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All the Anchor Bay releases are uncut for gore, but the new "Book of the Dead" edition digitally erases wires in several scenes (most noticeably when Henrietta's eye pops out).
The UK cinema version was cut by 8 seconds (only 2 seconds for home video releases) to remove a couple of head kicks to Ash by Jake. The cuts were waived for the October 2001 DVD release by Momentum Pictures.
In an attempt to attain an R rating for the film (the first The Evil Dead (1981) was released unrated), fluid spit out by the Possessed Henrietta was variously black and green instead of blood red. An alternate take of the "blood flood" (when Ash is deluged by blood from a hole in the wall) used different colors as well (as shown in the special features on the DVD). Ultimately, the film was not given an R rating and was released unrated.
Originally when Bobbie Joe gets killed, the vines pull her legs apart and she's split in half like a wishbone when she gets rammed with a tree between her legs. It was cut out in an unsuccessful attempt to obtain the R-rating.
Some European TV versions of the movie have many additional scenes: 1.Opening credits are longer with narration over names of the actors. 2.Ash and Linda kissing scene is longer,plus it contains some cheesy music. 3.After Linda has been taken by Evil,there is extended scene of Ash searching and calling for her. 4.Additional scene is added after Ash kills Linda.In this scene,he comes back into the cabin and he finds Book Of The Dead.After he throws the book into the fire,Evil goes away from the cabin,while he finds necklace he gave to Linda,and then starts to cry "Oh God!" He then walks out of the cabin. 5.Scene where Ash is carried acoss the woods by Evil is few seconds longer. 6.While driving away from the cabin,Ash is eating some cereals,but he stops when he starts to choke and almost swallows small toy from the box. 7.Scene where Ash is sleeping is extended with few more seconds of Evil moving towards the cabin. 8.Scene with Ash and furniture in cabin laughing their butts off is extended for about 20 or 30 seconds. 9.After Ash and rest of the group manage to defend themselves against cellar witch,scene is extended with few extra seconds where Bobby Joe is trying to spit the eyeball out while tape recorder is working on its own. 10.Scene when Ed turns into demon is couple seconds longer with Bobby Joe falling on the floor and Jake getting angry before he attacks Ed. 11.Scene where everyone enters into room where ghost appears is longer with lousy filmed part where camera goes aound the room. 12.Bobby Joe's death scene is longer,but it doesn't have any extra gore. 13.Extended scene when Jake argues with Ash who is telling him to go searching for Bobby Joe alone,but Jake refuses. 14.Extended scene with demon Ash throwing Jake into tree. 15.Small extra scene where demon Ash is eating a squirell and screming "Annnieeee!" 16.Extended scene of Ash trying to get into cabin. 17.Alternate version of Jake's death scene with no blood flowing out of the cellar. 18.Small scene with demon Ash remembering Linda when he finds her necklace. 19.Extended cellar scene with camera moving around creating tension before Ash picks up pages of book,plus small part where Annie calls for him. 20.Extended,bizarre vortex scene is also added with pictures of newspaper articles about first Evil Dead movie.
There is 36 minute workprint of the movie with couple parts missing from finished cut: Ash talking with himself about returning to cabin and few more seconds of piano playing on its own.
The full version of the film is considered lost, but nonetheless behind-the-scenes photo and video of some scenes have been found and are included on the laserdisc and DVD editions: As Henrietta is in her rocking chair while the professor is reading the incantations, she rocks into the light, which reveals her demonic eyes. Linda's severed head throws up black bile on Ash when it's trapped in the vice (which is why black slime suddenly appears around her mouth in the final scene). Linda's severed head puts its long snake-like tongue into Ash's mouth when he's sitting in the rocking chair. Alternate longer take of the "blood flood" with green and yellow blood. After hitting the possessed Ed with the ax, the scene continues as a "half-headed" Ed runs after them and eventually is chopped to pieces. The body parts flop on the floor. A possessed Ash eating a squirrel as he runs after Annie.
The Greek rental tape is the uncut US unrated version

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