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Run Naomi! The Flit!
phred222 January 2000
How much you will enjoy this film depends greatly on whether you can set aside the usual reactions to verminous insects. Do that and Naomi, this movie's star, is actually kind of cute, in the way that naive 17-year-old girls often seem. With a human face and torso beneath her antennae and black carapace, she enjoys pool parties in the toilet bowl, smooches with her childhood sweetheart and is attracted to Kurt, the handsome soldier cockroach from the neighboring tribe. Her tribe's human host is a live-and-let-live sort of fellow, unlike the girl next door, sexy but merciless toward roaches. Disaster comes when the two people fall in love.

Everything is seen from the bugs' viewpoint, full of large and potentially dangerous objects. Trash, on the other hand, is full of wonders. The photography and animation are extremely well-handled. The biggest flaw is that the characters are pretty much one-dimensional, with the differences you'd expect between roach and human society too-little explored. But this is far more adult and more thought-provoking than the usual movie cartoon. And unlike other animated animals, these roaches don't sing.
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Creepy Crawly Critters... But Cute
hokeybutt14 May 2005
TWILIGHT OF THE COCKROACHES (3 outta 5 stars) Even if you hate the sight of cockroaches this movie shouldn't bother you too much. The film's roaches are actually cute little animated characters in the Japanese style. The humans in the film are live action... never speak... and are terribly unkind to the poor little creatures who just want to be left alone to live in peace. When we are first introduced to them the roaches are living in peace in the apartment of Mr. Saito. His wife and children have left him and he seems to have a bit of a drinking problem so he doesn't have any motivation to clean his filthy apartment and get rid of his tiny guests. This all changes when he gets a new girlfriend from across the way... a woman fanatical in her hatred of the creepy critters. Massive doses of bug spray send the roaches for cover, alluding perhaps to the horror of Hiroshima. It's a pretty good movie... maybe the roach characters could have used a little more depth. The main sub-plot, a love triangle between the cute Naomi and her two boyfriends (one a heroic military man and the other a sensitive artist-type) is well-handled. Even though the movie is mostly animated it might be too adult for the younger kids.
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Wish I could get it on DVD
lbacker7 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This is a different kind of flick. Anime version of shoot-em up war movie. Dubbing very good. Lots of action. Standard Hollywood boy/girl/rival plot. Comes across better than most regular movies. You need an imagination to enjoy this one.

The unique scene is the "Talking Turd" in the garden. Takes a real screen writer to work that out.(LOL)

A more refined anime than Roger Rabbit.

I have it on VHS. Looking for a DVD copy.
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A view from below.
haildevilman28 August 2011
The cockroaches replace humans while the humans replace gods?

That's one way to interpret it no?

A commune of cockroaches live and play in a dude's apartment in modern day (well late 80's) Japan. Nobody bothers them. They bother nobody.

Until said dude's girlfriend moves in.

Stereotypically, the female decides this place needs cleaning and what we get is Armageddon seen from the floor.

Of course there's your rivalries between the peace-nicks and the aggressors. And Naomi is our female eye of the storm. Do they fight, run, or die? Find this to find out. It isn't easy. Not even in Japan. There are a few old VHS copies floating around the used shops however.

This combination of live and anime reminds one of "Heavy Traffic" at times. I caught this in an art theater in Philly during a run on rare anime showings. Didn't stand out like "Robot Carnival" but still kept my attention.

And anyone with knowledge of Japanese life might like it too.
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Another one of those "oh it's so great" cult movies (dubbed)
Jeremy Bristol9 June 2001
This is another one of those cult classics that everyone in "the know" claims is so great. Well, the backdrops (a sort of mixed bag of pop art collage and live action) are terrificly bizarre, the highlights (along with the story itself) of this equally mixed movie. Unfortunately, neither the animated cockroaches or the live action humans are anything special (Bing Crosby dancing with Jerry the mouse looks more realistic, so I won't bother comparing it to Roger Rabbit). I was constantly thrust out of "the dream." However, that was probably due to the awful English dubbing.
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kicksexoutthevan11 September 2004
This is a movie (half live action, half cartoon) about the true lives of cockroaches. The basic plot is about a group of cockroaches who have always known peace. One of the female cockroaches meets a cockroach from across the field. These cockroaches have always known war. This movie is very quiet and very loud. Good cinematography, good dynamics. I think that roaches are probably closer to this than we could ever imagine. The fact is, they are living things just like anything is permittable where the level of information is small. I give this movie an 8 out of 10.

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Chibi Riza29 March 2000
This is not a movie for Cockroach haters like I.But noooooo,someone (whom shall remain nameless for the point being)forced me to watch this piece of crap movie!

But in "Twillight",they make the Cockroaches look (yes,it's true^^;)cutesy and humanoid,which adds quite a bit of injury to the insult and they make cockroaches look like sweet creatures,instead of the annoying little pests like they really are!Plus,there is a rather out-dated allegory,if you can pay attention to the movie much longer.

The only parts I liked in this nightmare of a movie is where the broad that moves into the apartment with her slob boyfriend,tries (and sort of suceeds) to kill those damn annoying cocokroaches!

If you wanna see this badly otakus,I just might wish you good luck finding an un-damaged copy of this film!
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