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Fatal Attraction
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One of the best Movies ever made!

Author: dasdirk
10 January 2017

Glenn Close was 100% correct, the original was the correct ending, if only they kept that original ending, this movie would have gone on as an instant classic! The movie suffers terribly from this! Huge mistake! None the less still excellent! Glenn Close should have won an Academy Award for this ! I can not help but think that because the ending was changed. That prevented her from the receiving the award! No other movie had ever tackled infidelity in a marriage quite like this one did, and no movie since has surpassed it in those regards, since! My biggest problem with the film is that they changed the original ending and the ending always seemed fabricated to me! The reason being is that it should not have been changed! This movie would be far more popular with the original ending!

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An explosive movie, and I do wonder what happened to...

Author: Parker Lewis from United States
9 September 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It's hard to believe Fatal Attraction is almost 30 years old, and wow, what a groundbreaking movie it was at the time. I wonder how many male viewers were shocked into making chastity pledges to their better halves after walking out of the cinema.

I think a modern day reboot is required, maybe with a same-sex relationship or something like that?

One scene I remember in Fatal Attraction, when Alex (Glenn Close) blew off her date (off scene) to have dinner with Michael Douglas's character, which in turn led to their fateful (and eventually fatal) and passionate encounter at Alex's place, starting in the kitchen and then the bedroom. I think a criterion DVD release should feature cut scenes of who this mystery date (that Alex blew off) was, and how he coped with the news that Alex was obsessed with Gallagher (Michael Douglas), and how it was a close shave.

One motif in Fatal Attraction is dancing and unsafe sex. Here the dancing happens after unsafe sex, and in Romancing the Stone and Basic Instinct, Michael Douglas's character danced with the characters played by Kathleen Turner and Sharon Stone, respectively, before embarking on unsafe sex.

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Pretty decent movie with hilarious negative reviews

Author: MarcoLara from Germany
20 August 2016

Let me start by saying that this was a very decent movie. Michael Douglas at his best doing the roles he does best. And not only him but the rest of the crew as well.

To me, the best part of this movie is actually the very believable plot. This is a situation that could happen to anyone, and to a different extent has happened to people I know. Furthermore, both the script and all the actors make the movie all the more believable. It is true that the movie deflates itself towards the end, but overall it is a great movie, and even a warning movie for the ones attempting to do what is done there.

The movie gets 8 points on my list because of the less-believable ending, and also because Glenn Close, while doing a perfect part in the acting, should take the part of the wife, and the wife (Anne Archer) should take the part of Glenn Close. This said, even as it is the movie should not be unbelievable. I have seen worse, and you will know what I mean when you actually watch the movie yourself.

One thing that cracked me up were the negative comments on this website. It seems that they were mostly written by women with chip in their shoulders. They do not criticize the movie, but the "fatal attraction". They criticize the fact that men would do this or that, or that a man would prefer X over Y...basically making quite clear that something touched them at a personal level and they did not like it. I guess truth hurts.

If you haven't watch this movie, do it. It is well written, incredibly well acted, and as much as you will have to forgive the last 5 minutes, it is overall a great movie.

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Only worth seeing for Glenn Close

Author: jadavix from Australia
20 July 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"Fatal Attraction" is a fairly humdrum thriller enlivened by Glenn Close's performance as the villain.

Its plot is one we've all seen before: married man has an affair with the wrong woman who turns out to be a psycho. He can't ditch her immediately because she might tell his wife, see, so the movie grows out of this trite situation.

It also really avoids any real tension. You've probably already heard of the famous "bunny boiler" moment. This is actually also pretty trite: animals are always harmed in thrillers as a way to show the villain's increasing capacity for violence. I guess it must have been a shocking moment back in '87, because everybody seems to remember it, but now it's tired.

The movie lacks scares, which is either because the filmmaker wasn't capable of providing them, or because he knew that Close could do it through her performance alone.

I'm not the first to ask this, but what was it with Michael Douglas and attracting dangerous hotties? Glenn Close, Demi Moore, Sharon Stone. Was he that attractive?

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Never Scorn a Crazy Woman

Author: Hollywood_Yoda from Outside Hollywood
29 February 2016

This film goes to prove you must never scorn a crazy woman, or better yet, don't have an affair with her! Glenn Close plays the part so well, as the villainous other woman. And Michael Douglas as the cheating husband rounds the cast out well. It's like he wasn't even playing the part.

Adrian Lyne should have won an Oscar for his direction of this classic psychological thriller. Hard to believe that in six nominations, not a single win. Wow!!

The only part of the film that was more disturbing than Alex cutting her wrists insanely was the rabbit sequence. Could have done without seeing that.

Overall, a very under appreciated film. Great story.

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Exciting and Thrilling, albeit a Far Fetched Finale,

Author: Dillon Harris from Ireland
15 February 2016

Fatal Attraction is a good movie with a well developed storyline and a terrific cast. It's an exciting two hours as we follow a man, played as natural as always by Michael Douglas, starting an affair with a woman, a stunning performance from Glenn Close, who develops an obsession with him, it's very intense as Close creates a psychopathic demeanor for her role that only worsens as the film progresses, the best moments are the two characters simply talking as Douglas tries to make sense of the whole situation. I love the first half of the movie, if it had remained as dramatic and realistic as it did for the second half I could have given this a nine, but it turns in to a straight up thriller after a while, it may be fun to watch, but I was thoroughly enjoying how plausible the whole situation was, so I was disappointed when the plot became far fetched, particularly the ending, which leaves a lot of loose ends. I felt Alex Forrest's character development could have been more natural, the obsession she develops for Gallagher is understandable, as well as how her mentality breaks down, but it could have been a more subtle transition, instead of simply turning this woman in to a horror character, we were able to feel for her and the love she had for him in the beginning, until we eventually could not sympathise for her in any way, it became confusing how the director wanted me to view Forrest. It has many imperfections, but Fatal Attraction is still an enjoyable film with top notch acting from its three leads, I would recommend it if you ever see it on television and are looking for a good drama, but don't go out of your way to see it.

A fling turns in to a nightmare for a Manhattan lawyer when his lover refuses to end the affair.

Best Performance: Michael Douglas

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Alex Forrest, as an allegory for AIDS

Author: MrsGoforth from United Kingdom
6 February 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It's interesting to me how feminists, specifically single career women, were the ones who were outraged over Alex, when really the character seemed more like a fearful commentary on gay subculture in New York. Alex's queerness is defined in four phases:

1) Her rapacious sexual appetite and the ongoing mystery of her sexual history.

2) The framing of her inhabiting desolate, hellish spaces outside of 'healthy, homely' human civilisation (her meatpacking district apartment etc). There's a shot of her spying on Dan and Beth's house in the countryside, where she sees the married couple sat next to a roaring fireplace with their child and bunny rabbit: a Republican approved commercial of the 'all American family'. Alex's face contorts and she recoils from this to vomit: denied a place in heaven, she is condemned to the wilderness.

3) Her drag queen chic (Medusa hair, claw-like red nails and flashy outfits).

and finally...

4) The idea of her being insidious and diseased - seemingly in the mind, but on closer examination, being presented like a disease unto others. The narrative dictates that Alex is damned as a bringer of pestilence and as such has no recourse but to destroy Dan and Beth's heavenly existence.

However unconsciously, I come to the conclusion that the movie resonated because Alex embodied the spectre of AIDS upon an aspirational society.

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social backlash distracts when it comes to ratings here

Author: Jawsphobia from Toronto, Ontario
16 November 2015

This movie deserves a higher IMDb rating, certainly. It can only be assumed that some people hating what for them the story represented for those who cheat or commit adultery influenced their numeric rating of the film itself. Sure we all know about the original alternate ending Nicolas Meyer wrote in his draft which was filmed and previewed. It can be argued either way as to which one was best. While I appreciate the value of both I think the more somber one suits home video and the scarier finale that replaced it was more appropriate for the community of emotion found in a theatre. The movie presents a what-if that is worthy of exploring. If it briefly did to affairs what psycho did to showers or Jaws did to the beach, then it was effective movie making.

It comes from an era of cinema where there was still some product worthy of looking at more than once and where the enjoyment of movie making might be found. If you have sen this movie, it is worth looking for the Saturday Night Live support group skit that Glenn Close did as the character. I think there is also a skit where Jan Hooks plays her in a Big Chill skit. But the movie itself has texture, tension and Hymie. Don't let people scare you from seeing it. I guess being from the eighties it will be considered "old" by some.

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A slick uninteresting perfume ad boosted by clever PR

Author: kira02bit from Silver Spring, Maryland
12 October 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I remember standing in line forever in the autumn of 1987 to see what the press was trumpeting as an edge-of-your-seat thriller that would scare you to death and being dumbfounded by the result.

Michael Douglas portrays a wealthy, privileged guy married to stay-at-home glamour-puss mom Anne Archer. His marriage is seemingly great, but for some unknown reason he steps out for an extra-marital affair with frizzy-haired Glenn Close - a business acquaintance. Close then starts to go bonkers when she realizes that Douglas is not interested in continuing the affair and keeps injecting herself into his life in more sinister ways.

To start with the obvious, the film is far from original and is a barely veiled reworking of Clint Eastwood's much better Play Misty for Me (a glaring similarity that no one in the press seemed to bring up). Some clever studio PR person came up with the idiot notion that the Close character was a metaphor for AIDS/STDs and that this was a cautionary tale of unprotected sex that the more provincially minded ate up since it made them think they were seeing something with deeper meaning. Alas, the film is as deep as a puddle and about exciting as watching paint dry.

Director Lyne gives everything that obnoxious glossy look that proliferated in perfume ads in the 1980s. Both Douglas and Close are photographed in such an unflattering way that they should sue and their sexual trysts are of the grunt-groan wrestling kind that leave viewers laughing hysterically rather than titillated. Certainly not the "torrid" affair that the breathless ads postulate. Worse, the film is paced like a 50-mile tortoise race, with Lyne telegraphing every "shock" well ahead of time to defeat its purpose. There literally is not any scene where he does not tip his hand by moving the camera in an awkward position to indicate someone will pop up behind another character in a moment.

The dialogue is almost painfully banal among the characters. Douglas seems to be suffering from fatal lockjaw in the lead role. He gives us no reason to understand why he is stepping out on his wife with the unappealing woman played by Close here and no reason as to why his character is such a total douche to Close in subsequent scenes. He is almost pathologically unsympathetic. Poor Close spends the majority of the film desperately trying to find pathos in a character that the film just wants to cast as a bogeyman. We get no reason why this seemingly well-adjusted career woman would go immediately unhinged after one night of sex with Douglas (although given the unintentional hilarity of their sex scenes I might reconsider that one). Anne Archer fares best as Douglas's wife, but the film cheats her in the big scene where Douglas reveals his infidelity by cutting her reaction short and she is stuck looking like a panic-stricken ninny in a completely pointless sequence where Close nabs her child resulting in a hysterical Archer crashing her car rather than contacting the authorities.

The film ends on a predictable note, but no more so than anything that preceded it. Unless you have never watched a film before, there is nothing present here that was not previously done much better elsewhere. The delirious reception and notoriety for the film seem more due to the breathlessly misleading public relations than anything on screen, because in all honesty I have met more people that dislike it or have issues with it than those who unequivocally like it. After all the build-up, one is left with a predictable, painfully dull, superficial piece of nonsense. Quite frankly the only people I can see being terrified or in a constant state of suspense from this tedium are affluent married men either in an extramarital affair or contemplating one. And having to endure this overrated rubbish more than once would be a suitable punishment for many crimes.

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A flawed classic.

Author: sean73267326 from Ireland
15 July 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"Fatal Attraction" is one of those rare movies that has managed to penetrate the public consciousness so much that we almost forget just where its most famous moments come from. Take the term "bunny boiler" for example - how many times has it been said by someone who hasn't the faintest idea that it originated in this movie? It's an impressive feat, but the film itself has been held up to serious scrutiny over the years due to it's (supposed) underlying message.

More on that later, though. It's more important to enjoy a movie than analyze it, and Fatal Attraction is a great thriller. It feels like the kind of film Hitchcock might have made had he been born 30 or 40 years later - that is to say it's a total suspense movie, with more violence and sex than he would have been allowed (or allowed himself) to show. The director Adrian Lyne (who would go on to forge a career based on this kind of subject) injects the screenplay with a kind of creepy, sexually charged drama that gives the film its famous bite. Impressively, he never shows much to the camera - violence is rare, nasty, but left to our imagination.

On equally impressive footing is Glenn Close in her signature role. It begs belief that she actually managed to make a character like Alex, who seems like a nasty piece of work on paper, seem sympathetic and genuinely mentally ill on screen. For every histrionic fit, there's a genuine sadness and depression in her eyes. Her performance sets it apart from slasher-lite territory - she doesn't portray a superhuman, jealous monster, she portrays a woman with needs, affections and senses. It's a breath of fresh air, further enhanced by equally strong supporting work from Anne Archer.

And now, back to why it's ever so slightly problematic. Here be spoilers; you have been warned.

Her performance, unfortunately, is one that the film doesn't know what to do with. In portraying Alex so well, Ms. Close managed to show up some major problems with the film, mostly to do with the ending. For the first 110 minutes or so, the film manages to function as both a commentary on infidelity and marriage, and a balls-to-the-wall thriller. For the final 10 minutes, it shifts gear and kicks it into full on thriller. A violent struggle ensues, our villain has been killed, and our protagonist has managed to die another day. Yay! But this is the kind of ending that only works when we don't feel a sympathy for the villain - Glenn Close does such a good job as Alex that we realize she WAS a human, a mentally ill one. Michael Douglas'character doesn't go to the police until it's too late because he doesn't want to own up. So, in the end, the mentally ill woman is killed, and the cheating husband gets off comparatively light.

This small flaw puts the rest of the film in a slightly bad light - for a film that straddles the line between a thriller and classy commentary so expertly, it manages to nosedive fairly drastically here. It's a pity, because it's not the ending that the film deserves - in an ideal world, both characters should have been killed - and it's most definitely not the ending that Close's performance deserved. Having said all that, the film works well for 100% of it's running time on a purely thriller level (including the ending), and that's good enough for me once manage to ignore my problems with it. It's a film that thoroughly deserves its pop- culture status, and will be discussed and debated for years to come.

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