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"Hail Mary full of grace, how's your garden grow?"
Backlash0076 March 2002
The Curse is a grotesque vision of H. P. Lovecraft's "Colour out of Space." Most Lovecraft adaptions suck (save the Gordon-Yuzna-Combs collaborations), but I happened to like this one. And it looks like I'm in the minority on that. Why do people hate this movie so much? Yes, it has flaws. David Keith's direction isn't great. He's an extremely likable actor and he should stick to what he's good at. I feel like the prologue part should have been saved for the epilogue. It would have been a fitting end, it was not a place to start. Some of the acting is also hammy, mostly the supporting cast. As actors go, Wil Wheaton does a fine job, as does his sister. And they're the only characters you are supposed to care about. The mother character freaks me out as she changes during the film. Horror Director Lucio Fulci produced, and maybe influenced, this one. There are scenes of gore present that rival Fulci's own. Not of the "flesh-ripping" variety, but of the "lets see what disgusting things we can do to food" type of gore. The Curse is not a film to eat during. I suggest that you ignore most of the comments, see the movie, and make your own decision as to whether it's good or bad.
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Atmosphere, atmosphere, atmosphere!!
glyptoteque22 June 2005
There certainly are elements in this film that could have been left out, and the film would have been better off for it; why the cheap monster/demon makeup?(The increasing blisters are great though..) Why having that obnoxious fatso-brother appear in the film at all? And let's face it, the special effects in places were not exactly state of the art either, neither were the editing. So why give it an 8 then? Well my rating couldn't have been any lower, and this is based solely on the fact that the film positively reeks of unique and creepy atmosphere, atmosphere so dark that I put it up there with the Kane-scenes in "Poltergeist 2", and the atmosphere in "Exorcist 3". There truly are some psychotic and memorable scenes. Two that stands out are when the mother of the family tries to " connect the dots" on Cyrus's back, the other is when she sits quietly in the living-room sowing, and then starts to jam the needle and thread into her hands! Excellent! Not to mention the infested fruit and vegetables! All in all,there is in this film a disturbed and unsettling tension that you seldom get to witness in other horror flicks of the same decade, and certainly not in contemporary and crappy Hollywood blockbusters, that's for sure. If you are just curious, rent! If you are a true horror-fan, buy!
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Bizarre 80's science-fiction...
leathaface4 October 2004
This movie is about a family living on a farm in the country: a husband, wife, and two sons and a daughter. The father, being an EXTREMELY religious type, finds out that his wife is cheating on him. Not long after that, a meteor hits the backyard (how stereotypical can you get?) and begins to pollute the water and the vegetables. Those who eat the vegetables and drink the water slowly turn into hideous, slime-spewing homicidal mutants!!!

Duh-Duh-Duhhnn! I'm guessing that maybe this meteor is supposed to be a punishment from God (or so the husband says.)

Everyone but the younger brother and his sister eat the food and drink the water from the farm. First, the fruits and vegetables start to rot/become infested with insects/fill up with brownish fluid. Next, the chickens attack the daughter, and the horse kicks one of the brothers. After that, the cows become sick and start spewing up maggots. By this time, the mother, who was infected first I'm guessing, starts to break out in these nasty little blisters. Eventually, she starts talking in gibberish, eats with her fingers and tries to stitch a cloth to her hand, then she tries to kill her husband. The husband puts her in the shed for the next few days. The next person to show signs of infection is the brother, who starts acting like more of a buttmunch than usual. A dog on their farm kills a traveling salesman's assisstant, and the wife ends up munching the salesman's guts. When the husband finds out he moves his wife to the attic. Meanwhile, the main character (Will Wheaton) tries to figure out how to save his sister from his now-criminally insane family. That night, his father finds him in the shed looking for his mother. Then he notices that his son has a backpack filled with evil, sinful, store-bought food. His father tells him he's unappreciative and tries to beat him. When that fails, he tries to kill him. The brother is able to hold him off until the house starts collapsing. A friend of the family comes by to save Will Wheaton and his sister, but Will says he has to save his mother. He goes up to the attic, and in one of the most creepy scenes of the movie, he watches his mother rot away into a puddle of black goo. He escapes just in time to watch the house sink into the ground, sending his unholy kinfolk into redneck hell!

I liked this movie, it WAS poorly acted, but it was far-fetched to begin with. There are some genuinely nasty moments that will make your skin crawl. For instance, after the chickens attack the little girl the camera zooms in as their eyes collapse in the sockets and start bleeding this nasty yellow goop. Or the scene where the cow's udder splits open and locusts fly out. Or the scene where the mother cuts open a head of lettuce to reveal it's putrid, rotting innards (and lettuce doesn't even HAVE innards!). The film is very dark in atmosphere and there is a sense of impending doom throughout the whole film, not unlike that of Poltergeist. I give it 6 1/2 out of 10 because the acting, other than that of Wheaton and Akins, was horrendous.
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pretty creepy
josh burkey27 April 2005
while i give this an "average" score, it is a pretty good version of the story. in fact i was driven to write this review because i am currently reading "the colour out of space" (and yes, that is how the title is spelled) . i saw this movie a few years ago, but some of the parts will be stuck in my mind forever. the acting is par, (it isn't that bad, but isn't that good), the film work is par, but it does what Lovecraft's story did, it has turns in it that will stay in your mind for a very long time. perhaps the most disturbing thing i saw in it (other then their use of meal worms for certain effects) was the melting effect, if you watch this movie, that will stay with you for a very long time indeed, especially when the movie comes to its climax. it was a very good scare, and i recommend seeing it like i did, at 2:00 in the morning with no lights on, after all that is the best way to experience Lovecraft and his works. though it does not match the book by any stretch in terms of dialog, or even setting and writing, it is still very close to the original in terms of the way the plot develops. and after all what movie has been totally true to its literary counterpart? anyway, if you want a bit of a scare, and don't have a weak stomach, or are in to a "Twighlight Zone" type of scenario, this movie is for you.
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Big Suprises Come in Small Packages!
demonictoys5528 April 2001
At first when I saw it at the movie store I thought it was gonna be lame and boring, but something told me to rent it. When I saw it I was suprised. It was an enjoyable film to watch. Now it's not the best horror movie ever made but it was good enough to buy and put in my movie collection. So if you want a good creepy movie, rent it, it's worth it!
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A really gross and creepy little down-home horror flick
Woodyanders19 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
A meteorite crashes on the farm of the severely dysfunctional Hayes family. The Hayes family are a really messed-up bunch: stern fire-and-brimstone religious zealot patriarch Nathan (essayed with eye-rolling hammy brio by Claude Akins), his smart, but unhappy foster son Zack (a likable performance by Will Wheaton), lusty, faithless, frustrated wife Frances (a deliciously histrionic Kathleen Jordon Gregory), crude, browbeating, moronic son Cyrus (a perfectly hateful Malcom Danare), and cute little daughter Alice (the adorable Amy Wheaton). Some gunk from the meteorite contaminates the water. Pretty soon the crops, animals and even several members of the Hayes family begin to mutate in various disgusting and disturbing ways. Zack must save Alice from his now monstrous and dangerous family. Director David Keith, loosely adapting H.P. Lovecraft's short story "The Colour Out of Space," not only vividly evokes a thick and pungent down-home hillbilly atmosphere, but also does an expert job of creating and sustaining a spooky and unnerving tone. Moreover, Keith stages a few shock set pieces with considerable flair and skill; an attack by hostile chickens and the infamous worms-in-the-apples sequence are especially nasty and memorable. The over-the-top apocalyptic climax is a lot of wild fun as well. The sound acting from a sturdy cast constitutes as another major plus: Cooper Huckabee as affable, concerned doctor Alan Forbes, Steve Carlisle as smarmy real estate agent Charlie Davidson, and John Schneider as friendly water company representative Carl Willis. Roberto Forges Davanzati's sharp cinematography and Franco Micalizzi's folksy, throbbing, flavorsome countryish score are both up to speed. A good'n'gross horror romp.
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From the works of H.P. Lovecraft: The Curse!!!
Joseph P. Ulibas5 November 2005
The Curse (1987) was a film that was loosely based upon the short story "The Colour from Outer Space". This seminal horror/science fiction prose was written by the master of horror H.P. Lovecraft. The problem with adapting his original material is that the film makers tinker with success. Whilst a few directors such as Stuart Gordon and Dan O'Bannon have been successful in translating his stories for the silver screen, most of them are pure nonsensical tripe that's best avoided (except for John Carpenter's trilogy of the apocalypse that captures the aura of Lovecraft perfectly).

The Curse had all the makings of being a decent film. But the director and writers just don't fully understand the works of H.P. Lovecraft. Dumbingt down the man's work for a pedestrian horror film just doesn't cut it. Whilst it get's an A for effort it get's an F minus in execution. Bad acting, sloppy direction and lousy dialog dooms this movie from the get go. Better luck next time.

Not recommended, unless you're a H.P. Lovecraft completist.
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Pleasant surprise
Smoreni Zmaj1 May 2017
IMDb rating almost kept me away from this jewel. That would be a big mistake. First hour is mystery/drama with SF premise, and then in last 20 minutes it grows into good horror. In my opinion, few scenes with lousy effects should have been skipped and without them movie would be more convincing, but even this way this is the best Lovecraft adaptation I saw so far and one of the best movies in it's class, primarily because of excellent atmosphere it builds and succeeds to maintain on the level till the very end. This one definitely goes to my collection.

7/10 (8,5/10 within the genre)
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Another lost 80's VHS gem, disturbing and atmospheric.
kclipper11 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
H.P. Lovecraft's "The Colour Out of Space" was the direct influence for this 1980's science fiction/horror creepy classic. Wil Wheaton (Stand By Me) is a young boy who lives on a farm with his mother and bible-thumping, patriarchal stepfather, Claude Akins and his family, when a sinister meteor falls from the sky which seems to infect the water supply, causing vegetables, cattle and victims to rot from the inside out. Meanwhile, greedy developer, John Schneider wants to buy up the property in order to construct a new dam.

This is 1987, the classic year for 80's horror, and this little film is no exception. It harbors a real deviant and nihilistic quality that makes it disturbing to watch. Icky, gooey slime oozes from vegetables, animals and human beings suggesting the worst effects of a diseased and tragic aftermath of cosmic proportions in the typical Lovecraftian sense. Wil Wheaton portrays the sympathetic protagonist as he must not only confront the terror at hand, but deal with being alienated by his step-family's cruelty and oppression. With everyone against him and time running out, poor Wil, being the only one intelligent enough not to drink the water or eat the food must convince authorities that something extremely weird is going on. A gloomy ambiance looms over the mood of this lost 80's gem thanks to Director/Actor, David Keith. Nothing about this film is comforting or reassuring. Spielberg look out!
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HumanoidOfFlesh10 August 2001
"The Curse"is a total,almost unwatchable garbage,I can't believe the positive reviews people give it here.The acting is bad,the special effects are lame,and the script is obnoxious and stupid.More boring than scary "The Curse" is one of the lamest horror movies I have seen.Why such great director like Lucio Fulci produced this one is beyond me.Watch it to make fun of it.Not recommended.
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The Curse
Scarecrow-8829 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
A struggling farmer believes God has blessed him when his crops begin to grow substantially after a large meteor lands in his field, dissolving into his soil and water supply after the local doc, Forbes(Cooper Huckabee), pokes a hole in it. The infected water(it's molecular structure altered by the introduced alien substance from the glowing meteor) causes people and livestock to act irrationally, soon turning violent. Hysteria, dementia, violent mood swings, and skin mutations all result from the infected water.The fruit is worthless internally despite looking ripe and healthy externally. The local realtor and city councilman, Charlie Davidson(Steve Carlisle) woos a TVA water employee, Willis(John Schneider)hoping to get a contract for building a dam in their community.

Poor Zack(Wil Wheaton) has to rough it on his own once his mother, Francis(Kathleen Jordon Gregory) becomes "under the weather" and his sister(Amy, Wil's sis) is assaulted by manic chickens, as Nathan(Akins) and his antagonistic jerk son, Cyrus(Malcolm Danare), both even worse after being infected, torment him through insults and harsh see he's not their blood(..his mother married Nathan, it seems, because they needed support he could give) which means they feel little pity or affection towards him. Nathan is a hard, strict, bible-quoting fanatic who doesn't want anyone "butting in" to matters he considers private, even if disease and death spread because of the infected water, or what's evident before him, the fact that his family are afflicted with a plague.

Tolerating Claude Akins for the duration of this film proves to be difficult because he's such a loud and repugnant creature you just want to see suffer in the worst possible way for the problems he causes. And, Wheaton is certainly easy to sympathize with because he's caught between a rock and hard place, little wiggle room to remove himself as madness evolves all around him. Of course, those involved in attempting to cover up something which could prove harmful regarding future prosperity will get their just desserts. Some really spine-tingling make-up effects showing what the mutations and disease cause to humans(and particularly the fruit and cattle)such as opening wounds bursting forth maggots, slimy puss, and beetles! The climax, as the house literally begins imploding while sinking into the earth, is a bit too much. The hideous nature for which causes mother Francis to deform into a ghastly monstrosity is really potent stuff. I'm sure Akins and Danare's fate will be met with applause. I do consider The Curse a success in regards to how it can effectively make your skin crawl, but other than that, I find this rather foul in all respects. It seems to suffer post-production problems, in script particularly, as characters vanish, while others make such preposterous choices which could cause irreversible results(..not to mention a ridiculous ending which leads us to believe that nothing was done in regards to the crisis of the film, written off as no threat or danger to the communities surrounding the farm whose soil and water could cause a national outbreak).

This is part of a series of films unrelated to each other.
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Great little schlocky horror movie!
curiosarcana14 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
As a Lovecraft fan, and an eighty's horror fan, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Yes, it's sometimes a tad slow, and the effects are low budget by today's standards, but when the icky, nasty stuff does happen, it's gleefully gross and morbidly funny.

The characters who suffer the most are the ones you WANT to see suffer, (well, most of them, anyway), right from the get-go. I love that; seeing mean, awful, stupid characters just having a horrible time. And they don't die quickly, oh no. They're embarrassed, injured, made to look really stupid and THEN killed.

If you've ever wanted to see a giggling woman sew a sock onto her hand, this is your chance. Or a little girl pecked half to death by chickens, which she could've very easily just ran away from. Sure it's ridiculous, but it's fun to watch.

To my mind this stands on the same ground as "Critters" or "Pet Cemetery Two". Its production values are low, the script is predictable, and the pace isn't great, but it is super fun to watch if you like that sort of thing.

Plus, if you're familiar with Lovecraft's work, this is "The Colour Out Of Space", minus the color itself. To be fair, when this was made, doing credit to an indescribable, animated color would've been very expensive, and it was obvious that this was made on a shoe string.
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A Perfectly Absurd, Horror Comedy :-)
manjodude4 September 2011
I like 80s horror flicks, they're so unintentionally funny :) It could be either the comical makeup of dead people walking or the monsters or certain scenes intended to be scary but instead leaves you rolling on your stomach.

To me, The Curse, is mostly funny(intentionally or not), part horror but either way, still an absurd movie! Absurd because we've an inconsistent story that messes things up. There's an alien object that crash lands on earth and changes the lives of a farm family for the worse. Which is all fine, but this object is erratic in its destructive nature, thereby giving its victims enough time to flee. It seems to kill people or animals only when it's in the mood :-)

There're certain characters too, after being in important scenes, just disappear from the proceedings after a while, and we've no clue as to what happens to them.

However there're on screen moments that are quite scary, coupled with eerie background score that heightens the anticipation.

And some of the acting also contribute, bringing the fear factor alive in the movie - like Wil Wheaton as Zack, Claude Akins(as the god-fearing, strict stepfather of Zack) and Kathleen Jordon Gregory(as Zack's mother). Kathleen's performance, especially, is the highlight of The Curse.

Also, let's not forget the enough doses of skin show that adds to the excitement or fear...whichever way we want it :p

Verdict: If you've always enjoyed illogical or senseless horror, The Curse perfectly fits the chill, oops...bill :)
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"It's in the water!"
mylimbo15 January 2011
A decent, but unspectacular late 80s cheesy low-budget b-grade horror feature starring Wil Wheaton (not too long after the hit movie "Stand by Me"). The peculiar plot is a very loose adaptation of a H.P. Lovecraft short story, and from that the film's pacing can plod about (quite talkie and then there was the family dramas) and throw around some ridiculous and elaborate occurrences. It's the performances that drives this one home and some icky, if tatty make-up FX work latter on (not including some very low-end special effects), but other than that there's not all that much to it. The idea isn't bad, but the execution (outside some well-shot scenes) is sloppy (like the use of slow motion towards the end). A respectable Wheaton makes for an agreeably sympathetic performance and a lively Claude Akins is the opposite as his aggressively headstrong, bible totting step-father. There's good support in the shape of Kathleen Jordon Gregory, Cooper Huckabee, Steve Carlisle and John Schneider. The setting of a remote farm does create a claustrophobic hold, where there's never a sense of feeling secure and surprisingly the night time sequences did draw upon some atmospheric spells. A fruity, small scale Horror/Sci-fi production, which can be a little dull.
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hurricane_floyd19 February 2006
Lmao!!! You guys think you have it bad watching this thing, I actually spent half my life in the little hick town it was filmed in.

Now that is bad.

Oddly only a small glimpse of the town is visible in the movie, in the scene where you can see an old barbed wire fence outside of the car window as John Schneider drives down the road... well the hill just above it has contained 3 apartment complexes since around 1992 and I currently reside in one of them.

In another scene you can see out the door of the "Inn" (if you can call it that) the old historic Co-Op building which used to be a Railroad Station that was used in the Civil War (tracks have been gone since 1990 or so).

Fortunately I did spend the other half of my childhood in various other places across the country.

Unfortunately, I am currently residing in good Ole' Tellico Plains Tennessee again ..... can't seem to stay out of this place .... aaahhh... omg it is a curse!!!!
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All in all pretty good
Lacy Myers26 April 2009
I watched this movie for the 1st time yesterday.. I thought that it was a pretty good movie, but no one can dis-regard the fact that it is a classic 80's cheesy horror movie... having that said I must admit that I did love the movie though. There were parts where you could tell it was fake, then other times things looked real. I think that it is something that if you get the chance to watch it, you should, but I'm sure tons of other people disagree with me. It wasn't Wil's best. I think Wil done just fine in the movie, I just think that everything else could have been better like the camera direction and the special effects and stuff. All-in-all, if you want to scare your younger relative, make them watch this movie.
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I still have nightmares
elmako3 September 2003
I can't understand how some people diss this excellent piece of horror history. I remember seeing it when I was around 8 or 9. I still have some nightmares about rotten food, and whenever the water tastes funny, I think of these f*d up religious freaks turning into monsters. Yes, the special effects suck. Yes the acting is bad. But don't you folks have any imagination? Does someone have to explain to you what happens in a book? Free your minds, you gullible yanks! Without expanding your mind and freeing some space up for imagination, we would only have a hellish society left. Which coincidentally reminds me of some weird dictator-led nation with stars n stripes...
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A fun watch
no-lolita-683-2440709 January 2018
Don't even try to compare this movie to the Lovecraft story which it appears to be inspired by.

The Curse is obviously low-budget: special effects are pretty crappy (although some are better than others), music sucks, and most of the scenes appear to not have had more than one "take". But still a brave effort!

Acting is not bad. And scattered throughout are little sly and subtle bits of ad-lib-type humour which caught me by surprise, making me laugh out loud more than once.

Rated 6 out of 10 for an entertaining watch without high expectations.
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Would be a great horror comedy if it didn't take itself so seriously
WisdomsHammer30 December 2017
This thing is so ridiculous and unintentionally funny that it would have been a cult classic if they had played up the humor. Unfortunately, every scene, even the most absurd, is played with a grave seriousness that makes this movie almost depressing. If you can manage to not sympathize with the plight of any of the characters (which is difficult in many cases), you'll find this a lot more entertaining. The Curse isn't a title I would have used for this, even though it's not unfitting. A cheesy 60s title like Space Plague would have been awesome. It's difficult to recommend this, but if you like cheesy horror movies it is definitely worth a watch.
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Odd Wil Wheaton choice of follow-up to "Stand by Me"
a_chinn15 October 2017
So you're Will Wheaton and have just come off of the critical and commercial success of "Stand by Me." What do you do next? You appear in a low budget Italian horror film starting Claude Atkins, of course! "The Curse" starts out as a nature-gone-wild type of horror film, featuring horse and chicken attacks after a meteorite makes things go crazy, but the film moves into "Evil Dead" territory when Wheaton's rural family becomes possessed by demons. The film is a VERY loose adaptation of HP Lovecraft's "The Colour Out of Space," but it is probably more true to the source material than Boris Karloff's "Die, Monster, Die!" In any case, this film is only worth watching for camp value. One of only three films directed by actor David Keith (not to be confused with Keith David), though I am now quite interested in watching his 1988 Indiana Jones knock-off, "The Further Adventures of Tennessee Buck." Interesting fact, Lucio Fulci served as one of the film's producers and reportedly supervised the gory special effects.
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Flawed Lovecraft adaptation
Leofwine_draca29 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
A number of things attracted me to this film. Firstly, the pretty artwork on the cover, showing a huge hand coming out of the ground clutching a house. Secondly, the fact that it was an Italian/American production, making the status a little bit more intriguing than the typical all-American crew. Thirdly, the fact that it is based on H.P. Lovecraft's classic horror tale, THE COLOUR OUT OF SPACE. As Lovecraft is one of my all-time favourite authors I couldn't really miss this opportunity; I mean even if the film was really bad it would still have a good premise.

While much of the film's direction is bland and strictly pedestrianised, there are some things in its favour. But firstly, the down side. The film was made in the mid '80s, and the influence is clear. I somehow thought that with the Italian involvement in the production, there might be some difference, but no, the television atmosphere is certainly there with an obvious low budget and rubbery effects. Also, the acting is uniformly bad in this film, with Wil Wheaton (young star of STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION) not being a strong enough actor to carry the film, in fact he is strictly mundane. His real-life sister is given little to do and lacks any of the personality of Heather O'Rourke, child actress of the POLTERGEIST series.

The actors playing the rest of the family overindulge themselves by overacting horribly, the worst offender being the boy playing the brother, who incredibly tries to play the disgusting premise of this film for laughs! Claude Akins is the only realistically effective character, his religious, stereotyped redneck a lot like the redneck in DEMENTED DEATH FARM MASSACRE: THE MOVIE(but which came first?). The rest of the cast are faceless and bland, including one blonde woman whose sole purpose is to walk around in lacy underwear in one scene.

Another bad factor is the score, which is constructed of loud, intrusive rock music, totally at odds with what little atmosphere that there is. However, if you stick with the film, you might find yourself enjoying it despite the many faults. For one, the story retains the essential ingredients of Lovecraft's tale, so for those of us who haven't read the story, the film will be freshly original. The special effects are mainly on the good side, apart from the absurd glowing meteorite which looks like a huge beach ball.

There is an effective montage showing the varied use of water on the farm, such as watering plants, drinking, feeding cattle, and of course we all know that there is something bad in the water and that there will be disastrous consequences. The images of rotted vegetation - especially the tomatoes, packed with maggots, are excellent, and other scenes like when a chicken dies and slime comes out of its eye are also effective, and highly reminiscent of the alien plants from CONTAMINATION.

Unfortunately in the last reel the film falls apart, quickly decimating the cast in a variety of non-violent ways, and it becomes just like any other middling '80s film. However, the makeup effects of the pulsating boils and the disintegration of the mother into a slimy, rotted thing are truly, wonderfully disgusting and well worth waiting for. The Italian influence on the film is clear, with roughly 40% of scenes having that Italian 'feel' to them, and interesting the associate producer is credited as Louis (Lucio?) Fulci, who knows if this is the maverick gore master or not? THE CURSE is an interesting but badly flawed adaptation of a Lovecraft story, worth seeing for fans who want something more than another generic slasher movie. For an earlier version of the same story, check out DIE, MONSTER, DIE!
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Should have entry level cult status.
shock writer10 November 2013
A first effort we were told at the Premiere in Knoxville TN for the Director David Keith.

While not a pop crowd pleaser, it did catch the Lovecraft dead dark black kinda occult emotion. I will never forget this black-dead-space emotion, which I had never felt before, coming off the big screen in the Tennessee theater in Knoxville, TN; the small screen of TV may not give the same effect.

For those fond of art horror films it could be a cult film for its ability to go for the emotion of the book rather than modifying it to be just a typical Hollywood film.

The gross out scenes, bugs on people, hurt the otherwise cult feel of an other-world creation as the house environment is attacked by a force.
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Pretty good little horror movie!
gsh99915 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
A comet lands on a Tennessee farm, melts, and contaminates the water supply. No spoilers here but hilarity ensues because of the water pollution! I have grown to like Claude Akins and he does well as the super-religious head of the farm family. Wil Wheaton is good as the son and we see things mainly through his eyes. As a horror connoisseur, I didn't expect much from this 1987 production but I was pleasantly surprised. The suspense builds, and when the crap hits the fan, the effects are pretty good. This movie is definitely better than the 4.1 it has right now. Not a bad effort at all. I have seen tons of low-budget horror flicks and this one is well above average. 7/10
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I didn't think it was too bad actually.
Paul Andrews14 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The Curse is set in the small American town of Tellico Plains in Tennessee where the deeply religious Nathan Crane (Claude Akins) & his son Cyrus (Malcolm Danare) lives with his current wife Frances (Kathleen Jordon Gregory) & her two children Zachary & Alice (real life brother & sister Wil & Amy Wheaton). One night Zach sees a meteorite crash onto land near the farmhouse, they call Alan Forbes (Cooper Huckabee) the local doctor & part time meteorite specialist in to check it out & any potential health risks. Forbes finds none although the meteorite is very strange & unlike anything he's ever seen, the following night the meteorite melts into a river of slimy goo which infects the farms water supply with horrifying consequences from killer chickens to the bodily mutation of those that drink the infected water...

The directorial debut of David Keith who is better known as an actor it comes as no surprise that in the twenty years since The Curse was made he has only directed two other things, judging by the results here he obviously decided somewhat wisely to concentrate on his acting career... Anyway, the script by David Chaskin, whose only other previous script was for A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy's Revenge (1985), was filmed under the title 'The Well' & was supposedly based on a short story by H.P. Lovecraft interestingly called 'The Colour Out of Space' & is just a little bit different that makes this stand out from the countless slasher films that were being made during the 80's, unfortunately however that still doesn't mean it's any good. It's funny because while I was watching The Curse for the first time last night since it was originally released in the late 80's & knowing of it's bad reputation I sat there thinking we all complain about films, in particular horror, not being original yet when something that at least tries to be different comes along like The Curse they almost always get bad reviews because of them being silly or stupid, I'm not really sure where I'm going or what I'm trying to say with that statement but it feels relevant. The film moves along at a reasonable pace at less than 90 minutes in length & at least I never got bored with it, the character's & dialogue are poor but just about suffice & most of all it entertained me & as far as I'm concerned that's what films are all about regardless of any other consideration & it's as simple & straight forward as that. On the negative side there's a distinct lack of exploitation or gore & the character's & story aren't quite good enough on they're own to save The Curse. I also didn't get what the meteorite was in the end & there was no consistency in it's explanation, at first everything was explained in a scientific way with the goo altering the molecular structure of living things but at the end it suddenly appeared to become some supernatural force as it ripped the farmhouse apart without much explanation of how it did so.

Director Keith does alright, it looks OK although there is one terrible special effect when the meteorite originally lands. If you look closely at the left hand side of the screen during the shot when the meteorite hits the ground for the first time the resulting explosion & fire illuminates the rod/stick thing that is attached to the model meteorite & is being used to 'move' it along the obviously model set! Overall though the special effects are OK, there's an unfortunate & somewhat frustrating lack of gore, someone gets some fingers stuck in their neck & someone is stabbed with a pitchfork but generally speaking it's pretty tame. There are a few quite effective scenes here including a gross bit when someone bites into an apple & it's literally full of crawling maggots which has to be right up there as your worst nightmare, I think I'd be physically sick & wouldn't be able to eat another piece of fruit ever again!

Technically the film is OK, it's reasonably well made without being spectacular or anything. The IMDb states that The Curse was an American production but I was interested to see several familiar names from the Italian horror industry listed in the credits including Ovidio G. Assonitis & Lucio Fulci on the production side of things & the fact that some of it was actually shot in Rome in Italy. The acting is OK, apparently actor Wil Wheaton said the only good thing about The Curse was that his sister got a job because of it, I think there will be some out there who see even less good points in it. The cast list also credits someone called Steve Davis with a part, I can safely but regrettably inform everyone that it's not the famous British snooker player...

The Curse is one of those strange films, it's one of those films where the general public opinion is that it's complete crap & to be fair I would have a hard time arguing with that assessment but, & there's always a but, for whatever reason that I can't really explain I liked it. I'm not sure what that says about me but I reckon this just might be misunderstood...
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Who the Hell is Will Wheaton?
Randolf Carter28 December 2006
And more importantly, who the hell cares?!?!? When a film boasts in HUGE letters on the cover that it stars somebody you've never heard of, be skeptical.

So, why do all these ultra low budget film makers have to torture poor H.P. Lovecraft stories? I mean, is there any excuse for it? I put forward that , no, there is not.

This little diamond of poop managed to rope Sheriff Lobo and Luke Duke in to it's crap-trap. And wow! They got Will Wheaton (so?!?).

Okay, it was based on the Colour out of Space (sort of), so, being an HPL fan, I had to get it. Well, I got it....I even went in skeptical, and knowing it was a lame 'un, but still was disappointed.
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