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Possessed nightgown! Strangulation by garter belt! Lesbian hooker ghosts!

Author: capkronos ( from Ohio, USA
8 May 2003

While these things may seem like fun new additions to the slasher movie subgenre, this film flat-out fails to deliver on all counts.

It begins with a psycho kid blasting a fat hooker and her trick with a rifle at a whorehouse, before cutting to modern times (13 years later) at the Kappa Gamma Tao sorority house. After wasting time at a bar and with a sex scene, sister Linda (Amy Brentano) takes seven pledges to the now abandoned brothel for an initiation scavenger hunt. The house has been booby trapped by fun-loving frat guys (who look like they're reaching their 40s), but ghosts and a psycho killer show up.

Director/scripter/cinematographer Roberta Findlay, whom I believe is one of the most prolific female filmmakers of all time, handles some of the supernatural scenes reasonably well given the budget (a standout being an interesting ghost/mirror sequence), but, with its low-grade cast of unknowns, dark/dreary atmosphere and derivative storyline, BLOOD SISTERS isn't a bit of fun to watch. And I still have no idea why the house is full of ghosts of people who used to work there since only two murders were actually committed.

Guys just wanting to see sexy babes cavorting around in little clothing may be equally disappointed by the selection of actresses on hand. A few of the actresses are attractive, but aside from Marla MacHart, there are really no stunners here, though some of them do appear topless from time to time. In addition, it's is so slow-moving that it takes nearly an entire hour until the first murder!

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Not worth seeing.

Author: Rish Outfield from City of Angels, CA
6 January 2000

"Blood Sisters" was just a terrible movie. The story went: a bunch (too many, actually) of sorority pledges spend the night in a haunted ex-bordello. Inside, there are a lot of ghosts (including lesbian ghosts, kids), but nobody pays them any mind, they only care about the psycho that slaughters them easily and unnoticed during the night. There was a foreign feel to the film, though I think it was American, and it felt like it was made around 1981, although the tape claimed it was ‘87. There's a ton of nudity and disturbingly pornographic closeups of kissing, and some pretty brutal killings. Listen for great dialogue like, "You don't have a you know what that makes you? A pervert!" Usually, these movies are fun, and I love to watch them, but not "Blood Sisters." It was dark, dull, illogical, and not really worth watching.

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Some suspense, mostly boring.

Author: Matt..377 from United States
27 September 2003

A bunch of busty sorority chicks spend the night in an allegedly haunted house, which once served as a brothel which was closed after a brutal murder. Routine slasher flick offers a surprisingly amount of suspense, but it is more boring than most, even the copious nude scenes don't maintain much interest, and the ending is silly even by slasher standards.

MPAA: Rated R for nudity and violence, and for brief language and drug use.

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Seems older than a 1987 production!

Author: LasKeepsItReal
30 December 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The following review is for the horror film Blood Sisters and there will be several spoilers throughout.

Blood Sisters is about a group of college sorority students lead by Linda who persuades them to be blindfolded and taken to an old house.

The house has a dark history as many years previously it used to be a brothel where prostitutes had been murdered there and it is now considered haunted. The ladies must stay there for the night as part of an initiation and before long there are some strange and unusual things going on in the house.

Some of the girls are either intrigued by the dead spirits of the house or even behave seductively visions of the sleazy happenings of the house come to light.

Later on the ladies start to be murdered in several disturbing and even torturing ways including one lady who is put in a coffin that is nailed shut, there is one scene where a woman is attacked before she is killed and her friends just run away without even helping her and even one girl completely vanishes without no explanation as to what happened to her.

The effects are standard and there is some blood but little creativity. I did not particularly engage with many of the characters as most of them were too alike. Blood Sisters is what i would think of an average horror film for the time period when it was released in 1987 although it appeared to be a few years older than that and by this time many more unique ideas had been used in horror films although the history of the house and the twist ending which involves one of the main characters made it worth a viewing.

I would rate this film 5 out of 10!

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And, like any good horror movie, the van won't start

Author: Tender-Flesh from United States
20 December 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Fresh from helming such projects as The Tiffany Minx, director Roberta Findlay offers up the standard old dark house movie. This is probably the sort of film you might have seen when you were 13 and thought it was great. Well, that's who this film will appeal to. There isn't much going on here except for dumb girls wandering from room to room, subjected to false scares from lame frat boy tricks.

The movie opens with a double murder in a notorious brothel(set in a big old mansion that is shot to look spookier than it really is). Flash forward 13 years(to the day!) when a bunch of low-rent sorority pledges arrive at said home all made up to look like the girls who ran the place a baker's dozen years before. Most of the girls are flat out whores, but then we have a few of the standard "types" such as the athletic girl, the virgin, and the Velma. It takes well over an hour before the bodies start piling up, and if you haven't guessed the killer's identity before then, you should be added to the gallery of pre-implant boobs on parade here.

The girls are, eh, pretty, I suppose, though very annoying and have applied their makeup with paint rollers. The only one I thought was a little better than the rest was the Velma Jewess who whines about her glasses all the time. Better looking, not a better actress. What can I say? I like nerds. Anyway, I found the scenes with the ghostly prostitutes to be annoying and by and large nothing more than filler for a film that already rolls in at under 90 minutes. I was reminded often of Night of the Demons as I watched this, and I recommend that heartily over this film.

Now, this isn't a horrible movie. It's grainy, the acting is not that great, but it's not the worst out there. Consider it lower-middle class in the realms of horror. Surprisingly, there are a few pretty funny(intentional) lines of dialogue. Unfortunately, with a movie in this setting, much of the time you have little more than flashlight light to work with, plus an already grainy film stock, and that detracts considerably.

There are several death scenes, though none are particularly graphic. When girls are stabbed, you don't see any entry wounds, just some blood dribbling down chins and a few arcs of blood on walls or glass. Pretty tame slasher that might amuse the kiddies.

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Author: chaos-rampant from Greece
13 April 2008

This slice of b-movie madness from the 80's attempts a crossover between a haunted house flick and a sorority slasher, but it has none of the things that make those genres work. The killings are tame and far and few between, the cat and mouse games and false scares of the haunted house will bore you to tears or give you a good laugh (depends how you see it), and the sleaze is just not enough. There is some softcore fondling, fish kissing and breast dangling, but it's simply not enough for a film of this kind. It's not even gloriously cheesy as something like Sorority Babes on the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama. It's just boring for the most part. After an opening shotgun murder, the next 59 minutes are spent on silly "character development" and unconvincing cat and mouse games inside the house as the sorority girls embark on a scavenger hunt. Yawn. Then on the 59 minute mark, a girl is offed via garter strangulation. I bet you didn't see that one coming, did ya? Anyway I understand Blood Sisters is not particularly indicative of Findlay's work (this among her last films before she retired), but I'd say it's not even worth it on a so-bad-it's-good level. Skip.

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nonsensical tale of college bimbos offed by a psycho

Author: thomandybish from Weaverville, NC
27 April 2001

Bland effort from Roberta Findlay has a group of college girls spending the night in an old house as part of a sorority initiation. Seems that the house had been a cathouse where some grisly murders were committed years before by the out-of-wedlock son of one of the trollops. Guess who still lives in the house? Guess what happens to the stock assortment of chicks who populate this film? If ever a movie's plot was made up as the movie was being lensed, it's this one. And the ending makes no sense--come on, give us someone in this movie to feel sympathy for! Guess that's just the Findlay touch.

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Weird Combination of a Slasher and a Ghost Story

Author: forecastfortoday from United States
19 June 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

College and sorority slashers have never been very popular. With movies like Girls Nite Out and The Initiation (both from 1984), sorority slashers tend to be less liked when compared to the movies that inspire them (Psycho, Halloween, Friday the 13th, etc.) with the exceptions of Black Christmas and The House on Sorority Row (and even then, The House of Sorority Row isn't even really THAT good). Not surprisingly, this movie isn't very good either. I would personally place it below The Dorm that Dripped Blood and above Splatter University.

It's 1974, a little boy tries to talk a little girl into getting naked for him, which she refuses and calls him a pervert. He then runs home, which happens to be a brothel where several (Extremely unattractive) hookers and their johns roam around in the bedrooms. The little boy comes into one room to find his mother with her john, to which he reacts by blasting them both dead with a shotgun. Thirteen years later, a woman named Linda (played by the somewhat pretty but bad acting Amy Brentano) is taking the new pledges for her sorority to the now empty brothel for a scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunt in the empty house is to test their maturity and courage, so if they finish the scavenger hunt without chickening out they can be part of the sorority. Once night falls the girls begin seeing apparitions of the dead hookers, and eventually the girls begin getting killed one by one...

The movie, while having a fairly interesting plot line, falls flat on it's face from the HORRIBLE acting, the poorly drawn out characters, and a very downbeat ending. While the ending is something unexpected and very different from typical slasher endings, it ends up being a mean spirited rip-off of the ending to Unhinged (1982). The actual characters, while badly written and badly acted, are actually pretty likable (especially our two final girls, Linda and Alice) so in the end, I wanted to scream "RUN!!!! RUUUNNNN!!!!!!" to the characters who ended up not surviving.

One of the only positives to this movie is the directing. Roberta Findlay (probably one of the very few female horror directors I know of) adds some very well done, if not breath taking, atmosphere into the movie by doing some things like shots of the autumn sky during the main title sequence, showing ghosts in the reflection of mirrors, and even some Argento style lighting during some of the murder scenes.

Overall, the movie isn't very good. Badly acted, badly written, and a terrible ending. As a slasher, the movie isn't great, and as a movie in general, it's pretty damn bad. Even Roberta Findlay admitted that she made the movie for a quick way to get money. I think the best time to watch this movie would definitely have to be a movie night with a bunch of drunk friends. Other than that, I would probably not recommend this.

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You really let me down this time, Roberta!

Author: Coventry from the Draconian Swamp of Unholy Souls
6 October 2014

Roberta Findley doesn't exactly enjoy the status of talented and well-respected director, but personally I always strangely appreciated her work. Admittedly the work she did along with her husband Michael during the 1970's was mostly rubbish (like the imaginatively titled but nearly unendurable "Invasion of the Blood Farmers" and "Snuff"), but when she abruptly became a widow – due to a nasty accident involving a helicopter - Roberta did some enjoyable projects during the 1980's. I'm a massive fan of "Tenement: Game of Survival", for instance, and I also shamelessly enjoyed her trashy accomplishments "The Oracle" and "Prime Evil". I was relatively confident that "Blood Sisters" would pretty much be similar to the latter two titles: insignificant but fun horror time-wasters, with loads of nasty make-up effects and cheerfully gratuitous moments of sleaze. Boy was I ever mistaken! "Blood Sisters" is incredibly boring and lukewarm with no redeeming aspects whatsoever! We're talking dull & derivative plot, ugly broads, zero tension or atmosphere and an unforgivably low amount of gore and bloodshed. What the hell happened there, Roberta? The (clichéd) intro sequences are still enjoyable, though. A young boy who not-so secretly lives in a luxury brothel can't take it anymore, so he grabs a shotgun and blows away his chubby hooker mother and one of her filthy clients. Thirteen years later, the now abandoned brothel serves as the location of an all-girls fraternity initiation ritual. Seven freshmen girls have to spend the night, whilst their frat sisters and lousy boyfriends prepared several pranks to scare them. At least, that's the plan, but naturally an uninvited killer pops up as well. I didn't time exactly how long it took before the first noteworthy scene took place (apart from the intro), but it was definitely more than three quarters of an hour! Until then, there are only overlong dialogs and a few pathetic topless parades. There's a pointless sub plot involving a semi-psychic sorority sister and inexplicable ghostly apparitions. The tame killings are actually 80's unworthy and revelation of the killer's identity is dumb and predictable (but still the highlight of the film).

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Setting the Bar as Low as Possible

Author: Dagon from Dallas, Texas
5 January 2011

Produced on a shoe string budget, Blood Sisters (aka Slash) is another genre piece that outputs a story all-too-familiar to already established classics from days gone by. Roberta Findlay, the film's director, writer, and cinematographer, wore multiple hats to turn her vision into reality – but more specifically, to ensure her immediate future in terms of finances. Findlay also offered her services as an active cinematographer in '76's Snuff - a film in which I still feel sorry in, feel sorry for anyone involved in that project.

Blood Sisters revisits the same ol' concept of off'ing sorority girls within the confines of a desolate atmosphere. The new pledges of Kappa Gamma must endure a hellacious night of fake scares and buffoonery in an old brothel that witnessed a scandalous murder 13 years prior. As par for the course, the boys over at Sigma doctor the house up with phony- looking Halloween décor and sound equipment to illicit a scare or two from the unsuspecting gaggle of innocents. The game turns sour, however, when real ghost sightings are reported and a psycho is let loose to set the stage for mayhem.

This relatively unknown title is a bit of a hybrid – representative of the supernatural and the Slasher respectively. The ghostly bits are thrown in for good measure…almost a demonstration of "look at what we can do!" If we're following a step by step guide on how to make a Slasher film From the 1980s, which I swear is in publication, then the identity of the killer is revealed in a chopped up ending. To say that every single plot point and device used in this film is a cliché would be a vast understatement. The cast and crew practically boast it from the roof-tops. In one scene a character playfully points out that the car's engine never successfully starts in a horror movie. At least the players and the crew acknowledge that their project is nothing more than a spin-off.

The use of comic relief would have been a welcome reprieve for such a drudgingly dull film. Of course, as I've been known to repeat, the last 10-15 minutes are the only worthwhile moments. The conclusion has somewhat of a sinister feel to it but it's not terribly original either. Blood Sisters has nothing to offer; regarding the level of dedication, even the most accepting fans would find it difficult to enjoy this one. The performances are lousy, the soundtrack sucks, and the dialog could've been written by a highschooler during study hall. To compound such an award winning achievement, the blood droplets found on the victims is too watered down and lacks the consistency of the real thing. As I pointed out earlier, the only reason this film exists was out of desperation, as it shows in every facet. I suggest avoiding this flick unless you're willing to set your standards extremely low. If you're searching for a similar movie but actually done well, try a viewing of 1980's Hell Night starring Linda Blair - now that's a treat.

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