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Mark McManus is Taggart
bethwilliam10 July 2005
Imagine Kojak without Teli Savalas. That is what Taggart is without Mark McManus. However, this movie was made before McManus was taken from us and the series became deadly serious.

Diane Keen plays the scorned wife who shoots dead her unfaithful husband in the car park of the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre. The only trouble is the autopsy finds that he was already dead.

This plot has been used a number of times before and you will probably work it out long before the final credits. I did. However, Taggart isn't just about the storyline. There are the lingering shots of Glasgow, the rough humor and the obligatory 3 "deid" bodies that make up a Taggart movie. We are also treated to a beautiful shot of Loch Lomond and its surrounding hills.

Mark McManus was not a brilliant actor. But he was Taggart and that makes this movie worth watching.
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Classic Episode that deserves a second look.
vanfox128 August 2010
I was too young to remember this first time round but i do sort of recall seeing this episode when it was first shown back in 1987. I came across this episode again having bought the DVD for this off Amazon. The main reason for this is that it featured an actress called Margo Gunn who has since featured in two more episodes since with the most recent being The Knife Trick in 2009 and having seen her other appearance in Instrument of Justice (1993) was keen to look at this episode again as far as i am aware it hasn't been repeated on TV since.

This is a classic Taggart episode with a classic twist. A jealous wife Ruth Wilson(Diane Keene) supposedly kills her husband in Cold Blood because she suspects he is having an affair while away on business with Geraldine Keenan (Margo Gunn). Of course we find that this is untrue and in fact he was dead before she shot him six times. However we then find that she did indeed kill him but not with a gun but she had stabbed him in the back and had gone back to finish the job as it were in order to get herself off. Add to this Diane Keene's character having an affair with Geraldine Keenans Brother Rikki who is former friend and associate of Mr Wilson and a petty thief plus a Chinese connection and you have the ingredients for a classic Taggart. As always Mark Mcmanus is his consummate self and the supporting cast are all excellent. As i say a classic episode that deserves a second viewing.
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