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The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Dirty Dancing is "Flashdance" with a triple-digit IQ.
San Francisco Chronicle
The script is full of off-the-wall lines that take you by surprise but are perfect. [21 Aug 1987]
Chicago Tribune
A shapely film, considered and concise. And if its rhetorical slickness eventually covers up its emotional core, that slickness has a pleasure all its own. [21 August 1987]
A poignant and racy movie. The dancing is pretty great, too.
Wall Street Journal
A warm-heared picture with some hot dancing, some B movie class consciousness, lots of nostalgia and lots of cliches. [3 Sept 1987, p.17(E)]
USA Today
Motivations are murky, the dialogue is flat. But the movie never lets too much plot get between the dance numbers. [21 Aug 1987]
One problem with the film is that it does nothing to endear the Catskill social setting to an audience; the inhabitants seem to be competing for awards in obnoxiousness.
Christian Science Monitor
Details of the 1963 period are weakly handled, though, and the ending is as false as it is sentimental. [21 Aug 1987]
Austin Chronicle
But 'neath its candy-coated shell lies several solid grains of truth -- not to mention some fab choreography, a solid-gold title, and a couple of pristine examples (in Swayze and Grey) of what is meant by the term "career-making performance."
Chicago Sun-Times
The filmmakers rely so heavily on cliches, on stock characters in old situations, that it's as if they never really had any confidence in their performers.

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