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Excellent horror film.

Author: HumanoidOfFlesh from Chyby, Poland
12 March 2003

"Blood Relations" is a truly bizarre horror film.Stunningly beautiful Lydie Denier is being brought home by rich Kevin Hicks.She meets surgeon dad Jan Rubes and together with the son they plan to kill dad and get a huge inheritance.But soon we learn dad and son are quite mad...The film is occasionally truly creepy and weird-the performances are very good and believable.There is almost no gore,but the film definitely works as an atmospheric Gothic shocker.Overlooked classic and a must-see for horror fans!

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Sometimes a really scary movie.

Author: BAS/NL from Mariahout, Holland
6 September 1999

An average horror movie with excellent shots, that sometimes really scares you. If you pay good attention is the plot not really so surprising. The whole film takes place in one house, and has a 19th century baroque sphere.

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Not THAT bad for one of its ilk

Author: lazarillo from Denver, Colorado and Santiago, Chile
13 June 2007

I rented this movie totally by mistake thinking it was Claude Chabrol's "Blood Relatives", but it didn't turn out to be a TOTAL waste of a rental fee. It's kind of an early "erotic thriller", but unlike those films it doesn't let itself get totally overwhelmed by long sex scenes and actually does function somewhat as an inheritance thriller with some horror movie scenes involving graphic brain surgery thrown in for good measure.

French actress Lydie Dernier was living proof that you didn't need to be able to act or even pronounce the English language if you were willing to doff all your duds in any piece of crap movie defecated by the low-budget Hollywood film industry. This is definitely a step up from "Satan's Princess" (and let's not even speak of that movie she was in Robbie Benson). Naturally Lydie takes her clothes off a lot, and this is the only film I know of(aside from that dubbed late-night Ursula Andress cable classic "The Sensuous Nurse")where a woman seduces a son, a father, AND a grandfather (the latter played by the late, great Ray Walston).

Would I have rented this intentionally? Well, no. But I have now wasted five minutes of my (admittedly pathetic)life reviewing it, so I guess I can't say its THAT bad.

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Sick little film, but it works

Author: Tito-8 from North Bay, Ontario
5 March 1999

It took some time to really get going, but once it did, I was rather pleased. It's so refreshing to see things that you'll never find in a mainstream film. There were things in this movie that were downright sick, and yet those were the parts that I enjoyed the most. The setup was perhaps a little slow, but the finale was one that I won't soon forget. It's not for all tastes, but if you can enjoy films that are more than a little warped, then it is truly worth seeing.

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A solid and enjoyably twisted mystery thriller

Author: Woodyanders ( from The Last New Jersey Drive-In on the Left
11 February 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Marie (winningly played by ravishing redhead stunner Lydie Denier) and her troubled fiancé Thomas (likable Kevin Hicks) go to Thomas' massive family estate to see his stern brain surgeon father Dr. Andreas Wells (the excellent Jan Rubes) and his ailing wealthy grandfather Charles MacLeod (a fine turn by the great Ray Walston). Marie soon discovers that there's something very sinister going on inside the swanky abode. Director Graeme Campbell, working from a wickedly clever and warped script by Stephen Saylor (who also acts in the movie as smug, cocky lawyer Jack), relates the absorbing story at a stately, yet steady pace and does an adept job of creating a creepy gloom-doom atmosphere. Rhett Morita's crisp, glossy cinematography gives the film an attractive slick look. Mychael Danna's classy, moody score further adds to the uneasy tone. The occasional dollops of ghastly gore really hit the grisly spot. The marvelously gruesome and over-the-top surprise twist ending is a total corker. Nifty supporting performances by Lynne Adams as Andreas' sultry mistress Sharon and Sam Malkin as folksy grounds keeper Yuri. As an added bonus, the luscious Lydie removes her clothes and displays her delicious body several times (she even goes full frontal for the lecherous elderly Walston!). A cool little flick.

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Great show on brain transplants

Author: rajetrac from United States
1 November 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This was a great movie. The only question I have is: Does the ending on the DVD end with the brain transplant taking place or does it have the extended ending showing the dad, son, and now pregnant Lydie Denier (with the mom's brain inside Lydie's body) on the tropical island living it up? The extended version has been seen on television but I have not seen the DVD and was curious as to how it ended. The extended version definitely adds a more complete picture as to what the family went on to do after the brain transplant. If anyone knows, please e-mail me ( and we can compare notes. I like the subject matter and look forward to science-fiction becoming science.

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Like An Old Boris Karloff Film

Author: whpratt1 from United States
6 April 2006

This is a very creepy film with plenty of sex and horror in a very mysterious old old Gothic type dwelling and a basement that looks like ER. Kevin Hicks,(Thomas),"Seeds of Doubt",'96 brings a very good looking and sexy Lydie Denier, (Marie), "Children of Wax",'05 to meet his father, Jan Rubes, (Andreas),"Anthrax",01 because he intends marry this young gal. There is fireworks going on between Tom and Marie, they are making love all over the place and don't seem to ever stop for a breath of fresh air. Andreas is a brain surgeon and has some very strange methods of screwing around in the heads of his patients. The grandfather who has recently had brain surgery views Marie and manages to recover from his brain surgery rapidly and asks Marie if she will take all her clothes off and give him a kiss. (A real Dirty Old Man). This is a very scary film and with all this brain surgery going on, I kept thinking about how veteran Horror Actor, Boris Karloff would have handled this type of operation and Marie !

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A sophisticated horror film!

Author: anonymous
16 January 1999

This is a masterpiece, a brilliantly crafted thriller, with highly sophisticated dialogues and a thrilling plot. The performance of Jan Rubes is fascinating: it is certainly the best maniacal character ever created. Too bad the movie was unnoticed by the viewer and ostracized by the critics.

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Girl goes out to meet rich boyfriend's family. They turn out to be crazy brain surgeons.

Author: Little Foxy (istavan) from United States
16 August 2007

This movie was a piece of crap, inane without much of even an attempt at a plot, didn't have enough gore to be a slasher flick nor enough camp appeal to be funny. No surprise, no suspense. If they shortened it by two thirds it could maybe be passable as soft core porn with too much of a storyline.

A lady goes to visit her new boyfriend's vastly wealthy parents estate, where she meets his somewhat dysfunctional family. The father is a neurosurgeon of some sort and his dying grandfather lives upstairs. They both end up acting like dirty old men, nudity commences. Eventually she discovers that there is a laboratory in the basement where the surgeon performs unholy experiments on unsuspecting victims. Goes downhill from there.

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Sleazy, trashy, and stupid. Not necessarily in that order.

Author: DecepticonX7 from United States
29 July 2006

Definitely the worst movie I've seen in recent memory, a late night rental by one of my roommates that I had the misfortune of having to sit through. The story is of a young woman brought home to a sprawling mansion in the country in order to meet her fiancé's strange family, and from that commences intrigue, murder, horror, and acting on par with the average ventriloquist's dummy.

The film tries very hard to be scary but instead falls short of even being campy. Every twist is utterly predictable and the attempts to shock us with gore just fall flat. The cast all seem uniformly embarrassed to be part of such a sleazy production and you as they deadpan their way through dialogue of a quality usually reserved for 70s porno films you can almost read their thoughts : "Is it still too late to back out of this one? Can I have possibly have my name struck from the credits? Wait a minute, what am I worried about, no one is even going to watch this garbage anyway."

The gratuitous nudity (which is about the only thing worth watching) and over-the-top murders lend the flick a very trashy quality reminiscent of B-grade exploitation films of ages past, or just a very bad "Tales from the Crypt" episode in ages slightly less past. The ending is equal parts predictable, depressing, offensive, and absurd, leaving a bad taste in your mouth on every possible level.

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