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Fright Rags Enters a World of Pleasure and Pain with New Pinhead Apparel

Fright Rags once again has such sights to show you with a new Pinhead collection of shirts and socks for you (or the Cenobite lover in your life) to add to your wardrobe.

You can view the new Pinhead designs below, and be sure to visit Fright Rags online for more looks at their new Hellraiser apparel.

From Fright Rags: "Now Available! Part II of our Officially Licensed Pinhead Collection! Four brand new tees featuring the iconic leader of the Cenobites! All the designs are also available on our new Womens Tees! And make sure to check out our Pinhead and Lament Configuration Socks! Complete the pattern, solve the puzzle, shop at Fright-Rags Now!

Shop Now: https://goo.gl/nz6hwn

Artwork by Mister Black, Kyle Crawford and Sara Deck."

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Listen To The Internet-Exclusive Hellraiser: Judgment Director’s Commentary

It’s no secret that Hellraiser: Judgment endured a long, meandering journey to release.

For years, Gary J. Tunnicliffe toiled away on his Cenobite-infested sequel with only one motto: “innovate, not replicate.” That mantra worked overly well, too, as Judgment is arguably one of the strongest direct-to-dvd entries in the Hellraiser saga, one that even comes packing its own post-credits scenes involving The Auditor.

But for those who picked it up, you may have been disappointed to find that the disc, while it included deleted scenes and a short gag reel, was missing a commentary track from Tunnicliffe. It was an odd thing to omit, but it turns out there was a reason, as one’s now surfaced online via the Midnight’s Edge YouTube channel – allowing you to sync it up with the movie and hear the director’s thoughts on everything as you watch.

For fans of Judgment
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‘Wishmaster’ Blu-ray Review (Vestron Video)

Stars: Andrew Divoff, Tammy Lauren, Robert Englund, Ted Raimi, George “Buck” Flower, Reggie Bannister, Tony Todd, Kane Hodder, Chris Lemmon, Wendy Benson-Landes, Tony Crane, Jenny O’Hara, Ricco Ross, John Byner, Gretchen Palmer, Angus Scrimm | Written by Peter Atkins | Directed by Robert Kurtzman

Wishmaster is one of those movies that is a treat for horror geeks. Featuring some of the genre’s most iconic actors part of the fun is hunting out all the Easter eggs that are so easy to spot. The question is, on revisiting the film, does The Djinn (Andrew Divoff) still have what it takes to make your dreams come true?

When a Persian statue of Ahura Mazda is broken, a red jewel is discovered within. Given to Alexandra Amberson (Tammy Lauren) to evaluate for auction, she accidentally awakens the Djinn inside. While capturing more souls inside the jewel, he chases down Alexandra with the aim
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‘Jigsaw’ Blu-ray Review

Stars: Callum Keith Rennie, Clé Bennett, Matt Passmore, Hannah Emily Anderson, Tobin Bell, Laura Vandervoort, Paul Braunstein, Mandela Van Peebles, Brittany Allen, Josiah Black, Edward Ruttle, Michael Boisvert, Sam Koules, Troy Feldman, Shaquan Lewis | Written by Pete Goldfinger, Josh Stolberg | Directed by Michael Spierig, Peter Spierig

To be fair to the Saw movies, it was no surprise that they would eventually bring it back; and when Jigsaw was announced, one of the main questions had to be how to bring back John Kramer (Tobin Bell)? If he was brought back at all? Well now we have our answer…

When bodies start turning up around the city, it seems that Jigsaw may have returned. With him being dead though, is it the work of a copycat, or has Kramer somehow returned from the grave ten years after his reign of terror?

If you were a fan of the original Saw films
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Archived Photo Hints At The Genesis Of Hellraiser’s Pinhead

Here’s one fresh from the horror archives.

Doug Bradley, an actor whose career spans no less than eight appearances as the icy, all-powerful Pinhead, has shared a black-and-white photo alluding to the genesis of Hellraiser‘s lead cenobite.

As reported by ComicBook.com, Bradley took to Facebook to reveal the peculiar origins of Pinhead. And it all started in the long, hot summer of 1976 in Liverpool, England, when “the sun blazed from a cloudless sky” and he Cliver Barker were busy throwing around ideas as to how The Hellbound Heart novella could leap onto the big-screen.

It proved to be a labor of love for the creative duo. But as for Pinhead, in particular, Barker began drawing up his villain’s strange, nightmare-inducing anatomy upon noticing a grid-like pattern of nails protruding into the frame.

Which brings me to the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it element. Look closely at the lower left-hand
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Gary Tunnicliffe Details ‘Hellraiser into Darkness,’ the ‘Hellraiser’ Film He Almost Made

Gary Tunnicliffe Details ‘Hellraiser into Darkness,’ the ‘Hellraiser’ Film He Almost Made
Even before the release of Hellraiser: Judgment, writer/director Gary J. Tunnicliffe had mentioned another (early) iteration of the project titled Hellraiser into Darkness, but he didn’t provide any real details at the time other than describing it as a more traditional Hellraiser film than this year’s Judgment. To make a long story short, Dimension wanted Tunnicliffe to […]
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The Director Behind Hellraiser: Judgment Reveals His Dark, Alternate Story Pitch

It’s no secret that Hellraiser: Judgment endured a long, meandering journey to release.

For years, Gary J. Tunnicliffe toiled away on his Cenobite-infested sequel with only one motto: “innovate, not replicate.” That mantra worked overly well, too, as Judgment is arguably one of the strongest direct-to-dvd entries in the Hellraiser saga, one that even comes packing its own post-credits scenes involving The Auditor.

But in the midst of pre-production, when Tunnicliffe had some back-and-forth about Judgment and its graphic content, the filmmaker produced an alternate story pitch under the title, ‘Hellraiser Into Darkness‘. It’s just as dark and foreboding as Judgment, too, as Gary J. Tunnicliffe recalled in a recent interview with Midnight’s Edge (h/t Screen Rant).

So I went away and rewrote Judgment, the treatment, and at the same time, I banged out a treatment titled Hellraiser Into Darkness – which I still think is a really good title.
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Battle of the Hell Priests: Gary J. Tunnicliffe’s Idea for Hellraiser: Judgment Sequel

I think it’s safe to say that many of us were pleasantly surprised by director Gary J. Tunnicliffe’s Hellraiser: Judgment. The film was a fun blast of twisted horror, and Tunnicliffe’s performance as The Auditor was a killer addition to the Hellraiser lore. But has the director thought about a sequel to his film? Not during […]

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‘The Owlman’ returns… and terrifies the public!

You might remember The Owlman from a series of pranks set in a creepy abandoned hospital that went viral last year. Now, the feathered fiend continues his reign of terror in an epic new prank. And a brand-new film!

Watch as visitors to a church in Fife, Scotland get the fright of their lives when the Owlman drops in, backed up by a terrifying throng of masked cultists! This is undoubtedly the team’s most ambitious, and outrageous prank yet, with a finale so absurd and hilarious that it truly has to be seen to be believed. Check it out:

Created by Scotland’s Hex Studios, The Owlman is the star of two feature films – cult favourite Lord of Tears and upcoming chiller The Owlman: Chapter Two.

The Owlman: Chapter Two, due for release later this month, sees The Owlman reprise his role as a nightmarish entity bent on creating
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Exclusive Interview: Paul T. Taylor Talks Hellraiser: Judgment

Hellraiser has always been a major piece of the horror puzzle, and with a legion of fans, it’s still a franchise that’s stronger than ever. The journey began with an adaptation of Clive Barker’s The Hellbound Heart and continued for many years with the legendary Doug Bradley as Pinhead. Since the original encounter with his Cenobite Hell Priest, he’s become a character that will never die.

He still lives on in the dark hearts of fans, comic pages, convention appearances and many other merchandise and action figures in his likeness. Doug Bradley will always be a staple of the genre, but when he decided not to return to the revamped franchise, the latest installment, directed by FX master Gary Tunnicliffe, required fresh blood. After the debacle that was Revelations, a story that Tunnicliffe had written, news of a new Hellraiser a few years ago was met
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The Hellraiser: Judgment Scene So Shocking It Had to Be Cut

The direct-to-video Hellraiser: Judgment has been causing a stir since it was released last week. Some horror fans love it, while some believe that the franchise should be laid to rest. That being said, there's some pretty heavy stuff going on in the movie visually that one won't forget for quite some time. However, there was originally a scene in Hellraiser: Judgment that was too much for Dimension Films, so they made the filmmakers cut down the scene considerably, which is really saying something because this is Pinhead that we're talking about here.

There are some Spoilers for Hellraiser: Judgment below, so read ahead at your own risk. Oh, and some of the language describing the scene is graphic, so there's a warning for that too. Writer/director Gary J. Tunnicliffe was given what looks like some pretty crazy creative freedom, but one scene in particular had to be cut down drastically.
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Hellraiser: Judgment Star Explains Why Pinhead Is Horror’s Greatest Icon

When it comes to the horror genre, there are many, many icons. From A Nightmare on Elm Street‘s Freddy Krueger to Friday the 13th‘s Jason Voorhees, and Halloween‘s Michael Myers to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre‘s Leatherface, over the years we’ve seen countless characters go down in the books as being some of the most frightening, memorable and legendary creations to ever grace the silver screen. But in the opinion of Hellraiser: Judgment star Paul T. Taylor, one individual stands above them all. His name? Pinhead.

Perhaps biased seeing as he plays the character in the aforementioned film, Taylor recently sat down with Cinema Blend to explain why ol’ Pinhead is horror’s greatest icon. In short, the actor believes Clive Barker’s creation is right at the top simply because he’s so much more than just a slasher. His purpose isn’t just to
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Did ‘Scream’ Ruin ‘Hellraiser?’  ‘Hellraiser Judgment’s Director Thinks So.

One of the most unique and criminally mistreated horror franchises ever committed to film is horror icon Clive Barker’s Hellraiser. Produced at a time when horror was all the rage in theaters, the franchise offered a grotesquely different take on the tired formula of “guys in masks chasing around buxom teenagers with knives.” These movies were on a whole other level entirely: a rich Lovecraftian tapestry of terror that was both intimate in its plotting but grandiose in its carnal immensity. Yes, it featured a villain – several om fact – chasing around a plucky heroine desperately scrambling to save

Did ‘Scream’ Ruin ‘Hellraiser?’ ‘Hellraiser Judgment’s Director Thinks So.
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Win a bundle of vinyl records from Arrow Films

  • HeyUGuys
Author: Competitions

To mark the launch of the brand-new Arrow Films website (be sure to visit it Here), we have a bundle of very special Arrow Records titles, including the forthcoming release of ‘Death Walks in High Heels’ to give away. Included in the vinyl bundle are Death Walks in High Heels, Erik the Conqueror, Caltiki The Immortal Monster, The Zero Boys, and Pieces.

Arrow Films is a leading independent entertainment distribution company, established in 1991. Operating in the UK, the Republic of Ireland, United States of America and Canada, Arrow Films is dedicated to supporting upcoming and established filmmakers of dynamic new cinema and developing an enviable slate of quality films that enjoy a lasting legacy across its award-winning branded labels, channels, and platforms.

Arrow Films is also a leading restorer and theatrical distributor of classic and cult/horror films, including landmark titles such as Cinema Paradiso (25th-anniversary re-issue), Donnie
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New Intel On Hellraiser: Judgment’s Post-Credits Scene Slithers Online

Spoilers to follow…

Love them or loathe them, post-credits scenes are here to stay.

They’re not exclusive to superhero movies, either, as evidenced by the release of Hellraiser: Judgment, Gary J. Tunnicliffe’s somewhat disappointing sequel that serves as the 10th installment in the cult horror series.

It’s a twisting and at-times repulsive labyrinth of religious symbolism and otherworldly beings known as Cenobites, who torture human souls under the command of Pinhead. He’s the fiercely intelligent ruler who dolls out punishment like it’s going out of fashion, and thanks to the folks over at Bloody Disgusting, we now know that Judgment‘s after-credits stinger alludes to Pinhead’s right-hand man, The Auditor (Tunnicliffe).

Horrifying Pics For Hellraiser: Judgment Will Haunt Your Dreams 1 of 5

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And so, once Hellraiser: Judgment sentences Pinhead to a fate worse than death
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Director Gary J. Tunnicliffe Holds Scream Partly Responsible For Hellraiser’s Decline

Even after 20 years and change, Scream‘s profound impact on the slasher genre cannot be overstated.

Wes Craven’s seminal horror flick inspired a generation, all the while producing nine kinds of sub-par knockoffs. But in the eyes of Gary J. Tunnicliffe, Scream‘s rise to prominence came at the expense of Hellraiser, the cult horror series of Cenobites and sadomasochism.

In a candid interview with ComicBook.com, the filmmaker, who just recently launched the direct-to-video Judgment, traced Hellraiser‘s journey thus far – one defined by delightful, blood-soaked highs and crippling lows.

This series has stumbled and faltered and struggled along the way because the reality is you can’t shoehorn this franchise into a commercially successful movie without stripping away the things from it that make it what it is. And this is where [producer] Bob [Weinstein] and the guys have had a problem because Bob really isn’t a fan of sadomasochistic sexual perversity,
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Hellraiser: Judgment Director Blames Scream for Franchise’s Woes

Hellraiser: Judgment director Gary J. Tunnicliffe feels the success of Scream led to Pinhead’s downfall. The original Hellraiser was the film debut of horror author Clive Barker and is a story filled with intense gore, kinky sex, and all manner of gruesome imaginary. While Pinhead soon became a horror icon after Hellraiser’s release, he’s only in the original for ten minutes, where he was originally credited as “Lead Cenobite.”
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‘Hellraiser: Judgment’ Review: A Fitting Balance of Pleasure and Pain

Ah, the eternal pain and pleasure of being a Hellraiser fan. The long-running franchise launched in the fertile, effed-up mind of Clive Barker has endured for three decades without any official reboots or remakes. That sounds like a good thing, but it's largely thanks to Dimension's determination to hold on to the rights (and the ever-profitable Pinhead merchandising), meaning a new entry has popped up every few years like clockwork. The result is that Hellraiser has become one of the most fruitful horror franchises, but the fruits haven't always been sweet. The first four …
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Deleted Scene And Gag Reel For Hellraiser: Judgment Find Fun Behind The Horror

On the eve of release, a deleted scene and strangely hilarious gag reel for Hellraiser: Judgment have been summoned up from the fiery depths of hell.

The former comes to us by way of Bloody Disgusting and places detectives Sean Carter (Damon Carney) and Christine Egerton (Alexandra Harris) in a nondescript church, where they ramble on about religion, the Old Testament, and their own struggles as lapsed Christians.

You can see why it didn’t make the cut, as it’s a little cliché and doesn’t necessarily advance the plot, but fans of Hellraiser will still find comfort in this human-oriented scene that takes place far beyond the bowels of Pinhead’s lair.

Speaking of which, Screen Rant completed today’s unofficial one-two punch by releasing Judgment‘s gag reel, which finds fun behind the torturous horror and sadomasochism, followed by a shot of Pinhead, an ancient (immortal?) being of indescribable power,
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Interview: Director Gary J. Tunnicliffe Discusses Hellraiser: Judgment

Jack-of-all-trades Gary J. Tunnicliffe has certainly made his way around the movie sets in his cinematic career, cranking out projects in the special FX department, along with multiple writing, producing and even stunt work credits to his impressive resume. He’s certainly no stranger to the Hellraiser franchise, having been a part of 6 separate entries […]

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