Forever, Lulu (1987) Poster


Plot Keywords

novelist new york city
fellatio hideaway
hiding doughnut
eating food
threat masochist
sadist s&m club
s&m hair dryer
drug dealer warehouse
comedy of errors light bulb
ironing with a light bulb ironing
republican democrat
blind man psychiatrist
therapist sex therapist
infidelity unfaithfulness
adultery extramarital affair
antwerp belgium brighton
st. moritz miami florida
classmate stolen coat
cat rabbi
reference to jimmy carter strip club
stripper narcotics squad
drug use drugs
accidental hold up driving on the sidewalk
urination bathroom
wine waiter
restaurant cafe
dating date
insurance salesman reference to lily tomlin
blind date manuscript
reference to war and peace the novel palm reader
fortune teller writing
gun reference to clint eastwood
reference to gandhi reference to vincent van gogh
reference to dostoyevsky reference to sidney sheldon
reference to judith krantz reference to jackie collins
reference to jackie kennedy reference to elvis presley
reference to william shakespeare fictional talk show
fictional tv show tv talk show
tv show ex lover
screenwriter film script
porno movie theatre aquarius
horoscope film director
adult filmmaking topless female nudity
bare breasts female nudity
coat cashmere coat
rain photograph
turning oneself in to the police hold up
fame wealth
taxi nudity
suicide contemplation central park manhattan new york city
mobster shootout
briefcase burglar
burglary pay phone
telephone call theft
thief beggar
vietnam veteran robbery
mugging toilet seat company
shooting witness
murder bath
bathtub forty something
sex drinking
drink bar
typewriter policeman
police money
mistaken identity literary agent
fired from the job secretary
temp worker lower east side manhattan new york city
manhattan new york city german
author writer
aspiring writer mink coat
fur coat

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