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Plot Keywords

cabin woods
demon cabin in the woods
evil dead book of the dead
book spirit
shotgun necronomicon
tape recorder sequel
eyeball chainsaw
acclaimed a hero head blown off
vortex sprayed with blood
hair pulling head in a vise
loss of motor control tree
oldsmobile demonic undead
dagger american horror
cutting off own hand 1990s
1980s 20th century
14th century supernatural horror
tongue in cheek over the top
absurd violence fireplace
severed arm mousetrap
rat nightmare
hallucination black blood
shot through a wall green blood
meat cleaver kitchen
bathroom stabbed in the back
stabbed in the chest brother sister relationship
boyfriend girlfriend relationship airplane
castle second part
sawed off shotgun critically acclaimed
dark fantasy blood spatter
voice over narration stop motion scene
cult director three word title
roman numeral in title numbered sequel
part stop motion cult figure
cult film tourist
surrealism song
memory low budget film
haunting stabbed in the eye
shovel severed head
severed hand reanimated corpse
eye gouging evil spirit
dismemberment demonic possession
bloodbath beheading
tornado storm
store shot in the arm
sex sadism
romantic song murder
loss of son kiss
husband wife relationship ghost
forest dead lady dancing
dance basement
violence gross out comedy
hand cut off good versus evil
h.p. lovecraft knocked unconscious
book of evil one liner
horror spoof warrior
black comedy tragic love
psychotronic reanimation
epic anti hero
obscene finger gesture gore
stabbing loss of parents
attacked by a plant self strangulation
splatter exploding head
hillbilly dancer
archeology axe
spoof time travel
mirror thunderstorm
knight disembodied hand
monster shallow grave
rocking chair harpy
fighting with self falling from height
avant garde animate tree
undead blood
skeleton piano
pendant 1300s
falling down stairs decapitation
self mutilation tarmac
fog trophy animal
pixelation bloodshed
possession curse
portal chase
reverse footage head cut in half
levitation deer
bridge collapse car falling from the sky
cellar backwoods
independent film number in title
surprise ending

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