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Finally Found This Movie

Author: Discount Bert from Saskatchewan, Canada
16 September 2003

I've been looking for this movie for years and could never find the title or what it was about because all i could remember was these kids went down this slide and became butterflys. I asked around and finally found out the movie was called The Great Land Of Small. So after looking all over for it i finally found a video store that had it and i rented it.

Its so great to finally know the name of this movie i enjoyed it it was a good movie and reminded me of Wizard of Oz, Chronicles of Narnia and Never Ending Story type of worlds. The only thing that upsets me is that this movie isn't on DVD. I know its a canadian movie but really put it out on DVD.

Also really cool is Micheal J. Anderson who plays Fritz the Leperchaun is in the new show Carnivale that i'm really looking forward to. I can't wait for Carnivale.

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Finally found the name of this movie! I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!

Author: jessiebebe from Windsor, Ontario, Canada
16 March 2007

I loved this movie as a child. And I could never remember the name of the movie. I asked my dad if he remembered this movie but we rented it when I was about 5 years old. I've been all around to movie rental places but no one knew what I was talking about. Friends thought that maybe it was just a dream.

All I could remember is the little leprechaun man who couldn't find his rainbow, and he had gold dust. There were two kids, girl and boy, who met him in a barn or somewhere with hay. He took them to a fairytale land like on the other side of the rainbow similar to Wizard of Oz or Neverending story or even Little Nemo. This was a bright magical place. Then all I remember from there is the girls turning into butterflies and going down a slide. And the little leprechaun man would drink soda, float and blow bubbles. That is all I remember. I am not even sure if I seen the entire movie. I might of falling asleep, I mean I was only five. This is a GREAT movie. And I MUST see it again. An amazing magical film for little ones who dare to imagine that anything is possible. I know that my daughter would LOVE this movie. :o) I just though of something, she's five. Now isn't that a coincidence.

I have been looking for years. And now I know the name of it thanks to all the comments that everyone has put on here. Thank you everyone for all the nice comments on this unforgettable film.

The only sad thing is, is that none of the movie rental places lend out VHS tapes anymore. Everyone has converted to DVD only. Even pawn shops do not carry VHS movies anymore. Local library doesn't have this film either.

And worst of all it's not on DVD. Perhaps someone should put it on DVD. It makes me wonder what happens to all those old movies that don't get put onto DVD.

For now I will have to buy the VSH only, used probably. But I hope that in the future someone will make a DVD out of this movie.


Here is a trailer. Go to and search Tales for all #5

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The Great Land of Small

Author: Caleb Lane from Canada
22 July 2004

Beautifully photographed and charming Canadian children's fantasy was, when I was little, one of my favourites, and when I have kids, I'll be sure to treat them to this little gem. Two kids go with their mother to their grandparents farm in Quebec and meet a leprechaun-like man whose gold dust has been stolen by an evil tavernkeeper. Now the kids must help the little man retrieve his gold dust and travel over the rainbow to an enchanted land. The script is meant for kids, but it can entertain and enlighten adults as well. The direction is splendid, and the photography in this film is out-of-this-world (no pun intended towards the film's plot!). It's interesting to see people like Karen Elkin and Michael Anderson before they became the TV stars they are today. Only problem with this is that it seems slightly disjointed in the storytelling, but that's about it. 4/5

Rated G

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Canadian "Nightmare Fuel" Classic!

Author: skrasna from United States
13 July 2013

From the same "Tales for All" series which mentally scarred Canadian children for life with the infamous Peanut Butter Solution comes yet another trippindicular kids film bound to disturb anyone under the age of 12.

The Great Land of Small tells the story of Jenny and David, two fairly bratty kids who appear to work in the circus with their mom. The fatherless family takes a vacation to spend some time with Granny and Gramps in countryside, where the kiddos encounter Fritz, a diminutive denizen of the Land of Small, a realm existing in "innerspace" on the other side of the rainbow. Fritz goofed up in the woods by dropping his magic dust, allowing a sinister tavern owner to chance upon it. Fritz lets the bad guy take the dust with a warning, taking the opportunity test human responsibility. Of course things go wrong, so Fritz and the kids have to team up to set things straight. Their journey takes them over the rainbow to the titular Land of Small, where things get really whacked out.

For those of you who are purely reliant on plot and spectacle, The Great Land of Small will wear out its welcome pretty quickly, but if you have a taste for this sort of thing, I think you'll dig it. The camera-work is actually rather nice for a kids film, so it was no surprise to see that this was a French-Canadian/Czech production. The music is fun too -- lots of ultra-saccharine, twinkly synth-pop for kids.

It's not a high-budget film by any means, but it's full of quirks and peculiarities, which reach a climax when the kids go to the Land of Small, which is like a low-rent version of Little Nemo's Slumberland. The set is actually (I'm pretty sure) the stadium Canada built for the '76 Olympics, which is a very '70s futuristic all-white building with lots of sloping curves. Add lots of fog, populate it with brightly festooned Cirque du Soleil performers, and film it with some Dutch angles and you've got the Land of Small. This loopy land is ruled by Fritz's twin brother, played by Twin Peak's Michael J. Anderson in a dual role. His queen is played by the same actress that plays David and Jenny's mom, which is really weird. Hanging out in the Land of Small ain't so bad until the trip goes sour and David and Jenny attend a bizarre ritual. The Smallians start chanting "Slimo", summoning an ugly, moon-like creature out of a foggy crater. A dwarf and a giant are sacrificed (willingly?) to Slimo by sliding down a chute into a squishy pit. Slimo spits some gold dust into the pit and these folks are reincarnated into butterfly people. David and Jenny narrowly avoid the same fate. Long story short, this scene is really creepy and Slimo kinda looks like the scary moon from the game "Majora's Mask".

Anyways, if you are the kind of maniac like me that enjoys weirdo kid flicks with awkward dubbing, imaginative sets and more than a dose of creep factor, check it out!

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Movie That Haunted My Nightmares . . .

Author: emilyhellis-20902 from United States
22 February 2017

I can't believe how many children from the late eighties were freaked out by this movie. The scene of the people being swallowed by the "slimo" monster haunted me since I was a little kid, until I wasn't sure if it was actually from a movie or something I dreamed! So glad this bizarre movie actually exists. Not sure if I will show it to my kids though . . .

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Finally found it =)

Author: electrolosis9998 from Canada
7 May 2012

When I first saw this movie approximately 15 years ago this movie scared the crap out of me to the point that I went through great means to never see it again. However it left a mark on me to the point that around 10 years ago the memory of it made me want to find out what it was, naturally I didn't know the name So I Must say Thanks to the first person to leave a review about it, it has been driving me crazy trying to find it. I would say that it is a good movie but perhaps a bad movie for younger kids to watch or more sensitive people like me. Im gonna go watch it on Youtube and hopefully it wont be as bad as I found it then. Thanks Again

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I still have nightmares about this film

Author: harvey_haddix from Canada
5 November 2002

I was 7 years old when this movie came out, and I was taken to see it with my best friend by his mother. The memories of this film still haunt me to this day. Something about the strange imagery of the film caused it to fuel more nightmares for my childhood mind than freddy krueger or any other ghoul could ever hope to do. For that reason, I don't know whether to endorse the film or not. The imagery in the movie was potent/bizarre/creepy enough to etch itself permanently into my seven year old consciousness, so if you're interested to see what kind of film can do that to a child, I'd have to recommend it.

If not, stay away, especially if you're a kid or have a kid with an (over)active imagination.

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Magical and Memorable

Author: Sandra Marcoux ( from US
31 January 2002

My sister and I watched this movie as children. With it's colorful, comic events and adventure, it became our favorite. Now we have children of our own and have been wanting to share this magic with them. We've spent the last couple years searching the internet for this title, but have made a mistake. We've been leaving out the word "Great" in our searches. Well, I've finally found it and I plan to share it with my children ASAP! I strongly recommend this movie for children of ALL ages. It's absolutely captivating!

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the great land of small

Author: black_rose11 from United Kingdom
4 December 2006

i have waited a long time to find this movie,i first saw this movie when i was a young child and would very much like to see it again,i really wish that it was DVD.for those who haven't seen this film well you will enjoy it and your children will love it if you have this time in my life all i can remember of this film is one of the songs and mimmick who looks so sweet and cute and that it reminds me of other films like flight of the navigator and never-ending story.those kind of films should be brought back to are television screens so other children can watch this film and remember the fairy tales and the i said before this film needs to be put on DVD.

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"Entertainment For All Ages"

Author: bpatters from Neosho, Missouri
26 December 2001

In the late 90's, on a Saturday night, I walked in to a videostore not knowing that I was going to rent a movie so magical. I walked around and picked up one movie, and of course I wanted another one. There was really no new releases I wanted to see so I ran right on over to the Family section where I looked quickly cause I needed to get out. After picking up several boxes I finally saw "The great land of small". The family members I was with were at the counter saying to hurry up. As I scamed over the box I knew I would enjoy it. Ya see, I'm a big "Drama" fan and "Musical" fan, but I'm a big "Fantasy" fan also. I rented it and went home to watch it. I abosolutly loved it. So I one of my relitives to get it for me for Christmas. On Christmas morning I opened it, I was really excited to see that I could share it with other people and their kids. See, when I see a movie, and I enjoyed it, I always try to recommend it to other people, and then if I get that certain special great movie, I don't have to recommend it, I can now share it. For example, Last year I had a little childrens group at my church, it was called "Fun Kids". We performed songs and learned musicals, and we would also throw a big party-(which almost always included a movie) once every two mounths. One night we were throwing a party to celebrate for 3 kids who that day gave their hearts to the lord. The movie we watched that night was "The great land of small". Kids ages 6-12 that night loved it, and I'm now glad we showed it that night because we had one of the biggest crowds we had ever had that night. I guess that kind of tells you how I spread the magic of "The Great Land of Small". You know it so hard to find a good Family movie these days that entertains the whole family, well if you ever watch "The Great land of small" you get full great family fun, from every member of the family. I mean who can resist Fritz, Mimmick, Jenny, David,Sarah, and even the rude Flannagan and all the other characters which make "The Great Land Of Small" Entertaining for all ages.

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