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Pretty good for a $1.50/TV movie...

Author: whammy666 from United States
23 May 2006

I bought this at the store for a $1.50 expecting absolutely nothing, but actually this is not at all a bad film, and rather interesting. It is slow paced, which is a good thing, the tension builds up as the film moves along and it gets more and more interesting until the climax. This is a suspense film, and a well done one, many movies about witches fail but this is one that does it pretty well. The acting is pretty decent also, good acting from Tim Matheson and Woody Harrelson. Not much gore but it doesn't need it, it was made for TV so most profanity and gore and nudity is absent but it works with the film. This one is recommended to buy for a $1.50 if you want a pretty decent suspense film.

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Not Bad for a made for TV movie

Author: vrldc from Phil, PA
20 January 2005

Not meant to be taken too seriously. The plot moves quickly and there is never a scene that is an obligatory "gross out." After a slow start body the story it picks up quickly and it really keeps you on your toes with the psychological teasing.

The acting is not bad and is about as convincing it needs to be for a TV movie (1950's TV mom Barbara Billingsly is in it). The plot does drag on when the main character suspects the secret of the island town. It doesn't take long for your, "rationality senses" to kick on and you start to think the Pamela Sue Martin character is just plain crazy for not leaving when she has a chance instead of trying to find allies where she suspects none exist.

As a cheap buy its not a bad movie, but its quality goes down as the price goes up.

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Pamela Sue Martin is still Nancy Drew !

Author: william c. uchtman (< from Hendersonville, Tennessee
9 November 2000

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I always loved Pamela Sue Martin as the definite Nancy Drew; I think she's still far more attractive than that Pamela Sue Anderson [or whatever the blonde one is calling herself nowadays].In Bay Coven [nee Eye of the Demon],she reverts to her old character when people and things in her life begin ebbing away.In this psychologically taut thriller,she discovers that an island off the Massachusetts coast is infested with witches who want to do away with her to bring their lost master back to the fold.Spoilers withstanding,the only way to get around the complexities,secrets and plot-twists in this movie, you need to pause your copy of the movie on the quilt;the initials on it if you can catch them the first time around can help anyone understand the movie.All I can say is that I wish Pamela Sue Martin was still making movies instead of that Baywatch blonde.

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Nifty made-for-TV horror movie

Author: Woodyanders ( from The Last New Jersey Drive-In on the Left
5 August 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Successful businesswoman Linda (a winningly spunky performance by the highly fetching and appealing Pamela Sue Martin) and her unhappy husband Jerry (a solid performance by Tim Matheson) are new arrivals in the sleepy small coastal community of Bay Cove. However, Linda suspects that something is amiss with the townspeople in the area. Director Carl Schenkel, working from a compact script by Tim King, relates the absorbing story at a steady pace, does a fine job of creating and sustaining an appropriately spooky and mysterious atmosphere, grounds the fantastic premise in a credible everyday reality, makes good use of the picturesque bucolic setting, and pulls out all the exciting stops for one doozy of an eerie climax. The ace acting by the excellent cast of familiar television show faces keeps the film on track: Martin and Matheson make for charming leads, with sound support from Woody Harrelson as affable skeptic Slater, Jeff Conaway as the laid-back Josh McGwim, Barbara Billingsley as sweet little old lady Beatrice Gower, James Sikking as the friendly Nicholas Kline, Susan Ruttan as Linda's loyal gal pal Debbi, and Inga Swenson as the cheery Matty Kline. Shuki Levy's shivery score hits the spine-tingling spot. Jacques Steyn's slick cinematography provides a pleasingly polished and stylish look. Worth a watch.

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Effective TV film from 1987 -- better than "Rosemary's Baby"

Author: Wuchak from Ohio/PA border
12 April 2013

"Bay Coven" is a 1987 TV film also known as "Bay Coven" and (God knows why) "Eye of the Demon." It stars Pamela Sue Martin and Tim Matheson as a couple that move to an island off the coast of Massachusetts where they run afoul of a coven of witches. Woody Harrelson of "Cheers" is also on hand as a friend of the couple.

The story is engrossing, mysterious & creepy and the cast is fabulous. The witches all attempt to present themselves as normal neighbors but fail completely -- there's just something NOT RIGHT about them. The island locations are also a highlight.

Pamela Sue Martin is very alluring as the one who slowly unravels the mystery, which is fitting since she used to play mystery-sleuth Nancy Drew.

"Bay Coven" has been called the TV version of "Rosemary's Baby" and, to some degree, "The Amityville Horror", but -- believe it or not -- although "Bay Coven" is not as good on a technical level due to it's TV budget, it's actually better as far as plot, story and locations go. It's just more engrossing. It also has been compared to "The Devil's Rain," but let's just say it wouldn't take much to be better than that piece of crap.

On the downside, the final act is cartoony with its overt depiction of the coven, but that's almost always the case when films attempt to show witches or satanists and their diabolical doings. Look no further than the final scenes of "Rosemary's Baby." Still, most everyone who signs on for a film like this do so with the understanding that they'll see a group of weirdo occultists and the film provides this, cartoony or not.


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Managed to Keep the Suspense Going for the Most Part

Author: Uriah43 from Amarillo, Texas
13 October 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A married couple named "Jerry Lebon" (Tim Matheson) and "Linda Lebon" (Pamela Sue Martin) are living in Boston and decide to move off the coast to a place called Devlin Island. On the island is a small community which goes by the name of Bay Cove and is populated by people who have lived there a very long time. However, things are not as they seem. Not only do the neighbors act a little weird but there are a number of strange occurrences which being happening shortly after Jerry and Linda arrive. Anyway, rather than spoil the film for those who haven't seen it I will just say that this wasn't a bad movie, all things considered. Even so, because this was a made-for-television movie there were some parts which I thought were rather tame. Especially in the horror department. I liked the performance of Pamela Sue Martin and the fact that the director (Carl Schenkel) managed to keep the suspense going for the most part and that proved enough to justify the time spent watching it. I give it an average rating.

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Not a bad,if not tame,movie

Author: aesgaard41 from United States
6 December 2000

I really miss not seeing Pamela Sue Martin as Nancy Drew. This movie is almost a continuation of that role as she moves to an island [without Gilligan] off the Maine coast that is infested with witches. Tim Matheson of "Buried Secrets" is her handsome husband and Barbera Billingsley plays against type as a chilling housekeeper. There's not much of a psychological developement to this movie, but there's a lot of gripping scenes as Martin learns something may be wrong as all her friends keep dying strange deaths. This movie could also be a reprise of her "Poseidon Adventure" character if you count Woody Harrelson of "Cheers" as the adult version of her little brother from that movie. Susan Ruttan and James Sikking also have compelling roles in this as just two of the witches who wish her harm. The special effects are light but excellant and the ending is just a little anti-climactic. If I had made this movie, Pamela would be warring mano-a-mano with sorcery of her own. I really love this movie, but for some reason I wish the Bots and Mike at MST3K had gotten ahold of it and riffed it a little.

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Nancy Drew & The Case Of The Stolen Plot lines

Author: chris_conner from United States
3 September 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Normally I can overlook the fact that a movie I'm watching might not be the most original idea ever introduced, but BAY COVE is an unforgivable conglomeration of occult story ideas culled from much better movies, including (but hardly limited to) THE SENTINAL, DEVIL'S RAIN, RACE WITH THE DEVIL, THE OMEN, ROSEMARY'S BABY, etc. and so on. The entire plot is pushed in your face right from the start, and there are no surprises whatsoever. The viewer is literally led by the hand from one plot device to the next and they couldn't be more obvious if there were flashing neon signs attached to them all. Whatever you think might happen next...does.

Movie fans looking for unintentional laughs might at least glean some enjoyment. I was amused by the graveyard situated on a beach (yes, a beach, and only yards from the water at that!).

Unless you're new to the occult thriller genre, there's nothing here we haven't seen a million times before and a million times since. Avoid like the devil.

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Good film!

Author: Movie Nuttball from U.S.A.
15 March 2005

Bay Coven or Bay Cove is a good film that has a good cast includes Pamela Sue Martin, Tim Matheson, Barbara Billingsley, Jeff Conaway, Woody Harrelson, Susan Ruttan, James Sikking, Inga Swenson, and Nigel Bennett. The acting by all of these actors is very good. Martin is really good in this film. Mathesson is good and Harrelson is very good. I thought The mystery is good and some of it is surprising. The movie is filmed good. The music is good. The film is quite interesting and the movie really keeps you going until the end. This is a very good and thrilling film. If you like Pamela Sue Martin, Tim Matheson, Barbara Billingsley, Jeff Conaway, Woody Harrelson, the rest of the cast in the film, Horror, Thrillers, Mysteries, and interesting films then I strongly recommend you to see this film today!

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