author of American Psycho and Less Than Zero, dishes some dirt on famous names who allegedly used to party there, too. 

"It's amazing how many people I see on TV...
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Forbidden Tomes: The Killer Is You – Normalized Terror in the Works of Bret Easton Ellis

Horror is an intense, irrational emotion, and most of the fiction based around it is likewise heightened, even melodramatic. Then, there are works of horror that creep at a low frequency, finding their dread in calm and silence. Imagine Ernest Hemingway writing a horror novel, where dull conversation flows without notice into violence and terror. You don’t have to ponder too long—just pick up something by Bret Easton Ellis. His sparse, iceberg-theory prose resembles Hemingway’s, but his stories are made of nightmares.

And yet, Ellis has never written a horror novel in the literal sense. He is not Stephen King or H.P. Lovecraft, with undead villains and cosmic overlords tormenting his pages. His monsters are just as mundane as the daily activities that they act upon—sex, drug use, going to get coffee—and Ellis seems quite bored with all of it. This does not mean they’re any less frightening.
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After the Hollywood Romances, Sex and Dugs — What Happened to the Brat Pack?

With a multi-generational reunion of sorts between Brat Pack alum Molly Ringwald and Andrew McCarthy’s son in the works, we’re taking the opportunity to catch up with all of the former ’80s teen phenoms — and their offspring — over 30 years after they first earned their iconic nickname.

During a recent appearance on The Moms, McCarthy revealed that his 15-year-old son, Sam, will appear in an upcoming movie called All These Small Moments alongside the famous red-head.

“She emailed me on the first day and she said, ‘Your son just did a scene and when he walked away, it was
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The Blacklist Season 3: Top Five Moments

If you’ve never watched “The Blacklist”, you’re missing out on one of the most intriguing shows on TV today. On the show, Raymond “Red” Reddington is the anti-hero, a wanted fugitive, former secret agent, and a brilliant man with his fingers in innumerable illegal, (Ok maybe some of them might be legal), goings-on all over the world. The character is played flawlessly by James Spader. You may remember James from things like “Sex Lies & Videotape”, “Stargate”, “The Practice”, “Boston Legal”, “Less Than Zero”, “Pretty in Pink”, “Crash”, “White Palace”, “Secretary”, and as the smarmy lawyer in “Wall Street”. Rolling

The Blacklist Season 3: Top Five Moments
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Nick Cannon Moves Into Hollywood Hills Feature

Nick Cannon Moves Into Hollywood Hills Feature
Exclusive: Nick Cannon, whose feature directorial debut King of the Dancehall had its world premiere at Toronto last month, is joining Rhys Wakefield’s Untitled Hollywood Hills Project. It’s Wakefield’s first feature directing gig and, he’ll co-star with Cannon. Best described as Less Than Zero in a house in the hills, the film follows two young men who make the realization that neither of them ever has felt true fear, and over the course of one night, they set out to…
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8 'Stranger Things' songs that prove the series isn't totally period-accurate

  • Hitfix
8 'Stranger Things' songs that prove the series isn't totally period-accurate
One of the most consistently-praised elements of Netflix's breakaway hit Stranger Things is the series' use of music, from Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein's pulsing, synth-driven theme song to the period-specific pop tunes that dominate the soundtrack. Except...are said tunes actually period-specific? No, as it turns out! After a very serious, in-depth investigation on Google, I discovered that a number of the tracks featured in the series are in fact anachronistic -- i.e. released after 1983, the year in which Stranger Things is set. This is shocking, I know, but we all have to accept it. Breathe and remain calm as you browse the full list of non-period-accurate songs from the series below. Note: For added context, each entry is additionally marked "diegetic" (music that exists within the narrative realm of the show, i.e. that can be heard by the characters) or "non-diegetic" (music that exists outside
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Captain America: Civil War, and digital de-ageing

Dan Cooper Oct 4, 2016

Why digital de-ageing is Hollywood's current Holy Grail - and how Captain America: Civil War has helped...

This article contains spoilers for Captain America: Civil War and one widely-reported spoiler for Indy V.

We all know by now that Tony Stark is no stranger to psychoanalysis; in fact, the entirety of Iron Man 3’s plot was revealed by the post-credit sting to have been told to a snoozing Dr Banner to help Stark ‘cut the weight of it in half’ (and perhaps to give the audience a compelling reason for sitting through closing titles crediting three hundred and eighty seven visual effects companies). Captain America: Civil War, however, found the genius billionaire playboy philanthropist resorting to mind-boggling methods to get a little therapy, through B.A.R.F., brainwave-reading Vr tech that allowed him to revisit his youth and experience the final farewell with his deceased
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‘Captain America: Civil War’ CG Boss Reveals Which Robert Downey Jr. ’80s Movie Inspired That Flashback

‘Captain America: Civil War’ CG Boss Reveals Which Robert Downey Jr. ’80s Movie Inspired That Flashback
To make Tony Stark look like his younger self in “Captain America: Civil War,” artists referenced Robert Downey Jr.‘s early filmography. They studied him playing mallrat bully Ian in the 1985 comedy “Weird Science,” as the best buddy of Rodney Dangerfield’s son in “Back to School,” and as a drug addicted rich kid in the big-screen adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis‘ “Less Than Zero.” “We went a little closer to ‘Less Than Zero,'” said visual effects supervisor Dan DeLeeuw during an interview with TheWrap this week. “No one wanted the spikey hair from ‘Weird Science’ like I did!
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How They De-Aged Robert Downey Jr. in Captain America: Civil War

The first time we see Tony Stark in Captain America: Civil War, it’s a younger version of himself in his late teens or early 20s. I was floored when I saw this youthful version of Robert Downey Jr. on the big screen. The techniques used to pull this off were virtually flawless. It really looked like a young Robert Downey Jr.!

So how exactly did the creative team at Lola VFX pull this off? Visual Effects Supervisor Trent Claus explained the process in an interview with THR, saying that it all started with Downy Jr.’s performance:

"Instead of completely replacing the actor with a digital double, this method allowed us to retain the actor's performance and nuances. Then we began to adjust the on-set footage of Tony Stark through digital compositing.“Every feature of the face and body needed to be addressed in some fashion. One thing that
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How 'Captain America: Civil War' Turned Robert Downey Jr. Back Into a Teen

How 'Captain America: Civil War' Turned Robert Downey Jr. Back Into a Teen
Robert Downey Jr. returns as present-day Tony Stark in Disney and Marvel's Captain America: Civil War, but Downey fans can expect to feel a surge of nostalgia when, in one flashback, he appears onscreen looking very much as he did in films from the '80s, like 1987's Less Than Zero. The teenage Tony Stark was created by artists at Lola VFX using the latest digital tricks. The company has earned a reputation for such work, having also "de-aged" Brad Pitt's title character in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (a film that won an Oscar for its visual

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Bret Easton Ellis Lines Up Directorial Debut 'The Deleted'

Bret Easton Ellis has been active in cinema in the last couple of years, even if he hasn't been behind the camera himself. His screenwriting attempts for Paul Schrader's "The Canyons" starring Lindsay Lohan and Gregor Jordan's "The Informers" (which was based on his own book), didn't turn out so hot. Aside from those films, Ellis has been pretty quiet on the cinematic front, opting instead for his books to be adapted by various directors.  Read More: Review: Paul Schrader's 'The Canyons,' Starring Lindsay Lohan & James Deen  Some of these adaptations have been very successful, such as "American Psycho," which has become a cult classic over the years, with director Mary Harron sharpening the satire that made the novel so brilliant (a musical based on the book opened on Broadway last week). Ditto "Less Than Zero," a film that was met with lukewarm reviews in
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Bret Easton Ellis To Direct Cult Series The Deleted

Novelist, cultural critic and sometimes podcaster (where is the new season??) Bret Easton Ellis will make his directorial debut with an edgy series for Fullscreen's yet-to-be released standalone video service.

Fullscreen is targeting an early 2017 premiere for The Deleted on its subscription video service, which launches Tuesday, April 26.

The author of The "American Psycho" and "Less than Zero" will helm the show called The Deleted, which is described by THR as "a thriller about the disappearance of three people in Los Angeles. Although they seem to be unconnected to each other, the deaths trigger the collective p [Continued ...]
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‘American Psycho’ Author Bret Easton Ellis To Direct First Series Alongside Fullscreen

On April 25th, Fullscreen unveiled its upcoming streaming video on-demand service during a press event held at its New York office. While the company’s new product was the star of the show, a few content creators who plan to release their own work on the platform also spoke as well. One of those creators was Bret Easton Ellis, the postmodernist author best known for writing the book American Psycho. Ellis will direct his first series, titled The Deleted, for distribution on Fullscreen’s new service.

In the 80s and 90s, Easton Ellis made a name for himself thanks to novels like Less Than Zero, Rules of Attraction, and American Psycho, all of which feature explicit content and detached, satirical voices. All three of those books were eventually adapted into films, with the 2000 adaptation of American Psycho enduring as a cult classic.

In recent years, Easton Ellis work has trended toward the film world.
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American Psycho author Bret Ellis to make directorial debut with The Deleted

  • JoBlo
For those of you who are into the literary stylings of Bret Easton Ellis (American Psycho, The Rules of Attraction, Less Than Zero), then you may find it interesting to know that he's going to carry his skills over into another medium. Video on-demand, that is. The Hollywood Reporter states that Ellis will helm The Deleted for Fullscreen's standalone video service. The service, starting tomorrow, will offer a... Read More...
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‘American Psycho’ Author Bret Easton Ellis Makes Directorial Debut for Online Series ‘The Deleted’

  • The Wrap
‘American Psycho’ Author Bret Easton Ellis Makes Directorial Debut for Online Series ‘The Deleted’
Fullscreen’s new subscription video service has recruited “American Psycho” author Bret Easton Ellis to make his directorial debut, signing him for the digital thriller series “The Deleted.” “The Deleted” is about the disappearance of three seemingly unconnected people from Los Angeles, which stokes paranoia among a group of twentysomethings who escaped from a cult ‎several years ago. Ellis is best known for writing bestsellers like “Less Than Zero,” “Rules of Attraction,” and “American Psycho,” which just became a Broadway musical. Fullscreen, the online video network backed by mogul Peter Chernin and telecom giant At&T, is launching its own
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Bret Easton Ellis to Make Directorial Debut With Cult Thriller for Fullscreen

Bret Easton Ellis to Make Directorial Debut With Cult Thriller for Fullscreen
Bret Easton Ellis is making his directorial debut with a new series for Fullscreen's forthcoming standalone video service.  The American Psycho author is attached to The Deleted, described as a thriller about the disappearance of three people in Los Angeles. Although they seem to be unconnected to each other, the deaths trigger the collective paranoia of a group of twenty-somethings who recently escaped from a cult. Ellis, the bestselling author of The Rules of Attraction and Less Than Zero, wrote and produced 2013's Lindsay Lohan starrer The Canyons and has directed two short films, but The Deleted will be his

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All the Awesome Movies Hitting HBO Now in May

If you've watched everything on your list from HBO Now's April releases, it's time to start thinking about May! The Man From U.N.C.L.E. and The Intern are just a couple of the new releases hitting the streaming platform next month. Come on, you can tear yourself away from Game of Thrones for two hours to watch Snakes on a Plane. Take a look at everything that's coming to (and disappearing from!) HBO Now and HBO Go in May. Theatrical premieres: May 1: Lost River May 1: The Man From U.N.C.L.E. May 1: Mistress America May 7: Fantastic Four May 10: Jupiter Ascending May 14: Pan May 28: The Intern Original programming highlights: May 2: Claude Lanzmann: Spectres of the Shoah May 21: All the Way Other notable movies starting May 1: 27 Dresses The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas Face/Off The
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