Death Wish 4: The Crackdown (1987) Poster

Plot Keywords

drugs bumper car
vigilante violence
drug dealer architect
police reporter
product placement organized crime
dream sequence uzi
roller disco bomb
cult film anti hero
shotgun hero
grenade launcher movie poster
brutality vigilante justice
car accident oil field
video store boyfriend girlfriend relationship
drug overdose explosion
fourth part shot in the back
cigar smoking brawl
police officer blonde
knife rollerskate rink
corpse murder
sniper drug smuggling
falling from height lifting someone into the air
video arcade shot in the chest
shot to death opening action scene
evil man handcuffs
warrior los angeles california
factory refrigerator
shot in the forehead fistfight
pool table tough guy
revolver machine gun
revenge police car
set up knocked out with a gun butt
gangster exploding car
assassination corrupt official
cemetery crash through window
crime boss poetic justice
popcorn silencer
shootout showdown
stabbing roller rink
massacre restaurant
knocked out quick draw
punched in the face drug pusher
dead girl fish
cigarette smoking betrayal
explosive escape
body in a trunk gunfight
electrocution pistol
1980s mafia
asian american double cross
dead child tennis court
death of daughter one man army
cocaine kicked in the chest
limousine mother daughter relationship
mirror dynamite
bridge body landing on a car
roller skates hitman
held at gunpoint crowbar
partner sequel
apartment one against many
throat slitting shot in the leg
foot chase stabbed in the chest
car bomb movie theater
swimming pool telephone
overturning car gang war
action hero birthday party
police station death of girlfriend
drug cartel sniper rifle
one man crusade morgue
hospital microwave oven
wine drug lord
fight answering machine
mansion kidnapping
exploding body newspaper headline
bound and gagged person on fire
journalist photograph
corrupt cop blood spatter
shot in the arm detective
semiautomatic pistol vigilantism
m 16 sandwich
birthday cake deception
mortuary blood
rooftop hostage
parking garage death of partner
impersonating a police officer police officer killed
italian american roller skating
shot in the shoulder impostor
death of child death of friend
independent film

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