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nker25 January 2002
The best movie I've ever seen about men running back and forth in corridors. As far as corridors and men running back and forth are concerned, it's a masterpiece. Thumbs up to David de Coteau for this running around extravaganza.
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The best bad movie I've ever seen!
Alex Preston25 April 2001
Now I've seen a lot a terrible horror films, but this is about the worst. It was so bad that when we watched it the first time on video, we just had to keep rewinding and playing the 'worst' scenes over and over again, until we could take it no more.

It was absolutely hilarious!! The giant rats could not be any less animated, although having said that, the actors were worse!! Their attempts at terrified screams were worthy of Oscar nominations in the comedy category.

Watch this film when you a feeling miserable!! It cannot fail to make you laugh!!!
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davezilla6921 May 2004
I have to agree with Dr Gore on this one. The highlight would be Linnea Quigley showering and the low point would be the rest of the movie where it wasn't showing her in a shower scene. I saw this movie when I was a kid and thought it was really cool, I mean, come one, a big cheesy, rubbery alien tearin' ass, post apocalyptical wastelands, Quigley showering.......excellent! So, I saw it on ebay and bought it. I still like the Quigley showers, and the cheesy alien is still worth a laugh or two, but now I see the post apacalyptical wasteland is really a low budget dirt field with a warehouse. Ahhh, the 80s. What was everyone thinking...besides scream queen Quigley showering? Of course it had a high spot (in case you didn't catch it, Linnea Quigly showering).
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If a doctor tells you that you have 3 months left to live...
udar5523 October 2010
I highly suggest you spend it with director Dave DeCoteau because homeboy can make 72 minutes feel like years! It is post-apocalypse 1998 and a group of five Army deserters (including Linnea Quigley and Ashlyn Gere) find shelter from the acid rain inside an abandoned medical test facility. Bad news as this houses some big ass monster that likes to tear people apart. Oh, and a shower. This low-rent sci-fi horror is like ALIEN and ALIENS but on a budget of a few thousand. In the positive department, DeCoteau knows how to properly get exploitation material (nudity, gore, slime, mutant rats) up on the screen. The downside is there isn't really much else. The end has the hero (Richard Hawkins) confronting the monster alone and I swear he lets the thing sneak up on him about 50 times. To make matters worse, Creepozoid dies but immediately produces some mutant baby Creepozoid, Jr. that proceeds to sneak up on our hero 25 times before he strangles it with its umbilical cord.
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The Ideal B-Movie
gavin694218 June 2009
In the near future, a group of Army deserters take shelter in an abandoned building to hide from acid rain and the two world superpowers remaining (presumably the United States and Russia, though I do not recall the film being specific). What is locked inside the building, however, may be even more deadly than the war raging on outside.

"Creepozoids" is probably one of the most under-rated films of the late 1980s. While it is true that the plot is a bit thin, the acting average and the special effects not overly stunning, it doesn't deserve the low rating it tends to receive. IMDb, for example, gives this film a paltry 2.2 -- yet, I can say with confidence I've seen countless 5/10 films that were far worse and much less entertaining. This film has a certain B-movie fun factor to it that really provides a lot of charm.

What will probably draw most people to this film is the appearance of Linnea Quigley. And if you're looking for more of her clothes-free scream queening (if "Return of the Living Dead" isn't enough), this film will be right up your alley -- even in a world with contaminated water and rodents of unusual size, Linnea finds the time to have a steamy, sexy shower scene.

The Guy Moon score is cheesy but effective. The effects department... that's a bit odd. We have an alien in a rubber suit. Large rats that don't move at all unless a victim throws them. And a metal tunnel that is only filmed on two of the four sides, making it appear that the person crawling through it is merely low along the wall and not actually in a vent. If the budget was a concern, I think they saved a few dollars along the way.

I really did enjoy the film, though. At a short 70 minutes, the pace is quick and leaves little time to lose interest. Some of the bad dialog can be excused, and despite the fact many people have called this film derivative of "Alien", I just don't see it. I saw much more in common with splatter-melt flicks such as "Street Trash" or "Demons". In this department, the effects were top-notch.

I may be alone on this, but I'd love for Full Moon (or anyone) to release a special edition of this film, perhaps for its 25th anniversary in 2012. An audio commentary with the director and Linnea Quigley would be welcome, and if any outtakes, behind the scenes or cut shots exist, these might be of interest. I really found this to be a good example of an enjoyable film made on the cheap, far more fun and entertaining than bigger Full Moon flicks like "Puppet Master".
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See it for the Creepozoid BABY ATTACK!!!!
ManiacCop27 October 2005
For what it is/what Creepazoids captures a time in cinema history. The time when robotic baby monsters, dry ice, apocalyptic times, needless gore and a few hot women created an 80's masterpiece. All be it, that when it ends, you are shocked. That the film only lasts 71 minutes. I enjoyed it. I am an 80's film fan, all types. But I especially like the ones like these, that make absolutely no point, there is no 'underlying meaning' to try to figure out. It's just what is it. I

Bottomline, if you're a fan of crap movies and consider them to be as entertaining as any Hollywood drama, then at least rent this movie. I just purchased it for $3 for my local video store. It's a keeper, simply for the fact that there are both monster babies and giants rats. period.
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Creepozoids? The only creep in this movie is the writer
lordzedd-31 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
First, I don't recall them saying how much time has past since the nuclear war. Second, after the nukes fly that would be it, no more. Everyone knows that a nuclear war will start and end in a matter of minutes. There would be per longed battles or front lines to desert from. So the idea of deserters from the front line of a nuclear war doesn't make any kind of sense no matter how you slice it. I mean, even "The Day After" got that right. Next, the atmosphere was like nothing, we saw no devastated buildings, no destroyed cites, not even stock-footage of a nuclear bomb test. So we nothing of the world they lived in. What was the point of creating an animal that don't need to eat, how will that help mankind even if they got the bloody thing to work? So, what was the point? All of this and to make matters even worse the characters were as likable and as interesting as dried unbuttered toast. I don't blame the cast, they did the best they could with what they had, I put the blame on this on the director and the writer which happen to be the same creep David DeCoteau. Do some freakin' research next time, jerk. I give this train wreck of a movie THE NOOSE!
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It won't creep you out, but it'll certainly entertain.
movieguy-3614 April 1999
Well, here's my story. I had been searching for this video for three years when I came across a copy for $9 in Best Buy. I rushed home excitedly, only to be slightly disappointed. I thought it'd be more of a classic with a title like that. However, it entertained and that's the important part. Very predictable, but aren't they all. Linnea adds spirit to the picture, as she always does with her goofiness and charming voice. The other people just kind of spit out there dialogue (sometimes terrible), and just look around for monsters. Also check for the time when the nerdy guy types stuff on the computer. See the famous names displayed. The best part about this flick is that "creepy" baby zombie! He steals the show afterall, though he's only at the very end...and still alive. If Charlie(Band) kicked in some more money, the producers could have used more than, like, 4 sets - some re-used for Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-a-Rama. Oh well, I'd love to see a sequel or a remake - Monstrozoids(?). Please, Dave? At least it had a fair plot and I liked it enough to watch it three times. Yeah, that box-art kicks butt, too.
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What the hell?
slowbrooo17 November 2000
I got this movie just because of the name and assumed it would be a typical bad/campy B-movie. Let me just say that this goes WAY beyond just that! The first half of the movie is really generic, a bunch of idiots roaming around an abandoned building and getting picked off one by one by some monster. The necessary gratuitous sex scene and gratuitous shower scene consolidated into one sex-in-the-shower scene, which proves that the makers of Creepozoids are thrifty if nothing else. Now the first weird thing about this movie was that there is some virus floating around that makes infected people not have to eat, and gory stuff happens to them if they do eat. However, there is also a big monster roaming around attacking people which has NOTHING TO DO with the rest of the movie!! I was waiting for them to say something like "when people are infected with the virus for a long time, they turn into insane monsters!", but no, there just happens to be this thing hanging out in the same building as the rest of the characters. Now let me get to the "climax" of the movie - which takes up the entire last half of the movie!! OK, so the monster kills all but one of the characters, and he decides to try to kill the thing. Now, I looked at the counter on my VCR and said to myself, "hey, there's more than half an hour left in this movie!" There was no mistake in my addition - for half an hour, the guy attacks the monster, the monster throws him into a shelf or something, he gets back up, attacks it, etc. Eventually, he kills the thing... or does he? I think I groaned out loud as some movement is seen in the dead body of the monster. Suddenly, a disturbing baby puppet hops out of the dead body! A few minutes later (did I mention that this movie is a little slow paced?) the baby gets around to ambushing the guy, and he throws the baby away into a shelf, and the baby attacks him again, he throws it away, etc. I guess he kills the baby and the movie ends, but I can't swear to this. Things got a little hazy after seeing this surreal movie. If you really think you can handle watching what might be the most painful and cliched movie ever made, by all means, watch this movie! It is certainly the epitome of the 80's B-horror flick, at least as far as badness is concerned. If you want to see a good movie DON'T watch this one, for God's sake!!! 1/10
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How to Write a Summary of this Flick, If There Is No Story?
Claudio Carvalho22 December 2007
In 1990, during the World War III, five deserters of the army escape to an abandoned research facility, supplied with water and provisions. They decide to temporarily lodge in the place, and find that scientists were researching amino acids to reduce the need of food. But sooner they find that the place is inhabited by fierce and giant rats, a monster and a mutant baby. They are attacked and fight to survive.

The most difficult summary that I have written in IMDb is this one, since "Creepzoids" does not have a reasonable story. I first believed that Creepozoid was the monster, but then I realized that there is only one, and the title is plural. So I deduced that Creepozoids are the giant rats, but I am not sure. Ed Wood is probably shaking in his grave with the competition of the awful David DeCoteau. The cast is terrible, but fortunately it seems that Richard L. Hawkins (the worst) quit the career. He could be successful in running, since the cast was very well-trained spending the whole movie running in a corridor. The best scene of the movie is the sexy Linnea Quigley showering; the rest is absolutely forgettable. My vote is two.

Title (Brazil): "Creepozoids"
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Does creepozoids refer to the cast or DeCoteau?
ThrownMuse16 November 2005
Five young people desert the military during the apocalypse of WWIII and seek shelter in an abandoned research facility. Unfortunately, it is inhabited by giant rats and, I guess. This movie has approximately three main sets: The bedroom (and the nearby shower for the obligatory Linnea nude scene) where the characters hide when they are scared, the lair of the Creepozoid, and the hallway joining the two. In fact, most of this movie takes place with the characters running in the hallway, between the other two sets. There isn't much else to say about this. Oh yeah, the cast is cute, especially the lead. Unfortunately, he can't act and I reckon he slept with DeCoteau to get the role. Good for both of them. Gets an extra point for having a mutant baby in it for no ostensible reason.
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Creepozoids on the loose.
HumanoidOfFlesh14 January 2012
Post-apocalyptic year 1998.Five army deserters take shelter from acid rain in an abandoned research facility.Among them are Linnea Quigley and Ashlyn Gere.They don't know that inside the building lurks monster-a hideous creepozoid with an urge to kill.There are also mutated rats on the loose plus mutated baby in the vein of "It's Alive".The acting of entire cast is pretty bad,the special effects are mostly amateurish and the direction by David DeCoteau is uninspired.Especially mutated rats look laughable.Still "Creepozoids" is gloriously cheesy with its campy premise and fantastic Linnea Quigley's nude shower scene.If you like low-budget sci-fi horror fare with plenty of bile give this trashy extravaganza a look.7 creepozoids out of 10.
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Trashy Alien rip-off
Tikkin31 January 2007
There's not a lot you can say about Creepozoids, it's really just a rip-off of Alien with an extremely trashy feel. The lighting is poor and the pace is a little slow. However there's some mildly amusing scenes scattered throughout, mostly towards the end when you get to see the monster and the "baby". The monster effects are actually quite decent considering the obvious low budget. I laughed a few times, especially when the guy throws the baby off himself, and also when the monster is apparently holding him up in the air - it's obvious that he's attached to a harness from the ceiling. There's also a few funny scenes involving giant "rats" that look like puppets. Oh, and one of the girls bares her breasts.

Creepozoids isn't a total waste of time, but it's not something you'll want to go out of your way to find either.
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Great Cult
David Homma4 June 2001
An incredible fun/scary horror movie. Most people don't like these sort of movies, but i love it! Ashlyn Gere also stars in this movie, she would become one of the best adult-stars a few years later. If you like simple horror movies, watch this one, you won't regret it!
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Linnea Quigley in a post-apocalyptic rehash
silentgpaleo2 May 2000
I remember seeing this film some years back. CREEPOZOIDS features some horrendous acting, and some obviously cable-controlled monsters. I also recall the shower scene with Quigley, which although gratuitous, is a welcome break from boredom.

It seems Dave DeCoteau thought he was making a tightly-wound sci-fi thriller. But the pace is so languid that any sense of suspense is lost within the first few minutes. We are just waiting for the cast to get devoured. And its a long wait.

CREEPOZOIDS is the kind of film that is "so-bad-that-you-never-want-to-watch-it-again". And, needless to say, I haven't. Unless you are a Quigley fan, avoid this bit of cheap pond scum.
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Crapozoids! Or, um....Cheesozoids! Definitely more appropriate titles.
Coventry25 March 2006
This is just another typically lousy and low-budgeted 80's crap movie in which mutant creatures kill and eat a bunch of characters you don't care about to begin with, anyway. The writers of this piece of junk apparently were a bit pessimistic about the near future, as the year is 1998 and the entire world is unlivable already! Due to constant nuclear warfare, acid rain falls from the sky and scientists messed up some dangerous experiments that resulted in super-intelligent monsters. In other words; welcome to the 80s, my friends! Anyway, five military deserters seek shelter in an abandoned lab and soon they face the monster as well giant fake rats. Wow, what a BAD movie! Despite being very short (about 70min.), "Creepozoids" still manages to be incredibly tedious and especially the monster baby battle at the end is way too long. The multiple attempts to make the film look like "Alien" are pathetic, the cheesy sequences with the rat couldn't be more random and the music as well as the dialogs are downright painful to listen to. I don't care if Linnea Quigley has hundred gratuitous shower scenes, this is just intolerable nonsense.
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this is one of the best because......
smallpaul9720 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This film is one of the best i have ever seen. Yes, it's full of bad acting and it makes no sense at all, but i love that in a movie. The back of it says "boggle at the special effects" and sure enough when i saw saw the rat, i did. i recoiled in horror at the birth of the creepozoid baby, and after watching this movie countless times I'm still not sure what "ultra slime" is. The fact that the film company thought that this film would be better than aliens is amazing. Why didn't the acid rain destroy all the buildings? who knows? who cares? The ending is totally left open for a sequel, lets hope they make true on that. i also love this video for the trailers. slave girls from beyond infinity and ghost house. i cant wait to get some of them. So yes this film is absolute crap, but thats what make it so good. low budget, no storyline and girls with no bra's. excellent!!!!
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Move Over Aliens, Here Come the Creepozoids...
barnthebarn22 March 2005
...Even if You Kill them, they're Still Deadly! David DeCoteau's early Bomb is from Titan Productions and Infinity Film Sales (previously a subsidiary of Charles Band's Empire). How bad is this? In one scene some annoying bloke reads (very poorly) from a computer screen which clearly says something quite different (recipe for making truly terrible films perhaps?). The type of carelessness serves not as a lighthearted error but as the focal character of the entire movie. The script (by Burford Hauser and DeCoteau himself) is hideous while the naked mutant baby (yes, seriously) is just too much. Even at barely an hour long this manages to be one of the most boring films Charles Band has ever made (cue 'Laserblast'). Associate producer is Ellen Cabot (aka. De Coteau) Charlie B (Charles Band) gets a mention in special thanks.
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Oh no! It's a DeCoteau!
BA_Harrison13 October 2009
Set in the post-apocalyptic near future of 1998 (this is an 80s flick, remember), Creepozoids sees a group of army deserters breaking into a heavily fortified building (well, the door was locked, anyway) in order to shelter from an acid-rain storm. This turns out to be a bad idea, for the place not only turns out to be home to giant killer rats, but also a biological experiment gone wrong: a virus designed to replace amino acids causes the soldiers to mutate and die if they eat, but worse still, there's a six foot rubber monster on the loose and it ain't very friendly.

Directed by B-movie hack David DeCoteau, and starring Linnea Quigley, the quintessential 80s scream queen (plus a pre-hardcore Ashlyn Gere, here credited as Kim McKamy), this film is a very cheap and very trashy Alien rip-off that manages to be vaguely entertaining thanks to its sheer awfulness: marvel at Quigley's nipple enhancing vest and her uncanny ability to locate a working shower, even in an end-of-the-world scenario; be totally surprised when Gere DOESN'T remove her top; spot the major goof as one character reads a computer journal out loud, but his words fail to match those displayed on the screen; laugh as the cast wrestle with unconvincing, over-sized stuffed rodents; be amazed as DeCoteau foolishly attempts to recreate Ridley Scott's shocking mess-room scene from Alien; and wonder WTF is going on as a mutant baby erupts from the creature and proceeds to attack the sole survivor.
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Scarecrow-8812 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Zero budget creature feature from director David DeCoteau about a small band of soldiers, deserting a war that is sweeping across the world concerning nuclear activity that has left many dead or dying, along with serious acid rain and general misery due to a lack of human necessities(..such as food and clean water), finding an underground research bunker housing a slimy monster which could be an actual human whose physiology has reacted negatively to a genetic experiment concerning amino acids(..which work to make humans self sufficient nutritionally, not having to depend on food to live).

Laughable effects plague this little sci-fi monster movie, including a large puppet rat and this sharp-teethed killer baby fetus(..both which go right for the jugular) which births itself from it's giant creature mother! The grisly effects of what happens to humans who unfortunately ingest the black oily substance(..a type of blood, I assume) contained within the monster highlight the gory specialties of the filmmakers involved, more impressive than the creature itself which is essentially another rubber-suited stuntman. The monster suit looks like a giant bug or something with fangs and crab-like claws which open and shut when the fiend extends it's mouth. The film is pretty much over at the 60 minute mark but DeCoteau and company decide to bring out the damned fetus, with no turning back. Linnea Quigley gets star treatment in CREEPOZOIDS, headlining the cast..and not fifteen minutes in, she's baring those wonderful tits and that fantastic body in a shower sequence with her buff lover, Butch(Ken Abraham). Richard L Hawkins(..who is really the star, to tell the truth) is the leader, Jake, who has to contend with both the giant monster and it's baby at the end. Michael Aranda is rewarded the show-stopping "ALIEN John Hurt dinner death" sequence, as the team's computer geek, Jesse, whose body reacts destructively to food(..he encountered the monster who forced that black blood inside of him). Ashlyn Gere is Kate, the other tough broad on the team who is in love with Jake and suffers an ugly facial reaction after the mutant rat tears into her throat, causing her to violently attack Quigley's Bianca. The make-up effects are okay, hideous and icky reactions to the physiological attacks from within, but this is a case where budgetary restrictions doomed the filmmakers.
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"Move over Aliens, here come the Creepozoids."
Backlash00730 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers

David DeCoteau used to make good bad movies, unlike today. Movies like Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama were great cheesefests of the 80's. Creepozoids is one of his good bad movies; it's cheap, fun, and schlocky. It's a terrible film with a group of five actors running up and down the same corridor and not really doing that much. But there is something charming about it that I'm going to chalk up to nostalgia. But it could be the Linnea Quigley shower scene. The storyline involves a group of AWOL soldiers trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. Acid rain is about to pour down on them which forces them to take shelter in an abandoned scientific warehouse. Before you can say "Alien", some sort of amino acid creature stalks the cast for the duration of the movie. Linnea Quigley is the only name you might recognize here. The rest of the cast does fine in a movie that is what it is. For a neat post-apocalyptic, people-trapped-in-a-warehouse double feature, watch Rats: Night of Terror. That is, if you like bad movies.
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Don't be fooled by the rad cover
epeteet19 April 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This is the same old story of a 80's horror flick that is nowhere as cool as it's super rad cover. Although this lame ALIEN rip off pretty much sucks it does have a couple redeeming qualities such as Linnea Quigley naked. The first death is also really cool too and involves black slime and a mutating hand. Other than that the rest of the deaths, monsters, and creature effects are pretty much whack. If you're the type that loves to clown on movies that are ridiculously crappy then you're in for lots of laughs and fun. if you're just fiendin for lots of gore and rad creature effects you'll for the most part be disappointed; but if you can handle sitting through lame movies just to catch a couple really cool scenes then it's worth a shot. if that's the case also give MINDKILLER a watch. Otherwise just watch RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD for some awesome Linnea Quigley nudity.
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A choice chunk of deliciously rancid 80's sci-fi/horror schlock
Woodyanders11 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
1998. World War III has reduced the planet into a dangerous wasteland complete with acid rain. Five army deserters seek refuge in an abandoned laboratory complex. Naturally, the place turns out to be the stalking grounds for both lethal mutated rats and a huge'n'savage subhuman beast. Man, does this wonderfully wretched junk possess all the right stuff to qualify as a real four-star stinkeroonie: The ham-fisted (non)direction by David DeCouteau (who also co-wrote the dire and hopelessly derivative script with Buford Hauser), the lousy acting, the tacky gore (one guy pukes what looks like motor oil in a mess hall scene that's directly lifted from ALIEN), the endless shots of folks running up and down corridors, the glaring lapses in logic (a post-nuke world which still has functioning computers and showers with clean water in it!), and a seriously lame "it ain't over yet!" final freeze frame all provide a wealth of unintentional belly laughs. Moreover, the cut-rate (far from) special effects are a complete cheesy riot: The hilariously hokey and unconvincing over-sized stuffed rats, some poor schmoe in an obvious rubbery monster suit, and a hysterically pathetic mutant puppet baby are all sidesplitting sorry sights to behold. Richard L. Hawkins as inept squad leader Jake makes for a laughably wimpy and ineffectual would-be hero. As a yummy plus, the ever-luscious Linnea Quigley once again bares her beautifully bountiful breasts and takes a steamy shower. Thomas L. Calloway's dingy cinematography and Guy Moon's redundantly bouncy score are both perfectly putrid. A real cruddy hoot and a half.
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a horror to watch except for...
trashgang26 March 2013
A name that rings a bell for so many reasons, Creepozoids. It's remembered for the wrong reasons. It's slow and boring. Jesse mutating but in a cheesy way, in fact, only lenses were used for the eyes and some rubber glove. But the most famous thing or should I say things are the boobs from Linnea Quigley.

After a nuke attack, not shown, survivors are searching for shelter to hide from the acid rain. The ran into an abandoned government research facility. Of course the experiments done left some kind of creature alive in the facility. It's from there that the horror comes in. But it comes in the wrong way. You really have to wait a long time before the mutated comes in and the survivors are under attack. First attack is some kind of giant rat but have a look, it looked stupid and it even didn't move. The second attack was the creature itself, pure rubber. Maybe the last 10 minutes are worth watching with the baby but still. No, this isn't good, no suspense, no red stuff, a real horror to watch except for...

Gore 0/5 Nudity 1/5 Effects 2/5 Story 2/5 Comedy 0/5
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amazingly crapozoids
chris-w-king26 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Does the film have gore. Some. Does it have nudity? well it has Linna Quigley. Does the film have long unnecessary dialogue with little happening for the opening 20 mins? Hell yes! Creepozoids appeared more mediocre than i'd hoped. Iwas wrong. It turned out to be highly entertaining, just not really a gem either.

So if you choose to watch this what do you get? A group of quite uninteresting characters haul up in a containment facility. The nerd starts thinking this is not a great place to hide and salvage. He climbs through a little vent under a computer desk and finally after 20 mins some alien stuff begins. after an attack he returns acting normal, till like alien he completely ruins supper time by exploding blood and having some serious mangled hand problems. They decide its not the cuisine they ate but that vent so in they venture... From here its zombie crew-mates that dribble blood, with an alien guy in a rubber suit attacks, A killer baby and giant rodents?!? The alien is quite a cool suit, and the rodents provide necessary amusement as do their toy bodies being shot, stamped on etc. I couldn't help but think if they left that vent alone, all would have been fine.

The film is quite pacey after the opening 20 mins, so skip that and watch a 50 min short. you'll figure out who's who soon enough. Then they die anyway
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